People (muzzle) powsches!!

These prosh humans have muzzelpowsches of their very own.

They are extremely creative. You can make one too!


Eliza F., I’ll do an Xtreme C.O. Close up on you if you don’t watch out.


  1. less people. more cute.

  2. Not a bleening animal to be seen!

  3. With this simple trick we could make a cut price version of ‘Planet of the Apes’
    with out all those Rick Baker prosthetics.

  4. Terrible what are these women? THEY ARE NOT FLUFFY NOR ATTRACTIVE.

  5. Is it just me or does the one in the blue kind of remind you of a hammy?? lol

  6. The one on the right look like she has a fluffy scarf on. That counts for something, yes?

  7. Meg, you just wanna keep the nuffs happy. First a baby, now grownup hoomans.

    *goes back to supermarket to buy several gallons of milk for all the puddin’ that’s gonna be necessary*
    *opts for the store brand instant. not to good for eatin’, but nice and sticky for throwin’*

  8. That *too* good.


  10. thequeenmum says:

    I apologize if this has been brought up before, but am I the only one who objects to humans being filed as “primates?”

  11. let’s have more cute animals and less uncute people.

  12. No, I object to that as well.

    It’s 7:55 am here, and there are people already opposing to a few muzzlepouches on CO? What is this world coming to. It’s funny, we’ve all made that face. So?

  13. Note: I object to being filed under primates, not to the photo. The photo is funny. No opposition from me – I like people. Many of you should try it sometime.

  14. I don’t mind the babies snuggling puppies, or babies kissing pigs, but this is not cute. Not something I like to wake up to.

  15. What is this …? –No cute animals…where am I???


  16. thequeenmum says:

    Ah, I should mention that as well! No objection to the picture, just the classification. I love CO.. not trying to start stuff or anything.

    Thanks CoffeeCup, glad I’m not alone here. 🙂

  17. Feel free to post plenty more pictures of the girl in the middle! 😀

  18. Humans are primates: It’s just basic taxonomic terminology.

  19. Ashley says: ” Not something I like to wake up to.”

    Jim N. says: “I beg to differ.”

  20. Jim N. speaks the truth. If not under primates, how else would you have pictures of hoomans classified?

  21. Blegh

  22. So what’s wrong with being filed under primate? I’m not trying to be facetious here…seriously, why are people disturbed by this? It simply appears to be a humourous take on our humble origins.

  23. DO NOT WANT!

  24. I may be in the minority here, but I don’t have a dislike for hoomans at all. Babies can be adorable, and the three girls in the picture are cute.

    True, I’d rather see hunks with fuzzy kittehs and puppers, but that’s just me, I guess…

  25. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Wow, peeples. Since I’m not yet through my first cup of coffee, I can’t tell if y’all are joking or just mean.


    We must be equal opportunity cute lovers, peeples! Spread da WUV!

  26. whenever you put people on everyone comments that they hate it…TAKE A HINT!!!

    [A fine and lovely day to you too, dear. Are the carbuncles healing? – Ed.]

  27. Capt' Tightpants says:

    PS: Little lady on the right in the blue looks like she was caught unawares – like a puppy gnawing on a shoe just got caught in the act and is simultaneously surprised yet not about to stop gnawing. HA!

  28. You object to being classified as a primate? I hope you’ll send an angry letter to Merriam-Webster:
    3 [New Latin Primates, from Latin, plural of primat-, primas] : any of an order (Primates) of mammals that are characterized especially by advanced development of binocular vision, specialization of the appendages for grasping, and enlargement of the cerebral hemispheres and that include humans, apes, monkeys, and related forms (as lemurs and tarsiers)

  29. Capt. Tightpants, are you perchance the same Captain Tightpants of the BSG forum?

  30. Relevant and filed appropriately, I say.

  31. blah…..

  32. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I have a doppleganger on the BSG Forum?

    There’s a BSG Forum?

    Sorry, MadameX, I know not of what you speak. I am not they, they are not me.

    Also – do we sound alike? My curiosity is piqued!!

  33. Capt. Tightpants, apparently you do. Yes, there is. And yes, you do.

    It’s been a while since I lurked there (Skiffy turned too toxic for my tastes); I went by Eaglestar51…

  34. …..

  35. Well, Martha K, how can we be classified as primates if we never evolved from them? God just put his wittle finger on the dirt and POOF humans sprang up. I guess that makes us closer to legumes!

    I say we re-classify humans as legumes!

  36. Wait. Huh? How did my comment end up being posted twice (and like 20 minutes apart)? I go off to read the commentroversy about the puppy-nommin’ baby and I somehow end up inadvertently repeating myself.

  37. Nice try, ladies!

    Hmm, I wonder if this one will be filed under “pa-sickies” soon?

  38. The picture is not cute, but it is funny – so it is o.k.

    People who object to being linked with primates (although we do share alot of the same genome): way, way too hypo – pudding – emic.

    ps Meg/Theo : if you add a small photo of a kitten or puppy in some small corner of the picture you could satisfy at least some of the nuffs

  39. Willow's Pillow says:

    Aww… they’re so cute at that age!

  40. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Madame – BSG is a realm I have yet to enter, so I really have no idea. Which is surprising, because I’m usually all over the scifi. And I just chose this name because I needed a name not mine and every time I see it here I think of the Tightpants and it makes me smile. heh heh.

    I also don’t usually post in most forums: I lurk here pretty much every day, but rarely have the urge to post. I usually just laugh my tushie off at the hilarious commentary. And I just saw NTMTOM’s Gangster Bunnies, and nearly snorted my coffee.

    Now off to teach class. Oy.

    Let not the nuffs conquer!!

  41. thequeenmum says:

    Jim N, it’s the taxonomy that I have a problem with. Clearly I disagree with evolution.

  42. No prob with primates. I would probably object to a classification of “unusual animals”. And no, mg, IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME, not “everyone” hates the human-subject posts – just people who never comment except to say they hate people.

  43. Wouldn’t “Cap’n Tightpants” be more appropriate in a Firefly forum?
    They still have those, right?

  44. Babs — “if that is your real name” ??

    My real name is Theo, actually, but that’s pretty rare on the internet.

