OMG Martha Stewart / Cute Overload Pet Costume Contest

Does your kitteh, hamster or puppeh have the Halloween SPIRIT?

Upload a photo of your pet in costume, and you could be one of 10 winners chosen by and to win a Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drive to store photos, music, videos, and like, more!

The Deadline? November 4, 2008!

Check it OUT!





You can do eet! (Win that is.)

Special thanks to the Pup with antennae from Chien Y., Lion pug submitted by Thurston and Kiki, Pumpkin Patch Pom by T. Brown, Channeling the inner Lion by TSun.



  1. My fave is still that doggie half eaten by a croc from a few years ago. It was an advert for the zoo and the croc came on wheels!

  2. Ha! That pug looks awesome.

  3. eikoleigh says:

    that lion is so cute!!

  4. All I can say is I am Poised… Poised I tell you to march out and put a costume on the cats… of course I wouldn’t survive the night but I would chance it!

  5. L-o-v-e the last lion pic and the little pom in the pumpkin outfit!

  6. No way am I getting my cat into a costume. Got too many scratch marks already! But you know, I was in Target last week & they are selling ready made costumes for dogs and cats. The world is being taken over by Qte.

  7. scooterpants says:

    they all look so unhappy, cept the lil chew-wow-wow who looks like she might cry.
    puppers dont need any decorations.
    (not nuffin though)

  8. scooterpants says:

    sorry, gee, shes a pomeranian, i should have known that…

  9. I love the Pom in the punkin costume. He’s all like “Are you getting this? Did I blink?”

  10. Bumblebee Dog (whispering): CALLLL THE POLIIIICCCCEEE..

  11. I couldn’t even get a hat on our cats, we tried to take a holiday card photo one year with a Santa cap on one and reindeer antlers on the other. They were not interested, to put it mildly. Such a shame, they looked so festive!

  12. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Once upon a time I did have a cat, or she had me. She wasn’t the one to make me into a dog person, though. She was awesome. She was one cat a person could actually put a costume on, as long as it was light weight. I wrapped her up lightly in a translucent purple scarf… it was gorgeous, as she was white, and had one blue eye and one yellow eye. She posed for the camera, with this pouf of purple around her neck and looked absolutely regal. I miss her! She’s gone over 20 years now… still the best cat I ever knew. RIP Purt.

  13. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    RevWaldo: I hear the bumblebee dog call for help, too, actually! The pug just looks depressed. Then again, they usually do.

  14. What if my cat was just disguised as another cat?

    Actually, I’ll get all three of my cats to dress up as each other! It’ll be perfect!

    I am so smart!
    I am so smart!

  15. homer mariner says:

    My cats are perma-dressed for halloween. They’re both black with gold eyes! How do you dress up a black cat? Maybe they could be ninjas… fat ninjas… with fears of loud noises… maybe not. Sock drawer ninjas! Yes, that would work.

  16. Is it really here?!

    My abso-freaking-lutely favorite time of the year?

    Pet costume season?


  17. i like the one in the pumpkin costume, he looks so contented or something

  18. You should’ve seen him *before* midnight, Winnie.

  19. My all time favourite is Winston as a Rice Krispie Treat.

  20. Gail (the first one) says:

    I like to imagine what mine would like to be….couple of ghosts, a scarrry Halloween Cat (say in Count Floyd-voice), a couple of horsies….

    Yep, I’m really 47-going-on-8 years old!

  21. yippee!! I uploaded my two kitties. 😀

  22. Totalee Puppy says:

    Love “pumperanian”!
    Lion costume is awesome… Did they put spray color on the tail?
    Well, those are my faves…

  23. these costumes are adorable, has some awesome stuff too.

  24. That first lion outfit, first I only saw the hair and I thought “.. Tina Turner?”

  25. Mr. Picky is going to be a Furfactory(tm) for Halloween. But then, he’s a furfactory everyday.

  26. I have an awsome spider costume for my black cat. She doesn’t mind it at all, she is even leash trained which might be why. However, she did not like having little kids touch her when I had her outside with me. Since she is so friendly with guests I had initially assumed she would like the attention handing out Halloween candy with me.

    She didn’t bite or claw she just ran under my chair and tried to climb the back of my leg. I won’t be subjecting her to that ever again. Howver I will dress her up and take pictures for Halloween 🙂

  27. Selina's Mommy says:

    THAT IS 2 CUTE!!

  28. Totalee Puppy says:

    Boomer’s Babysitter…the story about your regal cat
    is very touching. I can
    imagine how special she was…RIP Purt.

  29. Just a note, the contest is only open to residents of the 50 continental states. So IF you happen to live in Canada, DO NOT bother registering (not that it took long but still annoying)