Holy shiatsu!

Really, there is nothing more to say than that—this is complete and total kitteh massage overload.

Should I close comments NOW or later, Mary W.?



  1. Can’t you tell by the contented mews, loving rubbing and subtle purrs that that cat is being abused? make the horrors stop!

  2. WHAT THE…??

  3. Naughty pussy

  4. Yay! It’s sadomasochism kitteh!

    My cat loves this, too. 🙂

  5. I had a cat like this. He LOVED being spanked, the harder, the better!

    Oh my, I feel sort of dirty now.

  6. Slappy McSpankersons!

  7. That cat looks like he’s just this side of heaven 😀

    Obviously he’s play spanking, I can’t imagine anyone is going to have a problem with playing!

  8. Spank the kitteh! That’s a new one.

    I’ve never had a sub-kitteh before. Mine only act like that when large quantities of Nip are involved.

  9. biscuithead says:

    Until just now, I had no idea that such kinks are NOT unique to humans.
    I’m… I… just… wow.
    Who knew?

  10. OUCH!

  11. How did they get the sound so loud? I spank my boy (cat) occasionally and he likes it, but it never sounds as loud as this did.

  12. abuse?

  13. Wow, I’ve known dogs that like this, but never a cat.

  14. this cat is probably in heat, which is why its freakin out. this isnt anything like the lick spot above the tail.

  15. LOL! Have to buy that guy a little leather studded collar and harness!

  16. I’ve known weird cat/human interactions that take other forms, but spank the kitteh is new to me. “Pull my tail” is much more familiar.

  17. My big boy cat loves that too! I thought he was weird, I’m so glad to see another SM kitteh!!!!

  18. warrior rabbit says:

    I was wondering how long it would take the ‘abuse’ cries to start.

    Will this threadcount (sounds like Martha Stewart) go higher than the nomming baby?

  19. I like to punch my cat with a knife.

  20. Meg & Mike & I debated back and forth about the whethers and hows of posting this. I contributed the post title… and that’s all I have to say about that.

  21. AlbertaGirl says:

    Oh my goodness! I thought I had the only (neutered male) cat that enjoyed getting butt slaps! I do this with (to? for?) him all the time and he looooves it. I tried it with my boyfriend’s cat and she bit me though! So settle down nuffers… if the kitty didn’t like it, he/she would let the person know. 🙂

  22. (not a lot of nuffing going on, actually)

  23. haha I’ve had a cat and a dog who liked a good spank. I wonder who they take after?

    *finger to chin*

  24. joannagnome says:

    Our kitty loves this too! She’s a total S&M cat. And we had he fixed years ago, so she is not in heat.

  25. anniepoonanny says:

    My cat LOVES when I do this to him.

  26. If this didn’t happen every day at my own house, I wouldn’t believe it. I think I’ve just located my cat’s long lost sibling! Reminds me of that Japanese paddle-loving cat…

  27. Can you say masochist kitteh? She’s LOVIN’ it!! Purring and everything!!

  28. OMG, this was hilarious. Obviously the cat enjoys it, and it’s bizarre that it would, but each to his/her own.

  29. My cat likes getting “spanked” too, but I wouldn’t smack it that hard. Kinda overdoing it a bit.

  30. Dirty little kittehs..I also have a cat, Gonzo, that LOVES him some spanks..Dirty little kittehs!!

  31. I think my cat would freak out if did that. Although she does enjoy wrestling and boxing with the dog. What is it with cats and violence/pain?

  32. AlbertaGirl says:

    It was a pre-emptive strike, Theo. 😉

  33. I have friends with a female cat (spayed) who LOVES to be spanked. She does a similar thing to what this cat is doing with her front paws. AND the roly-poly butt-in-the-air thing. She has a lot of padding there too (fur and chub).

  34. Close them soon Theo, before the nuffers gain momentum. But before you do…Omigod, my kitty loves this too! I don’t do it quite as hard (he is a featherlight little guy and a hard smack would send him flying across the room), but I do “play the bongo drums” on him quite frequently and he can’t get enough!

  35. hahaha, my big ol’ boy cat likes this too

  36. …never seen a cat act like that…

  37. Biscuithead, me too!!

    I thought enjoying a slap now and then was just something us humans liked.. there you go, learning something new every day!

    Obviously this little S&M kitteh is loving every slap, it even turns the other “cheek” to even out the burn.

    Although I’m not sure how healthy it is for it’s skin to slap it for almost 3 minutes, but hey, the kitteh will let you know when it had enough.. that’s what claws are for!

    And don’t anybody cry animal abuse, if the cat didn’t like it, it wouldn’t stick around for more after the first slap!


  38. yep, yep, my neutered male cat ADORES this hind-end slapping – he can’t get enough and my husband’s hand/arm gets tired before the cat does. kinky, yes. but each to his own, right?

  39. I love when there’s a post of an animal doing something that seems totally bizarre (i.e. that handstand-peeing pug) and a hundred people write to say their cat/dog does exactly the same thing. Now I’m off to try this on my cats. It had just never even occurred to me…

  40. Bijou Mondrian says:

    I feel bad just watching this, never seen it done that hard before. The quick kiss in the middle is a nice touch.

  41. I do this with my kitties. It’s really funny – people who don’t have cats think I’m nuts and hurting them, and the people who do have cats are like, “Oh my God, she loves it!”

  42. I don’t hit my cat this hard, but my Siamese absolutely loves getting butt smacks. Little weirdos, the lot of them!

  43. What are they doing? I think a soft love pat would be better than beating the poor cat. I would have never put that on this site. Maybe they should be reported.

  44. Add me to the pack who’s had a kitty who loved to be spanked. I’ve known a couple. They seem to let you know when it’s time to stop.

  45. tubbysnuggles says:

    oh MAN!! hee, heee, HEEE! the splayed toesies! the purrups!! clearly he/she LOVVVVES IT!!!!

    what a riot. OMG. I sometimes pat my cat like this, not that hard though; and she likes it too.

    what a weirdo kitty. ROFL!!

  46. I’d hit that pussy.

  47. both my boys LOVE this and it always gets them super frisky and they start to dig when i stop…so cute….

