Rest in peace Lil’ McOttersons…

Peeps, we’ve just learned that the lil’ Otter who stole yer heart by holding hands (no kidding, watch for it!) with her ottermate has passed away. Apparently, "Nyac" the otter even made it through the Exxon Valdez spill! I did not know that.

Let’s do an encore presentayshe for the lil’ trooper. It’s absolutely one of our favorite videos of all time.

Thanks for letting us know the sad news, Kimberly R. and Kim B. 😦



  1. Juniper Jupiter says:


  2. geneticlemon says:

    I think there’s something in my eye …

  3. This makes me sad. ;.;

  4. The movie that make two million ova explode.

    The immediate response, what about his pal? Who’s going to hold his hand now?

  5. Oh how sad, I loved seeing this little guy in person. I will miss him!

  6. I’m sorry, I meant Milo, Nyac’s friend. I’m more than happy to hold that little paw.


  7. Nyac and his companion showed us what love is, caring for each other no matter what.

  8. To Kar:

    They actually have another, but younger, female otter. She has been there for several years and had been spending time with Milo (the other otter).

    I remember seeing Nyac when I was a little girl going to the Vancouver aquarium all the way up until I went to the aquarium last year.

    It’s going to be weird not seeing her anymore.

  9. Happy fishing in the next world, Mr. Otter. Hope you have many happy hands to hold!

  10. if anyone gets angels it’s otters

  11. Aww, I *love* this video, and it’s so especially touching knowing that he’s passed away. So sad 😦

  12. RIP little floaty buddy 😦

  13. If it’s any comfort, the average lifespan of a sea otter is 10-12 years, though some have been known to make it to 25.

    If Nyac lived through the Exxon Valdez spill, which was 19 years ago, he was probably 20 or more himself, so he had a nice long life.

  14. .<

  15. Oops. HTML hearts don’t work. Aww so sad the other otter had to die.. I LOVE this video.. holding hands while still twirling in the water.. 😦

    [Here, you can borrow this one… ♥ – Ed.]

  16. Woods Walker says:

    Good bye I hope you are happy in that place beyond the pain of this world. Play long and joyfully good bye.-Woods Walker

  17. Sad sad sad.

  18. *sniff*

    Goodbye little cutie.

  19. Godspeed li’l otter. You’ve earned that wee halo for bringing joy to so many.

    Sniff. He’s spinning and and holding paws with the angels now.

  20. Baroooooooo!

  21. Baroooooo! Sleep well, little Nyac. 😦

  22. I hate it when life bites you in the butt…

  23. I think whatever got in geneticlemon’s eye floated over to mine. 😥

    RIP lil’ McOtterson

  24. So sad.

  25. Awwww, poor little buddy, hope he’s in otter heaven.

  26. squishy floating belly!! so sad news for first thing in the morning! This video will always touch my heart…

  27. I just remembered–I was in Vancouver about a year and a half ago–and I must have seen these otters! I’m so sad and so happy! Laughing and crying again thanks to Cuteoverload.

  28. Thanks, Brandi — It does help to remember that for some of our fellow creatures 20 years is a long, full life. Although– maybe it’s just my sad and selfish state of mind today — I have to say, sometimes it just plain sucks to go through life outliving so many of our sweet furry companions.

  29. snoopysnake says:

    Awww…I love that video. So sweet. I know they will be reunited in otter heaven one day.

  30. Ya know how you see something cute and you and your partner add it to the secret little language only the two of you share? A little lover-inside joke?

    Well… sometimes when laying in bed, instead of holding hands, we just press our hands together and just have sweet Otter love.

    Thank you, Otter Friends, for giving us something kind and gentle to share.

  31. it’s a weepy day… I’m waiting to take my little guinea piggeh to the vet to send to the Rainbow Bridge. This is the third time he’s been sick in a couple months, and although I tried to hand feed him last night and this morning, he is just not responding this time… I think it’s time to let him go…

  32. *sniffle*

  33. Barooooooo…..

  34. *sigh* So precious! If one of my dogs is sleeping, the other one will lay next to it and rest its chin on the others “are you asleep? What are you doing? I’m here! ok..I’ll take a nap too”. Animals are such a good example of unconditional love.

  35. @Ceejoe, I hear ya. My 17-year-old cat, Stinky, who has chronic renal failure, is going to the vet this morning, and I am petrified that it may be his time. I never could have been ready to let him go. He is the best cat in the world, ever. He is my heart. You are so brave to know the right time and face it for your little buddy.

  36. @Theresa – you will have the strength you need be/c you love him.

  37. ceejoe and Theresa, my thoughts are with you and your furry companions.

    RIP sweet fuzzy McOtter…the best part of that video was the bigger one reaching out and grabbing the “hand” again…you can’t help but melt.

  38. (T_T) Again! I think we all need a break from the bad news.

