Nooooooooooo! [Shaking you by the shoulders]

People, I’m so sorry to tell you…

Our leetle friend "Rupert" the premature behbeh deerski has… passed away.

He was freshly borned 2-3 weeks early, and just couldn’t handle life as we know it, though the folks at St. Tiggywinkles (I am not making up that name) Animal Rescue tried their hardest to keep the little Knobbular One alive.


Baroooooooooooo! [Crying sound]



  1. saddest thing i think i’ve ever heard.

  2. :(!

    Rest well, little brave one.


  4. In his short little life, he managed to make a lot of people feel better for a little while – thanks Rupert & thanks Meg for sharing him …*sniff*

  5. tears are dripping down my cheeks. I sent pictures of rupert along with pictures of my newborn nephew today, comparing the sweet, adorable, premature newborns. I will mourn the loss of such cuteness.

  6. Oh, no. The poor little guy. What a shame.

    I’m glad that he got at least a little TLC from kind folks before he had to go…

  7. vandevere says:

    Poor little sweetie…

    I’m sure God is looking out for the little baby…

  8. Amanda M. says:

    THIS ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE THAT HAPPENED TODAY?! This is basically the worst day ever.

  9. Poor lil bebbeh deer. It is very very hard to keep a bebbeh deer alive. That they managed for 2-3 weeks shows how much they cared.

  10. Barooooooooo!!!

  11. barrrrooooooooo!! 😦

    oh this made me so sad. i’m sitting here snuffling and tearing up like a total suck. the poor little thing..

  12. He was just too good and cute for this world. He has gone home to be with his mother now. Together they can run through the fluffy clouds of heaven.

  13. biscuithead says:

    This is so unfair.
    This is NOT the outcome I requested.

    The good folks at St. Tiggywinkle’s + other similar animal rescue organizations all over the world do their best every day + their dedicated staff face such heartbreak far more often than most of us do.
    Hats off to them.
    But that’s not enough.

    We should SUPPORT their efforts with cash, not just good wishes.
    Perhaps a donation to any number of such charities in Rupert’s name (or even in CO’s name) would be an appropriate tribute.

    Just my two cents.

  14. :*( :*( :*(

  15. the li’l bebbeh knew love and comfort in his short lifetime, and one can’t ask for much more. yay for folks who try to save bebbehs, no matter the potential heartbreak.

  16. An angel, in the book of life,
    wrote down this baby’s birth.
    And whispered as she closed the book,
    “Too beautiful for Earth.”

  17. Ooh. Poor little thing.
    Nothing good to stick around here for anyway…**kicks a can**

  18. Evangeline's mom says:

    Gillie – that’s lovely and I thank you for it. To the loving caring folks who nurtured that sweet tiny fawn – blessings on you, and thanks for giving him a short time of comfort, pleasure and tranquility. I, too, like to think of him reunited with his mother…….

  19. Aww Gillie, I have never seen/heard that before. How beautiful.

    Rupert is back with his mommy now…

  20. biscuithead says:


    That’s a beautiful sentiment.
    I’ll have to look up that quotation.

    So much love for this Knobbular Morsel of Pure Joy coming from COers.

    Sorry, if I’m getting worked up here, but if there isn’t already a CO-based charity network of some kind, there should be.
    Served by contributions from CO + all of us who appreciate the joyful therapy + celebration of all things Cute that this site provides.
    If there is one, this occasion would be as good as any to draw attention to it.

    Time for me to search the site.

    And then go to bed.

  21. fish eye no miko says:

    Damn… )-,:

  22. Yes, you are making that up

    Tiggywinkles, like the fictional hedgehog.

  23. Juniper Jupiter says:



    But….it might be for the best.

    HEAR ME OUT, FELLOW CO’er’s!!!

    Mommy got hit by a vehicle and died…Rupert was born via C-section and no mommy to take care of him in the long run.

