Area Man Punches Shark To Save Terrier

There he was just minding his own dog business…. cruising along dog paddling…

When suddenly… [Jaws music]



This lil’ terrier was attacked by a shark.

As you can see [Doctor’s voice] he got monched in his mid-section and pawsitude areas.


Thankfully, the terrier’s owner, decided to land a PONCHE or two on the attacking shark, breaking the terrier free, and both terrier and man and shark are living happily ever after as a result. Ahn.


Yes, we’ll add this guy to the C.O. Dating service,Amanda L. via



  1. That’s sad and scary, but I’m so glad it had a happy ending! Poor little guy!

  2. temperance says:

    i love a happy ending. it’s amazing little ratty had no serious internal injuries. and his owner is totally my hero for punching that mean ol’ shark…

  3. Oh, cuteoverload! You make me happy and sad everyday. What’s the text acronym for laughing and crying at the same time?

  4. In Soviet Russia, MAN is DOG’S best friend!

  5. Shark Attacks Terrier At Noon?

    Not as good as my first devilish acronym I’m afraid.

  6. poor puppy.. poor punchy face shark.. 😦

  7. Michelle S says:

    awww. Look at the pup’s face in the last picture. He’s all like “and then and then the shark tried to EAT me!”

  8. I saw this the other day on the news. I am so very glad the puppeh is alive and well.

  9. Nuffy McNuff, Nufferson, blah blah Nuff.

  10. this happened here in islamorada florida it was on the news the other day – just so sweet – you could see how much this guy loves his little pup. amazing! 🙂
    oh, btw he’s happily married sorry to disappoint.

  11. Holy S*** I hate sharks…

  12. ScoutsMom says:

    Have you noticed the tiny paw marks on the tiny little cast? How cute is that?!?!

    And I’d also like to say “WOW” to this guy for risking his life to save his pup. He is definitely a hero in my eyes. Thanks for being so wonderful!

  13. seals and deer and sharks? (oh hai!)

    we have wandered onto mutual of cuteoverload’s wild kingdom…

  14. Is that a Snausage hanging down in the last pic?

  15. AuntieMame says:

    Poor little guy! And thank you, Meg, for NOT including a photo of the shark! I was a little nervous to keep scrolling. Not that I blame the shark. He was just doing his sharky thing.

    [I don’t think there *is* a photo of the shark; the dude didn’t exactly stop to take pictures first… – Ed.]

  16. Aww, such a cute story! Well, cute ending, not really cute the pup got nearly eated D:
    I would punch a shark for my dog! But he hates water, and I live in NY so I don’t think I have to worry about sharks too much, thankfully.

  17. Hey! Here’s another one for the proposed “Heroes” category!

  18. Good for that guy, beating the hell out of a shark to save his buddy.

    I hope that shark hurts for a few days and remembers why.

  19. NV Knight says:

    AWWWWW… He looks just like my little Savannah, I cried when i saw this on the news

  20. Selina's Mommy says:

    ITS A MIRACLE!!!!!

  21. Poor guy! What a brave dog owner!

  22. Wow! Now I love my dog and I’d do anything to help her, but if I saw her being attacked by a shark I think I’d be too freaked out to move, much less attack the shark. Way to go Mr. Terrier Owner, nice reflexes!

  23. Star-eyed says:

    Such a nice story, and I know this man is happily married (and so am I) but ooooooweee is he handsome! He can save me from a shark anytime..

  24. Aww…puppeh looks like my dognephew Tony. Glad his dad kept him from being shark chow!

  25. I heard the shark was smallish but still a shark. 5 footer i heard. Glad the pupper is ok. Bravo to the owner. No shark grabs my dog and gets away with it!

  26. (the original) Mel says:


    Terriers are my most favorite dogs!
    They’re cute,
    They’re cuddly,
    And they’re small!

  27. This man will always, always, always be able to pick up chicks with this story. Even better if he has a friend around to tell it, while he just smiles modestly and ruffles puppeh’s ears fondly. 🙂

  28. What a story! – and what a man! If I feel negative about people, I will just turn it around and think about this brave man who performed such an incredibly courageous act for his precious dog. Congratulations to you for being such a fabulous person!! And hugs to your little friend. Get well soon.

  29. for an interview. I’m amazed by the guy’s bravery. Thankfully the dog doesn’t seem to have been nommed too hard! I’ve heard sharks often take a more “gentle” (for them) taste before really attacking their meal – guess that’s what happened.

