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Grape Doberman?  My favorite!

Were you a Schlackmann’s kid, Vernel L.?



  1. but his ears are *soooo* tasty!

  2. ummmm….pupppiiieeee??? are you okaaaaayyyy???????

  3. Anne Boleyn says:

    Oh, let the nuffing begin! Meanwhile I think I’ll try to stop laughing… in a while.

  4. Get that precious baby away from that beast right now! Do you know how filthy those things are?

    Those puppehs need protecting!


  6. BTW that wasn’t a nuff, that was a joke. Babies are cute, too, and that baby is not a beast.

    OK. am I protected from nuff nuffers, now? 😉

  7. That puppy is going to grow up and eat that baby. And this picture will be proof that he’s not at fault 🙂

  8. Did that puppy survive?! It looks like the baby is going to break it’s neck. I don’t like this at all 😦

  9. Nuff-fest in 3,2,1…

    I hope for the pups sake that kid’s not teething!

  10. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Legotech–Maybe they grew up and became this pair:

  11. nom nom nom

  12. Nom nom nom

  13. This is not funny; it’s disturbing.

  14. jinx!

  15. Uhmm? Who will end up with the personality complex? The baby who didn’t know any better and must eat puppy faces or the puppy who will forever need to be inside someone’s mouth!

  16. Put the camera down & rescue poor wee pup morsel!

  17. (the original) Mel says:

    You should try the dachshunds. They taste just like chicken. Schnauzers always give me indigestion.

  18. eh, I have to say… that actually looks kinda bad. I am sure the puppy is fine now, but it doesn’t look good…

  19. is this what it has come to… babies huffing pups? ha!

    i now return you to the nuff-a-ganza, already in progress

  20. Not amusing at all. I’m surprised you would put this photo up on this site, frankly.

  21. BeckyMonster says:

    LogoTech, Leah & Teri – I totally agree with you. That picture is not cute, and that puppy could get hurt. While I am female, I do NOT think babies are cute – unless they have fur and tails. The furless ones just grow up to hate you anyway.

    Man, am I bitter or what?! Either way, SAVE THAT PUPPY!

  22. (the original) Mel says:

    We need a 300 cc bolus of pudding here STAT!

  23. I usually hate when people are negative on this site but I swear this is not cute or funny in any way – in fact it’s mean and abusive. My baby brother killed my kitten in a scene exactly like this!

  24. gross.

  25. angelcatbeds says:

    Not cute…not funny either.

  26. (the original) Mel says:


    Hey wait. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your puppy meat?

  27. Animal Lover says:

    I’d be interested in a discussion about the line between cute and disturbing, as some other posts have evoked this reaction in me. It sounds like a continuum of sensitivity. So how can Meg discern what will be cute and what will—pardon me—leave a bad taste in the mouth?

  28. Baby is obviously a practising cuteoligist “Must put it in my mouf”

  29. People, PEOPLE! How often have we expressed the desire to nom on certain puppy ears… this child is simply living the dream.

    *looks again*

    Yup, living the dream.

    (Even though a part of me is kinda put off by it. Buuut as long as the kid was being gentle and under supervision I’m sure the puppehs were OK.)

  30. here come the hardcore childfree machines, beware little one snorf the puppy while you still can!

  31. poor puppy….that doesn’t look comfortable nor safe for the animal. this isn’t cute at all.

  32. Animal Lover – as with most things it’s common sense. Babies squeeze everything they pick up. Squeezing a helpless puppy seems pretty clear cut to me!

  33. BeckyMonster says:

    Nibbling on puppy and kitten ears when you are old enough to understand that you are dealing with a living, breathing creature is cute. A 1 year old baby that has no idea? Recipe for disaster.

    Gracekitty, sorry about your little kitten…

  34. here come the hardcore childfree machines…>>

    lexydot: REALLY?? you’re really going to go there? people who don’t have kids are inappropriate because they find this image disturbing? really?? sounds like you’re the one who’s “hardcore” in this case…

  35. oh boy, here we go again!

    [You took the dogs — er, words right out of my mouth… – Ed.]

    I personally think this is photoshopped, like the other hugely commentroversial baby-kronsching-kitten’s-tail picture.

    I also personally think it’s cute, and not disturbing at all. But then I have a 2 year old and have witnessed him innocently nibbling on our cat’s ears…. the cat survived.

