At least this Beagle has a Bail Out plan…

Will he make it!? Will his plan get enough votes!? WATCH TO FIND OUT!

Riveting, Kathleen S.!



  1. A dog… that climbs.
    The cats aren’t going to like this.

  2. AuntieMame says:

    The Beagle has landed!

  3. The video keeps stalling on me. I’m so curious!! Does the puppy escape?!


    At about 1:20:

    “Umm…this is the time I was supposed to transform into a feline.”

    And at the end, the other beagle putting his paw on the door — “Come back Shane! Come back!”

    And am I the only one hearing “The Great Escape” music?

  5. okay it loaded.
    OMG I looovvee how the other puppies are watching!

  6. Shannon G says:

    OMG WIN with the reference

  7. Nearing the end I kept yelling ohhhh puppy noooo it’s too high don’t do itttt! You can tell the dog does this a lot because of the boards at the top of the door and the “heavy” object on top of the roof.

  8. I saw this on another site, and I watched it again on here… still impressed. Very, VERY impressed.

  9. My beagle doesn’t need to see this video – he might get ideas and escape his fence. It would be a lot easier for him – wouldn’t have to go through a hole, just get to the top of the fence and hop over!

  10. The tail wags of the pups left behind right as he hits the ground! It needs a soaring movie soundtrack.

  11. tablemountaingirl says:

    I can’t believe I just saw him do that!

  12. OMG what is that, some sort of back yard breeder dog pen?!?! That is some broken dog bones just WAITING to happen! And someone sat there and watched it happen while taping?! Disgusting!

  13. Mad skills.

    I like how at the end his brothers are all, “By, Billy. Have fun storming the castle!”

  14. I was so scared for the puppeh!! But then yay! He made his heroic ecxscape!

    @Wendy: The boards atop the door and the heavy object placed atop the door inicate that Senior McScapersons has done this before, and clearly has been unharmed. My guess is they mounted the camera just to check him in the act!

  15. biscuithead says:

    This beagle IS the Cooler King!

    But does he have a ball + mitt?
    Or a **motorcycle?

    /**No motorcycling in the REAL great escape.
    //Have kin who was in Stalag Luft 3.
    ///It was serious business back in the day.
    ////No Nazis guarding this little pooch though, unless you count the cameraman. : )

  16. This is awesome, but I think it might be a girl beagle! The video is called “Escape du Sofia”….

  17. i like at 1:12 where he’s like… “ok now what *doh*”

    and the end with the pup at the door.. wait!!!

  18. She has GOT to have some feline ancestor! Go, puppy, go!

  19. WHAT. A. DUMP. Looks like some third world puppy mill. Not cute when you actually see how these dogs are treated…

  20. OMG! My beagles don’t need to be getting any ideas, LOL!

  21. I’m glad the puppy’s ok! Very smart and agile dog there. Obviously he/she keeps on getting away!

    @Wendy: It looks like this was filmed somewhere in the tropics. Honestly, what considers to be animal cruelty varies from country to country. My relatives in Taiwan think it’s weird that my sister’s dogs actually live in the house and not outside. I’m not saying that dogs chained outside is right, just that people don’t always know or have the right resources. I think these dogs look pretty well taken of, all things considered. They have a fairly big pen, sheltered, and it looks like they have multi-leveled platforms inside. Looks more like a playpen then anything. After boarding the door and putting bricks on the roof, they may have just left a camera outside to see how the dog was STILL getting out.

  22. This is horrific! I will never ever visit cute overload again. Watching a dog in a small cage climb a wall, wanting to escape is NOT cute. I am writing to PETA and the Humane Society. I never ever write angry emails to blogs but this video is totally inappropriate.

  23. Please just tell us the puppy is okay and didn’t hurt him/her self on that jump.

    I say we organize some sort of elite puppy rescue crew to sneak the rest of the less acrobatic pups out of that hell hole.

  24. Jessica, get a life. Seriously. What do you think PETA and the Humane Society are going to do, anyway?

  25. I watched this video with my heart in my mouth! That was way too high a leap! I do hope that the video was to figure out how the pup was escaping and I agree that, while an incredible feat for a dog, this does beg the question of cute or cruel. I just kept wanting someone to rescue the poor pup!