  30. d’oh! where was he when got the shark attack? I want to avoid that place!

  31. allbu0809 says:

    that’s so sad, but i’m glad that the little terrior is ok

  32. That is such an amazing story! I’m so glad the puppy is okay. The picture makes me feel bad for it.

  33. That is such an amazing story! I’m so glad the puppy is okay. The picture makes me feel bad for it.

  34. AuntieMame says:

    [I don’t think there *is* a photo of the shark; the dude didn’t exactly stop to take pictures first… – Ed.]

    Well, but, if the first photo was really just prior to the shark-nomming, there might have been a photo of the shark just swimming around. Or she could have included any random shark photo. I’m just saying that shark photos give me the willies. That’s all.

  35. @prnbsn, Thanks for the video link! Poor puppers!

  36. I feel so bad. I just want to help the little guy. It’s so tragic.

  37. I am so glad he survived! I am also happy that his brave owner saved him.

  38. AuntieM — OK, I won’t post any. Unless it’s a really *cute* shark.

    It could be a while.

  39. yeahIusePhotoshoptoo says:

    Dog is man’s best chum?

    get it? chum?

  40. He looks just like my dog. Rat terriers rock, even if they have a nose for trouble.

  41. Urggh, sharks–my worst nightmare! Bless this brave man for diving to the rescue. That little pup worships his daddy now!

    If guys only knew what a turn-on that kind of loving courage is! Even better than watching a dad walking his kids across the street holding hands. Where’s that “Heroes” category, Meg?

  42. INCREDIBLE! Love this dude for loving his dog SO much and being so brave. Thanks dude, for restoring my faith in humanity, once again!

  43. why are the good ones always married?

    *sigh* 😉

    anyhoo, tuff pup, good guy, great story

    pup is so cute, i would fight off Jaws for him, too!

  44. Of course, if this guy hadn’t been so lucky, instead of a hero he would have ended up like this poor schmuck:

  45. AuntieMame says:

    Theo, maybe a little nurse shark. As long as no teeth are showing…

    @yeahIusePhotoshoptoo, I think in this case he was the shark’s chum. Haw!

    @Sandy, yeah, if only guys realized that there is nothing attractive about musclebound strutting and macho posing.

  46. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Yeah…: LOL and GROAN!!!

  47. Well, Kat, you still need to watch out for land sharks. They’re all over NY. (Hint: No one sends candygrams anymore.)

  48. @Sandy

    on my to work this morning i saw a dad and his little girl, i’d guess walking to the bus stop. anywho, i suppose the backpack got heavy for her and so he took this little pink backpack and put it on his back! i meeelt!!

  49. poor little Jake is either *very* well behaved or *very* traumatized in that video link…rat terriers are great dogs though

  50. PS: oh yes, of course, shark-fighting doggy-saving hero rocks!

    but don’t hate on the shark. he’s got to find his meals, too.

  51. Owner = BAWLS OF STEEL

  52. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, I agree, smo. I don’t blame the shark at all.

    As a matter of fact, close-up photos of the surface of the sun give me the same creeping horrors as shark photos do. Just one of my little idiosyncrasies.

  53. Poor puppeh! Puppeh is cute; the man in the photo is cuter!

  54. Yay for happy endings! What a lucky pupper, what a brave human!

  55. 10 years from now, Survivor-Terrier can regale the grand-terriers with the story: “There was this time once, I was swimming along in the ocean, and …”

  56. @Kat–I fink Jaws was set in NY. Just sayin’….:-)

  57. scooterpants says:

    ah! i feel so sorry for the puppeh.
    with all of his bandages and cast and IV and everything.
    what a great guy his papa is, and ‘nice guns’ too (on both of them of course)
    i guess he’ll be added to the C.O. ‘wishful thinkin’ service since he’s married and all.

  58. scooterpants says:

    video link?
    i’d like to see it.

  59. Wow, this is not cute. It’s really sad.

  60. I have a Rat Terrier just like that guy and ours is treated like our kid. I would have done the same. These little guys love us no matter what so it’s up to us to treat them the same. Sometimes I like them better than people!

  61. Poor doggie!! I’m glad he’s ok, and OUCH! I hope he’s feeling better. Yay to the heroic owner.

    And poor shark – I’m sure that was a surprise to get a whack in the face. You can’t blame him for going after a little snack invading his turf.

