The Sandwich Stealer Writes in!

The epic Sandwich Stealer wrote us!!!

The basset hound we featured we back in ’06 sent a very proud calendar beauty shot our way. Check it out, and check out the original post.


=====Original post!=====

[Cliff Claven voice] Did anyone uh, notice me there? Take this, uh, sandwich here?




Well, Okey Dokes, then.


Carina V., I love how Molly the Basset’s lips wrap around her prey like that. The adventure!

=====/Original post!=====

Wow, that’s like before we even did hovertexts ‘n’ stuff. Congratulations on your calendar appearance, Molly!



  1. the ears, my goodness, the ears…..



  2. HEY! Molly was looking ahead!

  3. biscuithead says:

    Love the eyes!

    /Theo won’t let me compare them to David Bowie’s unless it’s the dog has same medical condition. 😉

    Notice the dainty back paws!

  4. love those eyes… is there a special name for that?

  5. (the original) Mel says:

    I had a bassett named Molly too. I called her Molly McButter cause she was a little on the lumpen side.

  6. BiscuitHead – o_O

  7. …and, um, I might’ve *retroactively* added a few hovers. heh

  8. Lurve the hover texts!

  9. I’ve never seen a Bassett with the two colored eyes before! The innocent sandwich stealing look is priceless.

  10. Aww… she’s got a little grey on the muzzlepouch to mark the passage of time.

  11. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    She’s gorgeous!

  12. This is the classic CO post that I show people whenever I introduce them to this site! I love that danged bassett hound and her sandwich!

  13. What happened to his eyes? No offense to the pooch, but that kind of thing freaks me out. 😦

  14. This is one of my all time favorite posts. I love the “Nothing to see here” casual face!

  15. Basset hounds are SO the Cliff Claven of dogs!

  16. Gail (the first one) says:

    Awwww!! One of our very own starlets!!!!

    Of course, if Molly’s like the other Bassies I’ve known, she probably stepped on her own ears during her slow-speed getaway!

  17. knightofmonarch says:

    Poor pup got one bad eye – but I bet her nose makes up for that

  18. scooterpants says:

    cool gecko i thought you were going to go by sun-something or other now?
    the dog has one blue eye.
    theres nothing wrong with it.(dont think)
    anywho- that being said.
    NO ONE is allowed to flip forward on MY COL calendar! Its no even 2009 yet.
    No peeking. you guys are killin my buzz showing future pages when the Anal-retentive of us are freakin and trying not to see! ugh!
    oh, but i love this post. what an angel.

  19. What a pretty girl. I’m not a fan of bassets but she is really cute!

    You go girl and be sure to get some treats to go with you celeb status now!!!

  20. A true legend returns to CO! Looking good!

  21. Peeps, that’s not a “bad” eye, that’s just a white eye–no visible iris. The pupil’s still there. Dogs get that a lot.

    (and no, it’s not the David Bowie look, it’s more like Marilyn Manson with that one special-effect contact lens)

  22. Seth – I dunno if there’s an official name for eyes like that, but around my area we just call it “moon-eyed.”

  23. OK, so now CO is exhibiting some weirdness with Firefox on the Mac. I checked the site using Safari and it looks to be ok. My question is, did the recent FF update screw up the Qte?

    btw, very cute mcpuppersons!

  24. Selphie le Boffin says:

    I always wanted a Basset Hound when I was a kid. They are just teh perfect Qte.
    I’b gob da breebbb…

  25. I’m not a dog person, but…
    I LUB HER!

  26. Excellent Mushmouth hovertext, Teho!! Good to see an old friend return to the Load!

  27. Totalee Puppy says:

    Hovertext fantastic! Loving this post. Wish I could look cute stealing a sandwich…

  28. biscuithead says:


    LOVE the hover text!

    I’ll defer to you on the Marilyn Manson reference for the resemblance of the eyes being more accurate, even though I find Bowie to be a WAY cooler dude!

    /No sore feelings here – I was just giving you a little gas.

  29. the hound steals your sandwich while THE EYE STEALS YOUR SOUL

  30. I gots me a sammich!!!

    doo dee doo de dum….

  31. Selphie le Boffin says:

    Um, hello? The eye is totally photoshopped. Look at the pixels!
    And the bread too. Someone clearly photoshopped the bread into her mouth. Look at the dodgy outline. What dog would eat bread, anyway?

    NB. Joking

  32. She’s still a beauty! Star quality! <3

  33. “We Bassets were trained for hunting small prey, I think sandwhich snarfing is a good substitute.”

  34. I have a bassett, and yes dogs will eat bread, my bassett will eat anything, she once stole a whole 1lb block of cheese off of the counter. You just gotta luv them…..and our bassett also talks in mushmouth,,,,,,,Molly is beautiful.

  35. Go Molly Go! Go Molly Go!

    *does little dance in honor of Molly*

    A thtar ith born.

  36. Totalee Puppy says:

    Binky-Mama…You are
    so cute…(sigh)

  37. I remember this one from the original post! And every time I’ve seen a Basset over the past two years, I’ve thought about this little sandwich stealer. Thanks for the encore presentation.

  38. Poor bassett hound looks like he sneezed a little too hard.

  39. I missed this one first time around – what an absolutely beautiful beast!

  40. Although he was a Lab rather than a Bassett, my King loved him some bread. And pancakes. You could flip a slice of bread or a pancake across the yard like a Frisbee, and he’d catch it every time.

  41. Aww, Molly, you’re still beautiful. You remind me of my beagle, who has had the same kind of “graying” on her head over the years. Still gorgeous, and I’m willing to bet still sneaky enough to steal a sammidge!

  42. Wow. I have always thought that Molly was one of the most beautiful Basset Hounds evar.

  43. aaah…. 🙂

  44. We use the oven as a breadbox to keep the critters out…the problem being that when we use the oven we have to stuff the bread on the back of the dryer with stuff piled in front or Radar will help himself to a loaf or two…he LURVES bread. He really likes the french or italian when it gets stale…then he uses it like a rawhide and chews on it for hours.

  45. Beautiful kid! I think they call that parti-eye?

  46. That’s one of the absolute ugliest living beings I’ve ever laid eyes on.

  47. jmuhj – you must not have any mirrors in your house.

  48. I thought “Party Eye” was what Paris Hilton has.

  49. (meh, did I just say that?)