  26. AuntieMame says:

    PETA’s gonna want to milk the dogs and ask Baskin Robbins to make ice cream cones out of them…

  27. FREEDOM BEAGLE had to be said.


    You heard it here first.

  29. Martha in Washington says:

    The guy that does the Westminster Dog Show always says that beagles are “escape artists”.

  30. I used to think I was cynical and only saw the bad side of everything. And then I started reading the comments on Cute Overload and realized there are people out there that seem to enjoy whining about anything and everything.

    I can’t believe someone watches a resourceful puppy getting out of her pen AGAIN (I’m sure Ms. Escape Artist is the reason there is a brick on the roof) and immediately thinks, “Oh that has to be an evil puppy mill! It can’t be sensible owners keeping their dogs from running away and possibly getting run over while they are out. Oh no, I think it is a puppy mill, and therefore that is what it must be.”

    Move along trolls, nothing to see here.

    As for this little escape artist: Wow! I never knew that dogs could climb like that.

    Those people calling for the Great Escape, click on one of the related links; someone did set this to that soundtrack.

    And AuntieMame, loved your comment! Indeed, “The Beagle has landed.”

  31. Martha in Washington says:

    On a side note…why are the comments on the sewing paws video closed?

    […the what? – Ed.]

  32. OH MY GOD !!!! OH MY DOG !!!

    I WANT THIS DOG RIGHT NOW !!!! He take some note in prison break I think…

  33. Crying tears of joy for the escape of little Beaglie. And would someone please turn in the owners to the SPCA! Who knows how long those dogs were penned up like that. It had to be a LONG time to make a little doggie want to climb his way to freedom.

    Bad owners!

  34. oooooomg. omg. im stunned.

    ok, how about the pup still inside? the moment the beagle bandit drops outside…..the fence door. “goodbyez”. =(

  35. @Eloise: Some dogs are just escape artists. My boy’s escaped his crate who knows how many times. We lost a bathroom floor to his creativity, too! The big booger. 🙂

    Seriously, people need to calm down. People jump from MUCHBIGGERHEIGHTS like allthetime. Why can’t there be adrenaline junkie beagles, too?

  36. Holy friggen crap! That is one smart dog.

  37. If he was being mistreated or neglected, I seriously doubt he would have the strength to climb up that fence/wall. You can only see part of it. It may be much larger.

    Please stop thinking the worst.. It’s not all black and pink.. (Get it? pink is suppose to be a cute color.. >.>)

  38. Well done Caruthers see you back in blighty, I’d come to if wasn’t for this gammy leg, blast it!

  39. The guy who put this video in YouTube is in Colombia…

  40. yeah i have to say that i had a dog who if left alone for two minutes (LITERALLY) would do stupid stuff like this all the time. people need to calm the f* down. this is obviously an attempt to film a crazy dog in the act of escaping while the owners were away. and have any of you actually SEEN a puppy mill? let me tell you that is NOT a puppy mill.

  41. tortellinka says:

    why were they there in the first place? =(

    and 1:47, when another pup puts his paw on the door, is a very moving moment!

  42. They are hunting dogs. The majority of hounds are. Hunting dogs don’t usually live in your house, anymore than chickens, pigs or horses do.

  43. Heh…she’s a BEAGLE! She is meant to be sturdy enough to jump that high! Now…if it were a yorkie I would have a connniption fit!

    Also…that area looks like it part of a larger dog run.

    And the paw on the door at the end…I see that everyday when I go out and can’t take my tzu dottie with me.

  44. I predict a tide of PETA nuffs. They has already started!

    What a GREAT beagle… she has clearly done this often and enjoys the challenge (if not the final leap so much!)

  45. @nuffers: This looks like every hunting dog enclosure in rural Michigan. Rest assured the beagles inside this backyard cage contraption get taken out for plenty of exercise chasing various things and watching their owner(s) shoot it with a gun, and are probably very highly valued by their owner(s) and well fed. They are not treated like pets because they are not pets; these dogs have a job.