  45. Now I know this is someones blog and its right to say that we have no place dictating what should or should not feature here. Demanding pics to be removed is just plain rude. If we don’t like it we should surf elsewhere…..but the audience here comes to expect a certain content which is why we keep coming back for more. I think it would be a nice gesture if the management made some kind of announcment or acknowledgement that the content is changing. Not an appology or excuse, just ‘hey dudes the sites evolving for different tastes”. CO is currently my homepage at home and work and I check it at least 3 times a day, love the QT! But this post and the puppy nomming are totally out of character and not what I would choose to view. ICHC site have split their content between sister sites for different types of pics so its not like this is a new concept!?!?!

  46. Hm, seems to me from the comments that the guys don’t mind the posting of cute women so much. Perhaps, Meg, if you posted an image of hunky man ‘tocks, you could appease the nuffing gals as well.

  47. Kinda funny but can we photoshop some hammies on top of their heads?? 😀

  48. Zaferina — you make a very good point, but… how to put this?… ICHC might not be the best example to use as a comparison, here.

    Vicki — when Meg *has* posted pix with dudes, ‘tocks or not, the CO crowd has indeed gone wild. It’s maybe a little frightening. (and you know, come to think of it, I believe I’m detecting something in this thread that smells just faintly like a double standard)

  49. Willow's Pillow says:

    “Jim N, it’s the taxonomy that I have a problem with. Clearly I disagree with evolution. — thequeenmum”

    Well, then…

    I have nothing. Debate is out, scorn is counterproductive.

    Look! Elephant tocks!

  50. LibrarianJessica says:

    Peeps, give it a break. It’s funny and cute. But then again, all your grousing is kinda cute, too.

  51. A joke, Theo. Them’s still allowed, neh?

    Zaferina, thanks for being grown-up about it, but really, no, it’s not “totally out of character”. Sure, the blog is *mostly* cute aminals, but Meg likes to throw a curve ball occasionally. It’s all part of the delightful melange that is CO soup. Er sumthin.

  52. ::shrugs:: I laughed, have no problem with the classification. Maybe if their shirts had kittens on them the nuffs would be happier.
    ::goes back to eating a pop tart::

  53. I love that the one on the left has her muzzlepowch below her mouth, the middle one has her powch all over her mouth area, and the one on the right has hers above her mouth. It’s seeing the diversity of the powches that makes it cute!

    And btw, we are, in fact, primates. Just sayin’

  54. more puppehs, less hussies

  55. Shut up, everyone! 😀

    Those ladies are adorable.

  56. Babs — oh.

    Um yes.

    Carry on.

  57. I KNOW there are evil sqwerls lurking in them thar trees… does that make this cute eNUFF to post?

    It’s too early for high dudgeon, peeps! Why not start on mild disapproval and work up from there? Healthier all ’round…

  58. SoCalSis — time zones are a bitch 😉

  59. Why do I see hoomans?! Where are the aminals?! AMMMINALS!!

  60. AAAGHH! You made me look at human beings! Listen, I come to cuteoverload to feel some of the heartwarming affection I can never experience through non-internet-mediated normal human interactions. Showing me humans only reminds me of my crushingly lonely isolation! Showing me humans with friends having a good time together, well WAY TO SALT THE WOUND!

    But! This isn’t really about my misanthropy! It’s about your failure as a blogger to be misanthropic right alongside me! Therefore I threaten you with my leaving forever and never coming to this site again!! Haha, gotcha on the ropes now, eh???? There are gonna be some changes around here, Meg, or you’ve seen the last of me!

  61. AND…. anyone else notice that the cutie in the middle looks a tad bit like the beaver lovin’ gel lookin’ for her beaver lovin’ guy?

    [I was thinking Gwen from Torchwood, but that’s sure as hell not Capt. Jack and Toshiko with her… – Ed.]

  62. I’m all like PEOPLE?!?! WTF?!!
    then read the capshons… Ohhhhh muzzlepowshes! haha cute and creative… ok these people can be there, but just this once!
    Next I want to see muzzle powsche matchings (humans and their critters)

  63. Yes, Theo, Cap’n Tightpants would be more appropriate for a Firefly forum. And yes, those are still around. But some of us are not exclusive on our Sci-findom…

    “Hussies,” pandacake? Isn’t that a little… harsh?

    Can you imagine the ’nuffs if these evolved female primates had placed small felines between their partially exposed mammaries?

  64. “Feel free to post plenty more pictures of the girl in the middle! 😀 – Jon”

    lol! am I the only one who caught that? P.S. for all the nuffers, where were you when there was a cute boy picture posted? Prolly copying and pasting it and printing it off 😛

  65. MadameX — why in the whole wide ‘verse would I need to imagine that?

  66. Hey! I’m the girl in the middle and can I just say, this really made my day! This was at my engagement party this past weekend, and we had just taught Mindy (on the left) what the word muzzlepowsche meant. Sorry for the folks who don’t like people on CO. I’m generally oppossed too, until its ME!!! haha.

  67. Anna von Beaverplatz says:

    If humans aren’t primates, then why do my cats refer to us as “hairless apes”? Hm.

    Hee hee! human muzzlepowsches. Cute!

  68. Anna von Beaverplatz says:

    /I’m generally oppossed too, until its ME!!!/

    HA! Girl, you just made me snort my coffee. Ouch. Thanks for that.

  69. Now I want coffee, dang it.

  70. The Other One Michelle says:

    I like it when Meg mixes it up a little bit. And I like that people love this blog enough to stage a picture of themselves that is based on a rule of cuteness from this blog and then take the time to send it in. But why oh why would someone call them “hussies”? That’s just uncalled for and looking to start trouble. Keep your fingers off the keyboard if you’re gonna make comments like that.

  71. On a very good day, I would think this is cute.

    That’s all.

    [I think you need THIS post: – Ed.]

  72. They look that way cause they all have puppies in their mouths. Nom nom nom!

    Hey, you closed the comments before I could find out where to get puddin scented hand lotion.
    Want to try it on my elephant tocks.

  73. You know, I just noticed… the girls are demonstrating all three levels of muzzlepuffery. See it? From left to right: low, medium, high. Heh.

  74. Congratulations,KristinC!

  75. *Megs Defense*

    It’s her site. The title isn’t “Cute Animals Overload.” It’s cute overload.

