Here’s the story.

The kitten in question here had fallen asleep on one bed, where Sender-Inner Anna C. was planning to sleep. So, she decided to move the kitteh to another bed. The kitteh NEVER WOKE UP DURING THE TRANSFER!




Pherterhes (photos) taken by Jessica M. Sleeping done by "Airashi" the kitteh.



  1. Heh. I’ve done this with Rikki, back when he was more kittenish.

  2. Hee. Not that unusual with kittayns, as Teho can attest, but the feat here is taking the pherters !

  3. That’s one sleeepingk kitteh. Can’t do this with just any ol’ kitteh. Picky would wake up & wiggle hisself out of my hands before I could get to Pic #2.

  4. The Raggedy Anne covers are much more suitable for the Behbeh. Lets face all Puddies are our babys.

  5. OH MAH GOODNESS! That is awesome! I could never do that with my pets. Being one who has never owned a kitteh, and judging by the scratch mark on the arm in this is some great feat of kitteh nature.

  6. I’m sure the kitteh was jus’ pretending to sleep, like when my dad had to carry me from the car to my bed.

  7. Pussytoes says:

    Is that just a hint of pink tongue in pherter #2?

  8. That makes me laugh out loud!
    What a darling.

  9. Is that a siamese? I love the leetle brown nose.

  10. I do that to my cat all the time. She wakes up later and is all like “WTF?!?! How did I get here?”

  11. Awww! I would have curled up around the kitten and slept all snuggly!

  12. I did that last week with my little kitters, Chutney. Off of the top of my computer monitor to onto my belly on the couch to get some primo snuggletimes!

  13. How sweet! I love how deeply a kitteh can doze. Second pic is priceless…

  14. I should’ve tried this last night. One kitty was in the usual bottom of the bed, but the 2nd decided to commandeer the top half. I started out the night with about a 6-inch strip of space, with my feet dangling off the bed last night.

  15. “I dwemt I wud a puffeh cwowd. Fwoatin in da ky.”

  16. …ahhhhh, OK, “pherter” = PHOTO. Dang, I struggled with that one.

  17. What a cutie pie! On another note, it’s ‘TOCKTOBER!

  18. That kitteh is a champion sleeper!

    Maybe kitteh was in the exact middle of the bed, and there wasn’t room for Anna C. to fit in there with her. It’s surprising how an eensy kitten can take up an entire bed.

  19. (the original) Mel says:

    @babyj: Tocktober…and the tocks are stripped bare of all they wear…what do I care?

    I wish my marmie would sleep like this. When he falls asleep, I feel so thankful and relieved I almost burst into tears. Kittens are hell, people.

  20. Aww… lookit (possibly kitteh caused) scar on human’s arm!

  21. Wendy — oh that NEVER happens…
    [quickly unrolling sleeves]

  22. Cats have natural ability to find the perfect spot on the bed such that no human could comfortably use it for sleep. I’m sure there’s some evolutionary reason for this (or, for folks who are products of the Kansas school system: intelligent design decision), but researchers have yet to figure out why…

  23. Von Zeppelin says:

    Sometimes that happens to me. Usually, however, when I wake up in a different place from where I fell asleep, tequila has been involved somehow.

  24. Ohmyhead, that kitteh looks like my old kitteh when he was a kitteh and not a cranky old man cat.

    SOOOO sweet.

  25. CUTE!

    Is this an indoor cat? Why does it wear a collar? And even if it’s an outdoor cat, why put an ugly blue collar on such a beautiful cat?!

    What about a chip or a tattoo? Especially since the collar will slowly but surely make the fur disappear underneath it.

    I’ll never understand..

  26. @elbowgeek – just like the way they can lay in the precise center of a hallway or doorway.

  27. Pury cute!!!!!!!

  28. predictableSNAFU says:

    Ah yes, I am all to familiar with this situation. Although it’s a little more interesting with a sleeping 13 pound cat (bend at the knees).
    In my house, we call them “trans-furs”

  29. predictableSNAFU says:

    Ah yes, I am all too familiar with this situation. Although it’s a little more interesting with a sleeping 13 pound cat (bend at the knees).
    In my house, we call them “trans-furs”

  30. Awww! Can I squeeze the meeze pleeze? (I promise to do it gentleeze.)

  31. If I do this with mine, I get the “Single Eye of Death” treatment. (One eye, partly open, shooting a laser in my direction.)

    I usually have to follow up with a gentle tummy-rub to make it all better.

  32. I thought of fluffy clouds floating too, for pic #2!

  33. Kittehs can get SO tie-tie.

  34. HAHAHA I do that to my cat all the time.

    My cat Oreo thinks he’s ruler of the house and my bed is his throne so I would pick him up, he’ll squint at me with one sleepy eye, and I would carry him into the living room.