  46. Hoverbeagles….

    This. Changes. Everything.

  47. Giant Beagle from Outer Space says:

    I just love how the other doggies calmly stand and watch while their buddy escapes!

  48. I love the whole “Uh … WTF do I do now?? It’s high!!” when he finally gets his head and front feet out, and the dog down below looking up going “What the … ?”

  49. Dats a goooooooooood PUPPY!

  50. I heard the “Indiana Jones” music, myself. Beagles are very hardy and I’m told, incredibly smart. This certainly proves it to me. This doggett is a rush-seeker. Sheer repetition has made this Beagle a master at this. We almost got a beagle when looking for a dog- Corgi’s don’t climb- although mine will get up on her hind limbs for chicken. It is the tallest (and highest) she’ll ever get.

  51. My favorite parts are when the beagle’s head first pokes out of the roof… and also when all the little beagles watching wag their tales once s/he has made safely to the ground!

    Maybe this dog should be in charge of restructuring the economy! Snoopy for president!!!

  52. Forget McCain-Palin. That beagle is a true maverick. Those other beags just wish they were brave enough to escape their confines.

  53. I have a cute video of my nephew taken in his nursery when we couldn’t figure out how the little guy was getting out of his crib. It looks much like this beagle’s effort, let me tell you – and while authorities may occasionally have their doubts, I’m pretty sure my sister is not running a baby mill ……

  54. oh my goodness people – ok, first of all, if it was a puppy mill, all the dogs would be in a teeny tiny cage TOGETHER!! I’m assuming these are working dogs which is why they are kept outside. Their pen is big enough for all of them. Some dogs will try to escape no matter how well they are treated. Huskies are known for breaking through windows to get out because they have severe seperation problems. This video is just pure entertainment. Yes I was yelling a super pup not to jump cause it’s too high, but he’s obviously done this before and has survived without injury. If you have a problem with pics/videos posted on this site, don’t comment…just go away. We like it here and don’t need you.

  55. Brilliant little beagle!!! So talented! When are the next puppy olympics?

    So cute when her siblings look out the door as she makes her escape!

  56. “The majority of hounds are. Hunting dogs don’t usually live in your house, anymore than chickens, pigs or horses do.”

    I read “children” instead of “chickens”.

    I blame the anaesthetic the dentist gave me.

  57. Don’t worry about him hurting himself. Beagles are built like Tonka trucks.

  58. knightofmonarch says:

    O.M.G. Paul Newman has been reincarnated !!!When I was a child- My grandpap raised Beagels and he had a female that would get out of the pen every day . I remember that sometimes Pap would take her back to the pen and before he got back to the pourch, the pup would be sitting there waiting for him .

  59. I know beags are mostly nose wif legs attached, and are mischief-inventors par exzellahnce – a beag’s gotta do whut a beag’s gotta do, peeps. Sound the alarm, boyz, we haz a preezon break on our handz!

  60. radiobleep says:

    How sad. Of course that poor dog wants to escape those dreadful conditions. I wouldn’t be suprised if the dog sustained a broken back from that jump. And to Belphebe: you’re either too stupid for words or you have the compassion of a robot:

    “I can’t believe someone watches a resourceful puppy getting out of her pen AGAIN (I’m sure Ms. Escape Artist is the reason there is a brick on the roof) and immediately thinks, “Oh that has to be an evil puppy mill! It can’t be sensible owners keeping their dogs from running away and possibly getting run over while they are out. Oh no, I think it is a puppy mill, and therefore that is what it must be.”

    If you don’t want your dog to runaway and get hit by a car, keep them in the house. Shame on CO for posting.

  61. I was impressed with how he bounced off of the door to soften the fall. Buuut I don’t care if it’s some other country or whatever, I don’t really like the pen that they’re in. They need a big backyard and lots of kids to play with (and me hehe)

  62. What a naughty puppersons!! 😀

    That’s great. Hope there were no boo-boos!

  63. Jennifer Foster says:

    I am a beagle owner and that video cracked me up! Our Max is smart like that too.

