THIS JUST IN: A Tiny Squirrel for Obama

He’s nuts! Nuts I tell you!


You’re Hussein in the membrane, Natty B.



  1. shopped?

    [OK, in *this* case, I wouldn’t be surprised. Somehow. – Ed.]

  2. Awwww. But do skwerls even have the vote? Squirrel Suffrage Now! That’s the sign he *should* be carrying.

  3. Hee hee! That is so cute! The squirrels have been especially busy in our yard lately. Who knew they were campaigning!

  4. The way things are going at the moment, I have far more faith in squirrels than humans when it comes to running things.

  5. That’s what I’m thinking too, Karen. It looks shopped. I can tell by the pixels and having seen many photoshops in my day…

  6. OMG, this is so not photoshopped. I heard some tiny hammering from the yard all last night, and clearly they were working hard on these to support the campaign.

    [Dude. That was *me*. – Ed.]

  7. Wow, all the squirrels in my neighborhood want to know where they can get those teeny tiny campaign signs! Do they come in raccoon, skunk, opossum, and ant size also?

  8. Loyal supporter works for peanuts.

  9. Squeeeeee! I am so putting that as my desktop wallpaper. Squirrels FTW!!!

  10. The sign should say Mccain…*cough* squirrel is cute though

  11. With that Bush-y tail, I’d have pegged that little feller as a Republican!

  12. Warm Mountain says:

    Man, I come to Cute Overload to get a breather from the campaigns, a moment of sanity. Now that stuff is here, too. I can has campaign timeout?

  13. Betcha Sugar Bush Squirrel would have something to say about this.

  14. zOMG, look at that humongous tailo! He looks like he’s saying “Obama promised me some nuts, but all I got were a bunch of crazy house representatives! 😦 “

  15. that’s one cute (and smart) squirrel! <33


    It seems that polar bears are campaigning for Obama as well.

  17. That Obama sign is proof that he -is- nuts!

  18. That’s a baby squirrel, I think. How adorabuhls! It looks like a cute little goblin with those sticky-up ears.

  19. gee, the squirrels in my yard have been too busy worrying about their tree being repossessed to do any campaigning.

  20. I want a campaign free zone 😦 I hope he’s not a Mahr fan too 😦 😦 😦

  21. yay obama squirrel! now somebody do a mccain disapproving rabbit. you know it is coming.

  22. All sing:-
    Were for Obama, Obama can’t you see,
    Well I come from Alabama
    with a banjo on my knee.

  23. it’s a groundswell among the groundskwerls!

  24. I gotz campaign fatigue, too. If you must go there, at least keep it cute, people. And when do we see a pic of a baby stoat coming out of a voting booth?

  25. Hey! Equal time if we have to have campaigning even here!

  26. That does look like a bebeh squirrel. We have a little bebeh squirrel living somewhere in our yard right now. The big squirrels climb up the bird feeder. The little feller either hasn’t figured out how to do that yet or isn’t big/strong enough to do it.

    Just curious: Does “You’re Hussein to the membrane” actually mean something?

  27. Oops! “in” not “to”

  28. ROFLMAO @ metaskins – seriously funny

    and slightly sad

  29. Even the squirrels get it!

  30. We need a CO term for people who yell “photoshop” (digi-nuffer?) at the first sign of a potentially altered photo.

    It’s adorable, I don’t care if it’s photoshop or not!

    Go squirrel, it’s your world and you’re just trying to get a nut!

  31. This is enough to make me reconsider my long-held dislike of squirrels. This little feller has good taste!

  32. @Lauren:

    Not just polar bears, but yetis too!

  33. (the original) Mel says:

    @metaskins: OMG. So true. LOL.

  34. Karen in Toronto says:

    Hmm. Maple leaves (didja all know we’re having a federal election up here? and it only takes a month).

  35. (the original) Mel says:

    @balamutha: What about “shoplifters?”

  36. Annie-it’s in reference to a song called “Insane in the Membrane”….Hussein being Barack’s middle name….get it?

    I knew them sqwerels were a smart bunch…

  37. Hussein is Barack’s middle name. I think it is a family name.

  38. Oops, someone got to it first. The squirrel is very cute though.

  39. I do believe my little squirrel buddy has the right idea!

  40. @Weasy-

    Oh, not to worry- the federal government got rid of the “equal time” ruling a long time ago. 😉

  41. @(the original) Mel

    Haha, maybe- or “shop-nuffers”!