  48. Although the cat probably enjoys this, I found this hard to watch as the spankies seemed to be a little rough!

  49. I love this site. This video goes too far. This person is HITTING this cat TOO HARD! For the first time i am upset by something on this site that usually seems to ADORE animals. I am not some crazy PETA person but a Veterinary technician and pet lover

  50. This is just NOT good

  51. This is HORRIBLE!! the cat is obviously trying to get away every time he/she is hit!!!

  52. My cat (also a male…hmmm) is just not happy until after he gets his greeting spanks. He loves it just like this cat, reacts fairly similarly too. He has always loved firm butt pats, but then I saw the paddle-spanking kitty video mentioned above and tried a little more oomph. Kitty heaven. Just noticed that there are lots of cat um… “shiatsu” videos on youtube. Here’s the one we’re talking about:

  53. oh puleeeese -its not abuse for peetssake the cat LOVES EEET! my cat loves this too – if i stop she follows me around meowing for more! smack that kitteh!

  54. I don’t know peoples. This is slightly disturbing. Not so much cute in my book.

  55. Now play “Wipeout”!

  56. Gail (the first one) says:

    That kitteh likes this is undeniable….could the sound of the “bongo drumming” be overdubbed/enhanced to sound louder than it is? I just cringe at the thought at how anyone would come to discover that a cat likes being hit that hard……if it is as hard as it sounds.

    (I don’t mean to be a nuff, just being an old softy.)

  57. My cat loves this as well. And as far as people thinking it’s being done too hard, my cat will tell you that that’s an oxymoron.

    My boy Harmon gets more and more into it the harder you slap him around. And as you can see here(http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/01/goodnight_hon.html), he loves me all the more for it!

    If you were to smack a cat too hard, they’ll let you know. Generally by walking away.

  58. My older cat used to LOVE having her butt/back pounded on. LOVED!@ She actually gets disturbed now because we’re not allowed to do it anymore due to arthritis in her back and hips 😦

  59. This kitty is lovin’ it some spankin’. I have a cat that if you do anything it doesn’t like, it will a. get up and leave, or b. reach around and sink its teeth into your hand. I see neither of that going on. That cat is in pure heaven. Cats are just weird, and some cats as repeated by others here love to get spanked. My cat loves fruit flavored life savers and drinking bath water.

  60. Wow.

    I’m amazed at how many people have come out and said their cat loves this.

    I’m also amazed at how many people are up on their S/M.

    I don’t think the cat is trying to get away.

    It’s making me wonder if cats get lower back pain.

  61. Capt' Tightpants says:

    When there’s a pause, kitty looks up with an obvious look of

    Quois? No more? But pweeze, sir… I want some MORE! THANK YOU!!! PURRRRRRRRR

    If kitty really wanted to get away, A) that human’s arm would be a bloody mess and B) this video would only be about 20 seconds long. If even that.

    I don’t even own a cat and I could figure that out.

  62. Mary (the first) says:

    Well I was a bit dismayed to see this but I think the cat does like it. I will say though, he/she needs her claws trimmed, she snagged a few times on the couch cover. It did seem a bit hard smacks but if it really hurt, kitteh would bite and run. I still don’t think I’d do this to my cat though. I wonder how people discover their cat loves it? Hmm.

  63. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I see DML is also fond of a), b) lists. Rock on, Man!

  64. If you don’t have a cat or dog that likes this kinda thing, don’t for a minute believe they like it “softer”. I’m not even kidding. Cats will actually lay flat on the floor or furniture so you can spank them hard enough while not sending them flying. Our dirty little katzen would lay on the rug and grip it with her claws while she got her paddlings. Something kinda creepy about trying to explain this on CuteOverload, hahahah

  65. Ummm, I’m not so sure about this one. I know the cat is purring her head off, accompanied by the trilling meows, but the slappings kinda scare me.

    Gorgeous kitty, but, please, can’t we all just get along?

  66. Nunya – you’re being sarky and/or humourous, right? Cos the cat certainly looks like it’s enjoying it, and there’s plenty of space around for i to hightail into if it was upset…

  67. I don’t think it’s nearly so hard as it sounds. It sounds to me like there’s just a lot of room echo/resonance.

    At any rate, the kitty clearly loves it. I’ve seen cats with some interesting kinks, but not that one.

  68. My only concern is someone is going to take this too far from seeing this video and hurt their kitty (though I’d expect a heathy kitty to move out of the way pretty fas if it didn’t like it).

  69. I am disgusted at how little the person in the video knows about cats. This cat IS being abused, the turned back ears and the off-kilter meowing say it all. I can only guess that the cat is used to this procedure and therefore does not object to it anymore .. like a dog that will stick to the owner no matter how badly it is treated. I wish the owner of this website had the initiative, and the power to track down the person in the video, and take action against him (it looks like a man’s hand, therefore ‘him’). Can you ?

  70. Loris is fond of

    a) Lists
    b) cats
    c) spanking
    d) CO
    e) Lists on CO generated by cats & spanking
    f) Many other things; you do the venn diagram

  71. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, now I wonder if I had deprived all previous kittehs by not whacking them around in case they love it (only once, if they didn’t, of course.) My only remaining cat now is 18+ yrs so I don’t think I’ll smack her to find out what she thinks.. just in case. Poor thing. Never to know the (possible) joy of S/M.

  72. OMG, my tiny little Mimi loved to get a mini-beatdown, too!

  73. Ahahaha! She likes it rough!


  75. OMG! my cat likes this exact same thing… I thought I had the only masochistic but Noooo! I don’t!

  76. Also wondering, how do you find out your cat likes being slapped? a naughty kitty smack it likes so you elevate it?
    I don’t want to try it in case they don’t like it and think I’m punishing them!

  77. You posted this just in time for the annual Folsom St. Fair in San Francisco. I see you are doing your part to celebrate 25 years of public spanking.

  78. My cats would NOT be okay with that level of slappage, but my cat, Mulder, became fascinated with the vid and tried to climb into it on my screen. He kept scratching the screen in an attempt to GET IN THERE.

  79. warrior rabbit says:

    After reading all of Barley’s thread on somethingawful the other day, I poked my head into the ‘weird pet behaviors’ thread. Kitteh-spankin’ seemed to be the most frequently cited one.

  80. hahaha.. my cat LOOOOOVED to be spanked. He’d go fricking NUTS. my other cat, though, would have your face in cut to high hell if you even thought of such a thing.

  81. Now play “Wipeout”!-Meredith





  82. Happenstance says:

    Heh. Every time the spanking stops, the cat looks up as if to say: “Oh, God! Don’t stop NOW!! I’m so CLOSE!!”

    I’ve had dogs who wanted a good paddling, but never a cat. As I suspect is the case here, a loud whack doesn’t necessarily mean a sharply-painful one.

