Mr. Tough Guy

"Oh boy, ohboyohboyohboy … lemmie at ‘im, boss, lemmie at ‘im!  I’ll moidalize the bum!"

Eating in MY field -- who does he think he is?

"That’s right, boss!  We’re goin’ in for the kill!  Now just leggo my collar and you’ll see some serious butt-kicking, yes sirree!  Watch me mop the floor with this no-good, pencil-necked …"

Hmmm, THIS should be interesting...

"Mnnnnyeeeessssss?  You were saying …?"

Ahmm, errrr ... well, that is ... what I meant to say was ...

"… so remember, shorty, (smack!) this is MY field! (smack!)  And now, if you’ll excuse me …"

Y-yes, sir ... T-thank you, sir ...

"Well, hey there, darlin’—How you doin’?  Whaddya say you ditch these dogs and join me at a little party I’m throwing?"

It's a stag party, naturally.

BONUS PHOTOS!  I couldn’t quite work these into my silly little story, but they’re too good not to share, so enjoy:

Nice composition in this shot!

It's a sniff-a-thon!

THAT … is five different flavors of awesome, Laura M.



  1. I wanna be them. And I wanna be spending my day walking in a beautiful field, with cuddly dogs, and getting a deer kiss. That’s one heck of a good day!

  2. serious redonkulousness going on here.

    i’m not sure i would get within sniffing distance of those sharp little hooves though.

  3. WHAT is going on here? Is that deer tame? I could perhaps see the deer and dogs interacting, but the fact that the deer doesn’t seem afraid of the humans is odd.

  4. charliewabba says:


  5. OMIGOODENESS! How on earth is that bebe deer not afraid?!? Especially since I’m sure it sensed the fear/fighter in the doggy :s

  6. How amazing!
    Is there a backstory for this? I wanna know how I can get to snorgle a deer like that.

  7. (the original) Mel says:


  8. WOW!!!! for the pictures, and for my nawt second! sorry, i’m just too happy not to brag!! how did they get this deer to do that? grass flavored face cream?

  9. sorry. nawt second was just too good to be true!! [blushes]

  10. (the original) Mel says:

    I’m from the country, sortof, and deer that are tame frighten me. Just sayin.

  11. lucy's mommeh says:

    neat stuff, just be careful when the velvet comes offa the antlers…then it’s breeding season & they WILL start getting agressive cuz they has a one (t)rack mind at that point! (point! hah! another buck reference!)

  12. OMGosh! deer smooches! WANT!

  13. aww, what a sweet series of pictures. why do people have to be negative about it (tame deer scare me, why is the deer so tame…)? just enjoy it for what it is: a series of cute pictures!

    i agree with layla42…is there a backstory? cuz i needs to know it!

  14. BeckyMonster says:

    This reminds me of the day 6 female deer (what the heck is the plural of doe?) were in my yard. My cat Scout, naturally went to investigate his future dinner (HA!). Either way, picture #4 is priceless! One of the lady deer huffed at him and pawed the ground to say “Back off Jack!” It was hysterical to see Scout run off with his tail between his legs.

  15. The Other One Michelle says:

    Reminds me that yesterday the kids and I were walking around Colby Lake in Woodbury, MN and we saw three wild turkeys on the trail. The dogs (beagle and beagle mix) were stupefied. They just stopped, had a stare down, the turkeys sauntered on, and once we were past the turkeys, the dogs started their wild barking/lunging. Yeah, right, like I was believing their tough guys act at that point!

  16. Andrea in Calif says:

    With all the deer action going on, take a look at the face of the shaggy poodle in each picture. LOL. He is less than happy.

  17. I bet they know that deer! The dog is wagging his tail like mad.

  18. has this been posted before??? i definitley saw these pics before?!

  19. Awwwwwwwww!!! I mean really, what else can you say?

  20. What’s the real story? Am so curious! 🙂

  21. Amanda B, someone may have emailed the pictures to you. I had the series emailed to me about a week ago.

    I love the picture where puppy’s tail is wagging like crazy. Actually, I like all the pictures!

  22. [Quote]neat stuff, just be careful when the velvet comes offa the antlers…then it’s breeding season & they WILL start getting agressive cuz they has a one (t)rack mind at that point! (point! hah! another buck reference!)[/Quote]

    That was my thoughts exactly! I’ve often heard that deer can be pretty docile when the velvet is on the antlers…but then comes mating season and the doggie would be glad to not come across him then!

    Even so, WOW! Maybe this is a deer that has been raised as a baby around humans and returned to the wild.

