I suggest smokin’ some Humboldt Gold County before watching this

Serious. Toke on up. It’s the only way to deal.

Tracie P., I don’t even know what she ended up making in the end. I just liked watching the paws, Man.



  1. So, uh, what’s a chou chou?

  2. That was awesome. I am adopting a cat this weekend! I hope it knows how to sew…well, knowing how to clean and do dishes while I am away at work would be a better skill. Kitty should earn her keep! Kitty litter don’t grow on trees!

  3. looks to be a scrunchie.
    chou chou isn’t that cabbage in french.

  4. Arachnophile says:

    WHO DOES THIS!?! Who? *dies* lol

  5. Wow, that cat has a better sewing machine than I do. Mine can only go over pins veeeeery slowly.

  6. Ummmm…. zuh?

    I’m lucky if my cat can roll over when one side of his ass gets numb from lying on it for four hours straight…

  7. How do you pin without opposable thumbs?
    That’s talent, that is.

  8. Welshcake says:

    What does this cat charge for curtains? I need some new ones.

  9. Pussytoes says:

    Whoooo that cat has mad skills! The music reminds me of this, without the “tangy” backup dancers.

  10. Either those are some gigantic paw paws or really tiny iron.

  11. Michelle S says:

    One Hundred Splendid Luck Chou Chou is the pleasure of this comment maker. ^_^

  12. I can’t believe I just watched that for seven minutes.

  13. Juniper Jupiter says:

    LOL @ the singing “Meow Meow Meow Meow!” at the start!!!

  14. The way kitteh fluffs the scrunchies for display … KEELingk me!

  15. I LOVE those paws. For sure, the big kitty is making Scrunchies. I’m thinking “chou chou” is Japanese. I mean, who else could invent those FABULOUS PAWS!? Wouldn’t they be great to wear with an evening dress instead of long white gloves? Or, maybe that’s just me…

  16. I am going to have that beat in my head all day… I love it… weird and all.

  17. 1. I actually watched that whole thing?
    2. Where are the nuffers when you need them (“the kitty could have gotten hurt”).
    3. Aren’t those things 99 cents at the dollar store?
    4. Where do you get the kitty paws?
    5. … uh oh ….

  18. I’m speechless.

    Now where did I leave that Humboldt Gold? I hope it’s not too late…

  19. binky-mama says:

    @MEGarde, here ya go: Omigod the kitty could have sewn it’s paws together or scalded itself on the iron or stuck a pin in it’s eye and it’s probably working in a illegal kitty sweatshop omigod omigod omigod!!! 😉

    Seriously though, this is so bizarre it’s AWESOME. Love how the kitty “paws” push the finished products proudly out for us to see, then preens and floofs the ruffles. REDONK.

  20. All of the above comments and, where do I get a kitty-sized iron? Japan, I bet.

    OK, the arms/paws are just above the creepy line. Giving the impression that a cat is making whatevertheheckitis(and I sew and craft) is waaaayyyyy beyond creepy.

    That’s seven minutes I’ll never get back. I watched it soundless because my son is studying nearby. I just figured the sound would be creepy too. I am, apparently, correct. On to the tteeennyy ttiinnyy deeerette again!

  21. (the original) Mel says:

    This kindof turned me on a little.

  22. Not bad for not having any thumbs. =0)

  23. smokeyJoe says:

    pass that kitteh!

  24. Martha Stewart eat your heart out! Not only does CO have the cute, we have the crafty cute!

  25. Bizzar but fun. Wish my cats could do something constructive… LOL.

  26. @MEGarde
    3. Aren’t those things 99 cents at the dollar store?

    Yes, and it’s the hard labor of sweatshop kitties like this one that ensures that American girls can continue to dress their hair like it’s still the 90s, all for under a buck per scrunchie.

  27. ThreeCatNight says:

    I could have used this gifted kitteh in junior high school Home Ec. I started out with meager sewing skills, attempting to sew a brown skirt, and ended the term with a brown pillowcase. I think the teacher passed me out of pity!

