Meanwhile, at Cottontail’s Hideout…

"Awright, youse mugs, listen up! We’re knocking over McGregor’s First National Bank, see, and I don’t want no slip-ups! 

Bugsy, you drive the getaway car. Roger, you blow up the safe.

And Flopsy, you stare disapprovingly at the security guard!  Now, hop to it, see?  Nyeeaaahh!"

Daaaawww, tell me again about the humans, George!

This looks like a case for Elliot Nuff and his Untouchables, Amanda L.



  1. Aww, I’d let them rob me anytime! Only if I get to snorgle them thoroughly before and after the heist, though!

  2. I am picturing the little violin cases with the machine guns…

  3. I can has moneyz?

  4. The Other One Michelle says:

    I love the reversal Of Mice and Men hovertext! You so smart Mike!

  5. omigosh! that little gray one looks SOOO soft… *wants to cuddle the gangster bunny*

  6. Bwah hah hah – I threw my head back and laughed at the pure redonkulousness of this picture before I even read the excellent caption!!!

  7. LMAO, you are awesome, NTMTOM.

    AuntieMame – Carrot pistols and pea bullets? 😛

  8. Oh man, JUST as I loaded this page “Minnie the Mooch” came on in my itunes! DOUBLE AWESOME>

  9. Raemie — pea bullets? These are rabbits. Think about it.

  10. ThreeCatNight says:

    This brings to mind the old Bugs Bunny and Edward G. Robinson (Rocky) cartoon:

    Bugs: “It’s coitans for you, Rocky. COITANS!”
    (whips out a pair of cafe curtains, and puts them over Rocky’s head)
    Rocky: “Oh, they’re adorable!”

  11. I just finished reading Of Mice and Men, didn’t think much of it, but these bunnies and the hovertext—made me snort right at work. priceless.

  12. Don’t you mean Unfluffables?

  13. Hey Rorschach, I only ever got to see that one on TV; I hear it’s supposed to be way better in lagomorphic widescreen.

  14. Another hare-raising tale. Obviously, they are planning to steal diamonds because they are in need of extra carrots.

  15. Hand over the carrots or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes, SEE?

  16. LOL
    Ok, *coughs* I see they have already the ability to produce their own bullets.

  17. Yeah, they won that right years ago in appellate court.

  18. (the original) Mel says:

    Once you’re in the rabbit racket, you’re always in it.

  19. *groans*

  20. Best hover text comment ever!
    Of Rabbits and Men by Cute Overload.

  21. Wow, Flopsy there has deflated from the amount of disapproval. Someone give that bunny 3 cc’s of carrot helium! Stat!

  22. (the original) Mel says:

    Teho: HEE!

  23. charliewabba says:

    Bunnsy Malone?

  24. berthaservant says:

    Teho — lagomorphic widescreen. Wow. It’s hard to make Tom’s posts better, but you just did.

    As someone who has seen two dozen Edward G. Robinson films in the last two years, I haughtily disapprove of this post, see?

  25. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I suspect that this gang is loosely affiliated with Monty Python’s bank-robbing sheep:

  26. BUNNsy Siegel and his sidekick, Carrots McGrew. A dangerous duo, to be sure.

  27. It’s Laurel and Hardy Bunnehs!

  28. Ok Bunneh! Don’t shoot! I’ll hand over all my valuable carrots….in exchange for a snorgle!

  29. You know even with the cute hats a life of crime is just not worth it Mr. Buns.
    Pray consider mime or tap?

  30. I happen to know from experience that it’s darned-near impossible to hold, let alone fire, a Tommy gun without opposable thumbs.

  31. @ThreeCatNight-AWESOME Looney Toons ref! Do you remember the one with Bogart in a Hollywood nightclub, demanding “rabbit stew” for “Baby”?

  32. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    yay NTMTOM for the Monty Python link!

  33. The grey bun is like a Moai Statue of Disapproval!

  34. *Splort* tiny bunny gangster hats + coffee = wet screen.

  35. Buns, meet Bob Fossie. Now our first lesson today will be something called “jazz hands”…

  36. Oops, Fosse.

  37. Decca! What happened to your thumbs?!?

  38. Aww. Buns in Hats! It should be a category!

  39. Teho, surely you mean a-pellet court?

  40. I WANT THE GRAY ONE!!!! He can have all my carrots… in exchange for his custody. He looks like he is being smooshed by his hat.


  42. They’re gonna pull down a lot of cabbage on this caper huh?

  43. I bet the gray one is Flopsy.

  44. Ooooh, the gray one!
    With his smooshey lil face! THE FACE!
    It killz me ded.

  45. snoopysnake says:

    “I’m glad you could all come to my little partih, and Flopsy’s glad too. Aren’t you, Flopsy?”

  46. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    “There — poor Flopsy’s dead, and never called me Mother.” 😀

  47. The lil’ gray one looks pretty fierce. 😀

  48. i have a bun that looks like the one on the right, she is an american Fuzzy. Her name is Machine Bun Kelly, and her mate’s name is Jimmy Hoppa.

  49. Miss Ruth, it was a disagreement between me and Luigi “The Big Bun” Vendetta. He taught me a lesson about talking to the Feds and I couldn’t hold my Tommy gun for a month. Never cross Big Bun…

  50. “Teho, surely you mean a-pellet court? -AuntieMame”

    *groans again* I misread it the first time to read as “ap-pellet-e” court. 😛

  51. Gail (the first one) says:

    @NTMTOM: LOL’ing at the MP refs!!

  52. BUNNIES! too cute


  54. Bunny and Clyde!!

  55. snoopysnake says:

    “warm and snuggly and ever so safe from the big bad rabbit, who can scratch and scratch for all he’s worth, but he just can’t get into Porky’s house.”

  56. You made me feed my bunny carrots a lot now. He’s like “What did I do to deserve all this treatitude!?”
    Just being you – bud, just being you…

  57. Do they each have a gat? A moll?
    Melissa – “Machine Bun Kelly and Jimmy Hoppa.” Love it – brilliant!

  58. I swear I stared at this pic for a long time not seeing the bunnies eyes. Still cute, though. ^_^

  59. omg, they’re so fuzzy, they didn’t even register to me as bunnies at first. So cute! Love the little hats

  60. Am I the only one who thought of this?

  61. Bugsy can drive the get-away car, sure, but I’m no good with explosives.

    (Pssst, I SWEAR Meg and/or Theo is spying on the Castle guys!)

  62. Martha in Washington says:

    I think the sheep in Scotland are car-jackers. They lay in the middle of the road waiting for unsuspecting tourists to stop and then they steal your rental. They’re diabolical!

  63. Am I the only one who saw this picture and thought of Gnarls Barkley?
    A very, very fluffy Gnarls Barkley of course.

  64. it took me 10 seconds to realize its a bunny

  65. “You’ll never pin that wrap on me youse lousey cops.”

  66. these bunnies look much too sinister & fierce! The lil’ one is Public Enemy #1

  67. Sluggy Lives!

  68. ThreeCatNight says:

    @Theresa- LOL.
    “And remember, what Baby wants, Baby gets!”

  69. Nice comments everyone! Some of these are “Puns for the ages”! LOL at a whole bunch of you!

  70. BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now.. why won’t my bunnies sit that nice???

  71. “Gimme all your money or I will disapprove you!!!”

  72. O_O I have a rabbit named flopsy.