Demanding, relentless kittens!

OMG, HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! Kitten Chow is almost ready.



"Susie preparing for Caturday" by Todd.



  1. scooterpants says:

    and mom just sits there and does NOthing!
    geez the youth of today…
    ya jus cant control em.
    (i wants to be the hoo-man)

  2. tarzankun says:

    Normandy invasion.

  3. At least 6 kittens and counting. and momma is just staring in disbelief!

    “Kids….kids…the plate is down here!”

    And even with jeans, those little claws hurt!


  4. Catpants are totally the hottest new fashion must-have of the season. But I hear they’re hard to launder.

  5. scooterpants says:

    umm, and btw-
    check the surroundinks-
    this IS the MOST tolerant female (human) i have eva seen, gotta luf her…

  6. OMG this cracks me up.

  7. LOL!

    I used to have a kitten that would climb on us like this, she did it to my boyfriend once when he was wearing shorts… And to my mom when she was wearing a dress…

  8. Velcro Kittehs!!
    The newest fall accessory.
    I want one. Or two, please.

  9. I think some fabric softener would solve that problem.

  10. R, at that age, the claws are too small to go through jeans. So the first time it happens, you find it amazingly cute. Until she does it again and you’re not in jeans…

  11. scooterpants says:

    i’d-a thought they would have a nicer kitchen???
    least they got kitten-age.

  12. momof2kitties says:

    Faux kitteh tree!

    I want her job!!

    *assumes tree-like posishe*

    *is ignored by her own kittehs*

  13. I thought only primates did this!! Oh well, live and learn…..

  14. Excuse me, but you’ve got a serious static-cling problem going on…

  15. Helene — too right. Gotta break them of that habit early. Hoo boy.

    It’s hilarious and awesome, though, first time this happens.

  16. binky-mama says:

    Mama says:

    “Now YOU know what it feels like now. Thank GOD these dang kids are weaned. Excuse me I am long overdue for some ‘me time’.”

    *goes off to the kitty spa to get her nails done*

  17. I see a lot of boxhab in these kitties future!

    And…sploding from cuteness…

  18. Theo,

    But… but… I don’t wanna break them of that habit! ::lower lip quivering::

    [They grow. – Ed.]
    [ ]

  19. I so need these pants for work. They would redefine casual day in the office.

    *sits and wait for Flea’s sutffed animal pants to show up*

  20. OOOHHHHH, I want kitten pants!
    Sisterhood of the feline pants?

  21. o this would be such a dream come true! thank goodness denim protects from those kitten claws!

  22. cellarmouse says:

    oh yeah…kittens climb just like bumbles bounce! hee, hee …smile

  23. KITTEN PANTS!!!!

  24. Why yes. Yes, they are.

  25. Ahn. This makes me think of My Neighbour Totoro, where the wee girls can just ‘jump’ onto Totoro and effectively attach themselves to him before he flies away…

  26. That mom cat is like, “Dude. I live with this 24/7.”

  27. yankeebird says:

    I want a pair of kittenpants!

  28. It’s a human cat tree! LOL! If this isn’t the cutes picuture on the planet. Brings back memories of me volunteering @ our local animal shelter. Becuse I use a w/chair I often felt like a feline jungle gym for cats and kittens alike!

  29. Totalee Puppy says:

    Do these kitten pants make me look fat?

  30. Arr, it’s been a long time since I’ve worn Velcro Kitten Pants. I’d forgotten what they looked like.

  31. and when the other 94 come in from the other room, she’ll have a PeTA-approved fur coat

  32. Kittens are like Velcro, they stick to anything!

  33. When my cat Ryry was very little, I trained him to climb up my clothes to my shoulder- it was the cutest thing until one morning he climbed up my side before I got dressed. He made it up to my shoulder, too, clawing into my bare flesh all the way.

    And hey, why no Tocktober posts yet?

  34. This is so cute! But it sort of reminds me of a horror movie. 😛 You know, where scorpions/spiders/zombies are swarming the hapless victim before they can react. Oh noes!

  35. Gail (the first one) says:

    Egad, this reminds of me of fostering in Philly! And, I have the scars to prove it! The little darling I brought home is almost 6mos. and still wanting to “climb” Mama. With clothes or without. Less fun than you might think—LOL!

  36. What a great picture! Hilarious AND adorable!

  37. Michelle S says:

    I speak from experience when I say: nip this habit early or you will very much regret it.

