Your Caturday Lullaby

It’s been a nice ole Caturday, People.

Let’s put ‘er to bed with this unusual Kitteh vid with blissful clenching paws. [Rule #29 in case you forgot.]

Sender-Inner ‘The Red Masque’, I’m not going to even ASK how this vid came about. Is that a lynx in that living room!?

P.S. Extra credit video is here, of an apparent Deer/Kitteh naptime interupted by a fallen battery pack. D’oh!



  1. I am both confused and adorable-ized!

  2. A lynx in a house, unleashed, on a couch?!?

  3. zomg GIGApaws!

  4. Feline paws almost the size of his/her head? This is unbearable. I just want to kiss those paws. Softy-furry! (Gigantic claws are just a minor technical problem, I can handle them.)

  5. I am guessing that is a baby rehab thing going on… similar to what does

  6. Aww, both videos were weird and adorable!

  7. Those are the biggest, most terrifying paws I have ever seen in my life. If my kitties had clawzors like that I’d be like ZOMG I NEED TO GET THE CLIPPERS NOW!

    Cute big kitteh though. Mrr.

  8. There should be a cute rule: When your paws are bigger than your head, it’s cute.

  9. Hehe, as I was watching this, my kitty was sitting in my lap, kneading and sucking my towel. Except she doesn’t have as big of claws as Mr. Lynx above!

  10. Whoa. Imagine the size of the biscuits!

  11. I could be wrong, but isn’t it a bobcat, not a lynx? Aren’t lynxes smaller? I could be getting my wild kingdom mixed up…

    However that cat/deer vid? Cutest thing ever…well, until the deer kicked the cat in the head. But hey, that’s the price you pay for a good snuggle!

  12. elle doubleu says:

    I love how the deer is like “man I wanna get up but don’t wanna kick the cat in da head…”

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    How is this possible? The cat is almost as big as the deer. Still, I wanna be right there in the middle (till the kicking starts).

    Maybe the first video is a Kentucky Wildcat! Go Big Blue!

  14. Bouncing bobcats! What’s going on?1? A fawn AND lynxes?!?

  15. paulajeanne says:

    I think it is a bobcat. Don’t lynx have more of an ear tuft? Whichever, looks awfully comfy! As do the deer and the cat!

  16. “I could be wrong, but isn’t it a bobcat, not a lynx? Aren’t lynxes smaller? I could be getting my wild kingdom mixed up…”

    Actually, Kristi, in the words of the immortal Jerry Clower a lynx is a “souped up bobcat.”

  17. I’m sorry, this is wrong. Those are wild creatures, and they deserve to be out IN the wild. Not sitting around the house as someone’s pet.

  18. i’d heard the biscuit making motion was a reaction to being weaned too early, but had no verification – paired with suckling here, there’s no doubt anymore
    but it’s still adorable

  19. Biscuit making is indeed a learned behavior associated with suckling.

    An “interspecies snorgling” tag, perhaps? “Unusual animals?”

    Oh, and Ali?

    You don’t know the story. You have no idea if they are being kept “as pets” or perhaps being raised among people for health/medical reasons. If you want to remind everyone that it is not usually okay to take in a deer or lynx as a pet, that’s fine, but you don’t have to criticize a situation you have no idea about.

  20. ENORMOUS FURRY PAWS? The Cuteness, the cuteness!

    Sweet deer and kitty friendship 🙂

  21. Best caturday ever.
    Almost too much. Are those paws real? I can go check…

  22. Why did whoever was filming throw a battery at the deer?

  23. So that lynx in the first picture walks into a saloon, hops up on a stool and puts his paws up on the bar.

    The bartender asks him, “What’ll it be?”

    and the Lynx says, “I think I’ll have a…………………………… rum and coke.”

    And the bartender says “Sure thing, but why the huge pause?”

    Lynx looks down at his paws and shrugs and says “Had em all my life.”

  24. I also got verra nervous when Bambi picked up his sharply-hooved hind leg right by Kitteh McPusserson’s sleepy little head.

    Glad that all turned out okay.