  23. sorry, but i call bs! those look totally photoshopped 😦

  24. BeckyMonster says:

    As a graphic designer by profession, I must say that it seems folks have an unnatural belief in the power of Photoshop. You can really work some magic with it, but you can’t work miracles.

    Looks like the deer knows those people, perhaps rescued as a wee bebeh and allowed to run around on their property? I highly doubt a wild deer would ever come that close to people or animals.

  25. I love the fuzzy antlers!

  26. sorry, all I can think about is poison oak!poison oak!poison oak! ahhhh!

    deer are covered in poison oak oils, fyi for anyone wanting to cuddle them. on top of that I am also allergic to them.

  27. awww.. that puppy is so good to the deer.. I wonder if they are friends or if this is a chance encounter??

  28. Wow, I want to live where I can snorgle deer!

  29. Sandra, I refer you to the Collected Wisdom of Theo (a.k.a. the CO Glossary):

  30. Wow, I want to live where I can snorgle deer!

  31. Sandra: they’re TOTAL green screen shots. They’re against GRASS! Get it?!

  32. I’ve been to a campsite where the deer were tame (free food will do that), so I’m sure there are other places that occurs.

    The golden’s face in pic 3 is priceless. He’s all, “What? This is most irregular!”

  33. Stressfactor says:

    The deer may not be “tame” but may be used to humans. In areas where deer and humans have frequent interaction the deer loose their fear of humans but this does not make them in any way “tame” nor “pets”. These people may very well live in one of those areas and hence the deer are used to the humans being around.

  34. m.e., how in the name of Granny’s green garters do you know you are allergic to deer?
    Did your allergist test you for “deer”? Wowow, that’s some allergist. Now, this is just a joke: did he test you for alligators too? Or Mud hens or anteaters? Oh, crap, you probably work in a zoo, right? I’ll shut up now. “Deer” just seemed so specific- I mean “dogs” I understand, but “deer”? Please elaborate if you can. NO offense intended, just a boat-load of curiosity.

  35. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ahhhhh!! I am now totally in love with all of them; people included! That deer is,well, just a dear! (sorry about that; I couldn’t resist)

  36. Fuzzy antlers!

  37. After the shizz of the baby chomping on the poor puppy I stayed away from CO to recover.

    Now THIS is more like it!!

  38. Does this remind anyone of Jet? You know the fawn found early this or late last year and raised in a house? An amazing story!
    This seems like an older version.
    BTW, I’m addicted to the Jet website!

  39. This is overloaded with amazingness.

  40. Mary (the first) says:

    Lady I worked with had two “tame” deers in the neighborhood (out in boonies.) They were named Jane Doe and John Deere. Sadly they were hit by a car 😦 that’s the bad part that can happen. But yes.. deers can be at least kind of tame.

  41. I'm just kidding. says:

    And as for this photo, Why are there HUMANS (ewwww) in the photo?!? Dogs and deers only please.

  42. One word: Ticks.
    Deer ticks spread Lyme Disease. I spent most of the last 2.5 years getting rid of it. I caught it in my front yard. In a suburb. Outside a major East Coast metropolitan area.

    Please don’t kiss the deer unless you wear a body condom.

  43. There’s a place of South Carolina called Hunting Island where the deer have grown so accustomed to human campers that they make regular morning and evening patrols asking for handouts. Technically they’re wild, but you won’t think it when they’re snuffling your hand looking for watermelon rinds… you’re not supposed to feed them of course, but they don’t know that.

  44. Look at teh FUZZY on the ANTLERS. it is REDONK.

  45. Awww, someone sent this to my email yesterday. Didn’t expect to see it on CO.

    Strange how this deer slowly makes nice with people then dog. Hope he can stay safe (away from cars and hunters).

    Beautiful animals and nice photography too!

  46. Wow, and I can’t even get the deer at the GAME FARM to come close to me! Even when I am offering head scritches, and crackers aplenty! 😦

  47. Wow. I could say a million things about how good this makes me feel. Quite simply this is the way it ought to be all the time everywhere IMO. What a lovely family!

  48. This is so awesome I can’t not hardly stand it.

  49. “deer are covered in poison oak oils”

    If it’s a British deer, that’s highly unlikely, since we don’t have poison oak. In the States, poison oak occurs sort of along the edges: along the Pacific and along the Atlantic.

