With ONE SNORT you’re a GONER!

Listen Kid, my eye capsule is LARGER THAN YOUR WHOLE BODY.

Flutter your wings the wrong way and it’s SNORT CITY.


Johanna S., you’re right. This IS interspecies snorglingk.



  1. Bleensnorf!

  2. That is a beautiful photograph. Something you’d imagine animated in a Disney movie or written about in a Seuss book.

  3. Gives snort a whole new meaning.

  4. the ipopo looks as if he is going crosseyed trying to see the flutterby!

  5. Reporting from “the great, grey, green, greasy Limpopo River all set round with fever trees” Bureau.

    What a delightful juxtaposition!

  6. Anna von Beaverplatz says:

    /What a delightful juxtaposition!/ – Katrina

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Splendid.

    I *heart* hippos.

  7. what a beautiful photo!

  8. And lo, Horton did hear a Who.

  9. by any chance is there a link to a higher resolution pic? Pretty please??

  10. There’s something cosmic about this– one snapshot capturing the stupendous variety of life here on Planet Snorf. What a wondrous world we live in!

  11. Brings new meaning to the Dirty Harry catchline: Do you feel lucky?

  12. It’s the singing flutterbygram
    “Happy Birthady Hippo
    Happy Birthday Hippo
    Happy Birthday Harry Hippo
    Happee Birthday tooo yooo”

  13. What do you suppose they ‘think’ of the other? Is the hippo just a landing place? Is the butterfly just something that landed on him, (general gender here)
    Oh, I anthropromorphize, but after being a Dr. Seuss fan for so long, (see above reference and ‘thank you!’) I can make a case for a conversation!
    Has anybody recognized my reference- Hon Glad-any other Brits, perhaps? A reader of the Modern Classics, mayhaps?

  14. Oh, Hon Glad, yes, it IS a flutterby singing telegram- and look how the hippo is concentrating! It must be a tiiiiiiiiiny voice.

  15. the love that dare not sneeze…

  16. Wow: Dirty Harry, hippos, and butterflies in the same train of thought……with a little snot mixed in. You guys are nuts.

  17. Ah, but it could create a whole new phrase. Rather than “puking up rainbows”, you now “have butterflies in your snots”.

    I just disgusted myself. Beautiful picture btw.

  18. (the original) Mel says:

    “Say Mac, do you know the way to Walla Walla Washington?”


    My we are smart today.

  19. All creatures great and small. 🙂

  20. Butterfly (jungle gossip): “…and so then Hariette throws a stick at Margo.”

    Hippo: “Oh, no she didn’t!”

    Butterfly: “She sure did. So Margo goes for this huge boulder…”

  21. Kudos to da photographer!

  22. Oh, Best Beloved…nothing like the Just So Stories to explain the world as we know it. And no, I’m not a Brit – just a midwesterner with varied literary tastes.

    And I love the photo! It would be interesting to know of the circumstances…

  23. @ Blair. I lolled.
    @Noelle. I love your idea, now what happened next?
    Katrina, Yes I recognised your reference immeidiately, I think I had read to me “How The Elephant Got His Trunk” by Kippling at Infant school. I seem to remember that an Elephants trunk ws no bigger than a boot untill the Crocodile grabbed hold of it and pulled. By the way to be Elephants (trunk) is rhyming slang for drunk.

  24. LOL @ “Do you feel lucky?” but doesn’t it deserve the entire phrase? Would the hippo call that elegant silk butterfly punk?

  25. I bet it’s photo-shopped. No self-respecting hippo is going to let that happen to itself. Not a chance.

  26. Hon Glad… next the hippo snorted.

  27. Flutterby: “The King is in the counting-house, counting out, counting out…”
    Hippo: “…”

  28. And deep in the grickle grass, some people say…
    If you look deep enough you can still see today,
    Where the flutterby once flew,
    Wings covered with dew…
    Before somebody snorted the creature away…

  29. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    You think this shot’s amazing? Seconds after this shot was taken, the butterfly flew off with the hippo. Them jungle butterflies is TOUGH, I tells ya.

