Baby Bristle Brushes Borned

Let’s lift up the box top and see how the freshly-borned hedgehoglets are doing!

Hmm. Maybe we should check back when they have some quillage.


Much better.

I think they’re doing fine. Mom sitting on hogs, check.Warm comfortabuhls home, check.


Beady eyes, check.

Baby Hedge’tocks, check!


Trisha K., how about some mini croquet?



  1. I love the second pic, everyone burrowing under mama. cuuuute 🙂

  2. Lawsy- bebeh quillers are “unattractive”…. then they get all quilly and they’re adorable… what I can see of them.

    I wonder what the eensy ones feel like though…ooooO

  3. Quilltastic!

  4. Oh my 😀 adorable

  5. Trabb's Boy says:

    Holy smokes! Those are all kinds of nasty when they’re first born, aren’t they? The baby tocks more than make up for it, though!

  6. The Other One Michelle says:

    I thought they were hairbrushes in pic one.

  7. charliewabba says:

    Ooooh – those nekkid little bebbehs look like those rollers you put in your hair that don’t need a bobby pin to hold them in place.
    (man – how old do I sound talking about rollers that require bobby pins)

  8. Didn’t it HURT giving birth to the baby hedges?!? Owwwww….

  9. Squeeee! I thought they were little kitchen brushes in the first pic!

  10. Gail (the first one) says:

    @charliewabba: That is exactly what they look like–those awful brush rollers! So, you’re not THAT old, at least to me—LOL!

  11. Oh come on, we all know those are really pin cushions in the first pic! Boy, that looks weird.

  12. fish eye no miko says:

    Awwww!! Baby hedgies!

    Nicole: Their quills aren’t sharp when they’re born.

    charlieabba: I know the type of rollers you mean! My mother used them. ^_^

  13. Feeeeeets! Tails!! Gah.

  14. @ Nicole – that was my very first thought. Hopefully Nature has remedied that but OW ow ow ow ow ow ow OW!

    What a snorgly little mess these behbehs are. But snorgle carefully …

  15. Nicole… I am dying to know that. I mean, are the little quills soft when hedgies are born? Because if not, it seems that hedgies would have invented the C-section way before we humans did.

  16. Awww all pink and covered with baby quills! <3 They look like much more adorable genetically modified pink lima beans or something.

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    Sweet!!! Of course, questions about the comfortubuhlness of the hedgie birth brings up questions about the comfortubuhlness of the bebeh’s .. er . .creation. IfyouknowwhatImean. Now that.. that is true luv!!

  18. Space Cowgirl says:

    Part of me wishes to cram all the baby brushes in my mouf and carry them around like a squirrel does nuts.

    On the other hand…ow.

  19. The little upside-down-baby-legs one KEELS me. DED. I want him/her. Plz. I can’t stop whining.

  20. Ohhh!! Ickle Prickles!

  21. How do hedgehogs make love? Verrrrry carefully.

  22. lindsay but not lohan says:

    am i weird in liking the first pic best? that mom is ADORABLE and the babies are just so weird they’re cute! i bet their baby quills are soft.

  23. So squee-able! They look like mini pot-scrubbers to me. That or fresh chestnuts off the tree.

  24. *Looks like chicken*

    (But doesn’t taste like it)

  25. I never knew what a baaaaby hedgehog looked like before.

    When do they get their first cardboard tubes??

  26. Need super close-up of bebeh hog tocks!!!!!

  27. Oh! They are adorable all jammed under momma like that.

  28. I think the newborn hoglets look like those little brushes that are supposed to take the silk off corn on the cob but that don’t actually do anything. Except those are usually yellow.

  29. Somehow, i’m glad i’m not a hedgie momma. those babies must have HURT>

  30. oooh and just think of the little snorty sounds they make!

  31. scooterpants says:

    a lil to the left-YOOOCH!
    eeee gods.
    i cannot imagine.
    watchit there!

  32. I am disturbed by this picture. Remove it at once!

  33. People, really,

    Of course the quills are going with the grain (so to speak) when Mama gives birth.

    Or so I hope.

  34. Clearly photoshopped!

  35. Jezebel — the joke’s done, now…

  36. Snorglepup — see above

  37. Hey baby. Let me see your little moist nosicle.

  38. Hi everyone – These are my hedgehogs, and yes they are adorable. Holly is the mom, she’s my baby girl, and she’s only the best hedgie mom EVARR. We just started handling the babies yesterday, and are they ever cute, OMG.

    Re: Quills and birthing: Baby hedgie quills are very soft when they are born, and they are covered by a fluid-filled membrane that dries up after birth. In a couple of hours, the quills stiffen up a bit. Around ten weeks, they shed their baby quills and grow their first set of adult ones.