  25. Okay, last post, I swear

    What’s up with all the wildlife in the house?? My husband would kill me so dead if I brought a big cat or a deer into the house.

  26. “Mom, look what followed me home, can I keep it?”
    Yes, dear, you can keep it for 24 hours and then you have to give it back its own life.”

    “Awwww, Mo-ommmmmm”
    This is probably a case of the peopple feeling sorry for the cute nightie-obsessed bbbiiiigg kitteh-they’ll give him the nightie and put him back!

  27. Totalee Puppy says:

    Thanks, Meg, for the Caturday Fix!

  28. They’re definitely pets and not rehab, if you go to the original youtube url you can see.

    Really cute videos, they look well taken care of even though I don’t know what I think about this…the lynx in the first one is 65 pounds now and there are more vids of it.

    I’m not nuffing, I think they are really cute! (ok kinda wish they were in the wild because the woman feeds the deer mac and cheese in another video)

  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    Holy Paws, Batman!
    Very cute, both videos. I too was holding mah bref with the deer trying to get up but not wanting to mess w his/her friend…

  30. so_much_love says:

    I’m generally not down with the getting of wild beasties as domestic pets but at the end of the day if they’re happy – and those later vids suggest they are – then I’m happy.

    Upside-down lynx receiving chin scritches = two kyoot.

    ps. How do these animals overcome their food-chain impulses? I had a cat and two mice when I was a kid… until I left my bedroom door open one day and suddenly had two mouse skulls and a sheepish-looking cat.

  31. Maybe they were rescues to start with and stayed as pets. With the deer that’s probably fine because for that to work they’d pretty much have to have a big yard anyway.

    The lynx seems okay (I’m not judging here) but just makes me nervous for the people, because raising wildcats can be quite dangerous once they are mature adults. They don’t behave quite the same as housecats and can get violent. I hope this one doesn’t turn out that way!

    Also, cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!

  32. so_much_love says:

    ok…so i just saw the ‘not a happy cat’ video. sheesh, my 5 kilo cat delivers some lacerations when he’s pissed, I’ll pass on the lynx-sized versions, thanks.

  33. I grew up in an area where we had bobcats, that looks like a bobcat. If so it will get a lot bigger.

  34. Jesus Christ it’s a lynx!

    […get in the cart! – Ed.]

  35. I’m guessing the Lynx is being raised by humans in lieu of its mother for some good reason. (There are people who will take orphans and raise/train them for eventual release into the wild)

    But what I couldn’t help but notice is that the Lynx/bobcat is not only flexing his enormous but cute paws, but sucking on his blanket, like my cat likes to do on hers at night. We need a new rule..if it has a blanket/blankie of its own, it’s cute…

  36. Seems to me that the battery-throwing was an attempt to wake up “Lynx” (apparently the name of the domestic kitteh) so that the deer could get up. I often ask my girlfriend to rattle a can or something when my cat is asleep on me and I want to get up without shaking her. 😉

  37. No, she bought the lynx from a breeder in Arkansas for 2 or $3,000 – it’s in her video comments (might be a different breeder).

  38. Gail (the first one) says:

    Awww, little deerie didn’t want to wake up kitteh friend!!! SO cute!!!!!!!

  39. The bobcat is one species in the lynx genus (lynx rufus). So it is both a bobcat and a lynx.

    I, personally, tend to be of the view that pets should be domesticated species, fwiw.

    Fortunately for me, there’s a wild bobcat that regularly visits my back yard (I live in a rural area).

  40. Okay, so a lynx limps into a saloon. Piano stops, everyone stops talking, silence all around. Lynx casts his beady glance around the saloon, sez … “I’m lookin’ for the man that shot my paw!”

    (Hey, Gillie started it!!)

  41. Awww…my little kitty still loves to knead me every once in a while. I might have to politely decline if he had paws like that baby though.

    And Mr. Deer, I totally know how you feel. I sleep on a bed flanked by my two kitties and it’s just about impossible to move a leg without knocking one of them in the head or rump.