  42. superboymom says:

    Don’t blame the little guy . . . he can’t help himself. He has a very tiny brain. 🙂

  43. The squirrel is cute but please no more politics or anything financial.

    My head hurts, CO (without the politics or financials) is the aspirin.

  44. My school is notorious for its large squirrel population ……..

    I just bet this pic was taken on saturday when obama came to my campus … LMAO …

  45. re: aloria’s “mccain disapproving rabbit” = LOL!

    If we don’t want politics bleeding into the cute, can we refrain from snarky politics in the comments at the very least? Whether I’m an OBAMA or McCAIN supporter, the bottom line is that Squirrley McSquirlsons has furry pants.

  46. *is sneaky*

  47. ha ha ANYTHING tiny is cute..even if it’s a tiny obama sign…yes to a grumpy republlican like me 🙂

  48. scooterpants says:

    hmm. must have something to do with the size of the brain.

  49. [SNORT] …wait till you find the REAL photo, Scooter.

  50. anyone open the imbedded pic? what does THAT sign say?

  51. Bahahaha!!@Theo. 🙂

  52. teho is silleh

  53. @ Teho (our beloved Ed.) Sneaky imbedded pic you’ve got there. When did you do it? Before or after you filled in your measuring spreadsheet on hs-green?

    [Both. I had to go back and correct that spreadsheet this morning… – Ed.]

  54. That squirrel knows where it is at. 😀

  55. btw -happy new year to those who are celebrating !

  56. Ahhh… my heart, she is warmed! Not sure what’s cuter – the tiny Obama sign or this tiny McSquirrelson.

  57. Sneaky, sneaky, Teho. Sneaky!

    It seems to me that this squirrely seems almost sheepish to be holding that sign. Perhaps a Hillary follower in the midst. Sparrows for Hillary? Disapproving rabbits for McCain? I have a rabbit, he probably does like McCain.

  58. Drilling offshore will lower the price of gas, which will result in more cars on the road, which will in turn cause more squirrel deaths! All joking aside, lets try to ride bicycles when we can. 😉

  59. I call BS. I know for a fact that skwerls are not eligible to vote.

  60. Hum, I was gonna vote for Paris Hilton, actually.

  61. yeah, but in Florida quite a few got away with it!

  62. @weasey:
    The Fairness Doctrine, which required both sides of a controversial issue to get equal “air time,” was abolished by the FCC in 1987.

    oh, and, ummmm, a little birdie told me Bob Barr has the Alpaca vote locked up.

  63. I would vote for Obama too if my brain were the size of a nut!

  64. <3 skwerlz

  65. Well, it wouldn’t vote for Palin, of course, it doesn’t want to end up in gravy …

    Come to England and vote for the Monster Loony Party, little skwerl!

  66. The Other One Michelle says:

    OMG! I just right clicked the sign and some silliness came up! That’s so funny! Do it!

  67. warrior rabbit says:

    I am shocked, shocked at how (relatively) calm this has been thus far.

  68. Rabbles The Rouser says:

    Behold, the combined political insights of a million bored housewives and doe-eyed dimwits.

  69. @aloria
    Disapproving rabbits for McCain
    It’s been done, sort of:

  70. OK.
    And, I bet Bullwinkle is for McCain/Palin.
    The election is starting to make sense now.

  71. It would really be nice to have a site that doesn’t mention politics.

    Obama will sink this country, so I’m not surprised the squirrels have his vote.

  72. LET NADER DEBATE! Even cute critters are getting sick of a failed two party system (except this limp wristed liberal squirrel).

  73. Should be a SKUNK or a RAT!

  74. Its not the end of the world as we know it, but one of the reasons I stop by CO each day is to cleanse out the politics crud that is EVERYWHERE nowadays. Obama this and Obama that.

    Yes the skwrl bro is cute for holding up a sign and he is entitled to state his case as a free-thinking rodent. But i think most folks prefer that CO was a politics-free zone.

    I humbly submit that your loyalists who are NObama are entitled to = time, perhaps with some kewl pix of a stout stoat or a bunneh with a “Maverick & Moose” jersey or some such.

    Or better yet leave out the pro-Bama (or pro-Mav) stuff altogether. There is more than enuff of that at every turn on teh intarwebs right now, & as likely as not its just gonna tork people off in this heavily charged atmoishphere.


  75. So far, I’ve only seen the McCain supporters resorting to insults.

  76. Squeeet! I saw a girl with a “baby seals for Obama” shirt the other day. Teh awethome.

  77. I am really, really tempted to call out the anti-Obama people for what they really are.


    But I won’t.