  28. balamuthia says:

    Oh, silly! You can’t smoke Humboldt Gold, it’s a beer!

    That was surreal and awesome!

    [It’s beer?? For real? I thought it was a type of penguin… – Ed.]

  29. yeahIusePhotoshoptoo says:

    (the original) Mel:

    very bizarre & creepy!

  30. That’s a dangerous suggestion there, Miss Meg- some reader going to get a little wacky, come to CO, and wake up with two questions:

    “Why does my stomach hurt? And where are my stuffed animals?”

    I hope you have Catastrophic Hilarity insurance!

  31. scooterpants says:

    ok. chou chou when googled means baby doll or doll, so i dont get it.
    the thing they made looks like a hair doo-dad, so is chou chou refering to the extremely talented finger pupp, er… i mean, cat paws or what? that’s what i’m thinkin, and anyway what a dumb cat, any good seamstress knows you dont sew with pins! what an amateur.

  32. Mary (the first) says:

    Humboldt Gold is beer? That’s a relief! I thought for a minute there was a suggestion we should all commit a crime. That doesn’t seem in keeping with the qte. As for the sewing kitteh, now I know what I should have taught my kitteh to do as a career instead of just loaf around. She could be working 9-5 in a sweatshop right this very minute! Dang!

  33. Yeah, seven minutes of my life I won’t get back. But what a talented kitty! My cats can barely manage to destroy things, much less create…

    I agree that a chou chou must be some kind of scrunchie…but at 64″ of fabric, it may be a neck ruffle…I was waiting for the end to see if the kitty modeled her handi (pawdi-?) work.

  34. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I think I could putz along to that “music” all day long.

  35. darkshines says:

    I wanted to hear more meows in the music! Meow meow meow uh ba chich uh ba chich meow meow meow meow meow………..

  36. Ok, I’m thinking that a “Chou Chou” is what the wacky Asians call a tutu — for CATS!

  37. OH! I get it, hair scrunchies. Check.

  38. Crap, I need another name other than Humboldt Gold then!


  39. Stephanie says:

    I couldn’t stop watching. I wanted to, but couldn’t. When I finally saw what was being made, I said out loud “you’ve GOT to be kidding me…she made a scrunchie??!”

    The comment above saying “who does this?” made me laugh out loud because I couldn’t have put it better.

  40. Stephanie says:

    I couldn’t stop watching. I wanted to, but couldn’t. When I finally saw what was being made, I said out loud “you’ve GOT to be kidding me…she made a scrunchie??!”

    The comment above saying “who does this?” made me laugh out loud because I couldn’t have put it better.

  41. I think its cruel to make a cat do that sort of work, its like child labour

  42. Pffffffffahahahahahaaaa!

    Double-yoo. Tee. Eff.

  43. @Sonja — that’s so bizarre that it just may be true!!

    I agree that the “paws” were creepy, especially in the ironing scenes where the legs looked 2 feet long without any sort of bone joint. I kept waiting for the claws to come out and slice the “chou chou” to ribbons, WITHOUT scissors!!

    When you have a sewing kitteh, who needs scissors???

  44. Well, seven minutes in cat years, y’know, is only, ehm, oh, …I need a catculator!

  45. That.
    But the way the paws floofed each one as they showed it was funny.

  46. Michelle S says:

    Meg: how about Madagascar Mellow?

  47. WOW.. what a creepy video.

    Even more creepy?? You can buy cat paws and tails (fake of course) here:


  48. zomg, this is AMAZING. i felt like i was being hypnotized. best video i’ve seen in a looooonnnng time.

  49. yeahIusePhotoshoptoo says:

    Panama Red?

  50. scooterpants says:

    ‘Humboldt County’
    ‘maui wowie’
    ‘thai stick’
    ‘peruvian flak’…oops no, not that one.
    ‘mary jane’
    ‘blunt’, ‘bud’, ‘ganja’,
    Not that I know anything about that.