  36. lol what I mean is whenever a picture including a kid is posted whether it has anything to do with this being cruel or whatever those people tend to kick up a fuss like cuteoverload = animals only.

    btw I don’t have kids either nor do I really want them but people who 100% hate children frighten me.

  37. um, why is this ok or cute, that puppy is probably being hurt being held by its neck. I do not come here to look at babies anyway they are gross. Well Human babies. Puppies and kitties are ok.

  38. BeckyMonster says:

    And yeah, I said it, I don’t like babies. Never really have. I have always identified with animals more than people. Sue me.

  39. anyway I’m going to zip my mouth before I say anything else and people go even more monkeypoop! 😡

  40. with leah and teri.

    the write up is funny, but the head holding, head biting, feet dangling … 😦

  41. Stop trying to make this cute. There’s a difference between an owner holding their dog/cat and playfully biting their ear and this.

    She’s holding up that puppy by the skin on it’s face–full body weight pulling on it–and it looks like she’s really digging in with her fingers, too.

    She’s a baby and doesn’t know better but her parents sure should.

  42. (the original) Mel says:

    I don’t like babies. I think they are pooping snot-covered whining machines who disrupt dinner in restaurants. Nevertheless…

    *takes baby some Paula Deen BBQ sauce*

  43. Diane Fulham says:

    Not cute!!! Not funny!!!
    very disturbing….I worry for the state of the puppy!!!

  44. Please don’t eat the daisies. Or the puppies. I hope the puppy’s name is Daisy.

  45. Babies sorta suck sometimes.

  46. baby = cute
    puppy = cute
    nomming = cute

    What’s the problem again?

  47. Please tell me no puppies were injured! Looks like baby is squeezing puppy’s head pretty hard!


  48. *Hands Mel two gallons of pudding*

    I like babies, when they belong to someone else, so I can play with them until they get all fussy then give them back.

    This is cute, as are most interactions between baby humans and baby animals. Also, I firmly believe that if the puppy was in any real danger the photographer would have rescued it instead of taking the pictures.

    And since no one else said it yet…this is Meg’s blog and she can put up whatever she wants! If you don’t like it click over to something else!

  49. im not someone who says babies shouldn’t be on the site cause sometimes they can be cute, but it irks me when people pick up a camera rather than help the puppy. it doesnt look very safe and babies dont know their own strength.

  50. Mel – may I offer you my speciality. Homemade chocolate tapioca made with Mexican cooking chocolate and a touch of cinnamon?

    (oh and here’s a big vat of instant vanilla for throwing)

    *sits down to relax and watch the nuff fest*

  51. twoflyingdogs says:

    The picture made me laugh but it’s terrible. My sister accidentally killed a puppy when she was little. That puppy is a tiny baby that doesn’t stand a chance. Just imagine hanging a human baby by the neck and chewing on its face. Please bring back the picture of dogs covered with dog biscuits.

  52. OM NOM NOM

  53. oh no! Dangerous for puppy…. I hope the parent taking the pic swooped in right away and got the puppy out of that situation…. :-\

  54. Anti-baby nuffers: Last I looked, did not exist. Deal with it. Kid’s cute.

    Yes, this seems kind of uncomfortable for the puppy, but I’m not sure that it’s real anyway. Kids aren’t very strong, and despite pups being very light, I doubt this kid could lift that dog. Kids just don’t have the fine motor functions to grasp things and keep holding them very long.

  55. I really don’t think this picture is the kind of image regular visitors expect to see on this site. Totally disturbing as that puppy looks too young to defend himself…..looks dead already infact! Surely this is just plain cruel?

  56. I have a feeling that this is gonna come back and bite that kid in the ass in about 3 years…pun intended.

  57. I knew when I looked at these comments I would get annoyed, way to kill the buzz people. Oh, and I’m pretty sure photoshop was involved here. Maybe all you killjoys should boycott Cuteoverload, so we don’t have to read your comments. Thank goodness a few of us have a sense of humor! I nearly wet my pants the second I saw this picture.

  58. Hey! You got your peanut boxer in my chocolate Lab!

    No, you got YOUR chocolate Lab in MY peanut boxer!

    Wait — it’s delicious!

  59. warrior rabbit says:

    This has been posted and commentroversied before.

    [I think you might be remembering one of these old posts… – Ed.]
    [ ]
    [ ]

  60. OK, deep cleansing breaths, people.

    I agree that it LOOKS bad, but I’m guessing that Mom or Dad, or whoever wasn’t holding the camera, rescued the puppy immediately. Babies and young children should ALWAYS be monitored around animals, for the safety of everyone involved, but how is Baby going to learn if he/she’s never allowed to touch the puppeh?