    Girljoy: Not with a “naughty-kitty (or puppy) smack,” but with a single play-spank.

    Freya: Andrea Dworkin is dead and the idiocy of Dworkinism should’ve died with her.

  83. obviously both cat and human are thoroughly enjoying this – no argument there
    but it does get hard, and while it’s fine where it is, if there was unexpected movement and the hand landed higher up, such as on the ribs, bad things could happen
    so cat-spankers, keep this in mind!

  84. gotta love the ninny who insists the spanker knows nothing about cats then proceeds to misread its body language him/herself.

    i too found a lil hard to watch, but some critters and ppl like to play rough.

    gonna assume the wall made the echo loud, and that the person went gradually, and go about my happy way unless i hear otherwise 8D

  85. LOL@ the people who think the cat is abused. If kitty didn’t like it, he wouldn’t stick around.

    @Freya, gimme a break! Cats that are being abused don’t show affection, and they certainly don’t stick around for more. As far as putting up with abuse, humans have more capacity for taking abuse than cats do, methinks. I’m guessing you don’t have any cats?

    @Dee, have you not dealt with cats in your Vet Tech career and do not know that cats have different voices? On top of that, my cat’s voice would get waver-y when he really enjoyed something.

    But how does one find out their cat likes it? Play and roughhousing. You play with your cat and he/she will tell you when it’s too much. Ya don’t just walk up to your cat and start smacking the crap out of it. You play to find out what your cat likes. Some cats like the rough stuff while some don’t.

  86. I don’t like this video because this person is hitting this cat. I have three cats and I will not do that to them. Sorry not CUTE!!!!

  87. Our little princess pussycat just LOVES a good spanking. It drives her wild – she purrs, drools, rolls about and generally has a jolly good time. All other times she’s the picture of poise, but I suppose after all that being genteel there’s nothing she loves more than a filthy spank on the couch. Cats.

  88. Jennifer George says:

    He’s saying “Give it to me! Harder! Harder!”

  89. @ Michelle S–

    It’s funny that you mention cats lying flat and waiting to be patted.

    My Chloe waits by her cat door everyday for my dad to get home. When she sees him coming, she’ll run to the carpet in the dining room and await the pattings. If no pattings commence immediately when he walks through the door, she’ll chase him around the house.

    She lets him know when he’s doing it too hard or for too long too. So any of you who are watching this vid and worry about the cat, don’t worry so much. Cats have very not-so-subtle-and-usually-involving-bloodshed ways of telling someone that they don’t like something.

  90. I can not believe all the people who find this acceptable. I’m horrified. Cute Overload is now deleted from my home page. Shame on you all.


    how could you not spank yer kittehs like they like?

  92. Kitty is kinky and Owner kind of freaks me out, but there is no abuse going on in that video. Freya, chill out. Cats have all sorts of weird-sounding meows for a variety of purposes (humans may or may not ever fully understand them all), and that cat just sounds like she is in heat. Kitty would be outta there if she didn’t like what was going on. Cats can’t be “trained” to accept abuse as easily as dogs can.

  93. That’s a very long sofa.

  94. Seems to me that this cat is in heat.. I know the cat likes it, but Im still a bit disturbed

  95. We once had a dinner guest who proclaimed, “My kitty likes spankings” and gave our cat a swat on the butt.

    Our cat promptly bit her.

    At the time I thought this guest was a loon, but now I realize she was trying to be nice.

    Be forewarned though, people: not all kittehs like it rough. Proceed with care.

  96. I’m not sure if my cat actually likes it but he’ll keep coming back to have the base of his tail very roughly patted. Once he gets so excited that he tries to slap me, I stop. When I stop, he immediately goes to find one of the other kitties and proceeds to whoop them.

  97. Though I’m not entirely convinced that the video should be described as “cute.” More like “amusing,” “bizarre” or both.

  98. Spank-me kitty seemed more perturbed by the noise than the act. Kitties know how to defend themselves and aren’t afraid to show they’re displeased, but this one really does look content.

    My friend had a cat who enjoyed some spanking too (albeit not this rough..). She would rub up against your legs until spanked her rump end and have her fill.

  99. My cat Willow LOVES to get spanked like that, but only on the top of her butt. It’s really cute!

  100. I think people saying this is abuse aren’t giving cats enough credit. If cats don’t like something, they say “eff this, I’m out,” and leave, and usually leave a comment card with their claws on the way out.
    This would only be abuse if the guy was holding the cat down so it couldn’t leave if it didn’t like it. I think this guy gives plenty of pauses to let the cat assert its opinion, as cats love to do 😀

  101. I was kinda afraid to tune in to this thread, but the Nuffs seem to be only looking at this post shifty-eyed and arms crossed. For now.

    So in that case:


  102. I have an 18 year old who is also into S & M, not as hard though. My other three aren’t into it, they just get up an walk away.
    Does this kitteh remind anyone else of

  103. I was afraid to read the posts … but OMG, kitty loves spankies! I was dying of laughter over this!! My kitties would tear me to shreds if i tried his.. hee-hee.

  104. Ossie, Angus and Misha says:

    Whatever you call this, and however you try to explain it, this is NOT cute and a grown human being striking a small cat is REALLY NOT cute. Ever.

  105. Screw the roses, just give me the thorns….

  106. Our Manx, Bobbi, loves this! We call it butt smackies. Don’t know why cats find this pleasurable but she really likes this.

  107. video removed 😦

  108. No more nuffs!

    What is it with some kitteh’s
    my Flame Point Himalayan LOVED this? Weird!

  109. Video removed. Can someone re-post or re-find?

  110. I have to agree with the POSITIVE comments. My cat LOOOVVVVVVES to be spanked. He’s been spanked all the time. Every time my dad spanks him, he purrs like a motorboat and it is SO LOUD. When my dad stops he SCREAMS at him, he crawls up his leg, and follows him everywhere telling him “GIVE ME MORE” and he won’t stop until he feels satisfied.

    Obviously you people who are leaving these comments don’t have cats, or aren’t treating your cats right. The rest of the world is normal, and you guys are mean.

  111. I want to see the video so I can find it very disturbing! I stamp my foot and pout!

  112. didnt get to see the video its not available anymore someone must have reported it as “abuse”.

  113. V… don’t do it to your cats. Yours probably wouldn’t like it.

    Julie… buhbye

    Ossie… get over it. It’s the cat that’s cute.

  114. Hi, I was just at youtube since I can’t watch the video here and there are tons of cat spanking videos. All the cats seem to like it! Spank me!