    This litter and any others we may have will be for sale, if anyone is near Long Island and wants one. Ten percent off if you mention Cute Overload!

    Thanks for all your comments! Holly will be so happy to know you like her babies!

  39. momof2kitties says:

    Oh Em Gee!! The bebeh hog tocklets in the last pic has me sqeeing in an octave that only dogs can hear!!

  40. All I can say is….ouchy birth

  41. @Trisha K., the phrase “baby quills” had my toes curling up with squee-ness. 😉

  42. Martha in Washington says:

    Oh Trisha, I wish I lived a little closer (or a lot)! Mama Holly must be so proud!!

  43. It’s so funny this just got posted – I adopted my first hedgie this week. He’s even the same color as these (assuming they are chocolate) but he is a pinto.

  44. How cute!!! I think hedgehogs are adorable. I’ve wanted one for years but never got one.

  45. Oh, eww! I didn’t even see the babies in pic #1 until I clicked on it and saw it all giant-sized. They looked like undercooked chicken livers. With quills.

    The tocklets all arse over elbow in pic #3 are hilarious and adorable, though.

  46. Am I the only one who thinks the just-borned hedgies in the first pic looks like toothbrush heads? Not that I would put dem in my mouf… or at least not for hygiene purposes, just delicate nommings. *grabs, noms gentlyyyyy*

  47. Trisha K— can you talk to us about what hedgies care for is like? Smell of critter coral, what they eets, bathroom etiquette, can they sit on the couch with you?

    I have always wanted one.

    (trisha too)

  48. Hi Trisha-No problem! They are pretty easy to care for. Clean bedding, a decent sized cage, running wheel, hidey house (very important). High-quality cat food with lots of protein, mealworms, other bugs, a little fruit and cottage cheese from time to time (not too much). They don’t hardly smell at all, if the cage is kept clean. They can hang out with you, but will probably just look for a darkish spot to fall asleep, like next to your leg or in a pocket. Holly likes to go down a sweatshirt sleeve while I’m on the computer. They sell little fleece bags you can carry around in to acclimate them, and for transportation. Those are nice! There’s always the possibility that one might pee a little while you have him out, but they only make a couple of drops at a time, and it’s not super-stinky like cats. Handling is easy if you’re paying attention. You just have to give them a moment to settle down and put their quills down when you go to pick them up, and then they’re fine.

    If anyone has any questions they’d like to ask me, here is an email address you can use: trishakiefer AT gmail DOT com. I love to talk about my animals! (I have more than 20, of assorted varieties.)

  49. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Trisha K.—thanks for the info on hedgies. I’ve never been around one, in fact until I started hanging around here, I didn’t know they were kept as pets!!!!

  50. Potential hedgie owners, don’t forget the toilet paper roll! Very important!

  51. I can has hedgie too?? But not the babeh pinkies which are kind of “ew”.

  52. Amazing how the hedges start as pink sea cucumbers with feet…and then before ya know it they’re adorable mini hedges! 🙂

  53. Actually, AuntieMame, it’s a really common misconception that hedgies enjoy “tubing.” I think they hate it, and I’ll explain why I think so. In the wild, hedgehogs go looking for bugs in little crevices and pieces of wood. When they’re done, they pull their heads back out and move on. When a hedgehog sticks his head into a toilet paper tube, he thinks it’s a log with maybe some tasty bugs inside. When he tries to pull his head out, it’s stuck, and he can’t get rid of this thing on his head. Think of the last time you tried on a shirt that’s too small. When you try to pull it off over your head, it can get stuck. I know that I start to panic a little when that happens, and a little hedgehog who doesn’t understand that the toilet paper tube is not a log would be scared to death when it got stuck on his head. Watch a video of a hedgie “tubing” – he’s walking BACKWARDS, trying to get away from it. Yes, yes, he goes back and does it again – because they’re small animals. They don’t have enormous brains like people do. That hedgehog forgot already that he got stuck in the tube, he just thinks it’s another log with maybe some tasty bugs inside. I hate watching videos of hedgehogs trying desperately to escape from a tube, and I would never give mine one to play with. I’m working on a care sheet for new hedgie owners that I will be giving with each of my babies, and I intend to stress the cruelty of tubing in there.

  54. Cuteness Unbound!

  55. How cute!

  56. Awwww.

    They have a wonderful mom in Holly and a fun grandma in Trisha K.

  57. Totalee Puppy says:

    Meg, you gave us something
    really special today with these baby hedgies and their little ‘tocks…So awesome and so prosh..cutecutecutecutecute…


  59. Totalee Puppy says:

    Loving all the advice about how to take care of
    little hedgies…Where else can we learn this kind of stuff? Thanks to
    Trisha K…This site rocks!