    NOW, as cute as it is to see him get nursed back to health by the caring individuals who cared for him, THANK YOU FOLX, YOU GUYS REALLY ARE HEROES IN MY BOOK, Rupert was an animule who needs to live in the wild. And unfortunately, he was probably a preemie, too. 😦

    I hope that made SOME sense…I’m aboot ready to go to bed.

  24. goodbye little guy…you made a great many people smile

  25. The tone of this post is really bothering me, it is not remotely serious as one would expect when reporting that a cute little guy like Rupert has died.

    In fact, I think i’d prefer CO if it had less of Meg’s commentaries..

  26. Awww poor little thing. All I can say is that he is with his mommy.

  27. warrior rabbit says:

    Gee, Joanne, so sorry Meg’s expressions of sorrow don’t meet your high standards. Who knew you were the arbiter of all things woe? Sheesh. (By the way, it’s Meg’s site, in case you didn’t know. So she can provide as much commentary as she wants, however she wants.)

    @&$!# nuffers

    It’s all so sad. I was crying, until I got to Joanne’s rude post, and then sadness was replaced with disgust. So in that respect, thanks for saving me from a sinus headache, Joanne.

    Rupert, poor little guy, hope you found your mommy waiting for you at the bridge. Now go frolic like a little deer should.


  28. Aww … so sad. Poor little Rupert. This is so sad. I’ve been following the little guy on-line for days now and this just breaks my heart.
    @biscuithead: that is such a good idea. And I am indeed going to make a donation in memory of the wee Rupert.

  29. Saint Stryfe says:

    Strength and honor, little one, go rest. We down here don’t deserve you.

    And Joanne, it’s her site. I think it was a perfectly valid expression of disappointment (grief might be a bit too strong a term, but disappointment works).

    Nothing wrong in what she said. Don’t listen to her, Meg, always express yourself the lovely way the majority of us love.

  30. Makes me want to cry, seriously.

  31. 😥

    rupert made the peoples happy in his short life and rupert will be missed. baroooooo… (pours small amount of malt liquor onto ground)

  32. I prefer to live in fantasy land where he is still alive and thriving. :*(

  33. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Poor little sweetie. Prayers for him and his mum.

  34. Woods Walker says:

    Good bye little one. run and play well in your new home.-Woods Walker

  35. i will remember his cuteness forevs. :*(

  36. :*(


    I was pretty sad until I got to Gillie’s little verse, and than I actually cried…

    Poor little fella. You can bet that the short life he did have was filled with plenty of love.

    RIP Rupert and his mummy.

    @Joanne – whilst everyone IS allowed their own personal opinions, geez, nice work. My grandma always used to say that if you didn’t have anything nice to say to not bother saying anything at all.

  37. P.S – Meg. You and Teho and the other CO staffers rock. No matter what anyone elses whiny a**e opinion might be.

  38. Joanne, you have now officially made me decide to simply stop reading (and posting) comments here.

  39. Totally heartbreaking, but once again thanks to all those who volunteer to keep animals alive, safe, and loved. You guys are total heroes.

  40. Oh, that’s so very sad… but the rescuers did their best, and at least little Rupert was in a safe, warm, loving place in his last hours.

  41. Oh, come on now! Life is sad enough as it is, are there NO stories that end happily *crying*
    Please have a good time in deerie-heaven with your mother, little one :´(

  42. Poor widdle guy.

    By the way, it’s Tiggywinkles and not Tiddlywinkles. 🙂

  43. Guys, Tiggywinkles runs an ADOPTION scheme so you can support an animal that can’t be released back into the wild.

    What a great way to honour Rupert! There are even two deer up for grabs.

  44. Just checked out the site of Tiggywinkles. These people need our support to carry on the good work !
    Please, if you want Rupert to be remembered: give a donation, buy something from the shop, or just read this wonderfull site:

  45. There is no foot so small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.
    Each new life… No matter how fragile or brief… Forever changes the world.

  46. Ok, I had to laugh at myself this morning. I’m all emotional from the artificial hormones I’m on for an in-vitro cycle. I read this post and literally started crying. Poor little guy. At least we know there’s “CO” in heaven.