    -M. “Scars” Spithers

  38. My parents have a big, long, muscular, ridiculously goofy big marmalade kitteh – he’s not fat, but he’s a BIG boy, and he is an absolute *clown*. He’s a very nice and gentle cat, but he’s sort of goofy and clumsy and a little bit weird. (Ah, marmies!)

    One day, when I was visiting my folks, I was sitting around, minding my own business, sitting at the kitchen table, chatting with my mom or reading a book, and what does Goofy Marmalade Cat do? Out of nowhere, he bursts into a run, DASHES toward me, and SKITTERS UP MY BODY.

    I was wearing tough clothing – jeans and a hoodie, since I was chilly, so I was none the worse for wear, but there is nothing more bizarre than a giant orange 18-lb tabby treating you like a kitty gym.

    He hasn’t done anything like that before, or since. It was very, very bizarre.

  39. smokeyJoe says:

    furry little kitteh leeches.

  40. AuntieMame says:

    T. he probably saw a mouse. 🙂

  41. That’s some serious lint.

  42. I just want to know when they’re gonna tell the Tabby he’s adopted.

  43. I love how the Mommy cat has no control. Is there a Supernanny for this??

  44. duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh

    duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh


  45. Hey, yeah, it’s Tocktober. I remember last year Meg had a post that said, “Holy crap, it’s Tocktober!”

    By the way. I’m just wondering re: this photo:


    Because that’s it right there.

    Lots of kittehs and a goil in jeans.

  46. “These are my favorite pants”

  47. it’s selma blair in “cute intentions!”

  48. Juniper Jupiter says:


    That is so kyoot!!!

    And LOL @ uncomplicatedly!!!

    That’s actually what Hubby and I sing all the time, cuz that’s whut he calls his sweatpants cuz our fuzzeh buddeh boy Nermal is a total magnet for those pants…goes right to sleep in his lap, lulz!!

  49. It’s so like that scene in “Indiana Jones” with the killer ants. Two minutes later, she was eaten alive…

  50. I just noticed (in the bright sunlight) that I actually have a scar from a kitten scratch I got FOUR years ago!!!! It was literally just a scratch, but it was a very long one.

    I’ll say she better be happy she is wearing jeans.

  51. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but is that a kitteh magnet in your pants?”

  52. That is the most adorable thing I’ve seen since Michelle gave Barack the Terrorist Fist Bump.


  54. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Cutest case of static cling ever!

  55. 6 kittens? I only see 5 (not counting the mommy). Am I missing one?

    Also, I like those pretty periwinkle blue towels. 🙂

  56. Velcro Kittens! 😉

  57. My kitteh used to do that when she was very small. Amusing, but painful!

  58. I can just imagine the lady gently peeeeling off two kittes at a time and as soon as she sets them down they scramble up again. LOL!

  59. ouchie ouchie ouchie ouchie ouch!
    mama kitty’s all “yeah, whatcanyado”

  60. My kitten used to do that and earned the name “Spidey”.

  61. Totalee Puppy says:

    The “Country-Fresh Catnip”
    dryer sheets work every time!

  62. butterfly says:

    That lady looks EXACTLY like KATIE HOLMES!1!! But I don’t remember reading in People Magazine that she was raising a litter of kittehs…


  63. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    The results of this kitteh activity we call kittenrash. You get little pinpoint holes from those wicked sharp claws. When bottle feeding our rescue babies, we get it on the hands all the time (it is a badge of honor!).

  64. Mom: “I was doing that before you were born!”

  65. The lower kitty with the blue yeems is asking for a C.O.X.C.U. Just saying.

  66. One of ours carried this on well into adulthood – except she would jump for the hips, then climb onto the shoulders. Her brother, thankfully, worked out he was too large for this sort of thing.

  67. Ha! My cat used to do that, fourteen years ago when she was a wee baby. But I only had one – look at all those bebehs climbing the jeans! Squeeee! (Also: ow!)

  68. I will take a pair in size 7 please.

  69. A still from KINGDOM OF THE KITTEHS, starring Katie Holmes and William Shatner!

  70. Carmen, dear, how many kittens can you possibly get on a size-7 pair of jeans?
    Get a nice, big, baggy pair, with more Kitten Potential!
    Yes, you’ll need a belt and/or suspenders, but that could be cute too, a kitten tool belt, perhaps? Kittens climbing up the suspenders?
    I can see it.