    Once he stole a small box of Christmas See’s Candy out of the garage (freaked me out; garage + choc + doggies = no no) I found it in the back yard after a huge search. It had one corner unwrapped and was buried in the bark for a midnight snack.

  64. I would escape those kind of conditions too. Loving pet owners do not force dogs to live in pens outside!

    Run, Beagles, Run!

  65. This pup lives in a horrible place, more than likely a puppy mill…and he could of been seriously injured doning this…but, if you lived in a cage…you would want to excape any way possible too.

  66. One Skunk Todd says:

    I’m not sure he’s part feline so much as part mountain goat. I don’t want to speculate on how that happened though… 🙂

  67. I love how, at 1:15, puppers is all like, “Oh crap. What do I do now??”

  68. martha in mobile says:

    The pen looks large and clean, the dogs look healthy, alert and very interested. I know it’s not what many people are used to, but these doggies seem to have it pretty good. Come down here to the Deep South, where big dogs live in pens the size of a small bathroom to “keep ’em huntin’ ready”.

  69. my chilhood puppy, biscuit, was a master escape artist as well… she did things like this all the time

  70. yankeebird says:

    @ Jennifer Foster:

    The candy was buried where?? 😀

  71. (the original) Mel says:

    Obviously Sophia had to escape to be with her llama boyfriend. Together they ran off to join the circus, where their love was not forbidden.

  72. Es… Ca… Pe… – ES CAPÉ!

    Just keep swimmin’…

    [Look, are you following me? – Ed.]

  73. ya know, for a breed that has a competition at their owners’ gatherings known as “does not come when called”, this is pretty unusually bright behavior

    maybe he’s part skwerl

  74. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Spiderpup! Spiderpup! Does whatever a spiderpup does…..

    OriginalMel: sophia and zee Llama – dey are in lofs. HAHAAAHAH!

  75. Hee! At 1:20, I was saying, “You can do it! You can do it!”

    And I yay’d at the end. 🙂

    Awsome video!

  76. If you find the ORIGINAL video, you will note that the puppy is a SHE (good girl!) and this video is from Brazil. So maybe, just maybe, this puppy lives in a house that is just as nice as her owner’s. This could be the nicest place her owner could put her. You just don’t know. I mean, I support you if you’re a local PETA person and you want to fly down to Brazil to investigate but…be ready for a world that is not like your own. Think outside your own neighborhoods, people.

  77. Catsquatch says:

    That dog watches way too many Jackie Chan movies.

  78. I highly doubt it’s a puppy mill. Probably just a breeder’s dog pen. Honestly, dogs can live in pens like that and be taken care of during their weeks as a little puppy. My aunt is a breeder and she has a dog pen like that, but bigger and about fifty dogs. She doesn’t overload her females, she doesn’t her dogs badly. In fact, she spoils her dogs. She breeds purebred Corgies and Toy Fox Terriers. I think she may have a few others, but as far as I know that’s it. They do have a few pet dogs, mostly mutts that they’ve rescued who live in the house. Believe it or not, there are humane breeders who also use pens.

  79. Compare this to the tribute to Mr Macottersson, or to Knut’s dad, and tell me these doggies are treated decently!

    [Sorry, you’re comparing this to obituaries? Do I have that right? – Ed.]

  80. I think it’s cruel to keep 4 dogs locked up like that too. So, it may be better than a puppy mill or some hunting dogs quarters but it’s still not right. Why have dogs which are super active animals if you’re just going to lock them up?

    How would you like to spend 30-80% of your life locked up in something the size of a bathroom? Don’t worry, you’ll be fed. You’ll be given attention when I have the time…

  81. Big opportunity lost for Mission Impossible theme!

  82. Poor things. How would you like to be locked up in something the size of a bathroom for the majority of your life?

  83. goodlookingelf says:

    To infinity…..and Beyond!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Smartest Puppy Evar!

  85. Stressfactor says:

    I had a good friend of the family who kept a pack of hunting Beagles. They were kept in two pens, three dogs per pen, each pen was about this size. Each dog had his/her own doghouse.