  43. Great googly moogly!
    Look at the size of the PAWS on that lynx!

  44. Holy cats Batman, look at the size of those paws! And I’m sorry and no, I don’t know the whole story, but a lynx especially should not be a pet. I would love to have one too, but that doesn’t mean I should. Any word on why this kitteh is a pet? Can’t deny the cute tho!

  45. Yea, lynxes are pretty damn wild, and I’m with the people who say they shouldn’t be pets. That said, CUTE!!!!!!!

  46. Here come the nuffers… *siiigh* Why can’t we all just enjoi the glory of such large naptime paw clenches?

  47. When I was younger, my very best friend in the whole world (well, her parents) owned a Wildlife rehabilitation center. They had grizzle bear cubs in the kitchen, a baby moose in the bathtub, and yes, they had a lynxes. They had 3, and 2 of them had to be kept in their own cages away from the house because they were very wild, but one of them, his name was Bruce, and he was just like a little domestic kitty cat. He eventually became full grown, but was still the cutest thing ever. He would climb into your lap and make biscuits with his HUGE paws while purring in your ear. It was very disconcerting, but very adorable. Anyway, the other lynxes were eventually re-released to the wild, but Bruce stayed behind because he had gotten too domesticated and it was safer for him to be cared for as a pet.

    True story. Anyway, my point for all you haters out there is..maybe that’s whats happening here?

  48. That is such a beautiful animal! Based on some of the other pet lynx videos on YouTube, it sure looks like they have a bit of a temper, though.


  50. Lynx walks into the bar, sits down and orders a drink. He proceeds to tell a story of the time he was chased by a grizzly bear and barely got away with his life. The bartender says “Seems like only half the tail.”

  51. Meriweather says:

    There’s the site of the woman who owns the lynx (Romeo, his name is). At least yon nuffers can have some facts before they start blindly hypothesizing that he was kidnapped from the wild and put in baby clothes until his wild spirit broke and he became a cost accountant.

  52. Fegli (“Here come the nuffers… *siiigh* Why can’t we all just enjoi the glory of such large naptime paw clenches?”)

    Because some people will see this clip and think “Oh, that’s so cute, I want a lynx/bobcat as a pet too!” – but if they see enough people saying that it’s twisted and wrong to keep wild cats as pets for one’s amusement, they may reconsider.


  53. How sweet, I love when big cats act like little house cats.

  54. Why on earth would you want a lynx or a bobcat as a pet? I get it, they’re majestic creatures – but domesticated or not, they’ve got HUGE claws! And I’m not of the mind that just because they’re domesticated, it means that it’s okay. These cats really do belong in the wild, and that’s not to say that they should be released – they shouldn’t now because they don’t have the skills to survive – but what possesses a person (money, I guess) to want to breed these as pets? Because it’s a novel idea? Because people will actually spend $3,000 to get one? I’m just trying to figure out the mentality behind this.

  55. And Meriweather, lest we all start imagining that these animals were taken from their mothers and dressed in baby clothes, we should probably all read this woman’s godawful all-caps descriptions of the animals and note that she got them from a breeder!

    I fail to see how getting them from a breeder is better than stealing it from the wild. This is not a rehab situation – this woman set out to buy these animals to be pets. It wasn’t a case in which the animal was in a rehab facility and became too used to being near humans. And whether she’s become an expert on wild cats or not, there’s something that puts me on edge about this.

  56. Meriweather says:


    I have nothing against people disagreeing with how this woman is handling her cats. (Yes, her capslocks are hideous).

    I ask only that people disagree with how she is ACTUALLY handling her cats without leaping to the worst conclusion possible and spinning up horror stories.

    I would rather deal with fifteen comments that address the actual situation than one “and I bet she has a BABY in the house and she lets the CATS play with the BABY and she feeds the cats TOFU and then she BEATS them”.

  57. Most people would never keep this kind of animal as a pet. They are a lot of work, and they do have some rather large claws and teeth. If the cat is domesticated it can’t be released and live. However, wild cats digestive needs are not the same as domestic cats and if the owner doesn’t realize this they can inadvertantly cause malnutrition.