    During the night he comes back and does it again while I’m sleeping. >.<

  35. @Erebella, cats are so entitled aren’t they? When TR was in White House, his cat would sleep right in the middle of the hallway. And state dinner guests would have to tip toe around him.

  36. Its hard work being that cute for an ENTIRE day.. I mean come on.. Humans have it so easy 😀

  37. *sniffles*

    Makes me miss my meezers…complete with blue collar just like mine too!!!!


    my tabby though… I couldn’t do any such thing. She’ll wake out of a sound sleep to follow me into the bathroom. She has to be as close to my as kittily possibly at ALL TIMES.

  38. divinebluesky says:

    I have to admit, I’m so much under the cat’s paw that it prolly wouldn’t even occur to me to move the cat. Plus, my kitteh is the best sleep cuddler I’ve ever met 🙂

  39. ThreeCatNight says:

    Not one of mine sleeps as deeply as the kitteh above, but Jessie comes pretty close. I make one move near the other two, and those little heads pop up, the eyes open, and they think it’s “feeding time”, no matter what time of night (or day).

  40. Awww, what a beautiful Siamese!! My tuxie Zora is a sound sleeper like that. She also takes great delight in taking over any spot just vacated by any of her hoomans. I think she likes the warmth! ^.^

  41. I did some draw-ringks one time of what it’s like to sleep with a snoozy Smeezer.


    (I’m sure the same can be said of any type of cat, but my Smeeze slept HARRRRRD – and yes, in the dead centre of the bed. I didn’t dare move her, though, or she would unleash hell.)

  42. Oh, and Zora also follows me into the bathroom at night. I’ll be quite sleepily sitting there when I feel a soft paw on my knee (or if I’m sleepy enough, on my face :D).

  43. I am impressed.. and slightly envious!

    – the lightest sleeper in the world

  44. @crackjob – those drawings are *awesome.* Made me seriously lol!
    (Now try it with a half dozen cats on the bed…) o.0

  45. CoffeeCup says:

    Hey, I defend the blue collar! It’s a nice color, it accentuates the brown and cream combination, and this cat might be an indoor/outdoor cat, in which putting a collar on it every time it went out would not be feasible if it had free reign to run about.

  46. Blue collar probably matches kittie’s eyes.

  47. Judew, my cats are indoor kitties only, but both have collars with the registration tags & nameplates with my phone number in case they EVER happen to escape. Most responsible pet owners do anything in their power to ensure their pets are returned to them in case of escape, break in, emergency, etc. How many people would actually take a cat to a vet to have the tag scanned vs just keep it themselves or give it a way? A tag and collar are very obvious signs that the kitty has a home and an owner.

  48. We do this with 2 of our adult kitties – we call it “The Forklift” – very handy!

  49. Nicolletta says:

    Cute kitty can sleep in my bed. =)

  50. judew, I also put a collar on my indoor cats, even though they have microchips, because one of them is always trying to escape out the front door any time we walk in or out. It would be much easier for someone who finds my cat just to call me at the phone number on the collar, than have to take him to the vet to figure it out. Plus, the bell on the collars prevents them from sneaking up on me 😉

  51. My 2 kitties are strictly indoor cats and both wear collars because they have both escaped. I do not take any chances. I feel bad making them wear the collar, but I dont think they really care. The worst part is when you are trying to sleep and they go tearing through the house after each other and the bells are-a-ringin! i tried taking the bells off but then i feel like they aren’t there if i cant hear them! Oh, and it is probably really cheesy but I call them “necklaces” when speaking to the cats, just to make them feel better about the situation.

  52. Oh, I do this nearly every day with my cat! She loves to sleep in my computer chair, and when I need to move her to use the computer I simply slip my hands under, lift her up, and then deftly scoot underneath her. She never has to lose her computer chair spot, and I gain an instantly sleepy lap warmer. Cute!

  53. And re: collars on indoor kitties- I work at home and so I feel free to let my kitty go without a collar most days since I can keep an eye on her. But if I’m going out for the day I put one on her just in case something happens- fire, break in, just plain accident… and I always ALWAYS put one on before I leave for vacation so that the cat sitter doesn’t have to freak out if she gives him the slip. I live in a downtown area where a collarless cat will be picked up and taken to a shelter within hours…

  54. That is so cute!!

    I can’t even take a STEP before my cat wakes up and looks at me.

  55. My sisters kitty is like that. He just lets your pick him up and carry him where ever you want. Never argues just kinda flops around.

  56. wow.that’s sooooo amazing…

  57. In defense of the collar as well – all our kitties are indoor kitties, but as one of them kept escaping, we outfitted all with collars. They’re worn quite loose (just tight enough not to slip over the head), so none of them have any issues with the fur underneath being affected.