    The photo is kind of cute- girls trying to have powches. They’re fans. So to you nay sayers- you can’t tell me you wouldn’t lay next to your animal with Paws Up to get on the site? REALLY?

    Come on. Knock it off. Meg knows what she’s doin.

  76. Cute girls having fun. Of course, some have to hate on them just to be awful.

  77. …because *they* didn’t make it onto Cute Overload’s front page.


  78. I seriously don’t get what is going on with all the griping, bi#ching and moaning, lately. You don’t care for it, then give a shrug, a “meh” and move along folks. Then again, why do I keep reading the commentroversies . . .?

    Guess I’ll finish my spinach/swiss scone and tea and MOVE ALONG!

    [Ooh, I do love the *savory* breakfast pastries; never was a Krispy Kreme guy. Anyone have a spinach-and-feta croissant? I’m brewing coffee, it’s medium roast Sumatran; I’ll even squeeze some fresh OJ… – Ed.]

  79. No. Yes. Yes.

  80. Always think it’s so funny how people who don’t pay domain and hosting fees or put in any of the effort it takes to maintain a site feel entitled to tell the site’s owner what she can and can’t post on it. Hilarious. God bless the innernets.

  81. Thanks snorglepup!

  82. We should love all creatures, big or small!!!!

  83. Yes. Let’s continue to post non-cute photos when I have submitted adorable photos of my bunny rabbit several times this week and still they have not been picked! Elephant butt? Not cute. Girls making stupid faces? Not cute. 8,000 pictures of cats? Getting old. I KNOW you’re being sent better material than this crap!

  84. ThreeCatNight says:

    What talent! And now, Ladies and Gentlemen,
    “Alvina and the Chippymunks”!

  85. I think the photo is amusing and the ladies in it are perfectly cute. And all of these Ugh time comments are awful. How would that make you feel if someone posted that under a photo of you?

    Oh and last time I checked we WERE classified as primates so whats the big deal with that?

  86. Hi all! I’m the girl in the blue in the pic (eliza f.) I’m so excited and thanks for the nice comments.

  87. The one in the middle has beautiful hair. I’ve spent obscene amounts of money and time trying to make my hair look like that.

  88. Looks like my muzzle holds the most food. Why is it the others are cute and I’m just creepy?

  89. Practice, Mindy.

  90. Wow, looks like we have residual commentroversy spilling over from yesterday. *picks up a rag and tries to mop up spillage*

    It must be extremely tiring, being one of those people who find something to complain about EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

    (And yes, by complaining about the situation, the laws of logic dictate that I am a hypocrite.)

    Speaking as a straight female, I find all three of these girls adorable and I would be happy to snorgle any and all of them.

  91. That being said, I do love commentroversies. I also gawk at accidents and am an ambulance-chaser.

  92. Can’t say I’m a fan of looking at people rather than cute aminals, but seriously. This is Meg’s site. Go make your own site if you want to completely dictate what gets posted.

  93. Also, maybe next time you should try this again when you’re wearing bridesmaids dresses. That way it can be a multi-category: Matchingks and Cute or Sad?

    Plus, WTH is wrong with you primates who don’t like being classified as primates? What are you if not a primate?

  94. These ladies ARE cute—so are their muzzlepowsches!!!!!

    Give a little love, peeps!!!!

  95. Theo, I use me real name on teh interweb too. *shrug*

    I dunno what’s up with this picture. However, if these powsches are allowed on here: then I def. hope we get some cutie Halloween pictures of kids in their little costumes. …so I know whose candy I stole. Hah!

  96. Redzilla, I love you! That is an awesome idea! We will definitely do a bridesmaid muzzlepowsche photo! It will be the wedding album cover. hahaha.

  97. What will the groomsmen be doing?

  98. Well, I checked, and my muzzlepowsche is like the one in the middle. (Hi KristinC!) My entire cheeks puff out, but my chin stays flat.

  99. Cute. Cute. Cute. This made me laugh, the women look like they’re a hoot to hang out with, and they’re demonstrating the power of the muzzlepowsche. What’s not to love?

    Henry… what can I say? I thought your comment was mean-spirited and then I clicked on your blog… *shakes head*

  100. Oh LOL. Now I’m picturing a nation of cuteologists going OOOPH in the mirror.

  101. oh, girl #4 has it right. the muzzlepowshe should be above the mouf and below the nose! now she just needs whiskers…

  102. Dammit Theo, now I want a spinach and feta croissant.

    Also, this picture cracks me up.

  103. Another step to the C.O. dating service.

    Heeeellooooooo, ladies!

  104. gets puddinkwerferschnorglekanonen

    begins to load it with cheap vanilla puddin’

  105. the one on the right looks like a hoovillian (sp?) from the live version of the grinch.

  106. Also also, I just tried it, and my muzzelpowsche is like Kristin’s. Whole-cheek.

  107. Anner — three, Sir!

  108. This is what I have learned from the comments so far: everyone (esecially captain tight pants and except Theo who uses his real name) has a cooler screen name than me. Best go eat some pudding to up my creativity content.

  109. ESPRESSO pudding.

  110. waitasec… you’re saying my real name isn’t cool?????

  111. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Teho and others: I actually do not visit any firefly forums, I just watch the dvds on repeat.

    Browngrl: I struggled for longer than I care to admit before finally choosing this name. I did not have the benefit of pudding, so I envy you that. PUDDING!

    Also: I subscribe to Powsche Form #3: The Eliza Powsche.

  112. My muzzlepowsche is like middle girl’s. I sat here the entire time making muzzlepowshe faces, then finally decided to look in the mirror.
    Three cute girls!

  113. of course your name is cool Theo, I am just getting bloated and jittery from all the espresso pudding

  114. bees on pie says:

    Ergh! I usually just find the commentroversies amusing, but I get really annoyed at the people (e.g. Annie”) who whine that the pics THEY sent in are better than what Meg chooses to post.

    “Waaaaah! My bunnies are cuter than this!” Pathetic.

  115. It just gets sillier from here, Peeps…

  116. To the girl in the middle: Aaagh, your name is KristinC as well? This is dizzifying. I thought I was the only KristinC in the interblogosphere…tubes… thingy. 8-}

    [ :snert: Oh man, what are the odds? – Ed.]