  47. Noooo!

    He was the cutest ever.

    Although it feels good that he shared his cuteness and braveness with us.

    He is a little angel now.


  48. He can now be with his mother. 🙂 At least.

  49. That’s such a shame 😦

    Let’s not forget the effort and hard work that went into keeping him alive as long as he was – the staff at Tiggywinkles are wonderful people.

  50. 😦
    Hope he rests in peace..
    But at least he won’t be suffering anymore in heaven..

  51. *snif* Baroo *snif* Bye, lil Rupert-bebeh … tku, G-d, for bringing such cutivity into the world.

  52. Poor little guy. Well, at least he’s roaming free with his mommy now.

    RIP lil fella… RIP.

  53. Elisabeth says:

    Aww :.(

    Thanks to the Almighty Creator
    who designed such beautiful critters…
    He also designed babies to need their Mommies,
    so they can never be replaced.

    He also designed the sweet comfort and affection we feel.
    He has the power and compassion to take Rupert
    to the eternal place with his healed Mama —
    the place that this world was designed to be.

    Let’s worship Him for His kindness and power
    to resolve everything into eternal goodness,
    and not blame Him for the brokenness of this temporary world.
    It was a wonderful design, but we break it.

    The sadness is ours —
    may we look for His true way of life,
    so we can have His power to bring comfort and healing/resolution
    to others — people or animals — all His critters.

  54. bookmonstercats says:

    “In the midst of life, we are in death…” I think that came from a rather great book (whatever one’s religious persuasions). Rupert and his mum are examples of this and we shouldn’t expect happy endings and accept there is always a reason for sadness, especially if we get to share beauties like Rupert, and learn about the great folk at St Tiggy’s as a result. There!



    Even more however, Meg, great post as always and keep up with the comments. You one talented lady.

  55. I’m sad. But he left a legacy of cuteness behind, thanks little guy!

  56. snoopysnake says:

    God needed this sweet angel in heaven. We are blessed for Rupert’s time on earth.

  57. RIP, little guy. You brought a whole lot of happiness to the world in a very short time.

  58. poor baby deer.. at least he is in a better place with never ending medows and forests….. 😦

  59. Awww, no, no, no! :*-(

    Aww, man, that is so sad!! I feel like crying! Poor little one, what a sweetie he was. Oh gosh.. 😦

  60. Oh Rupert…You are what makes me think there must be a higher power because your mere birth made so many of us humans stare in rapt attention at your perfection and innocence and symbolization of all that is good in our often brutal world. It’s just terrible that you couldn’t stay, but thank you for melting a lot of cold, cold hearts. You will really be missed! And thank you to the PigglyWiggly (you know who I mean!) for taking the time to give this little guy every opportunity for life. You all aren’t so shabby, yourself. Anh. BARRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  61. fillyjonk says:

    Awwww…what a downer.


    At least while he was here he was safe & warm & well fed…

  62. Oh, and Joanne, you’re a really miserable person to insinuate such an ignorant, nonsensical point about the person who brings you the cute on a daily basis. Get over yourself. Love you, Meg!

  63. This sad story underscores how fragile life and cuteness really are. Please be nice to each other.

  64. Poor lil’ Rupert. They tried their best, but it’s okay. He’s with his mommy now. That’s really the best we could ask for.

  65. He was at Tiggywinkles, which means he had around the clock care from some of the best vets in the world. If they couldn’t save him, no one could.

    Also, give Tiggywinkles any money you have sitting around. No wild animal is ever refused care, most of their staff is made up of volunteers, and they simply rock.

    Rupert, you were lovely. Thank you for adding grace to the world.

  66. BarOOOOOOOO!

    How sad, but he did touch many hearts thanks to CO and the rescue people….

    Bless all creatures!

  67. The Other One Michelle says:

    Ah jeez. I really was pulling for this little guy. I hope he’s happier in a warm place with his mommy.
    @Joanne. Leave. Leave. Leave.