  62. Yeah, let’s not hate too much on the shark (and I’m not a fan of sharks, it’s the reason I don’t surf). You’re playing in their house, I’m glad this fella was prepared to defend his pupper.

    If you are afraid of sharks like me, then don’t do the research about where they live or how they behave. Just remember the rule: out of the water you are safe, and under the water you can (hopefully) see what’s coming after you. But on top of the water….you look like a blorp sea animal just waiting to be nommed.

  63. I loved the video for this story!!! (couldn’t figure out how to get to the vid’s original link)

  64. This guys is totally my hero.

  65. fish eye no miko says:

    “and both terrier and man and shark are living happily ever after”

    You know you said “both” then listed three things, right? Just sayin’… ^_^

  66. Way to go for saving your dog. This is a great story.

  67. Uhmmm I’m glad the dodie is fine but can I ask who in their right mind would let their dog swim off the coast of Florida aka Sharkland?? Bad daddeh bad daddeh

  68. Aw, the way the man’s voice catches several times in that interview. Made me tear up a little!

  69. This tale consists of everything that terrifys me!!!! Shark Attack!!! I am all jittery and freaked out!

  70. I am glad the pup is okay, and also very glad no-one is hating on that shark. What a hero that guy is!

  71. eikoleigh says:

    That guy gets my vote for hero of the year!

    What a wonderful man and what a lucky dog to have someone care so much for him.

    God bless them both!!

  72. Yay!! I am so glad this got posted. Saw this story a few days ago and thought “it’s gotta be on CO”. Another animal loving human hero (married, of course…) for us to admire.

  73. binky-mama says:

    Land shark meets actual shark!

    Sorry couldn’t resist! Sometimes in the veterinary profession we call these terrier breeds land sharks because of their feisty nature. But it looks like it may have helped this little guy pull through (along with Daddy’s nads of steel). Yay for Daddy AND the veterinarians and staff who nursed him back to health. Just Yay!


    Clearly this guy’s theme song.

  75. “I couldn’t abandon him”
    bumper sticker with a big fist!

  76. dharlan1too says:


  77. DANG. Another missed meal for a nice shark.

  78. Too sweet! I can tell this is a nice man by looking at the laugh and smile lines on around his mouth and eyes. But ehn! Even nicer than expected.

    Poor puppers.

  79. Totalee Puppy says:

    Glad you’re going to be okay, little guy…Every terrier could use Mr. Power
    Punch as his pal. Make that every dog…

  80. I saw this on the news and what an awesome story! Animal lovers rule.

  81. Raemie L. says:

    I’m glad to hear the puppeh and the guy are ok.
    Also… when I saw the line about someone “punching” a shark, I thought of Xena (the Xena TV series character) fishing by punching the fish…

  82. Awesome story, but why was the puppeh in sharkwater to begin with?

  83. Well I do think the SHARK was even smaller than the dog and should get some of the attention. Please remember that sharks are animals too and surprisingly have to eat also. So instead of throwing the dog into the see, throw some food (for sharks and other sea creatures=

  84. Daphne Moss says:

    He’s my hero!
    But glad the shark be OK, too…sharks in big trouble the world over…they are cool…like the ocean’s dinosaurs. Glad so many smart folks on CO not be hatin on em…
    BUT SUPER glad the man and his pup are OK!
    *big perma-grin*

  85. I LOVE the ending of this story. You can really tell that this is a loving man just by looking at him. I would have punched a shark to protect my animal too!!!!! A real hero!

  86. Tobysmom1111 says:

    Did anyone else notice that “Daddy” had a ziplock bag containing terrier snackage and what looks like his fav green froggy toy?! Awwwwwwwwwww! Sweet man – lucky rat terrier! Glad story had a happy ending. Now I gotta go and pack my boxing gloves in my doggy park tote bag just in case I gotta punch someone or something out who messes with my beh beh Chihuahua!

  87. Why would he put his dog in water where sharks may be? I wouldn’t call the coast of Florida to be ‘shark-infested’ but there IS still a reasonable expectation that sharks could be nearby.
    I can’t call this guy a hero, I’m sorry. He (and puppy) are very lucky. This could have been much worse. Hopefully he’ll find safer places for puppy to swim from now on.