    So … breathe in, breathe out, and relax 😛

  50. This reminds me of earlier today, when me and my dad were pulling out of our driveway, there was a deer in front of us. It freaked out and ran to a neighbors driveway, RIGHT into there garage door. I don’t think it was hurt. From what little I saw while driving away, it started walking.

  51. I’m afraid I have to agree with Sandra, these are faked. And I disagree with BeckyMonster, it wouldn’t be that difficult to insert the deer into those photos using Photoshop. I do it everyday in my job.

  52. I want to live htere…where is it any7way ?

  53. These photo’s looked real at first, then i saw comments about the shoppage and took another look. I definately notice some weirdness around the deer “outline” in some of these pics. Still cute though!

  54. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I’m not sure what to think. The poodle-like dog is so chilled out, I tend to think it either can’t see and smell, it’s ‘shopped, or the dog just doesn’t give a rip. ???

  55. Tamara, that “outline” is from the fuzziness of the antlers. It gives it an odd looking texture, but thats how it really looks.

    [Yep. Later in the season, they shed the fuzz, and the antlers get their traditional pointy appearance. And even later than that, after mating season, the bucks shed their actual *antlers*… – Ed.]

  56. I agree with the photoshop theory.

    However, that’s better than if these people fed these deer human food and tamed them to give kisses.

    Deer are wild animals, and are serious agricultural pests.

    They also carry Lyme Disease.

    [Well, they can carry deer ticks, which can carry Lyme Disease. If you’re alert & thorough with your tick checks, you don’t have to worry too much about THAT part. If that buck was in full rut (i.e. “horny” in every sense of the word) then I’d stay well clear. He’s not, though; nor is he fake… – Ed.]

    Cute, yes! Smart, no!

    Sorry to be a downer.

  57. Selphie le Boffin says:

    Cute deer and dogs, but why do people have to accuse anything remotely unusual of being photoshopped?
    Is it that hard to believe that an deer might snuffle a dog and humans? Would someone got to the effort of making not just one, but seven fake pictures. And get a bunch of people to pose with their dogs pretending there’s a deer there? Also, the eye line and expressions on the people and dogs match up with each photo.
    Come on. Really.

    [Totally. It’s a whole lot harder to do the digital photo alteration & retouching, in a convincing manner, over and over, than it is to walk up to a deer — especially in campgrounds and areas where there’s no hunting. Yes, doubters, I’ve done both. – Ed.]

  58. Is that an apple on the ground in the second-to-last shot? If so, then I bet I know why Mr. Deer is so forthcoming with those naked apes and their funky-looking wolves. 😉

    Definitely one of the most “aww”-inducing series of pics I’ve seen in awhile. Deer are cute little things.

    I’ve never heard that bit about poison oak on the deer, and I live in Georgia, where there’s plenty of the stuff. The deer could maybe get it on them if they routinely bed-down in a patch of poison oak, but that’s not exactly common.

  59. Dudes SO NOT SHOPPED. Who in god’s name would take the time to do something that elaborate? I know – loaded question. For one thing shopped images are typically ONE PICTURE not an entire freaking series of pictures that are clearly personal. DUH. GHA! OK, I feel better, sorry for the rant teho.

  60. Just Awesome.

  61. That’s three posts in a row that made me go “BEST POST EVAR!” Meg, you are surpassing yourself.

  62. Loris — awesome and thanks, but Mike did this one!
    (er, not THAT Mike; the OTHER Mike)

  63. Super duper photos. Thanks again CO!

  64. BeckyMonster, I don’t have an unnatural belief in the power of photoshop. I use the program and I know what it can do. For those who wonder who would take the time to make multiple pictures? I would. I get bored and I do silly stuff like that. The pictures are very cute and I’m not saying that it’s not possible, I’m saying that it doesn’t look real to me, that’s all 😀

  65. Katrina: I’m an animal control officer, and have to deal with deer, dead and alive, on a near weekly basis. I wasn’t always allergic, but for some reason an allergy seems to have developed this year, and now I’m a sniffling, itchy eyed mess every time I come within a 5 food radius of a deer. seems to include goats, too, sadly enough.

  66. Oh my God! Want background story on this…and please let me visit them!

  67. adorable!

    And I don’t think it is shopped, I think it is not the best camera/camera-work. I get the same thing with our digital sometimes with my son when I don’t take the time to set up a shot or he goes all 2-year-old-spastic on me.

    Still great photographs though, I think thems real. 🙂

  68. Totalee Puppy says:

    Thanks, NTMTOM, for the great pictures and your usual hilarious captions.
    In the last picture, love the way the big dog’s tail is waving so fast, it’s a

  69. It’s NOT photoshopped. I saw an article on this story a while back, my mom sent it to me and I recognized it right away when I saw it on CO.