  68. I love the idea of starting a CO charitable foundation. Any one else seriously interested in something like this? I imagine Meg has enough on her plate with her job, running the site and dealing with nuffers like Joanne, but I think she’d give it her stamp of approval. If anyone else is seriously interested in trying to get something started, contact me at isisinator at gmail dot com.

  69. Aw, poor sweet lil baby. Barooooooooooo…

  70. I know you’re all upset about Rupert. I am too. But instead of nuffing, or nuffing at nuffers, can we just ignore the opinions that we don’t like and support each other while we all mourn Rupert? If everyone else is as sad as I am, maybe we could find a way to comfort ourselves without bringing more sadness or anger to this post? I know i sound like a hippie, but this post should be about Rupert, not nuffing.

    P.S. I love the idea of a CO charitable foundation! I would definitely donate! It could be something like “the Rupert Memorial charity”

  71. I hope he’s with his mother now in a beautiful place with no killers behind wheels. RIP sweet Rupert.

  72. I’m so sad to hear of this little one — I’m crying as we speak. At least hopefully he didn’t suffer and went peacefully. Thanks for sharing his touching story.

  73. Selina's Mommy says:

    Poor baby and he lived only a short little life.

    I shall go mourn somewhere.
    This is so unfair why him why now?

    please leave me to find this out while mourning

  74. Stephanie says:


    Darn…. poor fella.

  75. MEOWAND WOOF says:

    simply have to add my baroo! Had alot of loss lately; the Bridge must be a happening place. Let’s hope they all introduce themselves and find they have humans in common at CO

  76. Katie Kat says:

    BAROOOOOOOOOOOO! Sleep soft sweet Rupert.

    Gillie: That was the SWEETEST poem. Thank you!

    Joanne, I don’t even understand what you were trying to say. You think Meg should have reported this in a more somber, sad and morose way? It’s a site that’s meant to UPLIFT people. What do you think she SHOULD have said?

  77. ..only the cute die young. (in Billy Joel singsongy voice)


  78. That last hovertext made me tear up. 😦 Poor baby.

  79. wannadance says:

    waaaaahhh. snuf. tearful this lovely morning in virginia.

  80. Oh, so sad! This little guy made a LOT of people smile in his short life, though. I’m glad he had good care up to the end.

  81. he is so cute and so innocent looking. at least he’s not suffering now…its amazing he lasted that long…

  82. allbu0809 says:

    that is soooooooooooo sad =(..

  83. Elizabeth says:

    I am sad that the little guy passed, but I hope he has a better life now.

  84. That is so sad. I can’t believe he lasted that long. The pictures are great. I hope he has a better life, wherever he is.

  85. My only consolation is that little Rupert was so well taken care of and adored by so many of us in his short life. I’d like to believe that he somehow knew all the support and love people had for him, and he passed on gently with a little smile in his heart…he’s puttering around in all his knobbular glory at the feet of God now… RIP sweet Rupert…

  86. Barooooo!!! ={

  87. *sniff*

    He is going to make one beautiful little angel…

  88. superboymom says:

    Oooh . . . dear!

  89. Tink'smom says:

    Rest in peace, dear little fawn. If there are no four legged creatures in the Great Beyond, I don’t want to go there.

  90. Premature? I thought it looked too small. But one of those pics he’s standing up.

    Poor lil critter.

  91. Too cute to live in this ugly world. Although, perhaps it’s just as well for mankind, because the Knobbular cuteness of that first pic is killing me and keeping me from doing any productive work.

  92. Bless. He was a little sweetie. I visited St Tiggywinkles a couple of years ago and was very very impressed with the work they do there. Contributions in memory of Rupert would be a great idea.

  93. It is wonderful how many people were moved by this little fellow during his very brief life-we all wish so much it could have been longer. Condolences to his caregivers. I’ve got a new litter of foster kittens who are struggling with upper respiratory infection and understand well how much our hearts are consumed by this dear babies.
    Thank you, CO, for this beautiful site that inspires us daily.