    They were only placed in the pen at night when the owner went to bed and they were let out in the morning to run around. They were well-kept, well fed, clean and very much LOVED but they were, as others have mentioned, working dogs.

    In addition to all that, the pen was not so much to keep the dogs IN as to protect them from predators. In point of fact, this family friend had one dog who didn’t make it into the pen one night. The dog managed to make it home in the morning having been savaged by a Coyote. They rushed the dog to the vet and his life was saved thankfully.

    Sometimes it isn’t so much about keeping dogs IN as keeping stuff that would hurt the dogs OUT. And yes, as someone else mentioned, as working dogs this was no more cruel than putting a horse in a stall for the night so it can sleep.

    As for this video — we don’t know what time of day it is. It could still be morning here and the owner just hasn’t gone out to let the dogs out for the day.

    Not every dog is a “house pet”.

  86. That pup is my freaking hero!

  87. Sahrawi Wife says:

    Smart Doggie for sure !!!

    Let me tell all of those of you who are whinning about it being cruel to keep the doggies locked up like that . These are obviously loved by their owners as they are NOT able to roam freely to get run over or hurt . I raised blue chows and they were great escape artists able to climb trees and fences to get out . They ended up getting over the 10 foot tall fence and one got ran over and the other was shot by a man who did it for fun . These owners have them in a huge enclosure well out of the elements and they are obviously healthy . If find it so sad for those of you who can never see the positive side of anything .

  88. Maybe he heard how many dogs are put to death daily because of breeders like this. I run too. Don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die.

  89. Jaw dropped to floor.

  90. Its common sense PEOPLE!!!!

    The VIDEO is for surveillance so no one come to steal the dogs or come to ATTACK and kill the dogs for sport or food.

    At night my dog was locked up in our basement with free reign because we were afraid someone would hurt him while we would be sleeping. Because face it there are cruel people in the world that would do that, walk up to an animal and shoot it for no reason other than to kill it.

    ALSO we only see one small part of the property how the heck do you know that’s it? There could be more ACRES!

    Just think long and hard before you jump to the first thing you think of.

  91. Sahrawi Wife- Hi! What’s a blue chow? Is it the same as a Chow-Chow and a bluish outside coat or a totally different breed of dog? Thanks.K.

  92. **SADNESS** do not read if you are tender of heart.

    Not to be a totaly cute killer, but my brother had a Beagle when he was young and it commited suicide like that. It climbed to the top of it’s fence and his little collar got hung up on the top of the chainlink and it strangled him. I have always been extra worried about little Beagles because of that.

  93. brilliant puppster!!

    and on a side note that drives me crazy…

    “and he could of been seriously injured doning this…”

    he could HAVE been seriously injured.

    seriously. english is not difficult.

    focus on the cute!!! fooocus…. that’s a puppy with spirit!! gotta love her 🙂

  94. I own a beagle, and we live in an apartment building. At some point, I’d like to move to a house, but from what I’ve read, they are total escape artists and when you do move to a house, you have to be careful with chain link fences, because they will climb them or dig underneath them. My guy stays on leash most of the time, because his instinct is to take off (and he’s treated like a prince, but that doesn’t matter to a beagle!)

  95. I was worried about poor little Beagle getting stuck in the fence or something. 😦

    But go him!

    And nuffs, they COULD be owned by a hunter or something, not necessarily a puppy mill *coughWENDYcough*

    I don’t really like hunting, but I like puppy mills less.

    As far as calling the SPCA because it must have been SOOOOO long to make a puppy do that.. my beagle had her own little house and yard. And she was still let out to play often. And she was my foster dad’s hunting partner. So she had PLENTY of time outside her little area, but damn if she didn’t escape a couple of time EVERY DAMN DAY.

    Some puppehs just like to escape!

  96. bravo smo!!!

    That bothers me ALL THE TIME. could of, would of….ugh!

  97. I sense a new category coming – Prison Breaks? This one could join forces with last week’s hamsters!

  98. “Prison Break: Beagles”…stay tuned!

  99. “Maybe he heard how many dogs are put to death daily because of breeders like this. I run too. Don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die. “

    And you know for a fact this person is a dog breeder because…?

