Breaking News Bulletin!

MEYRIN, Switzerland — More troubles befell the Large Hadron Collider, buried beneath the Swiss-French border, when a trio of puppies were sucked into the particle stream through an air intake and were accidentally fused.  Although the puppies appear to be healthy, doctors caution that certain activities, such as fetch-the-stick, may become more complicated.

... and number twos?  Seriously, you don't want to know.

Can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, Jenny J.



  1. Cerberus puppy! Ehn!

  2. See ? SEE ? I TOLD you it was dangerous. 🙂

  3. fightinfilipino says:

    the one facing forward…that face looks so human it’s a little frightening D:

  4. attempts would be futile
    not to mention plain brutal
    to separate each labradoodle
    from this cuddly caboodle

    anyway. why not? we have siamese kittens, right?

  5. that pup in front is peering into my soul! take me. i’m yours, blue-eyed pupmaster!

  6. Von Zeppelin says:

    So, this is how the destruction of the planet begins. Will this Dog Accretion Phenomenon (DAP) cause ALL dogs to fuse into triples? Or just curly-haired, blue-eyed ones?

  7. What happens if you collide a kitty and a puppy and a bunny? Like maybe the cutest animal ever??? Don’t ya think?

  8. huh. this is three puppies right? with little puppy butts… so it only looks like there’s one butt and three little faces.

  9. platedlizard says:

    I dunno guys, the puppah in the middle looks rather worried. Obviously she is uncomfortable with the situation! and I simply can’t nuff here, not even in just. Too cute!

  10. Finally, scientific research pays off!

  11. @didi : was that ‘one butt and three little feces’ ? (Oops.) And didn’t NomTom change his cap-shon, something about nr 2 ? Thought that was funny – am I still lol’ing at toilet humor? *shakes head in disbelief*

  12. Beware the Black Hole of Cuteness!

  13. The middle puppy knows ever sin I have ever committed.

  14. Somehow Cerberus seemed to have that bit more style about it 😛

  15. A big chocolate snorgledoodle!

  16. Cerberus wasn’t ALWAYS a bad dog.

  17. so THAT’S how Cerberus came about! I didn’t know the ancient Greeks had Hadron colliders…

  18. Now THAT is cute! You may deliver it to Connecticut, thank you, I’ll take very good care of them (it).
    Caitlin, except they called them large Hadrian Colliders back then… I think…yeah, Romans, Greeks-hey, the pun is there….

  19. That’s not Cerberus–that’s FLUFFY! He obviously got away from Hagrid…

  20. Does anyone know what kind of dog that is?

  21. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Katrina: Hadrian Colliders?

    He was the biggest philhellene of ’em all, anyways…..

    If this is what guards the entrance to Hades, I got mah drachmas for the voiyage right HEEYAH!

  22. Capt. Tightpants- what do you think they retrieve from the River, Styx? (Ba DUM bum).
    Chew on that for a while smartypants! (Two puns, no waiting!)

  23. Um, I wrote a response to Cap’t Tightpants,and everyone else, too and I don’t see it. Oh, flern……maybe it will show up-Theo? Did it register? It was one of my better postings, that’s why the questions.

  24. “Thank you Good CO fairy”; whoever you are!

  25. I don’t think Hagrid would want this one, it’s too cute. Not enough fangs.

  26. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Katrina, I think I love you.
    In a platonic, girly, let’s hang out and watch lots of Buffy together sort of way, of course.

    I’ll bring the fluffy Cerberus puppies.

  27. Capt' Tightpants says:

    PS: These look exactly like the kind of dog my stuffed animal friend is modeled after.

    I’ve had him forever, and often cannot sleep without him.

    I named him Chewbacca.

  28. ThreeCatNight says:

    ‘Twas ever a Hydra so frightening, so intimidating — so snorgable?!

  29. Jackie: I think they are labradoodle pups, ie, a poodle-labrador cross. The chocolate or cafe-colored ones sometimes have those lovely light eyes. Their coat is hypo-allergenic and their intelligence and patience makes them great guide dogs. (we’re getting a labradoodle next spring, so excited!)