    [I hear you… why is there always, ALWAYS that URI crap? – Ed.]

  94. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Gillie: What a wonderful verse!

    I was sad when I saw this, but with Gillie’s verse and y’alls comments, I have tears dripping down. (At least I’m working at home today!)

    Think of how happy the QTE-fanciers who have gone on before us must be with their new arrival! That’s a happy thought….that there will be QTE in the Great Beyond.

    And I’m totally with anyone who wants to set up some kind of charitable giving fund. I’ve read of groups who contribute a set amount each month and research and decide which organization to give the money to that month. Maybe there’s a way to set up something like that for all of us “virtual” friends through a PayPal account or something.

  95. RIP, sweet little Rupert. We’ll miss you, but I can imagine you frolicking around with your mother, healthy and happy. Thanks for spending some time with us!

    This made me tear up.

  96. Oh – and thanks so much to the folks at Tiggywinkles and all the other people who take care of animals in need.

  97. Poor thing!!! 😦 Reading the beautiful things that people are writing are making me even more teaful than when I was just reading the story. I’m a mess in my cubicle right now. A wonderful tribute to the most adorable deer I have ever seen.

  98. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Jorden: I’m with you in spirit…I went through that this spring with foster kittehs (I lost one to it, sweet little thing.) Now, my ‘home’ kittehs (all 7) have it to one degree or another. Whole lotta sneezing goin’ on!

  99. I can’t believe it!!! Say it isn’t so. I will not forget this little guy…not for one second. Rest in peace little Rupert :<

  100. scooterpants says:

    he was just way too beautiful for this world.
    (hes’ with his mama now, if you believe in animal-pet heaven)

  101. R.I.P. sweet little Rupert. Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge and snuggle with your Mommy again…


  102. Oh, this makes me so sad.

  103. I want to add my own “BAROOOOOOOOO” and to thank Gillie for the lovely poem (which I shouldn’t have read, being that I am at work, sniffing constantly). I’m sure he’s snorgling with his Mama in the beautiful everlasting forest . . . :*{

  104. Barooooo! RIP sweet behbeh Rupert! The Bridge will be a little sweeter with you and your mumsy its newest residents. A donation in his name is a fantastic idea and Gillie, that poem was amazing!

    Joanne- LEAVE.

    have a good day everyone else.

  105. this is the most depressing Friday ever. My day is ruined. me to sad.

  106. People have different styles of mourning. We really have to accept that basic fact.
    I think that Rupert’s short life was as good at it could have been given the emergent circumstances. That said, we have pictures of one of the cutest animals on the face of the planet. The beautifully-done pictures of him are a wonderful reminder of the heroism, both deer and human, that occurs in the world every day. Thank you Tiggywinkles.
    My two cents is that we should give locally to our own hometown animal rescuers in such an instance. We can get to know them, we can actually see the animals and we can give personal reassurance to the volunteers and professionals in times just such as this, when all falls apart,This has to be be pretty devastating… Then if there is a far-flung animal charity, perhaps we can give to them, too, but let’s make sure that our own home-grown facilities are top notch! Just my two cents’ worth. Barooooooo…

  107. Rest in peace little one! I love you!

  108. This breaks my heart! I was so hoping he would pull through. But as many of you have pointed out, at least he is with his mommy now, romping through the meadows and forests of deer heaven

  109. So sad for the little bebeh! *wails loudly* 😦 We also had to put one of our cats down yesterday – just a sad day for these lovely animals.

  110. and thanks to meg and co. for sharing rupert with us and for doing exactly what you do every day. it makes my world better.

  111. cute little baby is with his momma again. and now i think i need to go cuddle my puppy.

  112. Barooooooo

  113. grammarnazi says:

    sorry but you ARE making it up it’s TIGGYWINKLES (hedgehog from beatrix potter) not tiddlywinkles (some bastardization of the word tiddlywinks, which is a really stupid game involving plastic discs like pog)

  114. Nina, please don’t give up on the comments. Joanne is just one person and EVERYBODY else here is supportive of Meg. In any community there are always going to be some grumblers.