  39. michellemybelle says:

    He can swim under the Rainbow Bridge 🙂
    Goodbye, my little otter friend!

  40. There is something so incredibly peaceful and relaxing about this vid– aside from the off-the-charts cuteness and sweetness. They look like they are doing some kind of dual meditation, and are perfectly in synch. How wonderful to float around with your bestest buddy or sweetheart.

  41. ceejoe and Theresa I hope you can find some comfort knowing you gave your lil’ buddies the best life possible. They love you and know you love them, and that is the best thing in the whole world.

  42. Oh, geez, I’ve already been having a hard time controling my emotions and this isn’t making it any easier.


    God’s speed little buddy and thanks for the lasting impression of love and companionship.

  43. It’s a really sad day here in Vancouver. Nyac will be missed.

    For those of you that may want a bit more information about what happened you can check out the Vancouver Aquarium’s website. They also have an Otter Cam…

  44. Desk – thanks so much for the link. I’d love to see them all in Vancouver.

  45. Someone dub that over with Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” and give Christian the Lion a run for his money!

  46. Let’s be thankful that Nyac survived the oil spill. Too many animals, cute or not-so-cute, did not survive. May we never see anything like that happen again.

  47. If any ground is Consecrate, this ground is.
    If any day is Holy, it is this day.

  48. @ michellemybelle – i’ve never thought of what’s UNDER the Rainbow Bridge. =0)

    Nyac, i’m going to hold someone’s hand today in memory of you.

  49. For those of you who are not Vancouver natives and interested in reading more about sweet Nyac, there was an article published in the paper today and can be viewed online:

  50. Teri Liptak says:

    There’s a special place in heaven for that dear little one. God bless you, Nyac. Someone is thinking of you today.

  51. Thanks to all for their kind words. Tedros is in a beautiful heaven somewhere now, with his brother Tariq, who left about three months ago. I’m sure they’re running around in a big field with lots of lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes…

  52. Actually Nyac was a girl, everyone!

    “According to the aquarium, Nyac was the only known survivor of the Exxon Valdez oil spill to have successfully had a pup in an aquarium: a female named Kipnuk born in 1993, which was sent to an aquarium in Belgium.”

    Don’t mourn too much because she lived a good long life and has a daughter to carry on her genes! Every time I saw her at the aquarium, she was always swimming circles and entertaining the crowd. She was truly a happy otter!

    Milo seems to be the only one playing in the otter pool right now but I’m sure him and Tanu still play together (she’s in another exhibit within the aquarium right now).

    For a detailed account of the story:

    For the otter cam:

  53. My sympathies and hugs for ceejoe and Theresa.

    I’m sorry that you’re going through this but you’re a blessing for your furbabies. Especially now when they need you.

  54. 😦

  55. scooterpants says:

    yah, thank for letting us know Kimberly and kim,
    I’ll go stick a fork in my neck now.
    (like i could have went blindly through life thinkin they lived FOREVER and had NO problem what-so-ever.)

  56. scooterpants says:

    OMG Jenn!
    “sea otter rafting”
    I can die happy now….

  57. Bless Nyac for her courageous and adorable life… and HUGE THANKS to all the volunteers who helped her and the other animal victims of the Valdez spill (you know those criminals STILL haven’t paid the financial damages they owe, even after the courts reduced the $$ amount?).

  58. sad sad sad…


  59. Awwww the loudness of stupid Americans… can wake even the most cutest up!

  60. @Ceejoe, we are purring for you and your furry buddy. Stinky got a reprieve, but I’m afraid the day is sooner rather than later.

  61. I wondered if Nyac might be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for Milo but I think you’re right, Michellemybelle. Probably she swam under it and is happily floating on the other side. Such a warm, loving, sweet video.

    ceejoe, I’m so sorry about Tedros and Tarik. It’s so hard but you did the right thing. I know they were well loved.

    Theresa, you and Stinky hang in there!

  62. We love you Nyac.

  63. I’ll add my barooooo to the rest, but it truly is amazing that she survived such a terrible disaster and lived to reproduce and give us humans so much to smile about and feel and emulate that love – the love spreads – and that was clearly the goal the universe gave her. Anthropomorphizing be damned!

  64. That video touched me to the core. How sad to hear of the death of Nyac. I hope his “mate” is doing ok without him.

  65. There’s another angel up in Paradise now


  66. Poor otter. Waaaaaa!

  67. ceejoe, I am so sorry.

    Sometimes, after a particularly raucous commentroversy, I think I’m just going to stop reading them. Then I see something as transcendentally beautiful as sk’s comment and I know why I don’t. What a lovely tribute to little Nyac.

