Hamster Boot Camp is hell

[Hamster Sergeant Voice] "I see we have three new recruits."

"Chewing on your own foot are we Soldier? TERRIFIC. Congratulations."

[In Private Nuts face] "You! Are! Useless! Blobs!"

"You! Yes you, napping in that hand! What are you going to DO with the rest of your life? Hit the seed stash!"

It’s no use, Sender-Inner Joy J. Hamster recruit photos Foot in mouth, Soya the bean and soya bean were originally uploaded by MeLa de Gypsie.



  1. Is one of them called “Mayo”?

  2. tiiiiiiniest of ears!!! and that tiny smile…. they’ve stolen my heart. yup. stolen.

  3. upon further consideration, that first hammie is doing yoga!! i looked just like that last night, but with less cuteness.

  4. delish lil hors d’oeuvres!

  5. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:


  6. ooooohhhh, the dewd in the 1st pic has not yet fully developed his privacy tail-io!



  8. Mary (the first) says:

    This is the first time in my life that I regret not having a fecund hammy in my house.

  9. Yay! I was so happy when I found these pics in my daily ramblings yesterday I HAD to share them. Make sure you look at the photostream and see the bebbehs in bowls, TO DIE FOR!

    My first successful submission, I’m a happy girl!

  10. I think the picture taker went out and got a manicure so she wouldnt have the same fate as the foot guy 🙂

    that being said….awwwwwwwww baby hammies

  11. Wow. Just,wow.



  12. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Jmper: Yeah, the peeps tend to be tough on fingernails, for some reason. :-/

  13. This is why I am opposed to war. I mean, if we need to recruit baby rodentia, we’ve really lost our way as a nation.

  14. Sqee. That’s all. Just, squee.

  15. I want to throw them against a brick wall!

  16. B-Serv: Cry “Havoc”, and let slip the rats of war, that this foul deed shall smell above the earth with carrion men, groaning for burial.

    (kinda works, actually)

  17. EE!!

    Wee little bundle………..SHHHHHHH……..sleepy time!!!!!

  18. Today, we’ll work on wow to defend yourself against a man armed with a banana.

  19. LOL @ the drill sergeant: “You! Are! Useless! Blobs!”

  20. OMG!!! Who’da thunk?


  21. they’re not even old enough to drink!

  22. AHHH!!! The closed eye capsules! The tiny pink fists! The tailio nubbins! The foot nibblingks! (“I shall eat dis”)

    I am not worthy!

  23. If natures proven nothing, its that your foot is always the tastiest thing.

  24. *** PTUI! ***

    Nature’s WRONG, Lone.

  25. So cute! I think they’re gerbils though, check out the teensy back legs.

    I’ll take two handfuls, please.

  26. Such adorable preciousness!

  27. i’m pretty sure that i’ve taken antibiotics bigger than these bebehs – had a nasty sinus infection last spring. the pills weren’t a fraction as cute, tho.

  28. Sahrawi Wife says:

    *Poof* (head splods from tooooo much cuteness) **
    I want Bebe !!!!! :0}

  29. Pretty sure they’re hammie bebbies, not gerbils. Besides… don’t gerbils have longer tails? (I used to breed dwarf hammies, but I’ve never had a gerbil — seems they’re illegal in CA).

  30. Bite size! Delectably nommable.

  31. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Isn’t that the pits… Gerbils, Ferrets, and certain parrots, all illegal in CA. Stupid.

  32. @Theo:
    perchance, noble sirrah, great Caesar’s ghost meant, ‘Let sleep the rats of war’?

  33. (the original) Mel says:

    Ah seeing those lazy maggots takes me back to when I was a wee hamster in boot camp many years ago. I wonder if they’re getting tattoos when they get out like I did. :/

  34. scooterpants says:

    entirely too loud for the sweepin lil bebehs…
    quite now, simmer down now….

  35. LOL Theo and dub1!!

  36. AuntieMame says:

    Where’s the dippin’ sauce?