    So I’ll just say: REGISTER TO VOTE, EDUCATE YOURSELF on the issues that matter to YOU, and then GO OUT AND FREAKING VOTE. (US citizens, of course).

  78. @Starling: Not Becca! I just read Becca’s comment and thought, “I wish more democrats and republicans would do that – say something nice to each other despite their different beliefs.” My name ain’t Dreamer for nothin’.

  79. Amen, dear Servant of Bertha(tm).

    Pity I’m on the wrong side of the pond. To be honest, I wouldn’t know who to vote for over here, they’re a bunch of idiots, the lot of ’em.

  80. No doubt he supports Obama because of Obama’s support of ACORN?

    And the only reason I’m the first to make that joke is … because it’s too wonky?

  81. Personally I believe all members of other species should have the vote. Except for lemmings, that is. I have a bad, bad feeling about lemmings’ ability to make the good choice. *LEMMINGS FOR PALIN* would not be something we’d want to see.

  82. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    WooHoo! Teho! Cute embedded pic!

  83. Official Statement of Politico Squirrels:

    OMG politics is cute!

  84. Yay Skwerl! I hope this inspires some people to vote; there are too few people who vote. I mean c’mon… if yer gonna feel justified in complaining about the state of things, you better DARN well vote! If not, it’s yer own stinkin’ fault.

    Right, Mr. Skwerly? Right! 😀

  85. Heather in PA says:

    Smart squirrel. As for the “should be a skunk or rat” comment…I have pet rats and they are smart, very clean, loyal, and wonderful animals. 🙂

  86. Naturally… but who do they like for November?

  87. Woods Walker says:

    This proves that any body who would vote for Obama is a little squirrelly. Sorry I couldn’t help it-Woods Walker

  88. Yay! Little squirrel has the right idea.

    I polled my rats, and while they originally supported Hillary, they’ve joined the Obama bandwagon.

  89. snoopysnake says:

    This brings back fond memories of the discontinued Pesky the Rat blog. Were any of you fans of that? Remember Muffin the Bushy-Tailed Wood Rat?

    I’m wallpaperin’ my desktop with this squerl too. Obama’s for me!

  90. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I really don’t want boycott CO, but this might leave me no choice. I come here to get away from the Obama crap. 😦

  91. You know, we’ve never ripped on you for your screen name, LNC. (the last part, ahem) Maybe cut the opinionated little rodent some slack?

  92. smartest squirrel on the block.

  93. awwwwwww, so cute. I absolutely adore squirrels – they’re so under-rated!

  94. I agree with cc, politics IS cute.

  95. Only here, Vonvon. Only here.

  96. LesbianNeoCon says:

    You can rip on my name all you want, Theo. Believe me, I’ve come across tougher adversaries than the likes of you. I cherish the day I woke up from my liberal coma.

  97. Nice try. Won’t work.

  98. Lets hope the Cute Party of Marxists, Maoists, domestic terrorists, race-swindlers, union bosses and the Chicago political machine take over the country! That wouls be so squeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  99. :: sitting on hands and shutting mouf ::

  100. wise and cute squirrel!

  101. Hey folks, it’s a picture of a teeny adorable squirrel! With a teeny campaign sign! Teeny squirrel + teeny sign = cute!! If you prefer McCain, or Ron Paul, or Theo, or your brother, photoshop up a picture of an adorable little animal and send it in!

    ok, now I’ll follow berthaservant’s lead.

    ::sitting on hands and shutting mouf::

  102. Von Zeppelin says:

    I don’t care what the squirrel says. Everybody knows that Dewey is going to beat Truman.

  103. What a smart little squirrel! But agreed, keep CO politics-free!

  104. LOL GO OBAMA!

  105. Gail (the first one) says:

    I know I can certainly do without the snotty comments….

    This just in….the White Sox win the division!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

  106. I thought this was a little escape of a blog, a non-partisan haven of cuteness.

    I’m disappointed.

  107. You mean, like, *beagle* style disappointment, or full-on *Cinnamon the über-bunny* disappointment?

  108. All I know is, I *heart* Theo 🙂

  109. Howdy kittens – and such.

    Since I am the kid that found this tiny baby squirrel having a tiny baby squirrel rally right in front of my house I figured that I would chime in to the fray.

    Look past the sign (if you can – since it is in the middle – which probably makes it tougher) and focus on the baby squirrel.

    If – once you finish looking at the teeny squirrel – you do happen to see the sign – then know that he is just one little woodland creature standing on itsy-bitsy haunches for what he believes in.