  117. AmyJ (my real name) says:

    Congratulations KristinC! A great picture from a happy event. Redzilla, fantastic idea, and I hope the men join in.

    Love the photo, love the idea that these three totally cute women posed at an engagement party in a perfect demonstration of the different forms of muzzlepowsches. Thanks for the pictorial illustration! We can all save it for reference now.

    And Balamuthia, love the legumes! I definitely know some people who have more in common with legumes than with apes. And some maybe who are closer to cacti…

  118. Oh Meg, I love you so hard for the way you run your site. Power to you.

  119. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all….

  120. @pandacake Sep 25, 2008 at 06:09 AM

    how about fewer insults?

  121. @SOFI Sep 25, 2008 at 04:22 AM

    Sheesh, people, if you don’t like the picture, you don’t like the picture, but those are people with feelings who read this forum. Take your insults over to Hot or Not.

  122. “Terrible what are these women? THEY ARE NOT FLUFFY NOR ATTRACTIVE. — SOFI”

    “more puppehs, less hussies — pandacake”

    WOW, you nuffers are cruel. And to think posters can sit all high and mighty, b*tching about babies and puppies, and then turn around say crap like that. Frickin’ crazy and stupid.

    [No worries; we can tell the difference between constructive criticism and turds… – Ed.]

  123. No. Just…no.

  124. No?

  125. The Other One Michelle says:

    Hey! Enough with the discussion of spinach/eggs/pudding…I just started *another* new diet and you’re making me hungry! Stop it! I demand you stop it!
    @Cap’n Tightpants, dare I ask are you a huge Buffy fan too? Cause I love me some Buffy…

  126. (decaf soy latte for Other Michelle)

  127. Yes.

  128. Yes!

  129. Ellen- you wrote ‘fewer’! Thank you!

    Here I go again, on behalf of, oh, anyone who cares:

    If one can count it, it is fewer, e.g, pats of butter, bowls of pudding, slaps upside the head.

    If you can’t count it, it is less, such as in “May I please have less butter on my toast this time?” “May we have less violence in our relationship?” and, “May I have less pudding that the last time? (why you would say that is beyond me, but it might come up for someone, so I offer it here.) All of these statements are ended with a “Thank YOU”.

    The inanity of the nuffers just calls out to e-fix their grammar! IF one insults, then, well, do it creatively, for Pete sakes! But don’t insult, it only makes you look silly and it could hurt someone’s feelings, too. Not cool.

    I think the young ladies are adorable- imagine having a muzzlepouch demonstration- funny stuff! The documentation of such an event is priceless! They can come to any of my birthday parties. No, no birthday for me today).

  130. Capt' Tightpants says:

    OtherMichelle: You have NO IDEA. It’s an addiction, really. I can’t be stopped. Which is esp. too bad because, really, that time should be spent preparing lectures or working on my dissertation. But no! And don’t EVEN get me started on Angel….. HUMMINA.

    Oops. Teaching in 30 minutes. Maybe I should stop refreshing this page? Hrm?

  131. Holy crap. I didn’t think my comment would cause all this hub-bub (esp the talk about primates- how crazy is that?) Oooh-ooh. scritch scritch. Anyhow, I just wanted something furry. Its not like its the end of the Cute.

  132. stop the humman spam on CO!

  133. I missed the espresso puddin’!!!! Yikes, I’ve got to stop working and spend more time commenting!

  134. human* tee hee


  136. The Other One Michelle says:

    Sigh. I just picked up a skinny latte from Starbucks. But I’m eating an apple, too, so new diet (of 4 hours duration) might still be safe.

  137. I for one enjoy pictures of pretty young ladies demonstrating their CO fandom.

    Also, these comments threads make me hungry. I wish I had a puppy to nom on… or a popsicle. 😉

    [ – Ed.]

  138. I agree with Capt Tightpants:

    “We must be equal opportunity cute lovers, peeples! Spread da WUV!”

    Meg- I love you, girl! Keep on keepin’ on! Your site is perfect!


  139. Just got up, haven’t even read the comments. But I can sum it all up in one word:


    P.S. Meg’s blog, whatever she wants, blah blah blah, girls are kinda cute.

  140. ooop…and I meant to quote Balamuthia too! Love thinking of myself as a legume!!

  141. @KristenC —

    Congrats, girl!

    I think you and your friends are adorable!

  142. Omgizesrs, that was beautiful.

  143. Help me; I need espresso to make it through the rest of the work day.

  144. scooterpants says:

    All young enough to be my daughters. );
    pretty smart! way to make it to COL girls!
    I love eet!
    nice post Meg.

  145. The Other One Michelle says:

    Redd–I’d let you share my skinny latte and medium sized (55 cal) apple, but it’s mine. All mine. Man, I can see this diet lasting another day. Double sigh. Good thing I have the super cute to get me through!

  146. Pleeeease?? I can haz espresso/latte/coffee/anything caffeinated?

  147. charliewabba says:

    So: while one would say
    “Give me less pudding, please” (although I can’t imagine why anyone would say that, one could also say “Bring me fewer puddings, please, the variety is overwhelming, and I am having difficulty choosing.”
    And more is always more.
    KristinC – happy engagement. IF Meg thnks you are cuter than the pics I have submitted, I bow to her editorial judgement. I’m a poet – I’m used to rejection.
    Teho – did you say Sumatra? French press or drip?

    [Just drip, Charlie. One day I’ll have all the high-falutin’ coffee gadgets I want, right at home, but I’m saving that for the Forever House. Besides, I like coffee shops… – Ed.]

  148. charliewabba says:

    oops. forgot to close my parentheses. sorry.

  149. OMG! Teh innerwebs r for serious you guys!

    *eye roll*
    You’re all just jealous cuz you didn’t get invited to the muzzelpowsche party.

    Deep breaths people. We’re all going to live, I promise.

  150. Satisfied in Seattle says:

    Either spit or swallow. This ain’t going anywhere…

  151. Pretty girls, but they have neither tail nor fuzz!

  152. How about you never post humans again?

    K. Good.

  153. I think all three of them are super cute, and look like they’d be fun to hang out with! =)

  154. Hmm… and here I was thinking that its once again been proven that women are indeed cute. I mean, I wasnt sure if the puppy getting nommed on by the baby was cute… but three women… in a row?? That I can get behind… erm… no innuendo intended.