    Rest in peace, little Rupert. But, yes, it’s good you’re with your mama now.

  115. serafemme says:

    what was warm is strangely cold;
    whence dissolved the little breath?
    how can this small body hold
    so immense a thing as death?

  116. He was smiling!

  117. sleep well, dear little angel, in the arms of your mom, who watched over you from heaven and will now care for you for all eternity. xo

  118. :tearsup:

  119. mine eyes are misty 😦

  120. I am so sad right now =(

  121. Rupert got lots of love and attention during his short life. His time on earth was short, but from the looks of him, he thought it was pretty good.

  122. poor little bambi *sniff sniff*

  123. Watt Micripi says:

    Oh Rupert
    Oh Rupert Rupert Rupert
    Oh Rupy-rupy
    Oh Rupples
    Oh Rupe
    Oh Rupert
    Oh Ruperdupes
    Oh Rupert
    Oh Jesus you took him
    Oh Jesus please cradle the little baby to the fleshy part of your divine breast
    Oh sweet little Rupples and Jesus who took him away
    Oh Rupples
    Oh Rupe

  124. RIP cute lil buddy. you brought so much joy to so many people 🙂

  125. What dedication those at the rehab center gave to keeping that wee one going. And I agree donations to LOCAL rehab centers would be a great way to support that type of work. My sister works at a wildlife rehab center on Friday Harbor called Wolf Hollow. Check out her blogsite: to get an idea of the kind of work they do! They are always in need of funds, so there is a GREAT place to start!

  126. I agree with Joanne (gasp). Meg’s commentaries are cringe-worthy and detract from the cute pictures with their cheesiness. I’m not sure when opinions became outlawed, but last I heard even if you had a complaint, it was still fine to speak it as long as you were civil about it. So far as I can tell, Joanne was. So quit jumping all over her, squeaky-clean CO commenters. Constructive criticism is a good thing.

  127. grammarnazi: if you click on “St. Tiggywinkles” in the post, it will take you to the site of the animal hospital. It is real.

    Barooo. Rupert was the cutest deer/piglet I e’er did see.

  128. I am so sad for Rupert. He was so adorable and looked so strong! 😦
    My kitty’s name is Rupert and we will have a snuggle together to send some love to this lost little one.

  129. P.S. Meg, I love your site and I love your captions and commentaries.

  130. Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

    When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
    There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
    There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

    All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
    The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

    They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

    You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

    Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….

    Author unknown…

  131. The Other One Michelle says:

    @aurora and joanne–don’t come here then, if the owner of the website and master of cuteness doesn’t meet your posting criteria. You will find most of us are very protective of Meg and her work here because we feel she brings us happiness every day with her work. If you don’t have anything nice to say about any post, don’t bother posting then. That’s Joanne’s (and now your) error.

  132. **sigh**
    Goodbye, baby Rupert. I am glad you learned in your short life what some of us never learn – that there are many compassionate, tender hearted humans in this world.

  133. RE: Those who are critiquing Meg’s commentaries: I don’t necessarily agree, nor do I really disagree… it’s a matter of personal taste… unfortunately the argument as to what is quality commentary or not is not relevant to the post. This should be a forum wherein people here can mourn for the loss of a sweet little guy…please let us all remember that?

  134. Wow, first my ctazy kitty-girl Lola is killed by a car this morning, and now I read this *cries more* How very sad!

    *looks up* Lola, don’t you be chasing that baby deer around heaven!

  135. oh my god 😦 that is so sad. and that rainbow bridge thing… that pushed me over the edge 😦

  136. I’m sad that Rupert died, but thankful to the folks a Tiggywinkles for loving him.

    Darsa, I am so sorry you lost your friend this morning. Hugs from me and all my four legged bebehs.

