Go ahead, People, take a BIG HIT!

Snoooooooooooooooooooorf (Unbelievable snorfing sounds)


I mean it. It’s GOOD for you!

I’m Chief Cuteologist, you can trust me.


You simply *must* feel better now. Right, Amanda J.?



  1. eikoleigh says:

    Is that legal??? hahaha

    snorting yorkies

  2. I want to snort a yorkie right after a bath!

  3. divinebluesky says:

    the puppeh is all sufferin’ sighs of resignation… “oh, the things I do for these people…”

  4. Hey, that guy’s an engineer. Cute doggie.

  5. That looks like Katie Couric snorting that Yorkie.

  6. homer mariner says:

    Well…. the puppy doesn’t seem to mind. I’d prefer a hit of husky personally.

  7. how do you know that guy’s an engineer? i cannot tell what books on the shelf.

  8. when i first glanced at the first picture, i thought the guy had really hairy hands. then i realized.. puppeh fur.

  9. I think I need a fix folks… (puppy fix, that is!)

  10. ah CHOO!

  11. @Hyura: the ring on his right pinky says so.

  12. Oh sure, the first sniff is always free…that’s how they hook you.

  13. Mmmm….but is it minty fresh like huffing York peppermint patties?

  14. The Princess Di eyes in phereter #2 make this an exceptional post. Huff for everyone!

  15. ew.

  16. oh yeah a dog ?????????????????????????

  17. I do that to my poor puppy sometimes…

  18. Sorry to those of you who like it, (pretty much all of you) but that is disgusting. *sniffs indinantly* Personally, I prefer snorfing cats.

  19. bluberries4me says:

    Has anyone ever smelled a dog’s paws? They smell like cornchips. So awesome.

  20. temperance says:

    i prefer snuffling my puppy first thing in the morning when he’s all warm and snuggly- the smell is so heavenly.

    i’m gonna hafta check out that dog paw thing…

  21. Yorkies are a gateway drug. You start small, but then it’s not enough. So you try golden retrievers, and before you know it,great danes. It’s a real problem in this country. For reals!

  22. My dog(silkyxmaltese) smells like corn chips all over when she’s been sleeping! I nommed her first thing this morning after getting up! It’s better than coffee!

  23. 260Oakley says:

    @Chanpon: I believe you meant to say “Yorkie Puppermint Patties”

  24. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I prefer Boomer after he’s had his bath. He’s due. No, overdue. Mr. Stinky is his name right now. Bleah. How could something so cute smell so BAD?! But once he’s washed up, he smells so nice… Who knows what he got into this time!

  25. All these years I’ve been hiding my habit. For an all-day high, I bury my nose in my doggie’s fur and inhale — best cure for stress evah! Now it has a name! Thank you, thank you, for labeling my obsession “puppy huffing” and for letting me know I’m not alone.

  26. um…yeah, quite a babe methinks, behind huffdog #2.

  27. A big “OH YEAH” to the puppy paw-sniffing. Gah, my dogs think I’m nuts. Depending on my appetite at the time, the paw-pad smell alternates between corn chips and popcorn. Soooo yummy!!!

  28. Ahhh, the intoxicating scent of puppy….

  29. CoffeeCup says:

    That young man there looks a bit like young Dexter Morgan (Google: “Dexter”). I doubt Dexter would be caught snorgling a pup though.

  30. When puppies have been laying in the sunshine for awhile they get a nice toasty smell to them. 🙂

  31. The look on that puppeh’s face is priceless.

  32. CoffeeCup — we’re currently in the middle of season 2, and everything seems to have degenerated into soap-opera with characters that were never in the books, so heck, why not throw in a cute little dog?

    (no spoilers plskthx)

  33. Well I am sticking to snorfing my Cats. Dogs are a bit stinky, Odour de Damp Doormat, methinks.

  34. cats 'r us says:

    @CoffeeCup: I saw that too! Though, Dexter might huff a puppy to appear “normal”. Everyone else is doing it you know!

  35. Only the really experienced should huff longhairs. Ever get long, curly puppy hair up your nose? Yow! To be safe, start out with shorthairs (you know, beagle pups and such), and then work your way up to the longhairs. Huff responsibly, peeps!

  36. Pup huffing = puffing?

  37. When I sniff my pup I smell grass usually (she rolls alot)

    Now on the other hand when I sniff my parents Cocker Spaniel I totally smell Nacho Cheese Doritos. It is the craziest thing.

  38. I’m gonna be doing a lot of puppy sniffing when I get home. I just took my dog for a bath and a trim and she always smells soooooo good when she comes home. Mmmmmmm…can’t wait for puppy fix!

  39. @Hyura, yep, it’s the ring on his pinky. We’re in the Order! It’s the nerd cult of engineers. 🙂

    [What the heck are y’all on about? What sort of engineers wear pinky rings? The MHz Mafia? – Ed.]

  40. Engineers who took an oath to be ethical. It’s called The Order of the Engineers. You’ll see that ring all over the place, and an engineer will be wearing it.

    [Dude. Thanks. I think I need to look into this… – Ed.]

  41. No problem.

  42. Heh. Wups. I do kinda use “dude” generically, though.

  43. Believe it or not, my dog Zoe’s paws smell like corn chips. I’m not kidding! I can’t get enough of them! (But no, I’ve never gotten daring enough to lick them to see if they taste like corn chips too…)

  44. Gail (the first one) says:

    Pic #2 looks like either Katie Couric or I was thinking Kelly Ripa?

  45. Funny you should say that- Killer Corgi just, and I mean just, rolled in something awful and is ‘socially offending’ even after my efforts to wash her off.
    Now, does anyone know of a good over-the-counter shampoo for doggets that they can recommend- I think it was excrement that she rolled in, but *****my Stars and Garters**** that is the most Deity-Awful smell- and of course it got on my clothes too- so I ask, in a desperate voice- Who knows of a shampoo that can restore a doggett to snorfling condition? Thank you! K. (pew)

  46. Katrina, maybe you could try a tomato juice rinse; that’s what people use to get out skunk smell after a dog’s been sprayed.

    I prefer huffin’ kittehs; they’re usually cleaner. I like to huff mine right at the back of the neck. Though a clean Golden Retriever is a wonderful huff too, imho.

  47. Thanks sunnymum, I think I’ll go for a shampoo and buy some tomato juice at the same time, and hedge my bets- great idea! This truly awful.

    Now, come to think of it, I’m going to use tomato juice on the actual spots of ‘ewww’ and then wash her all over, but I just don’t have a good shampoo that I use, I’ve never bathed her before, but it is too much of an emergency to wait for a groomer appointment!

    Anybody else, please? My family room is very oderiferous…eeewwwwww.

    Yeah, mmmm the kitten- a wonder to the nostrils!! Take a hit for me, ok?

  48. ScoutsMom says:

    My kitty likes to put her paws on my face so I often get to take a whiff. At first, I think they smell pretty good and look awfully munchable, but then I remember where they’ve been – in the litter box – and I think Ewww Gross!!! Then the next night, I will do the exact same thing – sniff, munch, and then gross myself out. Will I ever learn? Will I ever kick this habit???

  49. ScoutsMom says:

    To all of you Dexter fans, I not only agree that the guy looks like Dexter, but I think the girl looks alot like his girlfriend, too. They do say that having a puppy is good for the soul. Maybe puppy huffing is some type of rehab for Dexter so that he may decrease his “urges”.

  50. Wow…you all are very impressive. My little brother (huffer 1) IS an enginerd…he got me addicted to huffing…our parents are saddened.

  51. Totalee Puppy says:

    Katharine, thanks for
    “Huff Responsibly”!