    You should then relax, take a deep breath and giggle – because regardless of your slant – you are looking at a wee animal holding a sign.

    Was that logic?

    Oh – and it wasn’t made in photoshop. It was made in flash . . . because that is how I roll.

    Oh – Oh – and if you want a bigger version for your desktop – go to my site.


  110. Sarah Palin says:

    This is not what I expect from Cute Overload. Very disappointed. Will not be coming back. 😦 😦 😦

  111. LOL!!!

    Sarah Palin can see the future!

  112. oh, and NBumper — my version wasn’t Photoshop either. GIMP all the way.

  113. oaklandcat says:

    Theo FTW.

  114. Too funny! Real or fake I dig it!

    As for you huffers and puffers – GET OVUH IT! If you can’t deal with the fact this squirrel is voting one way then convince it your side is better. Simple as that. Oh and here’s a clue: The only thing that makes a post unappealing are the nasty comments. Why certain people can’t just move along and ignore something baffles me. There have been plenty of cat pics that totally annoy me and you know what?I just move along. That’s also simple.

    My goodness, no wonder this country can’t talk politics – people get so threatened and offended by the silliest things (rolling eyes around head til I’m dizzy).

  115. Stephanie says:

    I am courting disaster here but I seriously doubt an animal would be for palin seeing as how she likes to murderize those Moose so much.

  116. For all the people getting their panties in a bunch over politics on CO – did you ever stop to think that this is A BLOG? Just like any other BLOG? The owner (Meg) is free to post whatever the heck she wants! Equal time for campaigning? Seriously? If you can’t get over the cutesy little sign he’s holding to stop and think, hey, an adorable baby squirrel holding a sign, then what’s the point of coming here?

  117. squirrelgirl says:

    This is totally my background now.

  118. No politics here! Don’t ruin this site!

  119. Nothing would be more prosh than a society based on victim culture, new master classes based on feelings of victimization and, reparations for everyone for everything! Squeeeeeee!

    I await the post of a bunny wearing a shirt depicting Che Guevara blowing off the head of a 14 year old boy because he refused to kneel down for his execution. Then we can only talk about the cute bunny!! (Head Explodes — literally)

  120. Oh, we ruined this site YEARS ago. Babies, boobs, pine cones, etc.

  121. warrior rabbit says:

    Pine cones?

  122. Whoops… I read the comments again.

    When will I LEARN?!? 😉

  123. And a tick! Can’t forget the tick!

    [sweetjebusYES, the TICK TOCKS… :shiver: – Ed.]

  124. compy-saur says:

    For some real IRONY, what we need is a polar bear cub holding a McCain-PALIN sign.

    By the way, see how nice we are? No one has addressed LNC’s awakening from her liberal “coma.”

  125. This skwerl is so cute!

    Not so cute: the peeps who think they can tell Meg what she can and cannot put on HER blog. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. That’s what I do when Meg puts up a picture I don’t particularly care for and I keep my mouth shut. Everybody wins.

  126. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh, I think I remember the pine cone now. It had a face, and people who had phobias of things with holes freaked out. I told myself I was going to remember the name of that phobia, but it didn’t stick.

  127. Too cute! A hamster with a Chuck Baldwin sign would be even better though. 😉

  128. ThreeCatNight says:

    My gosh! All that fuss over a cute picture of an innocent animal. I do believe some on the opposite side doth protest too much. Nobody’s shoving their politics down your throats; enjoy CO for what it is – a forum. And then, take a chill pill, and worry about what we might REALLY be facing financially as part of the legacy of this administration. ‘Nuff said.

  129. Who in their right mind would vote for Obama? I guess a squirrel might since they are nuts!

  130. I like the way you balanced the potentially partisan little sign with calling the squirrel “nuts”. Very even-handed.

    Also, cute. obv.

  131. its a squirrel holding up a sign.
    it means NOTHING.
    squirrels can’t vote.
    so why get flustered? CO isn’t being political, you guys are. stfu and go look at some cute animals.

  132. More like the squirrel IS Obama!

  133. I think the squirrel is Palin’s illegitimate child getting back at her.

  134. To the person who said Bullwinkle would vote McCain/Palin: I don’t think a moose would back a moose hunter.

  135. Jobinky — no no, that’d be if it were a donkey in the pic.
    Keep your political animals straight; it’ll be important in a month or so.

  136. Whoa, how’d it get all conservative in here? I seem to remember some old pro-Obama posts.


  137. Now can we talk about Sarah Palin? Hmm? Can we? Are we there yet? Can we? Hm, Theo, can we?