  155. Eww to the above comment. I do NOT want to think what that was to mean…. LALALALALALA I am ignoring it until the gutter thought gets out of my head.

    oh and ROFLPIMP at 3Cat’s comment.

    I can handle a primate, and these young ladies are cute.

  156. ok a few comments popped up between I meant Satisfied in Seattle’s comment for the EWWWW.

  157. I pretty much assume that all commenters who go “Aaugh! Humans! My eyes!!” are actually furries and hence weirdo pervs. You can do nothing to change this perception, nothing!

  158. My my, all dis hate for human muzzlepowches. Makes you wonder why the human h8rs aren’t at home tapping out their bitchy comments on their computers to their online dog friends or their Yahoo cat chat buddies or… oh wait.

    Hoomans. You is stuck with us.

  159. KristinC, Mindy and ElizaF:

    Hi! Awesome that you got posted here. Congrats, KristinC, Mindy, I love the color coding of the shirt to the zip-up. I strive for color matchingks too. ElizaF, I love your scarf and your hair color.

    As a newlywed (3 months almost, is that still new?) I just want to say good luck, and get one of those little squeezy stress balls. You’ll need it. And if you register with Williams-Sonoma (whether you use it or not. I didn’t.) they send you a free year of Modern Bride magazine. But you have to time it right, because I’m still getting them because I didn’t take a year to plan my wedding.

  160. “HUMMAN SPAM IS PEOPLE”… *snerk*

    *mental image of Charlton Heston giving us 8 bars of ‘SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM’ etc*

    [bloody vikings… – Ed.]

  161. Does any one else have a weird urge to lightly poke their cheeks to see if the air would expell in a weird wooshing sound?

  162. Less cute than kittehs, way more cute than elephant booty – yay for being goofy and having fun with friends and getting on the intertubes to boot. Congrats Kristin, on the nuptuals…

    ***My apologies to Theo and Meg for the upcoming name calling, but I gotta***

    @Satisfied in Seattle – You are a disgusting pig. That is all.

  163. Mary (the first) and Mary is my real name says:

    The minute I saw this I thought “Oh Noes, commentroversy!” and sure “nuff”, I was right. Amazing how people can get worked up, isn’t it? I have a few responses:
    @Redz, I think it was established that those here who are not primates, are legumes.
    @Katrina, I also am one of the “fewer/less” fixers.. I correct people on TV all the time.. but your tirade might have been more effective if it didn’t include misspellings. Just sayin’. Now I’ll probably get nuffed back. Oh well. (Don’t send me pudding. I don’t like it.)
    And for the muzzlepowsche contest, I discovered I can create high, middle or low powsche by creative pressing in of face to teeth. Try it. Play with it at your workplace. What could happen?

  164. Eliza F – Marry me plz k tanks.

  165. Mary (the first), I managed to produce an upper cheek powsche like Eliza, but I just can’t figure out Mindy’s mid-cheek powsche. (But then, I can’t wink, either…)

  166. Now I’ve read the comments and I’m actually surprised there wasn’t MORE nuffage.

    BTW, no offense to the bride to be, but Eliza is the cutest. She’s got a Samantha Morton thing goin’ on and that’s hawt.

  167. lindsay but not lohan says:

    legume primates, spinach and feta pastries, oh man i do love this site.

  168. not cute 😥 more like blehck!

  169. no offense taken. eliza is most definitely the cutest person i’ve ever met. plus she’s less than five feet tall. she is a tiny, tiny cutie. 🙂

  170. NO HUMANS!!!!1!

  171. i demand fur!

  172. All three are cuties, made cuter because they appear to have a sense of humor. As was stated before, WAYYY cuter than an elephant’s wrinkly butt. As one of the lowly male population of this site I say well done.

    As for the primate complaints, I’m sure they’re very nice people, but they also believe cave men rode around on dinosaurs 3000 years ago, so take it with a grain of salt.

  173. I think the ladies are lovely and cute. I am just hoping the ad for the news story with the picture of the disgruntled looking woman and her overweight cat goes away soon. Or that someone adds funny captions to it.

  174. when did i come to humanoverload?

  175. When did this become animalonlyoverload?

  176. Apparently at 12:36 pm on Sept 25, 2008 there mia. That’s when. Weren’t you paying attention? We sent a memo.

  177. Humans ARE animals and ARE primates. ‘Nuff said.

    Cute pic! 🙂

  178. I have been working on my peoplepowshe and I am glad to say- Much improved! I do believe Eliza’s upperpowshe was the way to go.
    As for all this debate- I dont care if it was wrong. Im glad it happened. Before when I was sen CO links by Eliza and Kristin I just looked at the pix. Now I read all the cute captions and stories.
    I’ll send in a hilarious picture of one of my cats to make up for the lack of fur CO community

  179. Anna von Beaverplatz says:

    Cap’n Tightpants, perhaps you should consider making your dissertation have something to do with Buffy and/or Angel… then you have an excuse to watch them continuously.

    I can’t tell you how many papers I wrote, for what variety of classes, which I made come back to Buffy… Good times, good times.

  180. Space Cowgirl says:

    My favorite thing about CO is that it’s helped me realize that I am not, in fact, an irrevocably cynical, misanthropic bitter person. At least not in comparison to some people.

    That, and the kittehs,

  181. grammarpeevechecker says:

    Hi Katrina,

    What you say about less/fewer is a made-up rule that has no basis in the language as it is spoken today or as it has been spoken historically. Many commonly cited rules are “miscorrections” of this sort — e.g., ending sentences with prepositions. See, for example, the posts at Language Log on this issue, as here:

    [So you’re a linguistic descriptivist, as opposed to a prescriptivist. She’s a little bit country, you’re a little bit rock & roll. Me, I bat for both teams. Can’t we all just get along? – Ed.]

    [Ebony, and i-vo-reee, live together in per-fect, har-mo-neee… – Ed.]

    [I could keep going, y’know – Ed.]

  182. Pearl Ostroff says:

    The girls are cute. And people ARE primates. That is that.

    Oh, I haven’t read all one hundred and forty-something posts. Too many.


