The Good Toadmaritan

Gather around singing children, and let me tell you the age-old story of the Good Toadmaritan…

I’m going to be singing that song ALL DAY NOW OnTheOtherSide! Thanks a lot.



  1. He’s toadlicious!!!

  2. AWWWW! The little toad is VERY lucky! 😀

  3. Awwww! You know, we were just in Tx where my dad recounted a similar story of a toad getting stuck in one of those things. Only this guy was *stuck*. My dad had to use some type of lubricant to release the little guy from the tiny hole in the plastic. Toads beware the seemingly perfect home!

  4. Yay for critter-loving gardeners!

  5. The flying hammies just flew a leetle higher!

  6. That is toadily too much!!!

  7. It seems to be a common toad problem. When we were laying a new patio, we lifted up the old slabs and discovered a fully grown toad who’d obviously popped down a small crack as a baby, only to find himself trapped underneath as he grew.

    Toads is not the smartest, it seems.

  8. yay!!
    When does he turn into the Prince?

  9. A ribbeting tale with a hoppy ending

  10. What a lucky little toad! 🙂

  11. Toads rock. When I was a little girl I used to fall asleep at night listening to the toads trilling in the pond beneath my bedroom window. Now, thanks to global warming, that pond is dried up and there’s no more toads. 😦

  12. Toadally awesome!

  13. *sniffles* wonderful!! just what i needed 🙂 thank you, wonderful toadmaritan!

  14. Low production value, but it’s got heart and a feel-good ending.

    Still waiting for an least one inevitable “toads are gross” nuffer.

  15. <3 <3 <3

    I LOVE this video 😀

  16. tastes like chicken.

  17. Awww! The happy ending toadilly made me smile!

  18. leek the toad, leek the toad!

  19. Cute, but I kept thinking how much cuter it would be if the choir music was replaced with Kermit the Frogs “It’s not easy being Green”.

    ummm…..or brownish green 😉

  20. Aww, sweet toad, sweet story. Thanks, thoughtful gardener!

    ‘Scuse me, I have something in my eye…

  21. “The friendly gardener helped the Toad by…” POKING IT WITH A STICK????!!

    afraid of warts?

    Still, I’m glad it all worked out in the end 🙂

  22. Aw. That Toad definitely got an upgrade from one room basement studio to high rise entry level with pool!

    Srsly, how sweet that the guy made it a pond?

  23. Awww… This literally brought tears to my eyes :`) Sweet little thing! How wonderful of the gardener!

  24. Toadily wonderful.

  25. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! (Picture me waving my arm frantically in the air like Horschak.) (And if you’re too young to get that reference picture me rolling my eyes in mock disgust.) How about a ‘Heros’ category for CO? Then group together all these wonderful stories about the guy catching the baby ducks then walking them to the river, and the fireman giving the cat mouth-to-meowf and the free range cat refuge and the guy who helps the raccoon out of the dumpster and maybe even Christian the Lion and this guy with his Toad Abode and and and . . . Oh, I’m SUCH a genius! (But seriously, these kind of stories really are my favorite. Almost restores my hope in humanity and all that. Almost.)

  26. I like his attitude when he gets poked out of his house. He’s all “Hey! Heeeyy! I’m LIVIN here!”

  27. I love how that frog is all: “Muh legs don’t work! I been cooped up here a whiles!”

  28. TamaraRose: “That is toadily too much!!!”

    hahhaha, someone had to say it.

  29. scooterpants says:

    hmm, ok i am TOTALLY distracted by the Trojans ad that is directly beside my post i am posting. I think my immature kid side is having a giggle fest for some reason.
    anywho, yes, this is a nice story and a cute toad, and what is that music? is it a catholic thing? sounds like church music, i am not so familiar.

  30. Cute story and cool looking pond, but that was so blurry I have eyestrain now.

  31. Von Zeppelin says:

    Little did the kindly gardener know that he was actually assisting none other than St. Amphibius, the Patron Saint of Small Moist Places. Due to the intercession of the good saint, the gardener lived in weed-free blessedness all the days of his long life. (Or her long life–video was too blurry to tell.) Thus endeth the Vita Sancti Amphibii.

  32. That was a nice little video. That little toad is very lucky to have encountered such benevolent humans.

  33. We need a little sign by that sprinkler: All amphibians illegally parking in this sprinkler box will be toad.

  34. Wonderful story, but HOW did the toad EAT while he was trapped in there? If a toadlet gets into something like that young, and then can’t get out, how much time passes? (Sorry, I’m not familiar with the life cycle of toads). Did he just live on bugs and water that happened to fall in, or what??

  35. The Patron Saint of… oh my.

  36. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theo, the Blessed Saint admonishes you for your unruly thoughts. As your penance, you have to live in a sprinkler box for a significant portion of your natural lifespan. And live on flies.

  37. Cute leetle toad! It’s like, out of mees space! Looks really grumpy, but I don’t blame it.

  38. I don’t get it, Theo. Someone tell me!

  39. Sunstorm — you’ll have to ask Von Zep, I’m afraid. I’m stuck down here in this sprinker with only the light of my cellphone display to type by.

