THIS JUST IN: A ham junior moncheing a Cheerio

My lonche is as big as my face, Oh Yeah


Bonnie K., you picked a winnah! [Say in English ‘Cheerio!’ accent]



  1. Either he’s concentrating really really hard on monching that Cheerio, or the effort of eating has been too much for him and he’s fallen asleep while monching. Cheerio, pip pip, Zzzzzzzzz.

  2. Oh my LORD! Are his eyes even open? Little tinker!

  3. OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!

    A giant teething ring!

  4. I know I posted a comment a second ago. Did teh hammie eat it?

    In my previous comment, now lamentably eaten, I said that it looked like either teh hammie was concentrating really really hard on monching his Cheerio, or the effort was too much for him, and he fell asleep in mid-monche. Cheerio, pip pip, Zzzzzzzz.

    Now the question is, will this comment also be eaten? Is teh hammie eating everyone’s comments? Will he grow to be a monster hammie after eating all the comments? Tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga of As the Hammie Monches…

  5. Oops. There’s my comment up there now. I guess it was just caught up in the space/time/monche continuum. Oops again, I say.

    [Continuom nom nom… – Ed.]

  6. Iz hamm or mouse?

  7. That is cute. Cute to the point of being UNFAIR!

  8. OMG! He’s so entranced by the deleeshus Cheerio and savoring every nibble!

    **DED from the cute**

  9. It’s a gerbil!

  10. Sahrawi Wife says:

    Oh My this tiny baby is tooooo Cute !!! Must have baby mousey!!!

  11. (the original) Mel says:

    Toiling and sweating and laboring, the gerbil traveled over pink hill and pink dale and pink desert until he reached his destination, the mighty Cheerio. And lo, he ated the Cheerio. And he slept. And it was a good Cheerio. And the gerbil was heartened. And his cheeks were enlargened.

  12. Now I want a cheerio the size of meh face for mochning on. Its not fair that only the lil hammie gets one 😦

    I’d even just take the hammie wif the cheerio as a replacement. Life would then be unfair in my favor and thus perfectly acceptable.

  13. Can we get a confirmation on whether that’s really a ham-let?

    He’s too tiny to be a little rat, so he’s either a hammie, a mouse or a gerbil.

    From the shape of his nosie, I’m thinking maybe mouse baby?

  14. The teensiousness, seriousness, and wide stance (ha) keels me!

    You! Tiny rodent! If I was in charge, you’d be on my palm right now!

  15. Definately a gerbil, look at those hind legs

  16. biscuithead says:

    I am writing to you all to inform you that this photo leaves me speechless.

  17. Awww he looks like a little cat-toy with those tiny felt-ears. I’ll save him from my kitty!

    Is that a cheerio, or a life preserver?? 😉

  18. BiscuitHead — I am speaking to you to let you know that we don’t have the words to express our gratification.

    Also, we are a wiseass.

  19. That is not a Cheerio. THat is a tiny bagel.

  20. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Neither a Cheerio nor a bagel, but a itteh bitteh bebeh cake donut.

    It’s not a Krispy Kreme though.

  21. So Meg, if you are so into cute animals and you and your husband (between you) are allergic to cats and dogs, why don’t you have a hamster or something else?

  22. That’s a gerb! His ears are still back, and eyes closed. And that’s most definitely a gerb nosicle.

    Gerb mommas let you play with their babies, and soft neck kronsche the babies when you give them back, just like momma cats.

    Hamsters, apparently, do NOT like people touching their babies at ALL. They do bad things 😦

    I have lotsa little gerb photos:

    You have to click on the photos to enlarge.

  23. As cute as those little paws, the little individ nails, those tiny sealed eyes, white web-thin whiskers and humongo cheerio are,

    that little folded ear has delivered the fatal blow.

  24. Leetle fingers!!! Leetle fingers!!!

  25. Goodbye, World Peace Ham. You have been replas-sed…


  26. he’s not eating it

    he’s at the factory where they make the cheerios giving a training class in installing the hole

  27. biscuithead says:


    We are indeed a wiseass.

    We are a wiseass rendered useless by tiny felt ears, gerb nosicle, leetle fingers!,monching, cheek enlargening + still the overall teensiousness of this rich morsel of *Cutivity.

    /*A new word? Or replace with the usual “Cuteness”?

  28. So cute! It’s too much! Can’t breathe!

  29. His eyes are closed because that’s the best Cheerio he’s ever monsched.

    But the thought of him falling asleep while monsching is so totally prosh that my head might splode.