    If the cat is to domesticated to live on it’s own and the owner understands the animals needs I don’t have a problem with it. I seriously doubt that this kind of animal will become a fad pet.

  58. This is such a great site- so many caring people- if this woman wants to mess and danger, well, I’m not her neighbor or her family member. I don’t suggest that she send it to Accountancy school, that would be cruel. How about opening up a yarn store? Can you see it?

  59. *rubbing eyes*…. I’m i still dreaming? I better go back to sleep.

  60. My what big paws you have….

  61. Am I the only one scared by this? I mean genuinely, honestly quite scared? Seriously, I’m not kidding. Really. Watching the opening of that first vid I felt this tigtening, clenching in my chest and was really quite frightened. That kitty looks freakin’ -evil-.

    Cute elsewhere of course. But right there, that’s all you need to justify a “Cute or ebil?” section.

  62. momof2kitties says:

    Holy Crap! The skin on my thighs just involuntarily tightened at the thought of those claws making biscuits on me!


    I love how Mr. Deersie tries so hard not to kick Sleepy McCattersons in the head. That’s how I sleep every night!

  63. Meriweather says:


    I know exactly what you mean. I have the sweetest white puffball in the world, and he loves to cuddle and biscuit, but his great flaw is that he loooves to sleep in the crook of my knee when I sleep on my side. One late-night stretch and it’s affronted looks and ‘meeer’ing.

  64. lindsay but not lohan says:

    those are adorable, but that ‘big cat meets little cat’ vid keeled me ded. OMG. leetle kitten antics… is there anything better?

  65. My favorite part of that woman’s website? She’s asking for donations.

    Anyways, my cat used to do the kneading drooling thing on one of my nightgowns. I was okay with it, even though it left wet spots. As he got older though, he started to ‘perv out’ as I called it, and start humping the nightgown. If I took that away, he’d find something else soft and cuddly. It was a bit disturbing.

  66. Totalee Puppy says:

    KATRINA…”yarn store” LOL!
    Another clever and charming
    comment (hubba-hubba!)…
    Hope you read this: Thank
    you for the compliment for
    my writing, especially
    “Grandfather Eyes of the

  67. Totalee Puppy – I think this calls for “Grandfather Eyes….” again.

    And.. O.M.G. A person is breeding these AND selling AND people are BUYING them??? Why is this NOT against the law? These are NOT domesticated animals within a few generations. It takes 1000s of years for an animal to be domesticated. And the “owner” is asking for donations?? How ballsy can you be! She chose to have this animal in her home, if she could not afford it, she should not have it in the first place. AND the so-called “breeder” should not have sold this animal to her. That website raises so many red flags it is ridiculous. It is cute, it really is, but at what cost. And I don’t care a rip about being called nuffer is this case. This just makes others go “Hey, she got one! I want one too”. *sigh*

    *Steps down from soapbox.*

  68. Totalee Puppy says:

    Shannon…Sometimes you got to tell it like you feel it…You raise some
    important questions.

  69. Michelle S…. BAAAAAAA HA HA HA excellent joke.

  70. OMG the Lynx, adorable and *wantz!!!*.

    But what the hell are these wild, non-domesticated animals doing in someone´s home???

  71. milquetoast says:

    Hey, Junior! Huh? Go in an fetch the Tee Vee camera and lets see how Bambi here can take some a-buse! Har har dee harrrrr harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Some animals are UN LUCKY in life. Sad…

  72. i dunno. that deer looks pretty well-cared for. what’s so great about life in the wild for a deer anyway? you gotta worry about getting hit by a car, eaten by a wolf, shot by a hunter, starving to death….next to that domestication doesn’t sound so bad- as long as you end up with responsible guardians.

    now the lynx…well, that does seem to be playing with some fire.

  73. Cute video, huge paws!

    BUT, I thought it was kind of weird, too, that she was asking for donations on her site. It’s not as though she’s running a rehab facility – they’re her pets. She should have thought of the cost of raising THREE wild animals before she bought them. Heck, could I get some donations for my dogfood? Or for my kids college?