  137. rupert looked absolutely perfect.

  138. Bah to the ROOOOOOOOOO!!!! =(

  139. um, i didn’t want to know that. the truth hurts too bad.

  140. Don’t worry everyone. Bambi’s mother is now taking care of him in Little Deer Heaven. 😀

  141. ps – meg you’re comments are the reason i visit this site.

  142. I totally agree, Brooke. Tewtelly.

  143. eikoleigh says:


  144. uck.. you know no matter how hard the commentator is trying in this post it is still impossible to make the death of a beautiful baby deer seem funny.

    It’s quite distasteful actually. Sorry but I think someone needed to say that at least on the deer’s behalf. The poor baby does not deserve to be made fun of.

    [I don’t know which post you’re reading, Mousie, but it’s not this one. – Ed.]

  145. oh no!!!
    well hell’s bell’s!
    hugs to the people taking care of him. you gave it your best plus you made him feel loved.
    the gift of his short life touched many lives.

  146. Mousie, there is nothing in Meg’s commentary that could be possibly miscontrued as mocking. Meg and CO’s comments are among the funniest, more erudite and best-spelt blogs.
    She’s saddened, we’re saddened, and I thank her for the nice deerling pix and closure, so go elsewhere for something to be offended by.
    Nuff said.

  147. I’ll have to send this to my old neighbor 😦 He rehabbed deer, and I got to pet a little bebeh fawn at his house once. That one didn’t make it either.

  148. Long time reader, blah blah blah says:

    I agree that the commentary is inappropriate. Really, really inappropriate.

    If Meg is supposed to be championing cute animals, she isn’t doing so here. Her tone is dismissive, patronizing and mocking. It’s horrible. It’s astounding that so many of you don’t see it.

  149. Long time reader, blah blah blah says:

    I agree that the commentary is inappropriate. Really, really inappropriate.

    If Meg is supposed to be championing cute animals, she isn’t doing so here. Her tone is dismissive, patronizing and mocking. It’s horrible. It’s astounding that so many of you don’t see it.

  150. Long time reader, blah blah blah says:

    I agree that the commentary is inappropriate. Really, really inappropriate.

    If Meg is supposed to be championing cute animals, she isn’t doing so here. Her tone is dismissive, patronizing and mocking. It’s horrible. It’s astounding that so many of you don’t see it.

  151. Darsa, I’m so sorry about your loss. I hope Lola finds the perfect spot to soak up sunbeams in heaven.

  152. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Darsa: I’m so sorry! You must be very sad. {{{HUGS}}} from me and my 4-legged ones.

  153. awww. poor little dude.

  154. Totalee Puppy says:

    Meg, I love your commentary and the hovertexts, especially for little Rupert. I find the text warm-hearted and tender.
    Darsa, I’m sorry for all the loss you have had today. Lola and Rupert wait for us in all their
    Rupert’s dear memory is honored by all who have shared poems and touching stories, especially Gillie,
    Elisabeth, Serafemme, Angel and Watt Micrispi.
    Also…way to go, Warrior
    Rabbit…I agree!
    Rupert, you were so tiny, yet so great a blessing…We have to share the blessing now…with a loney heart that waits beyond…whose heart longs to feel your tiny heart…close by, forever.

  155. Daphne Moss says:

    I, too, am puzzled that anyone would find “Barroooo” not sufficiently sad.
    Meg struck just the right tone. Little Rupert was up against very long odds. It’s possible he suffered injuries that went undaignosed. He was precious.
    Now, my two cents;

    I’m mad that roads aren’t built with any kind of thought to wildlife. Some are just traps that, if a poor animal looking for water wanders across, it is in “the kill zone.”
    This will not change unless we who drive insist it does and indicate a willingness to pay for said wildlife corridors under roads

    *getting off soap box now*
    Thanks you.

  156. 😦 Oh my goodness, this is the saddest thing I’ve heard in so long.

    Rupert is literally what got me through the week.

    😦 I’m crying.

