Let Sleeping Dogs Cry

"ehrn … robot tentacles … wait … arghh … can’t escape, floor made of Crisco … stop, don’t … not the chicken, not the chicken, NOT THE CHICKEN! … gasp … toothpaste, leiderhosen, Richard Simmons … why am I covered in maple syrup?! … I’ve got to warn Batman about the pomegranates …"

No more garlic Milk-Bones before bedtime, Dan K.



  1. That dog… could’ve been me, back in grade school.

  2. Pat Trenner says:

    Best. Caption. EVER.

    Oh, that NomTom!

  3. TurboFloof says:

    AAAHHHH HAAAAA! My dog sleepbarks too! Sometimes it wakes me up at night, and I crack up so much I can’t get back to sleep! I will never NOT laugh when he does it. SOOOOO funny!

    I love how this bebeh woke HIMSELF up, then got all shy…

  4. Ah, the poor double baroo at the end! Very funny caption Mr. NTMTOM

  5. The ear! THE EAR! Sooo cute!

  6. stevedave says:

    Here’s an alternate video link:

  7. I’ve seen my doggy cry like that before but it makes me sad. I hope he wasn’t too sad in his sleep!

  8. Hahahaha at the embarrassment at the end!

  9. Capt' Tightpants says:


    Puppy has frog fear.

  10. AuntieMame says:

    Can’t see the video until I get home, but from the caption, it’s obvious that even dogs have more interesting dreams than I do. Sheesh!

  11. @ Capt’ Tightpants:

    oh ok Willow

  12. Poor dog looked so embarrassed when he woke up. That, or disappointed that the big pink milkbone-shaped car he was chasing was just a dream.

  13. Teeehee…. Ohh, being shy was so adorable 😀

  14. Awesome. He’s all “What are YOU looking at?”

  15. (the original) Mel says:

    Sometimes, when I dream about Richard Simmons, I bark in my sleep too.

  16. Aw, that ending was SO cute!

    Sea monkey has my money …. be careful with that hammer …. yes, I’m a natural blue.

  17. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Erebella: LOL 😀 And don’t think that scene wasn’t running through my mind as I wrote this. 😀

  18. I love that he has “bed ears” when he wakes up!

  19. You mean that giant sausage wasn’t real.

  20. All I wanna know, Mike, is what you’re smoking when you write these things and if you wouldn’t mind sharing.

    P.S.: That maple syrup thing sounds like a good idea 😉

  21. fish eye no miko says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it sounds like he’s laughing at the beginning? ^_^

  22. I thought my dog was the only one to bark in her sleep!

  23. Hahaha – that dream train-of-thought is hilarious! Our English springer spaniel used to do this all the time, including waking herself up and rubbing her eyes just like that afterward.

  24. Taki's mom says:

    @Erebella: LOVE the “nemo” reference 😉

  25. Kinda “cute or sad,” but that’s me anthropomorphizing the doggeh’s reaction as “cries.” Maybe there a kind of hiccup/giggle/sleep thing.

    Love the hooman’s reactions, too. And nice dream there, Tom. Jung would have a field day.

  26. cheesybird says:

    “All geminis to the raspberry hats.”

    I was already giggling uncontrollably reading NomTom’s caption before I even hit play. Seeing the “What? What are you looking at? I’m going back to sleep” on puppeh’s face at the end of the video just put me over the edge.

  27. Flopped over ear kills me with the cute.

  28. Michelle S says:



  29. Michelle S says:

    I believe that noise is a bark, not a cry. The puppy is vocalizing a bark, but her face is asleep so it comes out as a convulsive mff mff mff.

    My golden used to dream like crazy when he slept. Growling and barking just like that. He even had different gaits. He’d switch from trotting to galloping on his side while he was completely asleep. It was poignant as he got old. He was blind, deaf, and crippled. He could hardly take a step, but he’d sure still gallop through the fields in his dreams!

  30. Or, “No! Not the Palin! NOT THE PALIN!” (wakes up) “Oh crap, the election hasn’t even HAPPENED yet. Please leave me alone until it’s over.”

  31. binky-mama says:

    Must of had some spicy food before he went night-night!

  32. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Poor thing’s hiding in embarrassment cuz Mommy wuz LAUGHING AT HER!!

    Proof right thar….when you giggle at your pup when she makes noises in her sleep, and she wakes up…DON’T LAUGH!! You’ll hurt her feelings!!! 😦

    But I lol’d! 😀

  33. @Capt Tightpants – you win the internets.