  51. I can’t believe I just spent seven minutes watching someone make a scrunchie.

  52. Meg, you can’t go wrong starting with some place tropical. “acapulco” “maui” “walla-walla” for instance


  53. crazypthd says:

    serious i do toke and that was strange

  54. scooterpants says:

    that’s hilarious, ya, very tropical.
    you’re so Funny!

  55. “Chou chou” is probably from the French “chou”–creampuff–something sweet and fluffy, so doubling it (which is common in many languages) just makes something sweeter and fluffier.

  56. 1. There ARE no “stupid” or “dumb” cats. Only stupid and dumb people.

    2. Does she do drapery and curtain alterations? Have I got a project for her! I pay well, too — all the salmon n’ shrimp chowder Nutro you can eat, m’selle!

    3. Jamaican, man. JAMAICAN!

  57. ha! who says I can’t be Productive At Work?

  58. Im not even sure what i just saw.. and all that work for a scrunchie?!?!?!? I know this sounds dumb but… were those real cat paws?? at some points they look pretty real.. but others.. they look kinda stiff and fake.. im so confused….

  59. Biscuitz4Bearz says:

    I enjoyed this immensely and now I worry why.

  60. Von Zeppelin says:

    @ophelia, not so sure about your creampuffs–in my limited French vocabulary, the choux were always cabbages. So that thing the cat is creating is, I suppose, a cabbage cabbage. Maybe an allusion to the 1943 Andrews Sisters hit, “Shoo Shoo Baby.”

  61. scooterpants says:

    um jmuhj-

    1- sweetie baby. its not a ‘real’ cat honey.
    take it easy there lil trooper. 🙂

  62. Wow, that’s a lot of work for a scrunchie. I’m hoping the cat gets paid by the hour because she did some great sewing. Cat Made Scrunchie. Who’d a thunk it?

  63. yankeebird says:

    Heh, Meg called herself “Megan” in her comment. I don’t think anyone has ever referred to her on here as Megan.

    [I’m sure it was a typo. 😉 – Ed.]

  64. Why is making a scrunchie so complicated????

    Just take a certain length of fabric, make it into a tube, put elastic in it and then sew up the hole. Why go through all the rigamarole of cutting four strips on the bias, sewing pieces together, using the iron to open the seams and all that.

    Oh well, their scrunchies probably look a lot better than mine.

    Good music in a primal sort of way. Cute paws.

  65. All that for a scrunchy??? But the cat paws made it fascinating.

  66. Wow…kitty sews right over her pins. That’s a sure-fire way to break a needle. She also doesn’t know how to spell “opening”. *takes another toke of BC bud*

  67. @Kate – that website WAS creepy! I thought I was going to lose my lunch when I saw the black paws that extend to the shoulder, complete with something sticking out of the top that looked like bones! Gee-rossss!!!

  68. i love it, no weed necessary, just a jug of wine!

  69. I grew up in Humboldt. We just called it weed. lol

  70. I am so depressed. This cat sews better than I ever did.

  71. I think a chou chou is a giant foofy collar for a parson who likes to dress like a kitteh cat

  72. Meg,
    I suggest “Purple Nurple.”

  73. Yeah forget the Humbolt: that hypnotic song alone was enough to get me spinning. Now I’m hungry.

  74. i was initially struck wordless by this video. srsly. i know they weren’t real, but i spent waaaaay too much time closely examining the paw to seam ratio, estimating how large the paws must be, and wondering if there are openings for fingers on the underside which allow her/him to grip the iron…. maybe i need some BC bud too…

  75. HEHE!!!!

    I LOVE the paws and the music makes the video that much better.

    The kitteh using that mini iron is presh.

  76. almost forgot. chou is cabbage, it’s true, but like calling someone “muffin” or “pumpkin” in English, chou-chou is a term of endearment used by mothers, grandmothers, lovers, and the like, and is not meant literally as food 😛

  77. I suspect a stronger psychotropic hallucinogen may be necessary in order to deal. I was mesmerized by those paws and found myself unable to look away.