    That’s so sad. I hoped that wouldn’t have happened because it’s such a risk with immature babies of all kinds. I wish I could have a hug.

  157. Daphne Moss says:


  158. why would you post something so shitty?
    lie to me.
    jesus christ.
    lie to me.

    [The whole world is happy, Ryan. – Ed.]

  159. WAHHHHHH! (hiccup) WAHHHHH!!!

  160. 😦

  161. Raemie L. says:

    Rest in peace…

  162. oh no. I´m so crying now. That´s so sad. Poor bebby. 😦

  163. That is so sad. I was very upset. But then, I read what Gillie wrote and decided that this little deer is happy.

    He is with his mummy, in a big field in Heaven. No fear. No freezingness.
    He was too sweet, too adorable, too amazing to be exposed to bad things of earth! And he needs his mum.
    We won’t see him anymore. But he is happy. At least, I beleive that!

    Sorry if that didn’t make much sense…I’m only 13…

  164. I was so sad to hear this little guy had died. I read it on another website but I didn’t want to believe it till I saw it on CO. To the nuffers who feel the mourning is not dignified enough – everyone mourns in their own way so open your mind and your heart!

  165. Totalee Puppy says:

    Saski, that was real nice…We can tell that the little deer made a difference for you and for
    all of us.

  166. So very sad. May he rest in peace, poor sweet babeh.

  167. Heather in PA says:

    Oh no!!! 😦 Awe…I just showed my hubby this little beebee and we oohed and ahhed over him. Poor little sweetie. I know I’m not the only one crying right now. Goodbye sweetheart. 😦

  168. Aww, man, noo! Barooooo! 😦
    gosh, tears for angel Rupert, he was so frail but touched lotsa people … Mama has her baby again. *sigh* My heart really goes out to those who tried to save him, they must feel a bit broken.

  169. grammarnazi says:

    sarah f, yes all is good now. meg or someone corrected the spelling and i know the place exists! i googled the place when i first saw this piece on boingboing. she just spelled the name of the vet wrong the first time and mrs tiggywinkle the hedgehog was a favortie character of mine and i guess i just got all flubstered when i saw the mis-spelling, look whatever!!! the sweet muffin is gone and now the world is colder

  170. Long time reader, blah blah blah says:

    I agree that the commentary is inappropriate. Really, really inappropriate.

    If Meg is supposed to be championing cute animals, she isn’t doing so here. Her tone is dismissive, patronizing and mocking. It’s horrible. It’s astounding that so many of you don’t see it.

  171. Meg, In full recognition that this is your space and you have total freedom… my coworkers and I would like to respectfully request that you not post items about sad stories. We depend on CO for happy sweet uplifting thoughts and love and appreciate 99.9% of what you put out there.

  172. I was sad to hear that little Rupert died, but finally cried as I was reading all the comments. We’ll miss you, Rupert.
    And thank you to Tiggywinkles for trying your best.

  173. He is soooo cute and I’m so sad to hear that he didn’t make it. 😦

  174. God Bless baby Rupert!!

  175. Darsa,please accept my condolences on the loss of your companion. Best wishes to you and I hope you find a new companion with whom to have warm snuggles and the occasional luurkensproing! It will be good for you both.

  176. :(((

    rest in peace little rupert!

  177. Now he can be with his mommy, like he was always meant to be. Poor little thing.

  178. Well surely his death wasn’t a complete waste. That must have been some of the most tender succulent venison ever!

  179. I very rarely come to this site, and I have never posted a comment. When I saw this post, I decided to browse through the comments to see if anyone else felt the same way I did. Joanne did. And I’m surprised that very few others agreed with her. I can deal with the usual commentaries, even though I agree with aurora when she says they’re cringe-worthy. I would never post and complain about it, but I found this post somewhat disrespectful. It seemed to almost belittle the situation…

  180. Rest easy little baby, God needed you more than we do. And I thank Meg for bringing cuteness into an otherwise-non-cute world. Thanks so much! RIP