  115. No longer available…No fair! 😦

  116. Me, again. The comments section used to be as much fun as the content of CuteOverload. It’s not anymore. It’s making me depressed, can’t we all just have fun and be funny? Some of you comment makers are as funny or funnier than Meg herself and some of you should try prozac of something just get off the downers! Argh!

  117. Jez…

    I love CuteOverload and the comments, but I have found that some of the images and videos being posted aren’t exactly ‘cute’ lately.

    Slapping a cat? A child picking a dog up by it’s head? Some of the images are alarming…not cute.

  118. RachelCaker says:

    Hey! Where’d the vid go??? I want to watch too=o( Someone pwease help me!

  119. Well, I missed all the fun… the video is gone now.

    Not having seen the video, but having seen many of the comments… all I can offer is that my kitty LOVES his affection a bit on the rough side. He really does!

    He digs the vigorous petting, “kitty wrestlin'” , and gentle spankings. He just keeps making circles and coming back for more!

    I call it “Klingon Kitty Love”… 😉

  120. Kats—

    Are you kidding. It was a baby and a puppy. That’s the definition of cute.

    And cats love to be slapped.

  121. RachelCaker says:

    BTW….Tried the spanking on my kitteh…did not make the happy. Maybe I wasn’t rough enough lol! How disappointing…

  122. No James,
    I’m not kidding.
    picking a puppy up by the head regardless of whether it’s a baby or not is NOT a good thing. A puppies neck (much like an infant) is not completely stable. To pick a puppy up by it’s head can cause serious damage. I’ve seen it in my practice…I’m sorry but it’s true.

  123. Okay, okay I give up. You win. You’re right Kats. I’m just gonna enjoy what Meg does and stop reading and/or leaving comments. I know, big deal, my opinion means nothing to you. Have a good life people of cyber posting!

  124. Daphne Moss says:

    I don’t know what video the worriers are watching. Each time the “massager” stops, the kitteh looks up expectantly like… More?
    My tuxedo neutered male loves being played like a drum and he is very happy…when I scritch a spot on his spine, he cranes his neck forward and starts rapidly licking his lips.
    I love his little freaky ways. ;-D

  125. Aw, come on Kats. The kitty’s lovin’ it! Oh wait, I guess you didn’t see the video, huh.

  126. I posted earlier and said I was going to try it. I have two cats, and one of them has always liked being petted and scratched really vigorously. He purrs louder and louder the harder I scritch even when I start worrying it’s too much, so I thought he’d be a good test subject. It, um, went well. I’m kind of blushing, embarrassed for us both, but he’s a pretty happy kitty right now and my hand is sore. Cats are so WEIRD.

  127. saw the video kiki

  128. Agreeing with Kats about content change. Although, my comment is more general. C.O. hasn’t been as hilarious recently. I especially noticed this over the summer. I was worried that folks who run this site were depressed or something… Anyway, here’s hoping you all find your voices again, and don’t die a slow death of Cuteness burn out.

    Cute Overload Forever!

  129. biscuithead says:

    For whatever reason, this video + this thread bring to mind the words of a very young Kevin Bacon (wincing as he shouts) in “Animal House”:

    “Thank you sir, may I have another!!”


  130. warrior rabbit says:

    @em, did he tell you his safe word? LOL. Glad to hear your S&M kitty is satisfied. 🙂 On to a new phase in your relationship!

  131. kinda harsh there, msw. Kind of like saying, “I noticed that you’re not living up to my particular standards…get to getting better again (according to my standards) and here’s hoping you strive for my every whim and approval.”

    Now, I’ll say that I’m not having an absolutely fantastic night, so I’m a little cranky. But we’ve had three days of commentroversy, and it’s tiring.

    It’s great you like this site, it’s wonderful. But ultimately, it will have its ups and downs for everyone. I don’t like bugs and snakes. I don’t comment, I come back when there are other items. I’m not sure why other people have to go in and ruin it for everyone who happens to like snakes and bugs. It’s pretty insulting to those people – nuffers aren’t insulting the post itself, they’re insulting the people who happen to find value in this particular post, and it’s a shame that people can’t just learn to not say anything at all if what they have to say isn’t nice.

  132. My cats love the spanking as well, my younger ones harder than the older one.

    Meg, those additional videos are a hoot.

    Notice in the videos that the cats are being patted especially on their rears NOT ON their faces or spines so much.

    And also realize video cameras have lousy audio microphones so loud sounds like slapping tend to blow out in recording.

    I sure I would like it a lot if someone massaged my lower back! Cats have got us trained!

  133. my moms cat loved the same treatment…

  134. johnnyjohnny says:

    excuse me, I gotta go spank the kitty.

  135. My big ebony panther-wannabe male loves getting thomped — he sounds like a drum. He loves rough housin’. I’m glad it says “This video is no longer available” though, because it sounds like I might not like it.

  136. Can’t see the first posted video, but the other ones are hilarious. I’ve been around cats my whole life and I’ve never come across this!

    And yeah, folks…if a cat doesn’t like it s/he has plenty of ways of showing you. Purring and cuddling are not signs of distress.

    :: calling Bertha, sure this will end bad ::

  137. Beth (in NC) says:

    Does anyone else have problems seeing the video? It says it’s no longer available… maybe it’s just moi.

  138. Totalee Puppy says:

    If lovin’ Cute Overload is
    I don’t wanna be right…

  139. Does anyone else have problems seeing the video? It says it’s no longer available… maybe it’s just moi.

    Guess reading comprehension isn’t your thing.

  140. Yep…can’t see the video, but had a friend who owned a sub kitty. She’d see the paddle and go running to get spanked, and would demand more after a few pats. It was rather disturbing.

  141. Aw man, I missed it.

  142. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Beth: It’s not just you; the video was removed by either YouTube or the original uploader.

  143. I demand more cute coverage of the election.

    More presidential pets!

  144. Bobwilliams says:

    Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing therapy that has been formulated over the last 100 years from the traditional Japanese amma massage which is a feel good, therapeutic massage. Shiatsu literally means fingerpressure and as such describes part of the therapy whereby natural body weight (finger, thumbs, elbows, forearms, feet and knees) is used in applying pressure to special points on the body. This is combined with stretches, joint rotations and joint manipulation to give an all-over treatment, which aims at treating the patient on a holistic level.


  145. I didn’t get to see the video but I just wanted to add that my bella kitty LOVES tha spanks. The harder, the better. She’s a freak.