  78. Its what we used to call a “Scrunchie”. Girls wear it to tie their hair up. Duh…

  79. “Chou chou” is French for scrunchie. “Chou” also is idiomatic for “dear,” although it actually means “cabbage” (as someone mentioned above).

    Incidentally, my cat’s name is Chou-Chou because he’s so dear he needed two “chou”s to describe him.

    (“Chou chou” [cho cho] in Japanese means butterfly, if I remember correctly. As in Cho-Cho-san of Madame Butterfly fame…)

  80. Kristin C says:

    Seven minutes of my life. Gone. *Le poof*

    And yet… I have this warm, rewarding feeling in my gut.

    A true WTF moment if ever there was one.

  81. Meg:

    If you want to get the college kids, use “trainwreck” or “bulldozer.”

    For the more sophisticated viewer, you would probably say “OG kush” or “bubba kush.” Do NOT merely use “kush” alone. That’s a total sign of a narc. Maybe “Triple OG Kush?”

    If you want to be hip, use “strawberry cough.” (Yes, the film came out two years ago, but still).

    But if you really want to recommend the best to watch the video with, then you should probably go with a sativa like “Blue Cream.”

    Note: thousands of Californians (and others in certain states) are not breaking the law when using cannabis with a doctor’s prescription. The use of medical cannabis has proven to be productive in the treatment of many chronic physical and psychological ailments, with less egregious side effects compared to chemical/synthetic treatments.

    (I work among college students, so that’s where I get my “information.”)

  82. If you have a look at Zannaleeidee’s YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=zannaleeidees , you’ll see she’s put up 17 videos (about half featuring sewing by the same kittypaws), and they’re all about re-using old fabric to make something new. She’s in Japan, btw, but I think we all pretty much figured that already ;~D

  83. Ivonne Puga says:

    Oh my sweet lawrd!!!
    I was mesmerized!!! O_o
    My heart was beating to the rythm of the song and I even think I stoped breathing for a while!!
    Someone has to stop her making chou chous!!!
    I couldn’t take my eyes off the paws either 😛

  84. Maybe it’s a sign of how much my seamstress Mother has indoctrinated me, but all I could think was – NO, kitteh, don’t sew over those pins!!!! Your little kitteh sewing machine will die!!
    Apparently she didn’t learn proper technique from the Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Stitcheh Committeh. Teehee.

  85. Oh Kitty!!!! Please don’t sew over those pins on your Bernina!

    Awesome bias tutorial 😉

  86. I was more perplexed by this post than anything else. Maybe I wasn’t high enough to appreciate the subtle complexities and nuances.

  87. amaretto_bunny says:

    What the heck is a chou chou? What was with that hypnotic music? Why were there cat paws?? What is happening???

    I think I need to go lie down.

  88. That’s awesome. Way to go, crafty kitty!

  89. marmar, putzing along to that music all day…that is pure genius!!! I know that if I had that music playing, I could sew.

  90. Gail (the first one) says:

    LOL’ing at all the comments!! My thoughts exactly—-paws are cute, kitteh sews better than I can!! But, since I really don’t know how to use a sewing machine very well, I thought, “Huh. I didn’t know you can sew over the pins…”

    I am a sewing-person-wannabee! I’d buy my cats a really nice machine if they’d learn…..!

  91. at first I thought it was going to be about a cat, making a dog. when I saw the scrunchie thing, I realized I couldn’t spell. But kittie sweat shops? That’s high-sterical!!!

  92. Working at Hallmark for many years lead me to believe Chou was a Bow (frilly Ribbon for a wrapping a gift). All the items were marked in English/French. (ie: Sticker/Autocollant, Bow/Chou, Ect.)

  93. pc loadletter says:

    Doesn’t “chou” also mean “cabbage” in French? Those kind of bows kind of look like little cabbages.