    Airashi, the kitten above (she no longer lives with me, but with my good friend Becca; however, we still own her sister, another sweet Meezer) wore blue because it matched her eyes, and as she got older it became clear that she is a blue-point Siamese. So perfect, yes? ^_^

    Oh, and last note – the scratch on my arm was NOT from Airashi. 🙂

  58. The blue is pretty, and so is your kitty! 🙂 She reminds me of my tonkinese. 🙂 I recognize that little tired open-snore like mouth. 🙂 Mine will plop down anywhere and start snoring. She is quite a bed hog as well.

  59. @elbowgeek – Naw, not my boys. One sleeps on the unoccupied pillow, and the other starts out cuddling me, then goes to the unoccupied side of the bed for sleepies. Of course, these are 15 year old cats that have long ago learned taking up the whole bed only works until it’s mommy’s bedtime.
    I wants to snuggle it….

  60. Well, of course he wanted to sleep on the first bed. Him collar matches the sheets!

  61. I would have just left him where he was and snuggled in too.

  62. My cat likes to burrow under the covers, so I have to check the bed for lumps before I get in. If one meows I know that I have a burrow-kitten.

  63. scooterpants says:

    are you KIDDIN me?
    you moved a sleeping kitteh you could have slept WITH???
    are ya crazy man???

  64. I was afraid of squishing her! She was so tiny then, and I toss and turn so it’s better if kitties sleep on top of me so they just get thrown off (or, in the case of my marmie, sleep on my head so they don’t get disturbed). She slept with me quite a lot after that night, and I know she sleeps with Becca, preferably on the small of her back, now. 🙂

  65. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! I used to housesit for some folks who had a fat Golden Retriever and a little cat. They also had a California King-sized bed (i.e., big enough for a small army).

    There was plenty of room on that bed for me and the 80-pound dog, but me and the 7-pound cat? Pff. No chance.

  66. I have to agree. In my house, you sleep/sit in a chair/loaf on the couch/ AROUND the cat. Hey, they were there first…

  67. Kitteh’s just resting her eyes.

    And dude, this could not happen at my house. If I’m home, the cats sleep with one eye open because OMG I MIGHT LEAVE THE ROOM.

  68. (theother)Mel, right you are.

    And yess, it’s Tocktober and look at the tailio on this one! Also please notice the tiny fang in one corner. Some serious vamp action going on here.


    [For a second there, I thought you were talking to me… – Ed.]

  69. scooterpants says:

    Anna C
    all is forgiven , of course.
    i only hope the kitteh is so ‘forgiving’.
    i’d watch your back, if you know what i mean…

  70. I can STILL do this to my full grown 4.5 year old kitty… when he’s out, he’s REALLY out… not to mention, he weighs 16 pounds, so it’s not easy to move him daintily… and yet he stays sound asleep… it’s pretty funny…

  71. I had a cat who could be transported like that. He was the best cat ever.

  72. Anna C, may I ask where Airashi got her name? Is it a reference to 嵐? She’s absolutely lovely, and I’ll bet that her deep snoozing ability offers some prime snuggling opportunities. I’m jealous! Also about the collar, because I can’t get the cat here to keep his on. He’s SUPPOSED to be an indoor cat, but one of the housemates refuses to keep him inside.

  73. Puttins is catatonic!

  74. Mary (the first) says:

    I miss my meezer. snf. Had her 18.5 yrs… they are the smartest darn cats in the world, I think. This one apparently also the sleepiest.

  75. Pinkprincess says:

    Sooooooooo cute

  76. MegW, it’s actually a reference to the adjective 愛らしい, though we romanized it as ‘Airashi’ because it looked a little better and it was easier for Becca to remember. It means pretty/charming/lovely, which she certainly is. 🙂 Her sister’s name is Emori, which was the name of my Japanese teacher at the time, and a name I thought was pretty. It just meant ‘river forest’ though (or at least that particular teacher’s name did). ^_^;

  77. That is one pooped pussycat.

  78. I love how they curl up like that.

  79. OMG! I HAD THOSE SHEETS when I was little!!!!!

    Cute kitty – that is one sound sleeper!! I could NEVER move either of my dogs while they were sleeping!

  80. Vu l’état amorphe de l’animal … c’est sans aucun doute un ragdoll ! 🙂

  81. Oh my gosh. That is so cute. I don’t think I could do that. Usually I just nudge my cat a little and he moves to a different part of the bed.

  82. I can move my older cats – they wake up, they just don’t care. I keep them in their ball position, move them over slightly and put them down. Usually they’re like, “Huh? Watttttever.” and go back to sleep, hehe.

  83. allbu0809 says:

    Cute Cat, he/she must have been sleeping pretty hard!!

  84. What a cute kitten!

  85. Raemie L. says:

    ahh… holding a sleeping furball. In the 2nd pic, I picture kitteh smiling with drool dribbling down the side of his muzzlepouche. And find it cute, heh.