    Sadly, I don’t remember the backstory or where the article is from 😦 It was quite a while ago..

  70. Sandra, Sandra, Sandra….honestly. Photoshopped? You’ve insisted that they are with every comment you’ve made under this post, and it’s now more than a little tired. So you doubt everything you see in pictures because you play in photoshop while bored. Bravo.

  71. but… but she can tell by the pixels…

  72. You photoshop people must have it right – I guess the dog is pretending to interact with something? What an actor 😉
    Enough with thaaaat.

  73. Cheri Smith says:

    I have a hobby herd of Fallow deer. They can be quite friendly when fed as babies and on up; a bit like fancy goats, =-)

    But please, as soon as a buck strips his velvet, stay clear!!! A buck in rut has no fear or sense, and will attack you. Every year, several people are killed by bucks, even seasoned deer farmers.

    That being said, a bottle fed doe makes a wonderful pet once you have your fence and permits in place!

  74. Cheri Smith says:

    BTW, I don’t believe it’s Photoshopped. He’s acting like almost any yearling buck that gets fed treats from people.

  75. I want to snuggle that deer and rub his soft fuzzy antlers.

    Does not look shopped at all.

    Beckymonster, the plural of “doe” is “does.”

  76. Totalee Puppy says:

    Grandfather “Eyes of the Hawk” looked at the eager faces of the children who had come to him for a story. “Children, be careful of befriending the animals of the forest. Berries and seeds will bring Brother Deer close to you. A fish attracts Sister Otter. A bit of pemiccan draws Brother Fox.
    You will laugh at their antics and bring them still closer.” Grandfather inhaled the tobacco from his earthen pipe. “The animals will no longer fear man or hide from him.
    The summer will be joyful with the song of Sister Dove and fragrant with gifts of food and with laughter. When autumn comes, Brother Hawk will sweep the land with his feathers of flame, and the winds stirred by his feathered cloak will grow
    cold. The children are busy gathering for winter and making the shelter for the family
    strong and warm. It is now the time of want, for Brother Deer, Sister Otter,
    and Brother Fox have grown clumsy and unaccustomed in
    finding the food that is the gift of the Earth Mother. They may come near to any man…and this is the time when men are hunting and smoking the game their family needs for the winter. The cloak of dove’s feathers that wrapped these animals in the season of laughter
    and play will turn now…turn to the dusty feathers in the cloak of
    Brother Owl, who mourns their brief life…baroo…

  77. Margaret – Seriously? You’re blaming the deer for being an “agricultural pest”? Well if humans allowed natural predators to live along side of us, then the deer population wouldn’t be so out of control.

    On another note, I love “hairless apes and wierd wolves.”

  78. Totalee puppy – AWESOME story. Excellent point, it is just so hard for animal lovers to resist sometimes. But excellent point.

  79. Awesome! I am so jealous.

  80. Obviously Photoshopped! (I mean, just check the kerning on those antlers!)

    Seriously, not a PS job. Too much work involved.

    It’s easier to just find a friendly young deer and make an accquaintence.

  81. Brilliant pictures! The dog in the story is just like mine. Whenever we see a moose in the forest he runs as fast towards them as he can with a real Mr. Great Hunter look in his movements. Then he gets closer to the moose, and closer – and realizes the animal is about ten times his size. He stops for a fraction of a second, turns around, and runs back to me as fast as he can to look at the deer _from behind my legs_. This has happened more than once. Silly dog. Love him to bits 🙂

  82. Pups'nstuff says:

    That deer BETTER not have actually kicked that dog….

    BAD pet owners!! BAD!!!!!!

  83. omigoodness!

  84. I wish I had seen this on the way home last night and not the dead fox that I did see.

  85. “Well if humans allowed natural predators to live along side of us, then the deer population wouldn’t be so out of control.”

    Hunting is outlawed where my parents live. The result is that almost all wild animals have gone, except for the foxes. The deer have died from disease, everything smaller has been eaten by the above foxes.

  86. @Theo: Sandra must be at least a little bit “pixelated.” (If one looks up “pixilated,” one gets the idea…and, yes, Teho, we are a wiseass!)
    This pic is so NOT Photoshopped!

  87. PLEASE NOTE: In photo 1, the deer totally thinks he’s hidden behind that “tree”. He’s all saying, “You can’t see me!”