  94. My dog can do that and balance stuff on her nose at the same time! Take that Martha Cat.

  95. I’m not sure whether it’s sad or cute that that cat can sew better then me.

  96. scooterpants says:

    well pippa-
    if ya know anything about pattern making, sewing , design and other such etceteraaa’s, ya know it wont be circular if ya dont cut it on the bias, otherwise, that’s a lot of , i mean a LOT of work for a scrunchie. dang, that is one Anal retentive kitteh right there. i bid 99 cents for the one with the lace.

  97. Melanie R says:

    I can’t believe this. I was actually talking to my boyfriend just yesterday about how funny it would be if our cat started using a sewing machine! (the little paws!) My dream came true! 😀

  98. 80″ worth of scrunchie? Are we sure it’s for the hair? Maybe a collar or something…

  99. hey! I sent this in… oh well… just happy to see it up on here 😀

  100. Just when I thought it couldn’t get more redonkulous with the cutting and the sewing, the cat pulls out an iron. *palm to forehead*

  101. This is totally project runway for stoners. Glad I was prepared, yo!

  102. It is a scrunchy! If you go to the website in the video and poke aorund a little bit, you will find the page with the chou chou on it. After using Google translate, part of the page reads…
    “For satin fabric I used 100% polyester satin. Go to fabric shops and colorful 100% acetate satin cloth will be sold, This is not recommended for making scrunchy.”

  103. Let’s summarize:

    The maker of this video:

    1) procured fake cat paws
    2) created a totally complex pattern for a scrunchie
    3) filmed him/herself making the outrageously complex scrunchie with the cat paws
    4) set it to music
    5) edited it with text
    5) posted it to You Tube.

    The maker of this video is totally insane.

    The only thing more insane is that I watched all 7 minutes of it.

    The paws, however, were exceedingly cute!

  104. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:


  105. Have you ever felt so happy it felt like you started seeing things in slow motion?

  106. thinkofthechildren says:

    OMG ANIMAL CRUELTY!! Getting high and teaching your cat to sew a scrunchy is ABUSE. NOT COOL.

  107. Point A: I love the French endearment “mon petit chou!” which is “my little cabbage”

    Point B: Although the kitteh is obviously fake it is undoubtedly a cosplayer in disguise. (For the unwashed, a cosplayer is a maker and/or wearer of costumes from Japanese animation, or Gothic Lolita, or several other genres beloved by Japanese.)

    PS I am 60 yrs old, a cosplayer and a kitteh rescuer so I am enormously entertained by all this.

  108. this was excellent.
    definitely a CO highlight.

    the comments deserve applause too. 🙂

  109. MoonCatty says:

    Am I the only one who was expecting the closing scene to be a shot of the kitty wearing the scrunchie?

    Aside from that one bit of anti-climax, the vid is a trip, right outta weirdsville… and I was like hypno-tized baby. This little slice of surrealism had to come from the looking glass world of Japan.

    My question: What are *they* smoking?

  110. A-herm. “Chou,” if I remember my French slang at all, is short for “chouette,” or as we might say, “shwweeet!” or “cute!” and of course, “chou-chou” is a term of endearment whispered in the shell-like ear of one’s beloved when you are asking him/her to do something he usually would prefer not to do, or mebbe it’s the sound the twain makes in da night.

  111. Well humph!! I am going to assume that Kitty was wearing eye protection! I was once erroneously told that it’s ok to sew over pins, and the needle hit one, broke off and hit me in the face, very close to the eye! Please, I beg of you, friends don’t let friends sew wasted!

  112. Oh, and btw, friends don’t let friends wear big satin scrunchies, either.

  113. I LOVE this video. I agree – definitely a C.O. highlight. Everything about it is perfectly bizarre: Meg’s comments, the paws, the music, the absurdly complex process to make a $1.00 scrunchy… ??? I laughed until I cried the entire 7 minutes and later just thinking about it made me crack up. With all that’s going on lately, I needed a laugh. Thanks, Meg!

  114. But friends do let their friends’ cats wear big fabulous scrunchies. All mine do and they are the talk of the ‘hood. They look magnificent and stately like Queen Elizabeth I. I use tiny ones for kittens which is just too damn precious to behold. Just make sure they are not too tight.