  146. I didn’t see the video, but I’ve got a masochist cat myself. You can spank him all day, and he gets so sad when you stop.

  147. Our teeny tiny Fluffy Cat lurves to be spanked and rough housed with. She’ll come running up on to the bed with her legs all splayed out and eyes crazy demanding it!

    We all just laugh and start yelling “abuse the cat!! abuse the cat!!”

  148. I missed the video, but I my two girls love being spanked on the butt. (Although I’m much softer with my 17 yr old now.) I always thought it was a girl thing since the boys always slinked away. I guess it’s a non-sexist quirk.

  149. First off, I post this as my cat is “making bread” on my butt. She’s not declawed. AND I KIND OF LIKE IT OKAY :O

    Secondly, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I <3 CuteO and have never been disappointed. Cute doesn't always mean soft, fluffy, pitiful things. Cute is my boyfriend's messy hair in the morning or a baby sneezing so hard they fart. Cute can be messy and sloppy and sometimes a bit S&M. And just like beauty, it's in the eye of the beholder!

    In closing, a suggestion to ye olde poopheads: go on and make your own blog. 😀 Mebbe we’ll all come nuff on it.

    P.S. My arse hurts.


    I think I hit her too hard!!!



  151. biscuithead says:

    Funny, this whole thread has opened my eyes to unusual aspects of the world of **Cat ownership/servitude.
    The Dog certainly has quirks, but I read more details of the wonders of The Cat than I ever hear of The Dog.
    Perhaps I (or CO) need more insightful video posts about the Dog.
    NOT that I’m making this a Cat vs Dog issue, as I love them equally.
    I simply know The Dog better.
    It’s all about Education for me.
    (Well, entertainment too, I must admit.)

    **Never had Cats due to family allergies, in spite of my desire to have one.

  152. chez vous, that was so freaking funny!
    i’ve got super-loud hiccups from laughing too hard (HIC!)

    ** Pussandra RIP

  153. Happenstance says:

    Well, the original-post video may have been taken down because of pathetic hypersensitive psycho ’nuffer fascists, but they’ll have their greasy little hands full trying to eliminate ALL “cat spank” (or “cat massage”) videos from the Internet.

    Some are linked above; there are many, many more. And there’s no way even the most delusional ’nuffer-nutjob can claim “abuse!!1” on many of them; when the cat runs up to you squalling and “assumes the position,” HE OR SHE WANTS IT.

  154. I want to see. 😦 Does no one have a good link to it?

  155. haha well… the vid now is removed… oh well… but from the other vids I’ve seen i can pretty much figure out what happens…

    Saw this being tested on a korean show called “Sponge”. Cats seem to love it when you do this… they had a reason for it, but I forgot what that reason was ^_^”

  156. LOL at Birdy and the baby sneezing so hard it farts.

    i LOVE that.


  157. This was a very disturbing thread to read. I am glad the video was taken down.

  158. my china loved this too…. i do think it helped her hips when she was older… just not as firm of a pat..

  159. my china loved this too…. i do think it helped her hips when she was older… just not as firm of a pat..

  160. my china loved this too…. i do think it helped her hips when she was older… just not as firm of a pat..

  161. platedlizard says:

    The video has been removed. Thanks guys 😦 I wanted to see what the latest wankstorm was about.

  162. Damn. I wanted to see the kinky kitty!

    And no, you can’t tell by the cat’s meows how they REALLY FEEL unless it’s your cat. My Abby’s “feed me, pink monkey slave!” meow sounds like she’s being boiled alive. I’ve had more than one person on the phone inquire as to what the heck that racket is. I’ve asked cat owners how the heck to shut her up and pretty much every person says she’s gotta be in pain. No, she’s not. She’s just hungry. Her “I’m scared/sick/in pain” meow is very different (and even more eardrum-bursting).

  163. Someone took the video down, I hope it wasn’t YouTube since it clearly didn’t show animal abuse what so ever.

  164. I came upon this posting TOO LATE and couldn’t watch the video but if you go to YouTube and put in “Kitty Spanks” I’m guessing what you’ll find there is what was posted above.

    So with that said, I understand what’s going on now and I bet if someone was really meaning harm to their cat, the cat would be wearing it’s owner’s face on it’s own. What cat would put up with repeated spanks if it didn’t like them?

  165. The video wasn’t removed because of nuffers. The video was removed from YouTube because of “terms of use violation”. That could have something to do with content, but it could also be a rights issues (someone posted someone else’s video). So chill. No one here at CO (either posters or commenters) is to blame.

  166. Actually if people reported it as abusing an animal, that would be a terms of use violation.

    Some cats love this. Some don’t. For those that do, it’s certainly not abuse.

  167. I know a cat who LOVES being wacked over the head with a newspaper. It makes her rather difficult to train …

  168. Point taken, taters. What I was getting at was that YouTube wouldn’t yank a video based on comments posted on CO. Not that I condone the nuffing…

  169. OK, so the cat might like it, but it’s clearly sexually realted. What kind of sick fucks gives their pets sexual pleasure?
    “Oh, but they like it!”
    Not cute, 110% disturbing. Would you go Awwwwww at a vid of someone jacking off their dog?

  170. Poohbear's C.S.O. says:

    Chez Vous – if you intended this to be funny, it’s NOT.

  171. I can’t see the video so I am going to offer a random nuff comment.


  172. couldn’t see the vid, but both my kitties LOVE the spanks (although my older girl doesn’t receive them as much as she did before…she tore a ligament in her left hind leg in the spring and I’m still in the ‘she’s fragile so treat her like precious glass’ mindset). But before her injury (probably from running away from her brother down the stairs), she LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. More from my husband than me since his hand is bigger I suppose. The boy, he loves it, but not nearly as much as my girl.

    btw, you can get the big sound without spanking hard at all by cupping your hand as you pat.

    And TRUST me, if the cat doesn’t like it, or has had all they want and they wants no more at that time, they walk away.

  173. It’s varnished! :o(

  174. Hmmm… so from the look of the comments left, it’s a cat getting spanked and enjoying it.

    My dog Cid likes getting spanked. We do it as a sign of affection b/c he has these really meaty hamhock back legs, and we always used to giggle and pat them when he was a puppy b/c they were so cute. Now, he’ll kinda stretch out on our laps or just stand there while we give him a few pats.
    Don’t see it as weird at all, it’s the same as if we were patting him on the head or back.