  88. bookmonstercats says:

    I wondered why the poodle seemed to be so unconcerned, but s/he’s being carried by his/her ‘bean, so *thinks* no need to worry, large dog, oddly shaped ears, weird smell, but hey…

    I’m trying to think, if it’s photoshopped (which I know nothing about) what had been taken out of the original picture to substitute the deer? From the reaction of the goldie, and the sheer joy on the humans’ faces, it was something awesome, so why bother? It no compute with me.

  89. That poodle in the bottom photo is NOT digging the inter species snorgling.

  90. In rural Illinois, where my parents live, the predator (coyote) population is nearly as out of control as the deer. Barn cats and outdoor dogs are too often little meals. Still no match for a pissed off llama, though.

  91. yeahIusePhotoshoptoo says:

    Photoshop all that for some deer pictures? If you were going to go through all that trouble wouldn’t you photoshop in Bigfoot or something?

  92. I looves eet. Magical! [Smooches back at wittle deersie]

  93. Heh heh. Curly pup is all “I do not understand what is happening here.”

  94. I have always wanted to know what it feels like to touch the fuzzy antlers, but never got close enough to a friendly deer to find out. I wonder if the deer would enjoy having his antlers rubbed?

  95. Gail (the first one) says:

    I’m just guessing here…but since there was a camera to record this, maybe this is a regular occurrence for this family? So, the deer/doggies/humans are used to each other and somebody said ‘next time let’s bring the camera’?

  96. yeahIusePhotoshoptoo says:

    More likely, hey, I have a dozen pictures of my dogs looking alarmed over another dog. Think I’ll spend lots of time finding pics of a DEER that match the position, lighting, and resolution of my dog-on-dog pictures. Then I’ll spend 20 years carefully photoshopping in the deer! Right?!?

    I think gail has hit the nail.

  97. What a deer.

  98. What, the concept of a tame deer is so out there? Gah. Some people are so out of touch.

  99. Maybe you’ve got it right, yeahIusePhotoshoptoo– Bigfoot WAS in the original pictures, but the couple thought “Nah, no one’s ever gonna buy that,” so they ‘shopped a deer in instead.

  100. Part of what’s going on is that the sun is setting behind the photographer and it’s giving a purpleish glow to things… It’s not an excellent camera. I could probably whip something like this up in a couple of hours of searching, but I wouldn’t unless I had some serious “I need attention” issues.”

  101. I keep wondering what those antlers feel like.

    [Fuzzy! – Ed.]

  102. This is very cute but seriously there are dangerous issues here.

    It is highly,highly likely that that deer was lyme disease carrying ticks. He’s passing them to the human/dog/human. This is crazy!

  103. Ya know, I rarely ever get away from my MIL house in the woods without ticks on me and I never pet deer – so heed my warning… just never go outside. You might get “something”.

    Ugh, I’m getting purty darned tired of the nuffers here.

  104. M.E.-thanks for the info. Makes perfect sense now.

    Now I’m wondering, is anybody allergic to Anteaters? Hmmm, I guess I’ll just have to keep wondering.

    And, I’m wondering if you are also allergic to giraffes-same kind of fuzzy covering. Just a scientific curiosity….

    My very Best wishes with your allergies, and I hope they can be controlled, my husband is allergic to almost everything that grows upright, especially when it blooms and our son is red-eyed and sniffling as his Spring/Autumn allergy season kicks in. We use only Kleenex- and buy it by the large-pack! K.

  105. “I keep wondering what those antlers feel like.”

    Like velvet. And they’re warm!!

  106. I saw a story where a family raised an orphaned baby deer, then released her in the wild, and the deer would come back and visit, and get apples and cuddle with the kitties…

    This deer seems to really know these people. If the deer was only ‘semi-tame’ from being around people, I don’t think it would be giving KISSES – or that the people would be that comfortable receiving them.

  107. yeahIusePhotoshoptoo says:

    isn’t there someone who can give us the story????? Is it shopped? is it tame? Is it drugged? is it hoppin’ with ticks? Did they all get Lyme disease? ooops sorry, I know ticks don’t hop. What do they do, do they drop? How do they get from deer to whomever? Hey, and can someone tell me, where do deer sleep? Ground? Nest? There’s just so many unanswered questions.

  108. LOL @ yeahIusePhotoshoptoo

    Sadly, yes, it’s ‘shopped. The the man and woman, after being exposed as the godless photoshoppers that they are were lyched by an angry mob leaving the pups behind to fend for themselves. The dogs soon starved to death with no one to care for them. It’s a very sad story really.

