I guess I shoulda gone out a little earlier when the tide was up a bit.

Now I gotta wait a few hours… [shifty eyes for Orcas]


It could happen to any seal, Amber A.!



  1. Fortunately he can bleen his way back into the ocean with his big taillio!

  2. ahhh poor guy!!

  3. Orcas are teh awesome! So many places bad-mouth them because they eat penguins or seals. No one demonizes them for the fish they eat!

  4. Heeey!!! who’s the wise guy that pulled the plug on the ocean?

  5. …and since then bartholomew spends his days perched on high, scanning the seas endlessly for his bukkit.

  6. …part of your, WORRRRRRRRRLD *splash*

  7. What are the shiny eel-looking things in the foreground? They look icky, or they could just be pieces of wood…

  8. Kem — kelp.

  9. Air blorp.

  10. I like your blog.

  11. Von Zeppelin says:

    Somebody should show this seal the video of the beagle a few posts back, jumping safely from the top of a six-foot-high door. I am sure he would be encouraged to slip right into the water.

  12. Sealio is just trying out for the Disney Under Water version of “The Little Mermaid”

    Theo – GMTA 😛

  13. He’s WELL-BALANCED isn’t he?


  15. You know I only get 8 bucks an hour to pose like this,
    but the tourists love it.

  16. he’s an outcrop-potato

  17. I see the kelp in the foreground, but it sure looks like there are some eels there too. I wouldn’t want to get in the water either, oh spotty one.

  18. Deliciously blorped!

  19. (the original) Mel says:

    @kem: Those are the Screeching Eels…


    *runs away giggling*

    [They always get louder right before they feed on human bleens… – Ed.]

  20. Naw, it’s the giant squid.

  21. Reminds me of Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing… only the rock is Johnny, in this case…

    IIIIIII had the time of my liiiiiiife and I owe it all to you-ou-ouuuuuuuu

  22. It’s a search party – lookin’ for lolrus’ bukkit!

  23. @ Kris — You couldn’t be righter. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

    Tomorrow this guy will be telling his friends, “Dude, I was body surfing this gnarly wave and got totally high-centered.”

  24. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I love you people.

  25. B is for the many times you’ve Blorped us,
    L is for the Lounging that you do,
    O is for the Overhanging corpus,
    R is for the Rock that’s under you!
    P is ’cause your Proshness makes me chirp,

    And that is why I’m sninging, “Blorp blorp blurp.”

  26. @Mel, I saw the Screeching Eels twenty years ago at CBGB.

  27. @T.U.M. “Overhanging Corpus”! LOL!

  28. HAHAHA T.U.M. that is wonderful!!!

  29. Bwahahaha Theo. That’s perfect. My favorite scene in my favorite movie.

  30. Overhanging corpus of the Blorpus. Yep, that one’s a keeper.

  31. Bleep blorp bloop.

  32. A winter’s bleen
    In a deep and dark December
    I am alone
    Gazing from my window
    To the seas below
    On the kelp and eels and water that do flow

    I AM A ROCK!

    And the rock feels no pain.
    And an island never cries.

  33. You all be laughin’ at my ‘tocks,
    While I am stuck on these rocks.
    I’m not bothered by a killer whale.
    I’ve got too much starch in mah tail.

  34. eikoleigh says:


  35. Hmmm…. “And a good Blorp-day to you all. Thank you for stopping by.” [Muttering under sealio bref, “now, if I can just figure out how I got up here in the first place…..”]

  36. On a spire sits a seal pup
    Just an island in the tide
    And he carries the reminder
    Of every torsk and tuna that he scarfed down
    And he nommed up
    Till they puffed and stretched his hide
    “‘I am bleening’ has no meaning,
    “Teho coined it to be snide, oh I’m a mile wide…”

  37. (…boyeeee!)

  38. “He said to be on the third rock from the kelp bed at 3:00, oh, now its 3:15-should I go? I hate blind dates”.

  39. There, used to be a greying tower alone on the sea,
    fished by a nose on the bay!

  40. Grasshopper says:

    Sittin’ on a rock in the bay
    Watching the kelp roll away
    I’m just sittin’ on a rock in the bay
    Wasting time.

  41. Look around
    Eels won’t drown
    And the Seal is a hazy shade of bleenter
    See the crustacean army band
    Down on a better tide
    you’ve just got to blorp and bide
    You’ve got to pretend
    That you’ll eat fish again…

  42. *SNERK*


  44. Sealio perfecting his planche for the Olympics in London in 2012?

    Or did Ariel really gain all that weight since we last saw her?

  45. This chubby plorp looks an awful lot like the lump we spot on a regular basis in Monterey Bay.


  46. This is not photoshopped…I live on the beautiful oregon Coast and seals are high-centered all the time. I’m pretty sure they enjoy it! So cute!

  47. SO adorable! Blorp blorp…

  48. ROFL@Grasshopper!

  49. Oh jeez… y’know, Pyrit, I didn’t get it till *just now* that you were paraphrasing Seal. :headsmack:

  50. darkshines says:

    I’m a chubby spotty sealio,
    Just chilling on the rocks,
    I see you eyeing my tailio,
    Attached to my round tocks
    I’m slightly scared of eels you see,
    Swimming all around,
    So I climbed apon this lovely rock,
    And now have run aground,
    So if you would like to snorgle,
    Just jump in the nearest boat,
    Mind out for sharks and eels though,
    And remember how to float!

  51. That seal is so cute! It’s sad it’s stranded.

    [Stranded? All it has to do is roll over… – Ed.]

  52. I just knew that a bunch of you are poets! Nice…very fun to read (and hum in some cases)!

  53. I’m sorry to be a nuffer, but did Meg stamp her seal of approval on those po-ems?

  54. I love your web page! It’s brought me a lot of laughter and joy today! Thank you for sharing this…it’s beautiful!

  55. Raemie L. says:

    <3 reading the comments on here.