2 Bunnies 1 Nozzle


Mireyita, holler back with an update when you can afford two nozzles.



  1. omg too cute <3

  2. What is in that nozzle, is the next video, two buns two hangovers? or is there such thing as BunNip?

  3. Aw, the video cut off just as they were figuring out how to drink from the nozzle simultaneously…

  4. My Turn.
    No! My Turn
    No! NO! it is my Turn.
    Hey! no I don’t think so it is my turn.

    Hey bub Get outta my way!

    No you bonko bunny it is My turn and my water bottle!

  5. I think the brown bunny is winning!

  6. WOW they are really going for it! Are we sure it’s just water in there!

  7. Hi! I’m the “mamá” of this two bunnies… the worst of all is that they HAVE THREE water bottle…

  8. LOL Mireyita!

    Happy Bun-Day Everyone!

  9. is that a 2 girls and a cup reference? o.o

  10. milquetoast says:

    I’m Doctor Buns. I’m new to this site and again, I’m seeing buns being made to conform to human (peeuuuwww..) standards. Two nozzles would have sufficed! I do not see the purpose of subjecting these two high fuzzamples of bunnitude to such derrogatory tidings! I most whole heartedly DO NOT approve this message! Perhaps these buns were allowed to use up their ration of waters, encouraging their skins and furz to loose their prosh-netic qualities! The more I think about it, the more hyper I gets… I may have to send off a strongly worded leaf of lettuce to the most appropriate authorities! Maybe…. another time..

  11. Did anyone else watch the other vid linked at the bottom of the 3 day old bunnies? What a bunch of Squirmy McSquirmersons!

  12. milquetoast says:

    After consulting with Mireyita, I concludes that these buns suffer from Humantria, or the disease brought on by animals that have bonded with the corrupt-SHONS of a humans (ewwwww..) They study from the confines of their metal cages and assumes the posi-SHONS of slotheryness and low class. These are lost causes, for they have more than one noz, and I have confirmed such. I have most recently been successful in rehabitula-SHONS of many buns but it is not easy. Many carrots are wasted. It’s not pretty.

  13. Yay they worked it out together. Haven’t they grown in 18 months!

  14. “Hey I’m gonna get a drink”
    “Yeah me too”
    “Me first”
    “No me”

  15. Maybe it’s not WATER in the bottle…hmmm…

  16. My thoughts exactly, Paul.

  17. I hope not, though.

  18. I’m sure they would fight over the ‘best’ nozzle even if there were two of them eheh

  19. *watching this thread veeeeery carefully*

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  21. knightofmonarch says:

    They act just like kids – fighting over something and then ending up working it out

  22. Mireyita> Ha! I was just asking my husband what he wanted to bet that there was another water bottle right out of the shot and then he noticed your comment.

    My two buns are much the same. An entire bowl of greens for dinner and the both have to eat the same single leaf.

  23. My cats do that over the “You Betcha!” mug we got from Minnesota that we keep for them in the shower. They only drink out of that mug, from that shower – and it has to be fresh water straight from the shower (not the sink). And, you can’t just “top off” the mug; you have to empty and refill it.

    And, then, they fight like disapproving buns over it.

  24. I really hope the top caption isn’t a reference to “2 Girls 1 Cup”.


  26. DreadPirateScott says:

    My gerbils figured out how to drink from their water bottle at the same time. These bunnehs should learn from them. ^_^

  27. Rabbits do this all the time lol. As soon as they see one rabbit doing something, everyone else has to do it too. It’s a little annoying when you (the “big rabbit”) want to clean out the litter box, and they think that you’re announcing that it’s time to eat/poop. So then you can’t get them out of the stupid box while you’re trying desperately to change the litter. I trained Bambi long ago to stay away while I’m messing with the box, but the new rabbit Sina is still a little confused as to why I don’t want her in the box if it’s “hay time”. @_@;;;

  28. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    that’s what I thought…. 2 buns 1 cup LOL

  29. That’s *much* too high of a schnozzle-to-nozzle ratio!

  30. My ratties used to do this, but they would actually push and shove with their little pink hands. Maybe it’s etiquette that separates us from the other animals…well, some of us, anyway.

  31. Gail (the first one) says:

    I think the one with the longer floofage looks a little like a Billy Goat! (Of course, it’s Monday and I’m tired, so I could be wrong!)

  32. My chinchillas do this EVERY TIME I refill the water bottle. All of a sudden they are BOTH VERY THIRSTY although it ends in much more attitude and squeaking that this video.

  33. warrior rabbit says:

    Ariel, no matter where they are in the house, they show up when you start to clean the litter box. It’s a sixth sense.

    They like to supervise. So they can disapprove up close and personal.

  34. JuliaJellicoe says:

    They almost had a Busby Berkeley routine going there!

  35. My bunnies used to do that (I had three) even though there were FOUR bottles of water, they’d always fight over the one… Tsk.