  109. aw. just… aaawwww. and i love the confused look on the doggie’s face XD


  110. LOL@Katie. I think you’ve solved the mystery!

  111. At the Peaks of Otter, a wild deer came up to my picnic table and stole my turkey sandwich out of my hand while I looked on dumbfounded.

    I do not kid.

  112. yeahIusePhotoshoptoo says:

    a turkey eatin’ deer?
    he certainly was wild.

    I hope you checked for ticks.
    and did you notice any clone tools?

  113. LOL @ YIUPST – just LOL

  114. It looks Photoshopped to me. The relative focus of items in the photo look wrong in several photos, in several spots the edges where deer intersect with people look either too blurred or too jagged (indicating an edit job), the pupil positions don’t look natural in the photos, tricky elements to get right like shadows are either missing or cropped out of the photo.

    I call BS.

  115. Bud, Bud, Bud. You’re calling out a lot of BS, all right.

    I know you’re trolling. There’s no way you’re NOT trying to make trouble, after everything else that’s been said here. Unless you didn’t bother to read, which is likely. I *know* I ought to just ignore you.

    I’m feeling generous, though, so listen up. Sometimes a blur is just a blur. As far as shadows, look at the portions of the pix that show distance. How much of a shadow do *you* cast on a hazy day? And “pupil positions”?? None of these shots are close-up enough to let any pupils be visible.

    Now cut it out. I’ve put up with quite enough of this Photoshop crap.

  116. Must be a huuuuuge property where deer haven’t been hunted or even hassled for many generations for a young buck to be brave enough to approach 2 adults and 2 or 3 dogs.

  117. I ony read half the comments, but was in a hurry to get groceries and wanted to post before i left. I zoomed in 200% for a quick look. I am a photo manipulator (and look at the work of other manipulators very day) and I *saw* no evidence of it being Photoshopped.

    Also, I am especially good with wild animals and *have* been kissed by a wild doe very sweetly once after I hand fed her in a state park. Illegal here now BTW.

    My best guess is that buck was hand-raised, then released and also knew the dogs.

    Yes, the testosterone levels during mating season make a buck something you do not want to approach. Babies are born in July, rutting season is fall as I remember. Whitetail deer here can be very small. That is not be a yearling. He is over a year old by the diameter impressive antlers forming. Yearling bucks typically have small spikes for antlers and are called “spike bucks”. This is no baby, just small.

  118. I have a photo of my three year old daughter feeding deer apples from her hand. We were on a camping trip at Loft Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The deer hang around the campsites because they know they’ll get special treats.

  119. Totalee Puppy says:

    The response to the story I wrote about “Grandfather Eyes of the Hawk” has been so encouraging! There is an earlier story with the same dignified Native American grandfather available on CO: If you scroll up to Sizzearch and enter “photoshopped” in the box…click on the first entry that appears…You will go to the beautiful post of the hawk and the cat…and grandfather’s story to explain it.

  120. warrior rabbit says:

    Ah, well. Just ’cause I was curious (having recently gotten the fake story of the dog getting the medal of honor) I searched for ‘deer’ on snopes. There are a lot of deer stories out there, lemme tell you. In particular, there’s a true ‘adult’ story about a deer tongue that made me just shake my head… But of course, there’s nothing about the doggies, because human-friendly deer are a dime a dozen. Especially if there are apples.

  121. Carrie, you won’t believe this.

    I went outside… and I got something!

    I’m going to the doctor for antidepressants and ADD medicine first thing Monday morning. I’m drinking heavily to tide me over till the doctor’s appointment.

    God if I had only heeded your warning.

  122. WOW!!! Great Photos!

  123. Check out the shadows and the light and texture differences between the deer and the other subjects. Also the “defensive” posture of the deer is off. Obvious mixing of images from different shots but still a nice story if you like lies.

  124. My Grandma lives in a rural area away from everyone really (nearest neighbor is 2 miles away). She leaves food out for the deer there and they know her. They will let her touch them, but only her. Any other humans and they take off.

  125. Yay to the story and photos!

  126. I believe it! My Dad found a juvenile deer (not adult, but not a fawn either) near his car. He stood only a few feet away from it, and talked to it for about five minutes before it ran away. We live in a populated area too, so that little guy should have been wary! I believe that if these people fed the deer, it would definitely come up to them!

  127. I’m a graphic designer and I work with photoshop everyday. I’m sorry but the deer looks pasted in to me. Maybe i’m wrong but thats just my view of it. I’m not saying they are not a cute photos.