  100. It feels really good to watch the puppy find freedom after having to work his way up and then getting over the initial fear/trepidation of falling from heights. Moves your soul, especially when you imagine yourself in that position.

    Still, (yes, I know it’s Brazil, pls lay off), I think I would not keep my dogs in a cage like that, and if this were actually filmed by someone, I think it was immoral of him/her not to put down the camera and go do something. Doggie could have broke his paw; his well-being should count more than a YouTube video.

  101. Funny, first thing I thought was “what a brilliant dog run! Shaded, open air, and roomy!”

    They might not even have a fence around their yard, and this beat a lead any day of the week. Such a cute little doggie, and clearly well versed in escapology.

  102. CoffeeCup says:

    To the people who say this is cruel because these beagles are being kept in a space the size of a bathroom – are you kidding me? This pen is the size of one of my bedrooms! It’s all about perspective. Think outside what is absolutely ideal and face reality – pets cannot be allowed to wander around outdoors without supervision. And since you don’t have the full story, why not just give it the benefit of a doubt? The space isn’t that tiny, seriously. There’s enough room for a multi-level play area. People who don’t care about animals wouldn’t build them something to play with or run on.

    Nuff all you want about beagles needing free space, lots of room, this is cruel, blah blah blah…does it ever occur to you that maybe there’s more to this video? And heaven forbid people in other countries (let alone third world countries, which Brazil and Colombia are not) have pets and could possibly love them and care for them just as well as you could. Goodness.

  103. wow. I watched that video with my mouth open 😮
    Now reading all comments (ignoring ’nuffers) I didn’t know all this about beagles. I guess this explains Snoopy and his “World War I Flying Ace” antics! ya live & learn.

  104. PETA, stop sending your brainwashed kids to CuteOverload!

  105. I just want to mention that this video is probably not actually filmed by someone standing there, unless they have a steadier hand than a tripod. In which case — mother of God, I think we’ve found Iron Man.

  106. Someone said that this pen is the size of a bathroom. Jesus, I wish I had a bathroom that big. It’s large (Yes, it is. You can’t even see how far it extends, but even if it ends exactly at the edge of our vision, it’s still plenty big enough.) and shaded, and while the construction is a little shoddy, the foundation is solid. (They’d better get that roof nailed down, though!) There’s nothing even remotely inhumane about this enclosure. Inhumane is my neighbors frequently keeping their large, untrained German shepherd in an actual bathroom that is too small for him to stretch out in. This pen would be a palace to that dog, and I wish I could give it to him.

    Jemima, this is pretty clearly a surveillance video. The picture doesn’t budge even the tiniest bit, which would be impossible in a hand held camera. My guess is it’s there as security against predators (of both human and other varieties).

    At any rate, this is a damn impressive dog. Definitely cute.

  107. I think the city folk need to be reminded sometimes that not all dogs are for putting rhinestone collars on and driving around in your lap. Mankind did not domesticate the dog for the sole purpose of carrying around in handbags and cooing over. This is a better looking pen than 2/3s of the ones I used to see in Southern Kentucky, and the pups look vigorous and active. I think sometimes that wealthy people think that it’s cruelty for an animal to have to live with poor people too, never minding that the poor people have to live in cruel conditions. But I don’t even think that’s what’s going on here. At least the pups are together, and it looks like a beautiful day there. That said the roof needs fixing- the pupper could get snagged. But if your pet jumped over a backyard fence or other obstacle and got hung, would you call yourself a cruel owner for installing a fence? Because any yard escape like that has risk, whether it’s a fence or a pen or just going over the hedges.

  108. Well, I feel like he could break his legs or neck so I stopped watching it when he reached the top.

    However, I AM very impressed by his climbing ability.

  109. JuliaJellicoe says:

    Another example of the brilliance of the beagle brain. How I miss my Mulder …

  110. The Other One Michelle says:

    Ditto what zanna said. I wish every post didn’t have to be a nuff-fest. I love my beagle and beagle mutt so much and I really enjoy seeing any posts with a beagle! Thanks CO!

  111. gravyboat says:

    Clever pooch!