    And really now…if this photo shoot had ended in tragedy, would the owners have made it available for widespread distribution??

  61. Not cute or amusing in any way. Babies aren’t allowed to play with very much at this age, yet allowed to dangle super young puppies from the head and neck? Ridiculous. It’s called common sense. Use it.

  62. Enough with the pudding comments. When the picture is obviously this disturbing, people have a right and a duty to comment on just how awful it is. And it is probably the worst picture I’ve ever seen here.

    [Rights! Duties! Responsibilities! Evil! Justice! Revenge! …face-first in the pudding pan, dude. – Ed.]

  63. I agree with those that find this disturbing! The poor puppy is hanging there and, contrary to popular belief, babies can have quite the grip on them. To me it’s proof that some folks shouldn’t have pets or children…

  64. Not funny or cute. Looks painful for puppy. Please pull this inappropriate picture.

    [Thank you for keeping a civil tone. Still, I’m afraid I must respectfully decline… – Ed.]

  65. Uh, that puppy is being held up by the head by a little baby who probably doesn’t understand how to be gentle with animals yet. The poor thing could be very seriously hurt. 😦

    The puppy is cute and the baby is cute, but the situation is not.

  66. One more bit to my rant. Why do we always think that the parents did the right thing? There are many, many idiots in the world who don’t think twice about any of their actions. Just because we want to believe that these people would have saved the pup if something went wrong doesn’t mean they would or even would have the chance to. Again, common sense.

  67. Very disturbing image. Very.

  68. Not “looks bad” or “probably not real”. I’m telling you exactly the same thing happened right in from of my eyes. Babies aren’t strong?! Ever had one pull you hair?!

  69. Baby: “…*drool*..”
    Puppy: “…*mmfgmmmg*…”

    Cute (mainly the puppy though *ducks from baby lovers*) AND funny. Folks, this scene probably lasted 5 seconds, given a wriggling puppy and a not very strong baby. In all likelihood, both are ok.

  70. And “I’m sure the photographer would have stepped in…” Wow! What faith you have in people! Visited your local shelter lately?

  71. awwwww she’s just sucking the soy sauce off him.

  72. Catherine Sender says:

    There’s nothing cute or funny about allowing a child to hurt an animal. I agree with a few of the other posters, I think the picture should be removed as soon as possible.

  73. I love love love babies. I think they’re cute as could be and want, like, 7 of them. But when I DO have them, I will put down the camera and run to help the defenseless puppy in a situation like this. She could break its neck or choke it.

    I’m not a killjoy. But if this pic is real, somebody’s not teaching their kids to respect the wellbeing of animals– instead, they’re teaching that animals exist for our entertainment. And that’s not exactly an “animal loving” sentiment, to me.

    Anyway, poor puppy. I don’t blame the cute kiddo… I blame Mom or Dad.

  74. /me hears the unneccesary screaming of one confused little puppeh!

  75. Hate to say it, but this is the first post I have not liked from cuteoverload. The adult taking that picture should have put down the camera and rescued the puppy. Irresponsible adult. Not cute, not funny, not cuteoverload…

  76. Yo ‘gracekitty’…is it not better to have a little faith in the goodness of the human race than not? Otherwise, we might as well kill ourselves now.

    It’s called benefit of the doubt and innocent until proven guilty. Yeah, even when dealing with a photo that captures exactly 1 second of life.

    Gods, some comments here just drive me nuts. It’s those comments that are taking away from this website, not the pictures.

  77. awwwww she’s just sucking the soy sauce off him.

    Cuz we all know Asian people eat dogs! Ha Ha!

    Racist stereotypes = not cute

  78. I will be submitting a picture for cuteoverload of a Great Dane holding a newborn human baby by the head. I mean, if we follow the kid=cute, nom=cute, doggie=cute formula, it should be a riot, correct?

    I saw this picture on another of the sites I visit, and it makes me physically ill to look at.

  79. BeckyMonster says:

    Scene 1 – Gorilla is holding a little human baby by the head and nomming it’s face. Cute? I THINK NOT.

  80. martha in mobile says:

    does anyone else get the idea that photos that will incite commentroversies are posted in order to increase ad revenues? or is this so obvious that no one mentions it…

  81. Yes, THIS pic is where all the evil in the universe lies. Clearly, everyone shoud get VER UPSET!!!111!one!!11 about it.