  30. @NTMTOM: I sez it again, you iz nutz, man, but here I am ROFLMAO again!
    This pic is downright inspiraysh!

  31. Beauuuutiful picture! And lol at The Other Mike’s comment!

  32. Mary (the first) says:

    Maybe the flutterby followed the hippo down to the hollow .. as the song says.

  33. warrior rabbit says:

    What a terrific picture.

    And those are some serious eye capsules.

  34. What cannot be seen are the tiny flutterby legs stretched as wiiiiiiiide as they go to hug her sweetie.

  35. Which is why Mr/Ms Hippo is smiling.

  36. @leslie, no, it’s the butterfly asking if the hippo feels lucky… I can just hear the lil fella singing in a teeny taunting Mohammud Ali voice about floating like a butterfly and etc. “… well, do ya, Punk?”

  37. What a great photo! Look at that eye capsule!

  38. Ah CHOO!

    Ewww, I’ve been slimed!

  39. SNORTacular!

  40. berthaservant says:

    She’s a hefty hunk-a hippo from the heart of Congo-land,
    He’s a skinny little drifter with a house back on the sand,
    They’re the oddest kind-a couple that you’d ever want to know,
    ‘Archie and Mathilda’ — go go go!
    It’s the Archie and Mathilda show!!!!

  41. Too moishe! Words fail me. I love hippos– remember the ballerina hippo in “Fantasia”?

  42. Okay if that’s not the sweetest thing! I mean what can you say to this? Too friggin’ precious.

  43. I want this for a wall print.

  44. socalsis

    You are so correct. Thereunto I declare myself:
    “I sit, corrected.”

    (The phrase is usu “I stand corrected”, but, yuh know, I’m actually sitting, & …)

  45. BTW, is that flutterbye PEENK?

  46. The hippo’s all like, “OMG! Is that a butterfly on my nose?!” and the butterfly’s all like, “OMG! Is that a hippo on my butt?”

  47. linguafranka says:


  48. Hippo: “Bird-DUH!!”

  49. David Brannon says:

    Butterfly: “Awright, Buster. You wanna make it 2 outta 3 falls? Or, if youse runs away now, I’ll gives ya 3 steps toward the door.”

  50. What?!? No nuffers? Not even ONE? Isn’t that hippo ENDANGERED? No one is grossed-out by the wrinkly jowls, the slimy snout? What’s this world coming to anyhoo? LOL at the pic as well as all the charming commenters here. Now THIS is cute!

  51. Ewww. Hippo.

  52. LOL Theo thanks. Now my day is complete.

  53. Awesome photography. Jealous.

  54. Not a problem, Momcat.

  55. OOMIGAWD!!

    ::chokes on apple::

    Rather than “puking up rainbows”, you now “have butterflies in your snots”.

    I seriously laughed at that so hard a piece of apple shot out at my privacy screen.

  56. And the great, grey, green, greasy Limpopo river is again alive in our hearts, thanks, peeps.
    Yes, the wiley crocodile was able to get too close and stretched the silly elephant-child’s trunk.

    If only someone would read me that story….as it was read 50 years ago.

    Keep the stories alive, peeps, keep them alive…

  57. “Won’t you be my, could you be my, won’t you be my neighbor?”

  58. Katrina — and the moral? C’mon, with Aesop there’s always ALWAYS a moral to the story…

    RatChic — which one’s wearing the sweater?

  59. Neil- it has been many comments since yours, but yours is still making me smile!
    “There’s a hippo under my butt”. That is quite the philosophical flutterbutterfly! Nice touch.
    Kipling, not Aesop, but the moral, as I remember it is not to be silly or foolish, after having been warned of the dangers, let the wily and dangerous crocodiles of life lure you into a false sense of security and then change your life forever (?) Seems like good advice. It may also be that once you have your life changed, roll with it. Others have a better grasp on it, I’m sure.

  60. “…the butterfly flew off with the hippo.” (NOMTOM)