The Chosen Baboon?!

[Baboon #1:] He’s definitely the Chosen One from the ancient Baboon bible, Cheryl.
[Baboon #2:] No, no no Linda!—I think—he’s from the future.
[Baboon #3:] Wait, his ears look relatively normal [picks on an ear]
[Baboon #4:]
Wait. He looks like a Gunderson. He’s one of Phil’s kids. Never mind.


Sender-Inner Johanna S., You’re BACK! (Like a lil’ pink baboon butt, you’re BACK!)



  1. Look for the bleeny birthmark!

  2. PS looks *just* like my family when there’s a new baby. 😉

  3. I like pink butts and I cannot lie . . .


  4. Baboons have been hitting the crimping irons a little hard.

    All they need are white fringe leather jackets and Whitesnake t-shirts.

  5. It takes a village

    (tee hee – so adorable!)

  6. Stop lookin’ at my ears! I TOLD you I’ll grow into them! Sheesh…like YOU guys were never bebeh baboons.

  7. OK, so we have the 3 Kings, and little Monkey-Jesus, and we even have an ass… but where, pray tell, are the proud parents? And WHO is that mysterious Grey Baboon?

  8. The gray baboon is the shaman of the baboon village, Jennie.

  9. Those crimping irons- tee-hee–be careful around the baby! The white one- Warren Beatty, of course!

    Baboons creep me out, but that is MY problem, not theirs…

  10. biscuithead says:

    @Jiffknee — I LOLd!

    Glad to see some primates on CO.
    Big nom-worthy ears, the plaintive eyes + the familiarity of the scene make me appreciate the DNA we share from our common ancestors.

  11. biscuithead says:


    That IS Warren Baboon Beatty!

    I love it when we can match humans with their ape twins!

  12. LOL!! That is some of the funniest captioning I’ve ever seen on this site. Very “Far Side.”


  13. Von Zeppelin says:

    I’m not sure sure about Warren Beatty. That silver-maned baboon patriarch looks like Kenny Rogers to me. Or possibly Sean Connery in “The Hunt for Red October,” when he wore Kenny Rogers’ hair.

  14. no, no. i think the silver baboon is Cher.

  15. OMG, it’s a *baby*. That’s not what I come here for! I come here to see *animals*!

    ….sorry, is that joke played out?

  16. Hmm, I think Senor Grey-Hair has been hanging out at Spanking Kitty’s house. His b.boon ‘tocks are looking a little raw. But then he’s been known to get a little behind in his work.

  17. the adults are saying, “look Junior, we KNOW you have some leftover trick or treat candy somewhere….”

  18. I couldn’t decide if we were looking at the baby or the awesome crimp action on the white baboon. I like them both!

  19. Oh, Meggy McMeggersons!!
    CO NEVER fails to make me smile and squee, but THIS!! THIS photo/caption combo made me truly, literally Laugh Out Loud. It caused a scene.
    Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  20. Stick them under a sink for showering and then we’re talking!

  21. scooterpants says:

    don get the commentary.
    must be outta the loop?
    kEyoutoot babe though.

  22. momof2kitties says:


    Go back to “and now, a word from our sponsor” and “sunday monkey washing” and some of this thread will begin to make sense to you. Of course, I read all of that and sometimes this stuff still doesn’t make sense to me! ‘Tis the beauty that is CO,
    I suppose.

  23. I’m pretty sure it’s Beatty ’cause Carly Simon just wrote a song about him.

  24. So little cutie is going to work at Phil Gunderson’s funeral home when he grows up?

  25. Totalee Puppy says:

    “I went to the animal fair,
    and what do you think was there…
    a big baboon by the light of the moon…
    was combing his silver hair”…

  26. Baby ‘boon: Look, you can’t ALL be my mother and I’m pretty sure you, Mr Silver Hair, are a daddy so will you 3 ladies just decide and then give me some milk? I’m getting hungry here.

  27. NebulousGrey says:

    And there goes my soda, all over the ‘puter screen.

    My nose, it hurts from that giant snort of laughter. Hee.

  28. ok can we please discuss the crimpage on the fur?! ahhhhhh!!!

  29. No, it’s not Warren Beatty, but Warren probably thinks it is…

  30. SoCalSis — I’m going to be singing that all day, aren’t I? Aren’t I? Aren’t I?

  31. Yeah, well singing that song isn’t as bad as being on a diet and thinking about Theo’s Triple Chocolate Snickerdoodles…..heaven help me, I will resist.

    Hey Theo we could really use a cute picture of a Corgi puppy- got any of those stashed somewhere?

  32. You’re ALL wrong, it’s Bonnie Tyler!

  33. PS, One of the most peaceful sights I ever saw was a mom baboon grooming her baby in the Bronx Zoo. They were just blissful. You’d never see a human kid sit still for that like the bebeh baboon did.

  34. Hilarious! He’s all ears! 🙂

  35. And yet, no one said – “Asante sanna, squashed banana…” I think of that every time I see a Baboon!

  36. I’m waiting for the senior one to hoist up the baby to the swells of Circle of Life.

  37. Awwww! Such a little anxious face…”Tell me, papa, that the world is not a scary place and that the humans won’t have messed it all up by the time I’m grown…”

  38. Too late Londoner… way too late.