  40. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Was that music from The Deer Hunter, by any chance???

  41. Von Zeppelin says:

    Sunstorm, Theo was being CRUDELY and INAPPROPRIATELY humorous about the Patronage of St. Amphibius (please reference my earlier comment) of Small Moist Places. All of you, stop that tittering. What? Oh. (Slams dusty book of hagiography and stalks out of chapel).

    Theo, who told you you could have a cell phone in there?

    Love the tree crack house (not crackhouse!)

  43. I always keep one on my person, Von Zeppelin. Can’t say where.

  44. (by the way, why not “The Good Samaritoad”? Meggles?)

  45. And another squee. Loving the gardener!

  46. First I was giggling at Theo’s comment. Then I was laughing at Jorden’s “crack house”. Hehe! 🙂 Sweet video!

  47. I can’t believe this video made me cry…but it did!

  48. in answer to your question, rumi:

    see, what happened was, on friday the toad passed away and someone carefully put him in the hole. three days later, on sunday, the gardener moved the stone aside, and the toad emerged, alive!

  49. hence the music!

  50. Juno: I, too, call for a Heroes category.

    ashagato: I converted to Toadism just now.

  51. Omg…his little eyes peekin’ outta the hole. I love toads. I always imagine them as being portly old English gents.

  52. I vote for a Heroes category!!!

    Lucky toad – he didn’t just unstuck the toad and show him a new place but went the MILE and built him a little pond.

  53. @Rumi: probably there were a lot of bugs that also wanted to be in a nice dark hole, so the toad would have lots of nummy things to eat while he was stuck down there. He was safe, hidden, and food came to him, so he might not have minded being stuck all that much anyway.

  54. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Juno: Yay! I love the “Heros” suggestion!!!

    Music provided by the Choir of St Looney-Up-the-Cream-Bun-and-Jam.

    Oh and BTW, anybody “seen” Subhangi around here lately???


  56. Gail1 — only just a couple of 1-line comments, but yeah.

  57. I second (third? fourth? fifth?) the Heroes cat-egory.

    While I’m not normally a fan of amphibians and other cold-blooded creatures, the video *was* cute and heartwarming. St. Amphibian, he who is patron of all small, dark, moist places, must be smiling.

    I propose High Mass at St. Amphibius’s Sanctoady.

  58. That little toad was smiling!

  59. i love happy ending 🙂

  60. So sweet! I’m so glad the toad got out and found a nice home (and didn’t get stuck in the tree crack or something).

    Thanks to the video-maker for telling us a feel-good story, but er…lighten up on those captions there. Could barely see the toad!

  61. Shouldn’t that have said “where he still lives TOADAY?” Heehee

  62. I am the author of the video and would like to gladly respond to the various questions raised by the viewers:
    – The music is a baroque song by Francois Couperin. The singers are a French choir from the city of Montigny. I discovered the music on Jamendo. You can find other of the choir’s songs by searching for “Montigny” on the Jamendo website, which I use a lot to get music that is not subject to commercial copyright.
    – As many readers wrote, we think the toad ate bugs that were themselves in the sprinkler box (and small enough to come and go).
    – Yes, we did build the pond on purpose for the toad, in the hour that followed our discovery! (This was a lot of fun)
    – The video is available in a higher definition if you go to the YouTube website (there is an option “watch in high quality”). It makes it easier to read the captions.

    We are so glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks so much for your comments, and long life to Cute Overload!

  63. littleredhen says:

    This is one of the sweetest things I have seen on CO yet! I love the music & the video.

  64. ^ Yes, I agree! 😀

    First of all thank God for sharp-eyes gardeners. That was the perfect solution too. It’s exactly what I would’ve done! He’s so precious!

  65. Raemie L. says:

    I liked the music and fable-like story style put together. I, too, noted the cartoon-like blinking eyes in the hole of the sprinkler.

    The comments had me snickering.

  66. Dewds!

    Higher Rez movie has just been posted in older movie’s place.


  67. What a cute guy!!!
    I wanna kiss him.
    I hope he won’t turn into a prince tho…

  68. YAY!!

    Just, yay!

  69. Such an uf you can’t be right with toads, you can’t be right with God! A sweet year to you, Gardener!

  70. Something weird with that comment- let’s try again-
    Such a nice New Year’s story. If you can’t be right right with toads, you can’t be right with God!, etc.

  71. wow. a very sweet gesture for a little critter in trubs. kudos to the gardener!

  72. compy-saur says:

    What a sweet story 🙂

  73. *wipes away tear* Totally inspirational story.

  74. I love a story with a Happy Ending.
    I could swear I read some story or something that refers to God as the Gardener.

  75. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    And the toad paid him back his kindness by eating over 1,000 nasty insects per day.
    Toads are awesome, kudos to the smart and kind gardener.

  76. awwwwwwww!!!! what a great ending!

  77. Mary (the first) says:

    I finally got the chance to watch this and have only this to say (which I did think of long before I saw yy say it 81 times):

  78. cellarmouse says:

    Well, yes.

  79. I agree with the making of a Heroes category! What a great idea and the duck guy should be first!