  175. Any massage therapists out there?
    This technique is neither painful or sexual. The cat’s covered in fur, peeps.
    It’s called “clapping tapotement”. It increases circulation and feels good.
    So were not really a bunch of abusive freaks…

  176. Brenna–

    I really don’t think it is sexually related pleasure for cats. I think it’s probably more similar to some people liking a really hard massage.

  177. PETA steps on You Tube. Figures.

    [Um, riiiight. Think about that. What’s PETA going to do, submit a takedown request to YouTube because the video is their own copyrighted material? Hmm? More likely, the video owner pulled it due to the massive influx of traffic and pure plain comment shock. You think there are “nuffers” sometimes in our comments? Well YouTube is a world unto itself… – Ed.]

  178. I hadn’t seen the vid posted here, but I saw the three that some one else posted and *snickerfits*

    my kitty doesn’t like spankies, but he’ll chase the little leather slappy things on a flogger and try to steal it. I think I got a sadist kitty like his daddy!

    *cough* I probably just revealed way more then i needed to >.>

  179. Ummm….Brenna? I think you may be the only one who SERIOUSLY thinks this is sex related.

  180. Yes, it looks like the spanking is a little rough, but, the cat is LOVING it, so, whatever floats your boat, y’know?

  181. lurkingsmirk says:

    Wow, I didn’t see this as sexual at all — I mean, cats don’t whack at each other as foreplay, so why would they suddenly take spanking as such?

  182. thats a great cat, how much for it?

  183. To the people who are no longer finding cuteoverload that cute and/or funny… feel free to leave. Go start your own website. I for one will not miss you.

  184. By the time I got to the web site, I couldn’t see the video, because when I pressed play, it said the video was no longer available!

  185. One of my kitties (neutered male) loves his nightly “beatings”
    He follows my hubby upstairs when it is bedtime, just for the beatings. At first I was all, “Don’t play so rough” but the kitty loves it. The other three don’t care for it.

  186. Um…I have to do this with my daughter when she has pneumonia or she dies. It’s neither abusive nor sexual. It’s all in how you cup the hands. Ask any respiratory therapist. It’s called clapping or chest PT. Kitties just happen to like it on their hineys. (All my cats did.)

  187. Why is the video taken off before it has a chance to be seen by most. It’s not even noon on the first day yet?

  188. The vid inspired me to see if my Rigby enjoyed a bit of Teh S&M (like her human mommy *evil wink*) … I started tapping her butt very gently and she gave me a distainful look and then walked away, doing her “crazy human” warble.

    Ah. Cats.

  189. What happened to the video? I was going to show it to my hubby but when I clicked on it, I just got a message that the video is no longer available.

  190. ?????

  191. video gone, but from the comments i know what it showed

    yes. kittehs and puppers both love to be paddled

    and hugged and fed and come home to

  192. Pity they took down the initial video for whatever reasons…I would have liked to seen it for myself.

    At anyrate, when I was younger (much younger, back in the Age of Dinosaurs), my mother attempted to punish our cats by swatting their rears. I think I know why this was ineffective now….

    No, not going to try this out on my cat. However, may try out some of the kitty pron spanking techniques on the spousal unit….

  193. Hey! Bring back the video!

  194. I am really sad every time I go to watch a video lately its not there!

    Stupid You Tube 😦

  195. freya_kahlo says:

    For your kitty spanking needs, here are some links:

    FYI people, if a cat really dislikes something, it is perfectly capable of biting, clawing and escaping the “torture”. A cat will also avoid/attack a person that hurts it. It’s well-known that some cats like the rough kitteh love. They also like to dish it out. To all you people crying “animal abuse” – 😛

  196. I can’t see the video, but here’s me slapping my cat’s belleh.

    I suspect my video is gentler than this one was.

  197. Gail (the first one) says:

    As somebody else said further up the thread, I too am a little worn out from commentroversy.

    How about a lovely, indisputably cute Kitteh for Caturday??

  198. Both of my spayed female cats LOVE when we pet them like a drum. We call it thumping. One will actually beg for it, and jump onto the back of the couch and wait for me to come over and give her her daily thumping.

  199. I want to see the video! 😦

    Here’s a different one I found:


  200. Oh please, I didn’t get to see the video but I’ve had probably 20 cats throughout my life and two of them loved to be spanked, or “beaten” as we like to joke. Tunafish, our 13 year old spayed female tabby, likes to climb up on the arm of the couch and get in position for it by sprawling out on her stomach, all four feet splayed and eyes closed. She does this with guests and they are always perplexed at first…”what is she doing?” They try petting her but she squawks and gets annoyed. We explain she wants to be spanked and they can’t believe it! She likes it quite hard too; if you don’t do it hard enough, she’ll bite you! Seriously!

    Now our other cats don’t seem to want this kind of thing so we don’t do it to them but please don’t think cats who like this are being abused. All cat owners should know that cats would never sit still for something they didn’t like. 🙂

  201. kittiodrome

  202. I can’t see the original vid but looked at the others – I had no idea! This is wild! I don’t have a cat so I had no idea that cats are even odder and funnier than I thought. When I get one I will spank it.

    That sounds very twisted to say

  203. Did anyone see this one?

    I love the kitty’s little shuffle after each spanking session, lol!

  204. Pups'nstuff says:

    Whomever’s making the decisions around here needs a new job obviously!!!

  205. taj. That one was stange due to the background noise and rather “institutionalized”setting.

  206. Is it just me or is anyonyone else thinking of the Monty Python Holy Grail scene?

  207. bad_kittymama says:

    Had to go watch one of the other videos to see what the heck everyone is going on about! Hey, my cat goes nuts with purring, drooling, rubbing, meowing, generally being lovey and cuddly and insatiable, when I brush her. I never had a cat before who would even put up with the brush, let alone LIKED it and insisted on 20 minutes of brushing at a time. So go figure. I had cats who loved being patted on the back end like that (though I’m a wimp, I never tried doing it very hard) and cats who loved having their faces smushed around in what was clearly NOT a gentle massage. If kitty likes being paddled.. . oooookay.

  208. Couldn’t see the video. But when I looked for Kitten and Shiatsu on Youtube, there was a video of a man who let his kitten work on his – well you know. Ugh. Hope the kitten soon discoveres that it has sharp claws!

  209. “Video no longer available.” Le sigh.

  210. Oh God, I about LOST it watching this one (two other people posted it on this thread).

    I’m in a cafe, trying to write, and almost embarrassed myself cackling. The best is when the cat meows for more!

    The noise must be because of the material the paddles are made of.