  184. Arachnophile says:

    LOL!! Me too Pearl. 😉

    It is cute – it’s one FREAKING photo. People need to take a deap breath.

    And, we ARE primates. It has nothing to do with anyone’s beliefs just check out our features and genome. We are apes. Great ones at that. 😉

  185. People, if you don’t like a post, just shut your gob and wait about 4 hours and there’ll be a different one up there later. If you want to dictate what goes up on a site, create your own site facryinoutloud.

    In short, I’m telling you to stop telling other people what to do!

  186. Sheeze – no one complained (that I read) when there was a naked man in the shower with a cat on his head. There was definitely more primate in that pic than feline. So would this pic be acceptable if one of those young women was holding a non-human animal?

  187. To heck with the naysayers! I say those girls are TOTALLY cute! 😀 😀 They give me happy cheer! 😛

  188. SkinnyJames says:

    To answer your question, yes, all the naysayers ARE just mean. Instead of passing by the photo and disregarding it, they have to make some sort of negative comment and AT THE SAME TIME insult the people in the photo, with such cliche insults as “attention whore,” “ugly,” or the like.

    Jeez, I submitted a photo of my baby foster squirrel in my shirt and people up here FLIPPED THEIR SHIT like I was showing nipples or something…all you could see was my clavicles, but people not only threw a hissy fit tantrum about it, they had the nerve to typecast me as “a 17 year old attention whore who forced the squirrel to stay there for a myspace-esque photo.” God forbid I was fostering an orphaned baby squirrel and he liked my pillows. End story!!!

    I’m tellin ya… you can’t win with these nuffs. Of course, most of them are typical InternetFemales and InternetMales, you know, the “I’m nothing special to look at and have endless hours spent scouring the internet, but I’ll be sure to insult you on the first post and talk about how ugly YOU are…I have infinite knowledge and wit and having to share the internet with YOU idiots is so burdensome…RAWWR RARRR…”

    You can’t make people not be jackasses. I think the girls are cute and if I DIDN’T, I wouldn’t post about it. Besides, it’s not going to get taken down, so pull the giant wedgie out of your ass and pour the peepee out of your cheerios; in a phrase, GET OVER IT!

    [stepping slowly… and quietly… away… – Ed.]

  189. Did they win some CO auction I didn’t hear about? Is this their prize?

  190. urghhh.. um…. can we have a puppeh or kitteh picture instead, pls?

  191. Sweet Virgin Monster of Jeebus. Really? REALLY?

    Um, I think these ladies are cute as a bug’s ear. Also, rowr (esp. middle the woman in the middle with hooded eyes. Hi!)

    But regardless, pictures on a blog about cute =/= something to get upset over.

  192. Capt' Tightpants says:

    @Anna von Beaverplatz (EXCELLENT NAME!), believe me, I have tried. But there really aren’t many ways to tie my undying love for the Jossverse into a discussion of ancient Roman art and archaeology. Or have I not been trying hard enough? hmmm…

    Although one time, in college, I took advantage of my unnatural familiarity with Star Wars and wrote a paper on the use of music in “Empire”. An excerpt was read out in class! I was so proud to be a nerd that day. And every day hence.

    Also: Apropos of another topic:

  193. Ok.I’m never a nuffer, and I love cute babies and these ladies are ok and having fun….but, but, but,people are all over the “Internets” with all those “tubes”. When I come here I want cute animals and really cute babies and stuff I can feel snuggly about. But, it’s not my website so, I’ll just sigh and scroll for more bunnys. Pa sikie forever!

  194. no.
    not cute at all.

  195. Middle primate was cute for sure:)

  196. Ok personally i love this picture and thinks its really cute and know eliza(blue shirt) were bff’s. Love the pic!! 🙂



    A fellow primate.

  198. pa-sickie indeed!

  199. Whats cute about this???

  200. For those whose cute must be four-legged and covered in fur, may I suggest “Daily Puppy” and “Daily Kitten”? Their posts are absolutely adorable (at least I think so; you may not agree, though, if you have something against pugs. Or bulldogs. Or calicos.) You can find the links on the right-hand side of your screen.

    I am sure there are other sites devoted exclusively to the non-human animal of your choice.

    Good luck and heartfelt condolences; it must be traumatic to belong in a genus and species you so obviously despise…

  201. hahaha what’s not cute about three ADORABLE girls bein’ silly?

    Wow. Nuffs need to unbunch those bloomers.

  202. Middle one… was that you KristinC? Anyway, you look like my ex’s cousin. 🙂

    Congrats on the engagement!

  203. oh and can I just say chicky with the blue shirt…I love her adorable haircut!!!

    Wouldn’t ever work for me, but the cut and color are just so awesome!

  204. I'm The Decider says:

    This is disturbing. Humans make me feel dirty and want to gag. Humans and their toenails. I’m going to need three extra sessions with my therapist now that I’ve seen a photo with humans on CO.

    Dirty dirty dirty. Ick.

  205. Cute I say. Cute!

  206. EWWWWW…More like Gross Overload!

  207. Y’all are just funny sometimes.

  208. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I could not wade through all those comments. BUT… I thought that muzzlepouches had fur!! If one has to have a hooman representation of such, one should have a bearded fellow such as my sweetie (recently allowed back out of the doghouse, that should count for something!).

    Mostly kidding. Mostly. My sweetie is forgiven, but he’s generally the exception to the rule about my liking men with beards. Usually, ick.

  209. These girls are adorable.

  210. ok dont ever say anything bad about this pic its cute and adorable and yea its cute! love the pic elize bff

  211. Balamuthia: “I say we re-classify humans as legumes!”

    I guess that would make us human beans…

  212. And…


    Comments closed!

    [Um, no… – Ed.]

  213. …although, C.’s comment wouldn’t be a bad note to end on. Heh.

  214. Yay C.!! Excellent!

    And smiley silly girls with human muzzlepowsches? Still cute!!!

  215. So long as you’re not calling me a has bean…

  216. clairezilla — i have decided to share your hilarious perception.

    the fact that this-is-Meg’s-blog-and-what-she-chooses to-post-is-nobody-else’s-beezwax (and i do subscribe to that viewpoint) aside: posts like this feature cuteologists, and are therefor RELEVANT to this blog, whether or not people consider them cute. sheesh. are we not interested in seeing, learning about, and observing the cute-related behavior of other cutologists? if theo correct about a nation of cuteologists going OOOPH in the mirror”, this pic was well worth posting!