  71. Are you sure she’s (the human) is not saying.. hurry up and take the damn picture? Haha.. It’s like “wait honey, let me get the camera so I can send a picture in to C.O!” *runs to get camera* *kittens dig in little claws, making their ways up* “Hurry up already!”.. Small claws yes but I’d be surprised if she didn’t feel it at some a few times.

    Luckily none of our cats are climbers, thou once one of them attacked my hubby’s leg while we were playing karaoke (she hates it) and he wasn’t wearing pants.. 😛

  72. These pants just have kittens on the OUTSIDE. You should see the pants with the kittens on the INSIDE.

  73. Yes. These jeans are extremely marketable. They will hit stores for the winter collection.

  74. momof2kitties says:

    Envisioning Brandi’s husband doing pants-less karaoke.


    Party at Brandi’s tonight!! 🙂

  75. Yeah, the blase mama cat is the crowning touch. She’s all, “Welcome to MY world, lady.”

  76. Scooter Scooter SCOOTER. No, that is NOT Kat of TomKat. And that is NOT her kitchen. Unless she has a BATHTUB in her kitchen. *HEE HEE*

    What fur?
    Cat fur, to make kitten britches!

  77. i work at an animal shelter, we have this room full of kittens just frolicking around! i call it the kitten room…anyway, one time i went in to put down their tray of food and, no joke, about 8-10 crazy little fuzz-balls were clawing their way up my pants, 2 of them made it all the way up to my shoulders!! that’s made skill

  78. Raemie L. says:

    So cute, and I’m laughing at the comments about mama kitteh.

  79. Um, I just noticed: they’re in the bathroom.

  80. Gail (the first one) says:

    LOL’ing at Brandi’s cat not liking their karaoke!!! What is kitteh objecting to? Is it song selection? One too many attempts at “The Lady is a Tramp”? Or is the lack of pants she objects to?

    Cats!! Endlessly interesting.

  81. yankeebird says:

    It’s a Pance Off Dance Off at Brandi’s house!!

  82. David Spor says:

    It’s a new form of acupuncture.

  83. ZePenguin says:

    oh gawd i miss that. kittens are so fab for that (not so much so when they think they can still do that when older and fatter and sharper…)
    I need kittens in my house and on my pants again!

  84. scooterpants says:


    and those are their newest followers.
    no arguments.
    They rock dont they?
    gafff-ahhh. snort.! 🙂

  85. mom2twinzz says:

    One of these things is not like the others,
    One of these things just doesn’t belong,
    Can you tell which thing is not like the others
    By the time I finish my song?

    And if you guess the hooman you are WRONG

  86. scooterpants says:

    so , mom2twinzz- are they in bed???(or grown up? 🙂
    oh- and the answer is Marmie !!!! duh.
    and i love her shoes, used to have some and would kill to find another pair. anyone know where to find them?


    The newest in home defense

  88. It’s like when the 17-year cicadas come out of the earth and climb up the trees.

  89. eikoleigh says:

    LOL….love how that momma cat is chill over her babies crawling up the woman’s pants….

  90. GreenEyedHawk says:

    haha that’s a pretty serious case of static cling….or should I say cat-ic cling?

  91. Those kitties are totally spoiled. If you look on the counter there, you’ll notice “Royal Canin” cat food. Royal Canin is one of the most expensive foods on the market…

    I only know this cause I work at Petco. And my mom’s two yorkies get fed Yorkshire formula Royal Canin dog food.

  92. Sharon Wilson says:

    I once saw a “Cat Fancy” article about a shelter, and it showed a stuffed pair of jeans standing up in the background, and the kittens LOVED climbing on it. “Yay! We can climb THESE jeans and nobody objects!”

  93. this ensemble is not complete until she has andy richter’s puppy coat.

  94. this is what happens when you don’t use dryer sheets!

  95. Man… I could really go for some kittie pants – where would one get such sartorial splendor?

  96. One word: OUCH! Kitten claws are like tiny little needles! But I’d still wear teh paaaants!

  97. catloveschanel says:

    Ah, I guess the kittehs have not gone to Scientology school yet. Otherwise, they’d be more serene. Course, with a dad like Tom always jumpin’ up and down on the couch I guess they’re just modeling his beeeee-haaaavve – ior. . .

  98. Matthew S. says:

    “Please! Please, don’t leave the house with black shoes and white socks!!! We’re begging you!”

  99. She’s using Royal Canin kitten food…good for her! That stuff is the best premium kitten food you can use!