  211. Noelegy, watch the one I just viewed. It’ll make you laugh out loud.

  212. Ok, I am losing it — watch the three meg posted above — the one with the kitty smacking the knee of the massager is good. In ALL the vids, the cats clearly seem to ask for more… this isn’t abuse, people! They jump up, assume the position, and get the smacking they clearly want! 🙂

  213. @Snorglepup- EXACTLY. I’m a massage practioner also and this sounds like cupping/clapping.(Didn’t see the vid so I’m assuming this is what the fuss is about.) My big female tortie and my brother’s male Maine Coone mix both ADORE this. I don’t think it’s a sexy thing, as someone pointed out. It’s just kitties enjoying an effective massage technique!(Done properly of course. Don’t start impromptu wailing on yer pets and calling it massage, peeps :))

  214. Holy.Cheebus.
    I’m going back and watching all the other linked videos and damnit, they’re a riot!

    I tried that with my big cat Speak.. I got a “what are you doing?” disdainful look before he wandered off.

  215. Space Cowgirl says:

    OK, first off: I’m not nuffing. The kitteh is cute, this isn’t my blog, and I don’t think the video should be taken down. Now for some TMI:

    That said, there are some things I won’t do with my cats because they just seem a little too…intimate. The truth is, even neutered/spayed kittehs are very sexual creatures. I don’t scratch my girl cat’s butt, and neither of them is allowed to sleep with me because I sleep in the buff and they’re kneaders. To me my cats are like children, so I prefer my relationship with them not have any sexual element.

    I’m sure someone is going to flame me for being repressed, a pervert etc. I’m also a very sexual person, and I just…don’t think my cats are the beings I want to share that with.

    Maybe it’s just me. But regardless, kitteh is cute and obviously enjoying it, so while catering to that seems a bit off to me personally, she’s certainly not being abused.

  216. I like this one!

  217. this is awful. POOR CAT.

  218. YES this cat IS being treated BADLY

  219. First off, I am not sure why someone in here refers to Andrea Dworkin, telling me that she is dead, and that her ideas died with her. I happened to live nr Camden, NJ for half a year in 2005, and never heard of her (I am not a US citizen). Second, I had 2 cats for over 13 years myself, brother and sister. Both loved to receive slaps with the flat hand onto the back of their bum but I could tell that once the ears went backwards, and the strange meowing started, they were feeling very uneasy, and I stopped. The person in the video (a man from what I could see) literally spanked this cat, and much too hard. It must have hurt. And no-one in here can tell me that it didn’t – not matter how seemingly happy the cat responded.
    I am glad that the video was taken off here.

  220. And here I thought it was just my cat who was weird and liked that. I call her my “sturdy-cat” and thump her on the back. She absolutely adores it.

  221. There’s no more video. And I was soooo curious to see it especialy after reading some of these comments.

  222. warrior rabbit says:

    Ha ha ha ha, I love how there are caretrolls here saying how bad the video is — but they got here to late to see the video, and so have no idea what they’re talking about. It’s like a canned letter to a congressman. Yes, I’m talking to YOU, CatLOVE and BADKITTY. What maroons!

  223. Well, it’s not going to spank itself, now, IS IT…

  224. Wow.

    Since when has CuteOverload become PETAOverload?

  225. My stepdad slaps my ‘larger’ kitty around, and he called them PUPPIES. Slapslapslap ‘puppppieees’.
    The thinner cat didn’t like them, and he ran away if it came to be his turn, but McFatCat will lay down and smile and be very happy.

    SpaceCowgirl — I totally understand! I sleep in the buff too and like to walk around with little clothes on if the house is empty, and I don’t cuddle with my kitties much then.
    I’m a really sexual person, and my cats are reeeeeeally cuddly. If they start to knead or cuddle and it makes me uncomfortable, I’ll just pet them. I just want to do what’s comfortable for me. I can’t help my thoughts, so I don’t want those thoughts to be accidentally lead to kittens!

  226. Arachnophile says:

    OK, Youtube keeps horrible videos of people shooting opossums and killing frogs but they removed this video of an obviously happy cat!


    Yes, those other videos exist. I’ve flagged many of them and nothing happens.

  227. I totally fail to see the co-relation between being a sexual human being and one’s felines.

    And Freya? YOU can’t actually tell any of us that it DID hurt, since YOU are not the cat, or are you? If YOU want to walk around life totally convinced that the cat in the video was in horrific pain during this, fine. But for the love of all the Gods, STOP FREAKING LECTURING THE REST OF US!

    (and YouTube took down the video, not Meg & Co. Therefore the link that Meg & Co. put up no longer works. Because the site that owns said link, YOUTUBE, deleted the video)

  228. Space Cowgirl — that makes sense. I don’t have that same issue with my cats, I’m happy to pet them wherever and let them sleep wherever they want (well, almost wherever), but I don’t think it makes you repressed or anything. It’s just where your boundary is.

    I tried this gently on Bertha and she didn’t mind. She kind of endured it, but she’s more of a snorgler. Now if I could get Theo (the cat, not the Ed.) in the right position, it seems like it’s more her speed.

  229. The video’s gone! NO ME GUSTAAAAA!!!!!!

  230. the other Brenda says:

    I got “this video is no longer available”. Is it that bad??

  231. I love this website and was extremely upset at the video. While I am glad it’s no longer available, how about just deleting the whole entry? I’m really disappointed that it was on this site in the first place. I expected much better of you! 😦

  232. okay, so i just spanked one of my kitties and she LOVED IT! she started making biscuits and purring like crazy. as soon as i stopped she meowed loudly and turned to look at me. this is hilarious!

  233. Yep, that cat was totally being abused and was in pain. You can tell by the contented mews and purrs.

    People need to loosen the eff up. Geez.

  234. I did see the video, and to me it was disturbing. It was the most disturbing out of all the spanking the cat videos people posted in the comments, as this person was smacking and smacking and well you get the idea. Very hard, 5 minutes worth of it, as if he was playing a set of bongos. This guy was not holding back in his touch at all. I am glad it was removed. It was definitely not cute.

  235. D’oh! Video is now gone. 😦

  236. I didn’t see this particular video, but if it’s like the other cat spanking videos it’s no big deal.
    Anyone who has owned a cat knows that they will not tolerate anything they find unpleasant. One of my cats absolutely hates to be brushed. I have to physically restrain him while I brush him, and he screams and tries to bite me. The cats in most of these cat spanking videos are unrestrained and just sit there while they get spanked. If it was causing them any discomfort at all, they would not sit there and take it.