  30. Labradoodle nuthin’. These are triple-chocolate schnickerdoodles.

  31. Is it just me, or does anyone else see Paul Newman gazing soulfully out of that cool blue eye?

  32. Why thank you, Cap’t Tighpants-love is love,and I appreciate it. Yes, I watch Buffy and now I even watch Angel, to soothe the cravings.

    Triple chocolate Snickerdoodles, there goes my diet today..I never realized until THIS diet that there can be “food suggestions earworms” too! Suggestions, intended or not, that stick with one and create cravings. BEWARE!!
    However I’m going to my Gastroenterologist in 10 minutes, so maybe I’m saved.I’m sure he’ll have some advice that will kick this earworm out the door!
    Totalee Puppy- no, I’m not cheating on you, we can all be friends-pass the dry popcorn, please.

  33. They’re lovely! I love the fur…it looks so soft.

  34. Cerberus pup is ashamed face for giving into peer pressure and getting the perm.

  35. They are so cute! Love those curly coats! 🙂

  36. SoCalSis: I totally see it!

  37. How come even h3ll has better-looking wooden floors than me?

  38. Annie: Thanks for the tip! I wants one…or two…or three. Or maybe I’ll just order one Labradoodle and one Triple-chocolate schnickerdoodle because that also sounds very appetizing….

  39. Yukky ukky ukky. NOT CUTE.

  40. hey I’m no scientist but I thought that thing was suppose to splice stuff not stick them together! They are cute though!

  41. Starling, this is just the larval stage.

  42. it’s totally ‘shopped! *snerk*

    Katrina — I live in CT too! It’s good to know one of my fav. CO (grammar love!) is in the vicinity.

  43. anner- ya know where they used to make all that silverware? I’m there. YOU?

  44. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Another puppeh I could have… not allergenic you say?! So, I could have a Bichon and/or a Labradoodle?! Cool! Now I just need a place for him/her/them… visualizing new apartment…

  45. Those puppies are so incredibly cute.

  46. Katrina…I’m not sure I know. I’ve only been here a few years. But I’m in…the one with Yale!

  47. ok…i think i may have figured it out…which means you’re not far away!

  48. momof2kitties says:

    Hey anner and Katrina!

    We used to live in Middletown, back in the 90’s. We LOVED CT. Awesome place. We still reminisce about The Black Seal in Essex.

    I know where Yale is, but where did they make silverware?

  49. momo2k — i lived in middletown for 4 years, the 2nd two for grad school. it’s kind of crime-ridden these days. Essex is lovely though!

  50. momof2kitties says:

    @anner: Wesleyan? Such a pretty campus.

    I think we would have moved by now, if we were still there. We didn’t have kids then, but now we have three and I seem to recall that Middletown’s schools weren’t the best. We still have friends in Cheshire and West Hartford, though. We miss it!!

  51. My God they are perfection! Those eyes…I melt!

  52. the article said it never happened…

    is this fake?

  53. Amber — you’re asking whether a Cute Overload blurb about the Large Hadron Collider creating Triple-Chocolate Schnickerdoodles is *fake* or not?

  54. (PS — they don’t use it to make omelets, either)

  55. [belatedly realizing the question was likely not serious]

  56. Stephanie says:

    PLEASE – Anyone! What is this ADORABLE type of puppy called???

  57. Stephanie — as has been mentioned upthread, they’re probably Labrador/Poodle mixes, i.e. Labradoodles. Or triple-chocolate schnickerdoodles, if you prefer.

    I know the comments do kinda pile up (and sometimes it’s a commentroversy avalanche) but it’s usually worth your while to at least skim.

  58. Samantha S says:

    SOMEONE please tell me the breed!!

  59. @Samantha S while the labrador/poodle mix is possible, it seems more likely that these are wirehaired pointing griffon puppies.

  60. I’m the owner of the one on the right. They’re multi-generational Australian Labradoodles from Manor Lake Labradoodles in Bellingham, WA. One of them is still available. I have more photos of them (and my sweet Simone) here:

  61. These are full multigen Australian Labradoodle puppies
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