    Well, you have to share it with the puppeh and his ear.

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    omg I needed that. @fish eye I also thought it sounded like laughing at the first. The flopped ear is just too much and the “aww shucks don’t laugh at me” finale.. ..

  35. Happenstance says:

    Sounds like a chicken.

    “…But we need the eggs!”

    (Waits for nuffer to inform us that the “crying” indicates abuse and we should all be ashamed of our amusement.)

  36. Oh, see, I interpreted it as giggling. Yup, pup is def. giggling in his sleep!

  37. that was THE BEST.

  38. Is it just me, or does he sound a lot like a turkey..

  39. My sister used to have a sweet old three legged dog the kids named Three-D. He could get around pretty good most days, but when he slept, he would run like the wind in his dreams. It was very sweet to watch. He crossed the rainbow bridge a few years ago and is now running on all four good legs.

  40. Warn Batman about POMEGRANITES? Rediculously creative, I must say.

  41. Lurve it! The ending was sooo cute!!

  42. girlnextdoortn says:

    FIREFLY!!! Whoo!

  43. I can’t believe that someone would take the time to video their puppy that is obviously crying out in great pain and distress… just to get posted on a website. Put down the camera! Wake up the poor pup! Oh, the abuse! Will it never end??

    (There you go, Happenstance 😉

  44. My lab/goldenX does this when she sleeps!!! Yes , and at night I wake up laughing (which in turn wakes HER up) and then I get a dirty look. She also runs in her sleep, which is not cool when she is snuggled against you, because you wind up getting kicked. Sometimes out of bed!

  45. Gail (the first one) says:

    “mmmh….okay, okay, I give….DESTINY!! No escaping, not for me! Destiny!! No escaping….

    “Doctor, wake up. You vere having a nachtmare!”

  46. She growls in her sleep too!

  47. Gail (the first one) says:

    And, I think it was barking, not crying as well. My Nicky barks sometimes in his sleep and runs, runs, runs!!!

  48. binky-mama says:

    @Gail (the first one):

    “Vould you like to roool in zee hay?”

  49. CatFanSue says:

    My oldest kitteh will occasionally wake up hissing and snarling (evidently cats have nightmares, too); unfortunately it usually happens when he’s sleeping on my lap! Nothing to do but try to stay out of the way until he remembers where he is and the teeth and claws go back in. 🙂

  50. Totalee Puppy says:

    binky-mama rocks!

  51. Meriweather says:

    Our husky does this, just about four times bigger. He sounds like he’s muttering in his sleep. “Grrf. Mmble. Rowsdower. Hff.” Then he wakes up and looks annoyed at the world, and curls back up.

  52. darkshines says:

    Can I cover NOMTOM in maple syrup? 😉

  53. LOL! Bless, so cute. 🙂

  54. @Meriweather – Rowsdower!!! Ha ha ha! I was JUST watching that MST3K yesterday!

  55. 10 minutes later I’m still laughing. Really, the best caption. Why am i covered in maple syrup!!!!!

  56. HAHAHAH! I love it!
    “Mrf! BRK! BRK! WHA…Huh? What’r you look..awww, maaaan!”

  57. Sharawi Wife says:

    Awww!! He gets all Shy at the end !!
    I have an Old english Bulldog who used to do that in his sleep wjen he was a puppy but now he just SNORZZZZZZZZ!!!! Sometimes he wakes himself up and looks around like “Hey who is maken all dat noiz I am tryn to sleep here !” ;0)

  58. One of my fondest memories will always be the night the dog “Baroooed” in her sleep and my husband sneezed in his sleep, twice, neither waking up. I didn’t want to laugh at either of them. I gave up and came downstairs to CO and had a good laugh. SHHH, they still don’t know.

  59. The ear… THE EAR!

  60. David Spor says:

    That was kind of a turkey gobble in the beginning. My cat mews and twitches in his sleep occasionally. Snores, too.

  61. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Thank you, Lucy, but I submit that the Finding Nemo reference is slightly awesomer.

  62. Hahaha :D says:

    “I’ve got to warn Batman about the pomegranates …”


    Whoooo yeah (;

  63. Raemie L. says:

    That was so cute! Floppy ears! Face “hidingks”! The caption! Reaction in Exclamation Marks!

  64. Our Husky does this too…I call it “whoofling.”

  65. Does Batman have a vitamin C deficiency? Could he choke on the seeds? Are they on sale at BJ’s? Youth needs to know!

  66. Anyone know what kind of dog that is?