  68. Just to reiterate (but not to dwell upon) the point made by jenn: Nyac was a girl, not a boy. And, yes, she was a pretty old lady when she died – she was only about six months old when she was rescued from the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

  69. Awww…want to cry.

  70. Here I was, complaining about my bad day, then I read about poor li’l Nyac. I teared up.

    Then I read about ceejoe and Theresa. The tears won’t stop. My thoughts are with you both and I am SO sorry about your fuzzy angels’ health. I could not keep it together were I in your shoes.

    My problems don’t seem so awful after all.

  71. Gail (the first one) says:

    @ceejoe: I’m SO sorry!! What a happy life your baby had, being so well loved!!!
    @Theresa: Glad that today was not the day, sad that your baby is unwell. Instead of cracking me up, you’ve got me tearing up today.

    One of those days, I guess….My nephew (takes care of my “kids” while I’m gone during the week) called because one of my own babies, Baby, has been sneezing and listless and not eating. Probably just a ‘cold’, but I’m a bit worried. Seems very trivial, compared to what you guys are going through today, but I know you guys understand, too.

    Major {{{{HUGS}}}} to both of you.

  72. I just saw her this summer…*sigh* I wish I’d taken more pics.

    She was 20 years old and, judging by the ottercam and from what I’ve seen of her, quite happy.


  73. Oh, and yes, Nyac was a girl.

  74. carrotmunch says:

    Romance ends in tragedy… even with otter friends. 😦

  75. After all that baby nomming mess..this was a perfect way to end the day. Spittin out my turkey sandwich in laughter and tears! thank god!

  76. Gods Bless them both – he will miss his buddy – his best friend – just I am sure as I did – when I loved and lost my best friend – who was my husband
    I am sure animals are really no different in that respect poor wee soul

  77. Nyac was a female otter, not a male, and the other otter in the YouTube video is actually her baby. When she was born and before she had a name, she was known as The Otter Daughter. Cute, huh?

  78. 1:20 is the best moment

  79. “Adorable” is the understatement of the millennium.

    1:21 where Otter1 grabs Otter2´s paw for some more joint floatage just KILLED me DED. 😀

  80. Wow, what a touching backstory on Nyac’s life. I bawled my eyes out =—–(
    I’ve always thought Otters are the cutest thing ever &this is my fav CO Vid; I hope Nyac is happily enjoying herself over the Rainbow Bridge.

  81. OK, now I am REALLY mad. YouTube will NOT let me watch anything in full since last night! ARRRRGH!

  82. Awww 😦 This is one of my fav videos and it just breaks my heart to hear that one of them has died 😦 I feel so bad for the other one.

  83. Meg (the person that runs this web-site) needs to fix the post to make it clear Nyac was a FEMALE otter and Milo was her MALE companion. Nyac was a grand old dame of 20 years when she died. Happy swimming in the hereafter Nyac!

  84. mommy25bunnies says:


  85. D:




  86. * blink *

  87. This made me soo sad to read. My co-workers are wondering what’s wrong with me 😦

  88. Hey folks – I’m the one who filmed this video and posted in on Youtube. Just to clear up something from above, Nyac is a female, and she was holding hands with Milo, an unrelated male in my video. There is another unrelated female otter in Milo’s tank, and he likes to initiate hand-holding with her, too. He’s a lover, that Milo.

    I got a chance to feed them some frozen squid snacks this summer, and it was a highlight of my life. I’m very sad about the loss of my favorite otter girl, but I’m happy that she made it through the oil spill and into millions of people’s hearts. I hope that the message of environmental conservation that she tried to send to us all gets through.

    Thanks for posting this again, Meg.

  89. *sniff sniff*

    Goodbye little Nyac. 😦

    That little *look – – reach* gets me every time!

  90. As Cynthia said, the other otter is a male – Milo. The other female otter at the aquarium is Tanu and she is also unrelated to Nyac.

    A couple of snippets from the Vancouver Aquarium site:

    “Milo is a male sea otter, born in Portugal’s Lisbon Aquarium, August 14, 1999. He’s one of the sea otters featured in the popular YouTube video.”

    “Since 2007, a video documenting the playful nature of Nyac and her companion Milo has been seen by over 11 million viewers after it was posted on by Cynthia Holmes, a visitor to the Vancouver Aquarium. Ms. Holmes graciously donated the video to the organization in 2007.”
    (Thanks, Cynthia.)

    Re: Tanu

    “This young sea otter pup was found on her own off the coast of Alaska in mid-July 2004, when she was only a week or two old. She was rescued and taken to the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, where our Marine Mammal Rescue staff travelled to help care for her. The team brought her to her new home in Vancouver to continue her care on August 26th, 2004.”

  91. CBC coverage of Nyac and Milo –

    – Thanks for posting this, Cynthia. 🙂

  92. Awww, that’s sad…I loved that little fuzzy girl.

  93. Nyac will still be holding hands with all of us in our hearts!

  94. Nyac will be missed, but this video will live on forever!!!