  115. LOL picturing my 19-year-old male cat in a big ol’ scrunchie! It would be all flat on one side from spending 23½ hours a day in the same chair! Tried a cute barrette on his tail once; he was, shall we say, not into it.

  116. Well, as someone who likes “matchinks”, I thought she might be making a scrunchie to match her outfit, but then I realized she is “cutting up the clothes”.
    TOTALLY agree we needed to see the kitteh modeling it.

  117. Selina's Mommy says:

    that is SOOOO Cute!!!
    i cant believe i sat here and wacthed a cat sew a hair Scrunchie for 7 MINUTES!!!

  118. I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head all day.

    Meow – meow – meow,
    Meow-meow-meow-meow-meow – Meow!

  119. It was mesmerizing.

  120. as I tap my foot to that music, now playing non-stop in my head, I can face the day ahead, knowing that when the going gets tough I have only to picture little cat paws working a sewing machine and carefully fluffing the final product…thank you, Cute Overload, for making a difficult day easier!

  121. the music is kinda hot. where can i get it?

  122. That was the lamest thing I have ever seen on this site – where were the animals? That was not cute – just dumb. And I am even dumber because I watched it waiting for the cats to show up!

  123. Well, there *are* no kitteh labor laws you know.

  124. Elizabeth says:

    Kitty paws made a scrunchie. wow. a nice one too.

  125. cheesybird says:

    *blink blink*

    *rubs eyes*

    *blink blink*

    Did I really just see that?

  126. That was oddly fascinating! I’m now going to have that song in my head the rest of the day. I love the cat paws lovingly & carefully fluffing the scrunchies=)

  127. makes me want to get some ‘hydro’ And a sewing machine from wallyworld.sounds like a plan.
    First the hydro,then some snacks and then stumble over to the craft section at wallymart. ;^*

  128. Loved it! Where do I get my own set of paws?!?

  129. darkshines says:

    I keep watching for the first 10 seconds of sound

    miow miow miow miowmiowmiowmiowmiowBOOM CHIKCA BOOM CHICKA

    Its just awesome.

  130. They kind of look like Scrunchies…..?

  131. Trainwreck? Bulldozer?
    Kids today and their aggro oblivion, man.. [shakes head, flips Ink Spots record]
    What you need is some Bubbleberry.

  132. I teach ESL so today I asked all my students if they knew what a chou chou was. The Korean, Japanese and French students all said it was a “thing for hair” and then a Japanese girl pulled a lacy scrunchie out of her bag and held it up as an example.

  133. Annika is right – A “Chou Chou” is a slang term for a hair scrunchie. Ironically, my Grandma had a cat named Chou Chou because she liked stealing scrunchies and using them as toys. “Chou” is French for Cabbage – and as you can see, a scrunchie sans hair kind of looks like a cabbage.

  134. She’s making Bias-cut Binding Tape for a Quilt or blanket! I’ve done this before so I recognized it 🙂

  135. snoopysnake says:

    I love everything about this, including the scrunchies (which, so sue me, I still like to wear sometimes) but especially watching the “cat” sew! I suppose people like me who sew appreciate this more than those who don’t.

    Question for you sewers?Does kitty sew on a Purrnina or a Pussqarvana? Or does she just use a White, being a white kitty and all?

  136. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Snoopysnake: Maybe a Singer Purrmaster with the optional specially sized paw pedal??

  137. Chou chou is the dog with the blue tongue!


    But seriously…this was weird.

  138. Totalee Puppy says:

    Thanks, Annika. Nice to learn something…
    Kristin C.–liked “le poof”.

  139. Lilli — I thought Chow Chows were those things people rode between cities, before we had hareplanes…?

  140. Raemie L. says:

    I’m tickled by the use of fake paws, especially when showing the finished scrunchies at the end w/extra pats.

  141. ah haha..haha.hah
    only in japan.