  217. please pardon the typos. i’m in the middle of an extremely boring online library science class and it’s making me stupider.

  218. Library science makes you stupider?? Something’s not right about that.

  219. Theo – you’re tellin’ me!

  220. Meriweather says:

    Meg has made my day.

    You, too, Theo.

  221. I continue to love the site as much as ever, but I’m coming extremely close to swearing off reading the comments… if it weren’t for some of the level-headed, good-humored counter-commenting from those of you with a sense of perspective, my forehead would be bruised from pounding it on my desk.

  222. VentureSister says:

    Maybe someone already commented on this (sooo many posts) but do people get this worked up when there is a man on the site? Like, that guy with the bear in his shirt? Was that famewhoring? I’m pretty sure EVERY post with a guy in it has most people saying “Oh, he’s a cutie”. But it ONE set of b00bz shows up, people start throwing tantrums! Do I need to go back and re-read the posts or is there really a bias? Granted, not THAT many guys featured on teh Qte.

  223. Dear Nuffers Near and Far,

    I have a canister of bananaish-flavored pudding in one hand, the bendiest spoon in the house in the other, and I WILL NOT be reasoned with.

    You have been fairly warned.

  224. Adorable, just adorable.

  225. Omg. People nuffed fan performance art!? People are crazy. That’s what I say. This is adorable.

  226. I hope their faces stick that way.

    I don’t mind people being filed under primates, because people are primates. Period. Accuracy is not offensive.

  227. I’m sure they’re lovely people….BUT….Not what I expected….or wanted.

    Sorry. Not what I would expect for

  228. I thought that was hilarious… until I read the comments. I just knew this a ‘versy post 😀

  229. Amazing how folks supposedly so devoted to adorable animals can be such callous assholes to other people who’ve done absolutely nothing to them. Go vote for McCain and leave the rest of us, and these three fun CO fans alone.

    I like this post. Reminds me of my friends and I a few years ago. Spread the CO love!

  230. Um yeah, that wasn’t the most effective rant ever. C-

  231. this should be classed under “cute or sad?”

  232. Cassie, this is not the place for political snark.

  233. ridonkulously cute snorglable legumes are a wonderful sight to behold 🙂

    alas & alack, i cannot make muzzlepowsches like the uber-cute girl in the glasses – and i practised the whole time i was reading the comments. and now i must go stuff my powsches with something.

  234. Charles Darwin says:

    Disagree with evolution? Do you also disagree with gravity? C=D*pi? Do you disagree with Dinosaurs and Electricity?

  235. HRHQueenCat says:


    gravyboat wrote “Pretty girls, but they have neither tail nor fuzz!”

    But they do … you just can’t see their tails or fuzz;

    They be nice, modest girls …

    which is a refreshing change from T & A in your face – ewwwwww

  236. Yitzysmommie says:

    snerk snerk giggle @ HRHQueenCat.
    Love the pic and the girls are cute and their muzzlpowsches are adorabuhls. I’m going to practice my muzzlepowsche making skillz while I brush my teeth for the night.
    PS whatever happened to muzzlepuffs? I still call Yitzy Square Muzzlepuff because he is. Am I just making that word up?

  237. LOL! FAIL!!! 😉

  238. Nuffy McNuffington says:


  239. Pups'nstuff says:

    Poor website… they just don’t get it. Repeat offenders too.

  240. I can’t make a muzzlepouche, I just look like I’m about to barf 😦 Jeal-ous!

    [LOL… um, yeah, maybe not on the first date, then… – Ed.]

  241. thequeenmum says:

    Charles Darwin, evolution is not the only explanation for how things are the way they are in this world, nor is it even a good one (“good” in the scientifically sound sense). Just because a person doesn’t believe in evolution does not mean they must dismiss the rest of science.

  242. bookmonstercats says:

    Pretty girls, making a joke against themselves. LOL.

  243. @thequeenmum, if you had any interest whatsoever in science, you wouldn’t have been personally offended at the primate classification in the first place. You would have just stated some reason why humans don’t fit the classification.

  244. Yes. It’s definitely photoshopped!

  245. Peoples, peoples, take a breath! It’s just a photo of cute humans honoring their favorite blog. It is to laugh!

  246. Gail (the first one) says:

    C’mon, I know HOOMANS are not our usual fodder…but, if HOOMANS are referencing our own CO language, how can you not like?? It’s a little like a fan letter!!

    @KristinC.—you gals are too cute!! Good for you, spreading the language of teh QTE out among the masses!

  247. how can an homage to all that is magical about CO bring out so much hate and discontent?

    shouldn’t these girls instead be lavished with our praise for bringing yet another lost soul into our fold?

    i mean- what could be more beautiful than two girls teaching their friend about the muzzle powsche?!


  248. Oh no, something funny and different. How HORRIBLE it must be to see a picture of humans. It’s not like CO only posts one picture a week, or even a day.

    Heck, I don’t find some of the ANIMAL pictures on this site cute, but you don’t see me having a fit demanding they be removed.

    omgizesrs got it right.

  249. I’m still trying, and now my mouth hurts….lol!

  250. George, George, George of the Jungle
    Suave as he can be…

  251. And let’s not forget the great John Birks Gillespie…

  252. Everyone lighten up and enjoy. It’s for fun, remember?

  253. “i mean- what could be more beautiful than two girls teaching their friend about the muzzle powsche?!”

    puppies, kitties, hamsters…

  254. @ snorglepup:

    Thank you! I was waiting for someone to call out the obvious ‘shop job on this. 😉

  255. How many more people need to say all three girls are cute, of seriously good humor, and are now objects of my affection? Just me?

  256. Theo, I just read every comment, took me half a lifetime, (but I did it for you because I respect the process) and at the end you speak of the greatest muzzlepouwcher of them all– Gillespie. Thank you for the picture, too!!!

    Congratulations Kristin C. I send you every good wish for happiness with your two-legged, muzzlepowsched soon-to-be companion animal. Nice bit of training there! Please show us!