  237. Haha, my cat wooby loves that. It’s a boy, and he’ll lick you if you hit the top of his butt or scratch it really fast. It’s hilarious. But the video doesn’t exist, i couldn’t see it. 😦

  238. And he’ll pretend you have fleas and he’ll do a biting/sucking thing that me and my mother call “nit-picking.” it’s adorable!

  239. The video is funny, but what really makes it is the music.

  240. My sister’s calico absolutely loves it when my BIL spanks her – she purrs and makes happy chirps. When she’s had enough she walks away, still purring and all goofy and lovey-dovey.

    Ya know, I hear some people like being spanked and they get all lovey-dovey afterward, too. Go figure. All God’s children have their quirks and preferences, I guess.

  241. The video has been removed. 😦

  242. For those wondering how a person finds out if their cat likes spanking–escalation. I always patted my cats and Sippy seemed to enjoy it more than most and would purr and meow and beg to be patted. If I patted her more firmly, she purred more. So I just kept it up to see how much was too much. Let’s just say: I’m not often willing to spank her as hard as she *likes* to be spanked. She always looks a little disappointed.

  243. To the people who think this is abuse; you are wrong. Our cat Sherman LOVED it. We’d take the cardboard tube from a roll of kitchen towels, and do whack-a-mole on his butt and he would just go into a frenzy, he loved it so much. Or we’d say, “Sherman, you want Bab-a-lou?” (like Ricky Ricardo on the bongos.) He’d just go nuts he loved it so much. Just like we loved him.

  244. Noelegy : I blush, but you might have the right idea here–a little gentle kitteh self masturbation to offset the supposed S&M-cats.

  245. PS
    I left out the part where, when we’d start doing it, he’d RACE to his scratching post, do a full stretch, and just go to town on the post. If we’d stop, so would he—he’d turn around, look at us like “Um..why stop now?” So we’d whack him some more, and he’d attack the post again. Priceless.

  246. Yay for the kittehs who have gotten their people to try it. Many happy thumpingks to you all.

    My friend used to have a big tomcat who you couldn’t hit hard enough. We’d have to take turns, 3 or 4 of us b/c we’d get tired before he got enough. And you had to hold his tail, too.

    Massage/S&M kitties forever!

  247. I have two cats, one loves the spankings and one will remove your hand if you try. Oddly the same one who likes the spankings also likes to hop in the shower when I’m in it and play in the water.

    Animals like people are individuals and not all of them like the same things or degree of things. I know when I give the one who likes spankings her usual dose she looks at me like I’m a criminal when I stop.

    The one that doesn’t like spankings likes belly rubs. I think that might be a little odder in a cat than the spanking thing.

  248. I am sorry for the person accusing me of ‘lecturing’ and feeling the need to capitalize some words on top of that. I stated my opinion in here just like everyone else did. Nobody spanks a child so why spank a cat or any other animal for that matter. I know ‘wrong’ when I see it, leave me my opinion as much as I leave everyone theirs.

  249. Add me to the long list of people who have had and known many cats who LOVE to be spanked. It was my beloved Maggie’s absolute favorite thing in the WORLD.

  250. Freya: It’s not rational to hang onto an idea that has been proven wrong. “Spanking” a cat ISN’T the same as spanking a child, and to say “nobody” spanks a child is stupid. Obviously there are people who spank their children. They do it as a form of discipline. The cats in these videos aren’t being disciplined. It’s a form of play for them, one that they clearly enjoy. If your opinion is that YOUR cats shouldn’t engage in this form of play, then I would say, bully for you, but keep yourself to yourself. It’s really not your business to impose your obviously wrong opinion on others, and ruin an otherwise fun time people have coming to this website. You don’t have the right to make it your own personal crusade to spoil other people’s fun, so if things here bother you, why don’t you just lose the URL from your browser and not come around any more? No one is forcing you to come, so why do you come? Just sayin’.

  251. My cats loved to be spanked as well. Cats are weird.

  252. Even my little delicate almost-20-year-old 6 pound Alaidh likes the spanking, though because she’s so delicate, I’m gentle with my spanks. Her “cousin” Murphy, on the other hand, was a big boy who loved a nice rough spanking! His sister’s just as nutty – she loves to be tossed into the air.

  253. Lets face it: Cats are WEIRD.

  254. lol @ this entire comment thread

  255. Beth (in NC) says:

    My big fat kitteh rolls over, exposes his belleh… and then I ask ‘Would you like me to play the drums?” He just wants some slapping. Not too hard though, since it’s the belly, but I still agree… cats are weird. 🙂

  256. What happened to the vid?

  257. I didn’t get to see this vid either, but I concur with the many above comments- a cat will NOT tolerate anything it finds unpleasant. If you’ve never owned a cat, you will not fully understand this. Look it up, people! Cat mannerisms are REALLY easy to read.

    Gawd, this is almost getting as bad as Bonsai Kitten.

  258. Totalee Puppy says:

    You know, I find the commentroversy kind of interesting…Stayed up too late once again. Can do without vid…enjoyed hearing from =bg=…but anyone who does a “whackamole (cute)” on my hiney gets a “chompamole”…

  259. @ Jim N., OMG, what a lovely, happy, ball of fur your Winston is! I love the air biscuits and the toe floofage.

    @ Annie, naming a cat Tunafish is a stroke of sheer brilliance!

    I’m bummed that I didn’t get here in time to see the original video, but if it’s anything like the other kitty spanking videos posted in the comments, I see no abuse there. I’ve never had a kitty that liked being spanked, but I’ve known ones that do. The first time I saw it, I was worried about the kitteh too, but by their reaction they obviously love it, and they always came back for more.

  260. I never ever ever hit my cats, for discipline or otherwise, but when I saw these vids the first time, I just had to see if they liked it or not. I gave my spayed female a small tap to see what she did, and she turned around and meowed questioningly and tried to bite my hand. Same went for my other one who isn’t spayed yet (before you ask, yes, there is a vet appointment scheduled), and she has no qualms at all about sinking her little teeth into my hand.

    If the cat doesn’t like it, they will let you know! My friends’ big big male cat, however, loves it, and he’ll stick his big butt in your face until you give him some solid buttslaps.

    Long story short, this is a butt massage, not abuse. 🙂

  261. Missing video… can somebody post a new link?

  262. Carolina2 says:

    So sad. I was too late to see this. Cry. I wonder why You Tube removed it, that makes me even more curious. Wah!!