  37. Juniper Jupiter says:

    PERFECT example of a snack right thar.

    I mean, COME ON!!! People need to stop taking pictures of their bebeh animules in their hands (especially in that position) because they look like they’re ready to be tossed in the air and caught in the mouf like popcorn!


  38. OMG, even his teeny tiny little hamster junk is adorable! 🙂

  39. I can only hope they grow up to carry on the proud “wedge-wearing Hammie” tradition.

  40. Raemie L. says:

    1st hamster: [switches to other foot] Ehn! [nom-toe, nom-toe, nom-toe…]

    *brain mush*

  41. [Meg in server’s uniform enters room]

    Pushes dipping sauces (Ranch, and BBQ) towards AuntieMame, backs away bowing…

  42. Wait, before you go, what’s the house shiraz…?

  43. they all look pre-broccoloid

  44. AuntieMame says:

    Extra tip to the server for remembering that I don’t like honey mustard! Thanks, Meg!

    *dips Soya Bean in ranch and BBQ, and noms greedily*

  45. ….dead. wow. cute overdose….

  46. Ms.McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    This quote “[In Private Nuts face] “You! Are! Useless! Blobs!” combined with pic of little hammy = HILARIOUS!!! 😀

  47. Bebe winter white (normal and pearl coloured) dwarves?

    I lurve.

  48. Newly borned,
    Hardly formed,
    I am well and truly pwned.

  49. sighhhh….I used to raise dwarf hammersons. Howevs…one day when the bebehs were just a smidge past this age…eyes just opened…I came home to find that mom ham and sibling ham had eaten the other bebeh! She was cute too…a Red Eye Argente!

  50. Teeny rodentlets. Fuzzy eyecapsules and earfoldeddowns. Weentsy lil clawpaws. Rock-a-bye, hammmies, in the big hand….

  51. Vallynmar says:

    Third caption & Pic:
    Hammie gets up starts headbaning and shouts “I’m gonna rock!!!”

  52. compy-saur says:

    *whispering so I don’t wake the little guys up*

    Have I been lied to all this time? I was told when I was a kid that I shouldn’t touch baby animals because my scent will rub off onto them. And the parents wouldn’t accept them as their own. I guess my parents were just trying to make sure I didn’t bring all sorts of little critters home! hahaha

    Can anyone tell me more about this?

  53. Where can I scoop my up some of these? They’re perfect to fill my pockets!

  54. Compy — that, and little kids don’t tend to have the fine motor control, caution & experience to handle baby animals safely. You don’t want to tell a kid “No you can’t pick that up, I don’t want to see it dead in two seconds”.

  55. That’s it! I am going to buy up all the baby hammies in all of Oregon! I will not leave ONE hammy unscritched!

  56. Compy– Having worked with a wildlife rehabilitator, the whole scent thing is a myth. If you find a bebeh bird or squirrelio, you should try to put it back in the nest or in a box in a tree; the parents will look for it and keep taking care of it. You can handle baby hams, puppies etc, but not too much b/c it can stress out their mum.

    Theo– So THAT’S where I’ve been going wrong with kids!

  57. hamsterlady says:

    those hamsters don’t have their eyes open. you shouldn’t be holding them. The mother could reject them and they could therefore die.

  58. awww that’s so cute. i want 1 so bad. but my wont let me!!

  59. Do you realize that you could fit all three in your mouth at once?

  60. Elisabeth says:


    And it’s definitely a myth about handling baby animals=rejection. My hamster had a litter of babies. We handled them from day one and she not only didn’t reject them, she actually seemed to appreciate having a break from them. She was a first time mom and very frazzled and daunted by her litter.

    They were so soft and sweet — and they’ll suck on your palm with the tiniest of mouths.

    Obviously, we didn’t do it a ton…and we were very careful. They grew up incredibly tame and friendly, none the worst for wear.

  61. i think this is hamster blorp.

  62. …And then you will be in a world of cute.