  112. i. am. stunned.

    What an amazing dog! i could just see him THINKING at the end.

    i surely hope that fall wasn’t too rough on him….

  113. How does it feel, CO commenters, to live in the First World? Nice, right? Cozy? Jesus. Whoever’s kvetching about the enclosure needs to travel more.

  114. scooterpants says:

    oh no.
    i really really really did not want him to jump.
    and after he lands the other guys are all like, “hey! open that dang gate!”

  115. Get out trolls (i.e. Wendy and Alice). Stop jumping to conclusions that it’s a puppy mill.

  116. Clever dog! Puppy Houdini there knew what he was doing – big jump, but I’m guessing he’d done it before. I wouldn’t be able to keep dogs in a pen like that just because I’d want to be snorgling them on my sofa instead, but they’re probably perfectly fine. They look like they’ve got plenty of space and they have doggy company. Like other people have said, not all dogs are lapdogs! The fact that Missy McClimbersons there was doing her escape act doesn’t mean she was unhappy, just means she’s a curious clever dawg. I had a beagle-whippet cross who made it his mission in life to learn how to open doors, no matter where he was…

  117. Stephanie C. says:

    That’s not cruel. Cruel is cramming two total strangers into a room the same size and making them live with each other for (almost) a year.

    Yay, college!

  118. CoffeeCup says:

    Stephanie C, try THREE total strangers. Yep, welcome to my college! So glad I’m done with that now.

  119. I’m not saying the owner is cruel, it does seem like this was a camera set up to figure out how the little girl was getting out; however, I didn’t enjoy watching it at all…the high jump scared me (even if you jump off of something high 1000 times, you can get hurt on jump 1001). Additionally, you don’t see any movement at the end to re-assure that this wasn’t jump 1001, you know?

    [Sure you do. The pup lands like a cat and scoots away. It’s just partly out-of-frame, right at the end… – Ed.]

  120. Moments later the rest of the pack were set free…

    …and they all set to find the nearest human to kick off the couch.

  121. eikoleigh says:


  122. OK OK this is PERFECT! turn on the weird chou chou vid with cat paws above and then scroll down and watch the beagle escape – PERFECT sound track!

  123. It doesn’t look like a puppy mill to me… Although they are despicable.

    It looks like the Animal Quarantine Station in Halawa on O’ahu.

    Hawaii doesn’t have Rabies and takes some rather extreme measures to keep it that way, enforcing a 4-month quarantine for any cat or dog brought into the state.

    The AQS is also the home to the drug-sniffing Beagles employed at Honolulu International Airport.

  124. hahaha! ok, ok, i will never say that beagles are cute but dumb again. they are cute and not dumb.

  125. Animals outsmarting humans are always cute!

  126. blair, trust me – even though they won’t neccessarily come when they’re called, beagles are not stupid. What they are is stubborn and selectively deaf. I should know, I’ve owned a few 🙂

  127. My Hubby said ” go james go!!”
    “and bring me back a burger”
    as for me– as i’m watching the end of the video getting closer and closer
    i’m yelling ( yelling mind you ) do something puppy i need to know what happens
    nooo don’t run out of time yet
    go puppy go. i swear i just wanted to grab the silly goose
    and get him down lol.
    My father in law has one beagle, daisy. when she is in their fence’d in yard she still has to be kept on a leash. she is a real escape artist.

  128. This is why I don’t have a beagle. =) I have a husky/malamute and a maremma cross that are escape artists extraordinaire, that’s quite enough.

    For those who are saying this is a puppy mill… 1) there aren’t any puppies, and 2) you obviously have never seen a puppy mill.

    There exist in this world healthy, happy dogs who do not live inside. Sure, I’d love it if they all could be inside, but I also have a lot of respect for working dogs. The maremma’s a working dog, she looks after the chickens – I’m used to just the indoor type, so it was a bad adjustment period for me. She’s happy as anything though, and she’s certainly healthy. (Especially with all the eggs she eats…)

    Those animals aren’t even remotely underweight, the cage is roomy and has shelter inside it. These are well-cared for, working dogs. Given that the video’s from Brazil… heck, a lot of people’s houses aren’t all that nice there.