  74. Thanks again, Totalee Puppy, and you are most welcome! Have a great day- think of skeins of yarn in those pawsies-it makes me giggle!

    This kitty cat and his companion animals-two and four legged are an unusual combination to be sure.
    Oh, I don’t know, if I had a boy Bobcat I’m pretty sure I’d name him “Bob”. She has three of these beasties? Then she must know what she is up against, carewise- I wonder if she walks them outside on leashes…I went to her website but when I saw the ‘bounty of Bobcats’ I had to just leave- there are no words for this kind of ummm, peculiarity?-see no words…..I have know “Cat People” and “Cat Fanciers”, and even “Cat Breeders”, but this lady is a breed apart. Good luck to her, she is going to need it. Are there no City/Town ordinances against having..oh,never mind…..

  75. Look at the size of those paws! And the volume of that purrbox is perfect.

    I don’t know if it’s a Lynx or a Bobcat, but I’m jealous of the owner. They’re both just the most beautiful types of cats ever!

  76. A lynx walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender, thinking that a lynx can’t be too smart, gives the lynx a beer and says “that’ll be ten dollars.” Later, the bartender says, “you know, not many lynx hang out in this bar.” The lynx replies, “no wonder, when you charge $10 for a beer!”

  77. I’m jealous. I want to snuggle with giant kitty cats.

    Buying from a breeder is not the same as capturing from the wild. You are not disturbing the ecosystem by depriving it of an inhabitant when you buy from a breeder. Lynx are endangered species, so breeding is arguably quite responsible as it ensures continuation of the species. I would prefer to see $3000 going to habitat preservation so that the wild lynx population has a chance, but that’s just me.

    And asking for donations to support your exotic pet habit is just plain bogus. If you can’t afford it, don’t adopt it.

  78. i think the video with the deer is awful and ridiculous. what kind of yo-yo decides to own a wild animal and then is entertained by tossing a lighter at it?

    and that woman who owns the lynx deserves to be eaten by them. the audacity of asking for donations so she can afford her expensive pets takes the cake. and nevermind the fact that her grammar is deplorable.

  79. Are all these animals owned by the same person? I’d be kinda scared that the lynx would eat the deer, myself…

  80. I have a cat who is about 1/4 bobcat and 1/2 Persian. He’s about seven years old, and weighs about seventeen pounds – yes, I know there are housecats that weigh more, but this cat has NO fat on him anywhere, he’s as solid as a rock, and about 14 inches tall at the shoulder. (Now before anyone says anything about it – we didn’t breed him – he was given to us by someone else) That being said, he is one of the gentlest, most laid back cats I have ever had (and we have had a LOT of cats in my life.) He has never hurt anyone intentionally – he scratched up my arm pretty bad once because he wanted to play and didn’t realize how easy he could hurt me, but that was one time in seven years. Even with the bobcat diluted down like it is in him, he needs a special diet to keep him healthy. Without wild prey, his urine isn’t acidic enough and he gets urinary tract infections quite easily. Luckily, we have lots of rabbits and chimpunks around for him to catch (and he does, quite successfully), and we feed him urinary tract health cat food.

    Personally, so long as the animal is obtained from a breeder and not hunted in the wild and stolen from the mother or the mother killed to obtain the kittens, I see no problem with owning a bobcat or lynx as a pet, so long as it’s legal where you live and you have the means and ability to care for it properly. However, having three at once? I call that “insane.”

  81. In college I knew a girl who took care of a lynx/domestic cat hybrid while their people went on vacation. The cat was all lynx on the outside (size and appearance) but all domestic on the inside. Bobcats will breed with domestic cats too. So if that happens the cat can look like a wild animal but actually be quite tame. It can be the other way too. A hybrid can LOOK like a domestic cat, but be totally wild on the inside. Breeding them on purpose is not a good idea. This is more likely to happen if you have an unspayed outdoor “country cat” and live somewhere like Northern Minnesota.
    My vote is that this kitty is a bobcat due to its dark color. Lynx kitties are lighter.