  30. screw the cheerios…i’m gonna nibble on the PROSHEST ham ever….silky cuteness…

  31. My lady, I have travelled many a mile, suffered divers travails and fought the Giant Graggle Puss, to bring you this ring of power.
    That is well accomplished my Liegman; Hey wait a minute, it’s a Goddam Cheerio you stoopid little fart. I mean what’s a Princess supposed to do to geta bit of power round here?
    Er it must of got swapped when I was given the potion of forgetfullness, or have I forgotten that…..

  32. It’s so tender. I love it.

  33. How many Rules of Cuteness can you see in this pic.

    Rule of Cuteness 2: Look helpless.

    Rule 11: A cute animal + food = even cuter.

    Rule 14: If an everyday, small item makes you look small, it’s cute.

    People im shore there must be more Rules of Cuteness for this guy. Come on keep looking 🙂

  34. Well, am ded from cutivity of this tiny rodentlet, and the day has only begun. Now, how’m I gonna get through the rest of the day, answer me that one! Oh, yes, and Teho, we are definitely a wiseass.

  35. This little cutie looks like a gerbil to me, but I’ve been fooled before!

    Reminds me of me at breakfast. “Need to eat before work… Zzzzz…”

  36. It could almost be a bunny, the little cutie! I love that word, rodentlet! Thanks, mberkie0!

  37. I need a bowl, a spoon and some milk. Stat!

  38. snoopysnake says:

    He needs a teensy weensy cup of milk (no coffee for hammies, please) to dunk his donut in.

  39. I think this hammie/gerbil is an escapee from Martha Stewart’s blog. Martha was going to dip the little guy in glitter, glue the cheerio to his back, run a ribbon through it and hang him up as an X-mas tree ornament.

  40. I’ve been known to fall asleep mid-monche.

  41. the cuteness is blinding! The little hammie hand…gasp!

  42. I have alternative definitions for cutivity: (1) the state of being confined to one room for a length of time due to the overwhelming proshness of a CO post; (2) having one’s heart on lockdown due to the presence of an especially anerable animal (Example: I haven’t been outside all day today because I was in cutivity.)

  43. Oh, I thought that was a bagel!

  44. “Cutivity: (1) the state of being confined to one room for a length of time due to the overwhelming proshness of a CO post” – peeps, you’re all so clevah ! Hon Glad, (the original) Mel, I doff my hat to yous. Needed that to revive from gerb-induced cuteshock.

    Sparky, you have a point there.

  45. (Alia Atreides Voice) For it IS a Bagel, dammit!

  46. Niiiiiiice cutivity there. Works for me. It is like an “NPR Driveway Moment”. I’m just captivated and made late for my appointment (like now) ooops gotta run! A bientot peeps-(there is a circumflex in there, promise! See it, it is right there!)

  47. I think “cutivity” would have to include wise men and a manger somehow.

  48. He looks like he’s eating his own flotation device.

  49. Theo..that is the first time this week I have actually laughed out loud. Thanks!

    Don’t forget the lambs though.

  50. oh yeah, definitely looks like a behbeh gerbil to me as well! SQUEE%Pr

  51. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    This book cover would seem to be relevant at this juncture:

  52. divinebluesky says:

    How now! a rat? Hammmie-let!

  53. haha, cute….

  54. oohlookasquirrel says:

    oh, come on now! Gerbils are seriously under-represented on Cute Overload already, and now you’re posting this adorable little guy and calling him a hamster??? You’ve got to give the gerbils some credit. I hope to see more adorable gerbils on here in the future (and correctly identified)!

  55. oohlookagerbil!

  56. I vote for this lil sweetheart being a mini- mus musculus (mouse). I have been the unfortunate host of a mousie family and this looks just like a mini-mouse. (May they R.I.P)

  57. Nope… looks just like a wee dwarf hammie, about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks old. They start monching on solid food even before their eyes open — mom will sometimes bring them little tiny pieces to get them started.

    Although this one is prolly just concentrating real hard on his treasure.

  58. Daphne Moss says:

    lol@freetomato re “wide stance…”

    NOOO! Tooo kyoot!!!!
    Caplets…teeensy little hands…da softness….oh, da horrible innocence…
    It has kilt me.

  59. *comes down heavily on the gerbil side*

    That’s awesome. It wants the Cheerio so much it can’t wait to be able to see it before munching.

  60. Fuzzy eyecapsules. Period.