  129. Wow, never seen a dog climb like that thats cool. Also, yeah lets not speculate too much on the dogs welfare, from the looks of it they’re fine. But then again the owners could be sick depraved people that eat beagles alive but then again so could you!!!

  130. This dog is not being used to its full potential! I am always amazed at what my dogs can figure out how to do, especially when I need them to stay in an area that I am not in. I believe dogs are way smarter than they are given credit for.

  131. CoffeeCup says:

    I was going to bring up my opinion about “committed suicide” being used in reference to dogs…cause suicide implies conscious decision while an collision or incident is just that, an incident. But after the first paragraph I realized that I’d probably ignite a hellstorm of anti-rainbows. So I’ll just watch this video again.

  132. Beagles are the greatest. and as the video shows, the stubbornest!

    Love the white tip on the tailio.

  133. That is a Beagle, through and through. Such sneaky little weasels.

  134. I’m away at college, and this video makes me miss my two mischievous beagles! When we got the first one, we had to put chicken fencing tilting inwards on top of the chain link in our backyard, because the bugger would escape by climbing over it.

    Judging by my beagles, I’d guess that there was a big hunk of chocolate or a chunk of old food left just out of view of the camera – that initiates ‘sneak’ mode in beagles, also known as ‘ninja’ mode.

  135. wow! i grew up w/ a basenji, who used to climb out of her big backyard pen til we put a roof on it. i never saw her in action, but it must have looked a lot like this!! it’s true–some dogs are just escape junkies. and very clever!! 🙂

  136. Troost&Frankie's Mom says:

    I’m super impressed by this beagle. I had no idea that dogs could climb like this. She seems to be quite a pro at this and I agree that it looks like she’s done this many times before.

    When I was growing up, we put a chain link enclosure on the back of our house so that the cats could come in and out through a window, but couldn’t get out into the street or get into fights. It took about a million escapes before we got all of the escape routes blocked. I bet this video was to see how the heck she was STILL getting out even after the holes were boarded up.

  137. How many dog owners crate their house dogs at night to sleep and/or when they go to work during the day? What’s the diff? In fact, this pen looks waa-a-ay nicer than the average doggie crate.

  138. This pup must have been watching the original “Lassie Come Home” on TCM yesterday – remember when Lassie did the *exact same escape scene*?

  139. The trusty sidekick says:

    Holy escape plan, Batman! That was amazing!

  140. fly, fly, fly little, sofia, fly fly fly…

  141. um… there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with that situation. actually, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest either way.

    maybe the dogs are like mine and can’t be left alone free roaming in the house while the owners are gone? that outdoor enclosure sure looks nicer than tiny crates.

    the dog wasn’t necessarily that desperate to get out. my jack russell climbes fences and she only needs to be out for a short while before she decides to go climbing. she’s also jumped over a six foot fence and been unharmed.

    that dog looks small enough that she doesn’t have enough weight to harm herself when she lands… and if she did harm herself, i would guess that she wouldn’t do it again. (and she obviously seems to have a habit of this.)

  142. Just enjoy the video, admire the dog and don’t analyze everything about it. Geez! I watched in open mouthed amazement and admiration.

  143. I think I owe my son an apology…he swore up and down he wasn’t the one that spilled the cereal all over the floor. Now I think my BEAGLE got into the pantry and did it… Seriously, they’re amazing dogs. Notice the tail never stopped wagging all the way to the top? That’s persistence. Beagles are persistent, if nothing else. Damn cute. I laughed hard, until she got towards the top, then I was silent until she jumped! Jaw-dropper. And the comment about “Shane, come back”…classic. Perfect fit for the paw-on-the-screen scene. And then God made Beagles…

  144. Oh, and two other short comments. For the “puppy mill” people…three words come to mind…cynical, narcissistic, pessimistic…oh, and a fourth…idiot. And the other comment…the could of, would of…eegads, that’s fingernails on a chalkboard for me…and another thing…so yes, that’s three comments…if you’re not sure WHERE to put the apostrope, then DON’T put one in! sheesh