    Grammar people-Oh, for the love of mud, I am all for the English language evolving, but, well, you are suggesting chaos and ruin! Death(!), destruction(!), even deconstrunction(!!) for the sake of everything we hold near and dear! (“What did she type?” “I don’t know but I think she’s ‘on a tear'”.)

    A lack of rules will turn us all in speakers of patois! My God, the horror, the carnage- having to deal with rules for your language. Frankly Scarlett, I give a damn about our language and will not be changing my mind anytime soon and become a language anarchist (or ‘antichrist’ which is what I typed trying to type ‘anarchist’)! (I’m Jewish BTW, what the hell am I thinking?)

    This is the way I speak and people around me speak. It is the way I was taught as a matter of fact! And -BOO- this is the way my children have been taught!

    There, does that give you enough crap to feed you for a while? This is a Cute website, but I’ll defend the language where I can. For shizzle.

    Just follow the damn rules. No wonder the commercials and stores and all that is schlock can’t spell or put a decent sentence together.
    “12 item or less”


    Kristin C- you are a cutie patootie and so are you goofy friends!) Now, ‘goofy’ in the affectionate ‘goofy’. Like I am, when not fending off…oh, never mind. K.

  257. *looks around*
    peeps are still here!
    go, see the dragonflies, get out a little bit.

  258. grammarpeevechecker says:

    Hi Katrina,

    Following the rules is a good thing, but the less/fewer distinction you advocate is not and never has been part of the English language. If you really love the English language, if you really care about its rules, you’ll find it rewarding if you take the time to actually find out what the language is and has been like, and what its rules really are! You’ll be surprised at how much “common knowledge” about the English language is completely false. I bet if you spend a half hour looking into these issues you’ll learn no less than three fascinating new things about the language.

  259. Those poor girls, how they must feel after seeing everyone say such nasty things about them. So sad.

  260. grammerpeevechecker…just be grateful none of this is in text, l33t or lolspeak, ok?

    (and language is meant to be fluid and ever changing, just look at Old English, Middle English, Modern English and REALLY Modern English. What was grammatically correct 100 years ago is archaic now. And what is correct now will be archaic in, oh….30 years or so.)

  261. Not cute, don’t care about their feelings, go post this on your myspace.

  262. Oh nuffers, you’ze silly! These ladies are about as cute as humans get. I’d muzzlepowsche with the lot of them anyday 😉

    Additionally, the look like Oberlin women!

  263. warrior rabbit says:

    Wendy wrote: “Sheeze – no one complained (that I read) when there was a naked man in the shower with a cat on his head.”

    I know *exactly* what you’re talking about (what? it was memorable), but that was not here. That was ICHC.

  264. Warrior:

    It was on ICHC too (like so many other things).

  265. i love the girl on the left’s slytherin colors. 🙂 green and silver ftw!

  266. Yeah!! Everyone comments when something’s controversial. More comments = more page views = more ad impressions = more REVENUE!! Now who should take the hint? 🙂 Controversial stuff is probably the best thing that could happen to a site like this. They know you’ll flip and tripple average page views, but they also know you’ll keep coming back for the good stuff. Priceless.

    QUOTE FROM MG: “whenever you put people on everyone comments that they hate it…TAKE A HINT!!!”

  267. bees on pie says:

    Hey, that quote sounds even dumber the second time around!

    I must be reading a different set of comments, because I certainly don’t see “everyone” commenting that they hate it. Not even close.

    And I think some people have a very inflated idea of the amount of money that can be made just by having a lot of people visit your website.

  268. Karla,

    Who is this everyone you speak of?

  269. Wait, wait, it’s even funnier than that! She said “controversial”! Like, meaning this post! OMG, puffy cheeks, the SCANDAL!!!

  270. warrior rabbit says:

    Theo, wrong picture.
    “naked man in the shower with a cat on his head.”

    The cat was standing with his back feet on the top of the shower stall and his front feet on the guy’s head (and of course you could only see him from the waist up).

  271. warrior rabbit says:

    Trust me, I am going to remember naked men in showers (with cats) way more than you.

  272. You’re right, I have no memory of the photo you’re describing.

  273. warrior rabbit says:

    Not that you care, but the ICHC photo looked like this:


    Not the cat’s best side, but hubba, hubba.

  274. How many pictures of humans is Meg gonna have to post before people get the hint that not only does complaining keep her from doing it, that the more they complain, the more she trolls?


  275. tami sparks says:

    Ok, if these ladies can make it onto the overload over Mojo or Mr. Poops – believe me, they are both cute, and they have been sorely overlooked, then I am losing my belief in the system.

  276. We all seem to love the English language- and I love languages in in general.

    So, we will, with great respect, perchance, agree to disagree.

  277. What is this pudding you all speak of? Personally, I like rice pudding, but I like to stuff it in my own mouth. Am I doing something wrong?

  278. Sweet girls having fun – great picture 🙂

  279. Oh nuffers, you’ze silly! These ladies are about as cute as humans get. I’d muzzlepowsche with the lot of them anyday 😉

    Additionally, the look like Oberlin women!

  280. Ashley says: ” Not something I like to wake up to.”

    Jim N. says: “I beg to differ.”

    Aaaahahahahahahha 😀

    I don’t think I am very good at making muzzlepowsches.. it kinda hurts.. must be doing it wrong..

  281. Except, Kodalai, that a person posting on her own blog is not a “troll.” By definish.

  282. No doubt, Babs. I thought it ironic that K. mentioned learning.

  283. Ok so theres a lot of ” I HATE HUMANS! I WISH I WASNT HUMAN! HUMANS ARE SICKENING” weirdos in here. Those people need help.

    Also,these girls arent pretty. It just killed the whole page of

  284. *thumbs up to the girls* First of all, the three ladies seem to be perfectly attractive individuals, all the moreso for having the silly, wonderful personalities that would spark muzzle-pousche reenactment! I love it. 😀

    Now, while I realize some of you are all nuff-tastic because you prefer to look at fuzzy-folk to humans, alright, that’s well and good, keep on scrolling and I think you’ll find that the majority of photos on here continue to involve what you’re looking for. But to the jerks who felt it necessary to say something unkind about these ladies’ levels of physical attractiveness? You might want to get your eyes checked. While you’re at it? Take a moment to consider how shallow you sound, and how pointless those insults were.