    Nothing worse has ever happened anywhere.

    or rather, Lighten up, Francis.

  82. I’m always amused that people dismiss an image with “oh, it was photoshopped”.

    Photoshop isn’t magic, people, it’s a complex program and I somehow doubt the average “snapshot shooting parent” is a guru.

    That being said, this image is gross. It’s irresponsible to allow a baby to pick up and handle a living creature with no concept of how badly it can be hurt, or even killed.

    Plus, the kid is Asian- why would you want to subject her to dog nomming? It just paves the way for so many bad internet jokes.

  83. Some people take life WAAAYYYY too seriously.

    Look at the picture. It screams photoshop. When you realize it’s FAKE you can enjoy the amusement of it.

    Now get off your high carousel horse poles and relax.

  84. BeckyMonster says:

    OK people, there is a new post of ridiculously elephant ‘tocks up now. Let’s move on. I don’t like this photo, so I’m now focusing on gray foldy elephant skin.

  85. yikes! this picture does make me feel kinda squeamish, even though i usually roll my eyes at nuffy comments.

    the puppies and baby are cute though, so i suppose technically they do qualify to be on here. i’ll just put on my optimist cap, assume everyone is okay, and enjoy the cute…

  86. Trabb's Boy says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake! A puppy that size weighs next to nothing. It does not experience bodily strain when picked up by the head. Its mother picks it up by the head. If the baby were hurting it or blocking its breating, the puppy would squeal or jerk away and the baby would get startled and drop it.

    I am as horrified and nauseated by harm to animals as the next guy, but there actually has to BE some harm to animals.

    The picture is adorable.

  87. I hate nuffers. I really truly do. But this is a disturbing picture, in spite of the cute elements.

  88. Hey, it’s safer than drinking the milk!

  89. Phill, will you marry me? we can have a cake made of puppies and babies.

  90. Would CO feature a human baby being held up by its head, in a manner that threatens to snap its neck?

    I’d honestly like to know.

  91. I don’t find this cute or funny either…
    What kind of stupid parents lets a small child that doesn’t know any better play with such tiny, helpless puppies? AND takes a picture instead of scooping the pups away from harm?!

    I’m actually disappointed and shocked to see this posted here :/

  92. Not a fan of this post. The baby may not be that strong, but that puppeh sure looks uncomfortabahls!!

  93. capt.woofwoof says:

    Wow. Balamuthia, you are the only one that went there. I had not even considered that until you said that about Asians and eating dogs. I’m more offended by that than the picture. Not all Asians eat dogs! Ugh. I would go on, but ugh.

  94. hope the puppy is ok 😦 I sad now… but I guess this pic wouldnt be on this site if the puppy got hurt..

  95. and to Shubbery..I think that they would not!

  96. Apparently I’ve upset the powers-that-be here for saying that the pudding comments were upsetting to me. *sigh* I don’t think I merit a scolding for saying that this picture is terrible and doesn’t belong here.


  97. capt.woofwoof says:

    I’m offended that you would suggest that, not about certain cultures eating dogs, which is awful. But that comment took a nasty turn. I just wanted to make that clear.

  98. Martha in Washington says:

    Cute Baby. Cute Puppies. Nuff said.

  99. I think it would be cute if the poor pup wasn’t suspended. A gentle lying down nomnom is kinder!

    In other news, clapclapclap to (the original) Mel for the Pink Floyd pudding quolte, LOL!

  100. Yeah…I can see how this would qualify for some people as cute, but I don’t like seeing animals getting picked up by their heads. If there were anything supporting that puppy’s body, I’d be happier.

  101. I have a puppy right now (like many of us have had in the past I’m sure) and I can tell you that a tiny baby holding a puppy to her mouth for TWO SECONDS isn’t going to phase the puppy. My puppy (at 8 weeks) smashed the top of her head into the bottom of the coffee table at full speed with not a whimper and has done it several times since the dopester. :-\ She chewed through a cord and got a BUZZ (I know because I grabbed the cord after I saw her and got one myself) with not a scream. She fights with my full grown dachshund and holds her own.

    Puppies are tough. This is nothing. It’s real life with a baby AND a puppy in a house.


  102. My gracious, this has really brought out nuffers of all stripes! I recommend everyone follow BeckyMonster’s suggestion and move on (maybe go back to work?). If people are so horrified why are they spending so much time on it? There are lots of other things to do in the world.

    I also agree with Lisa, I really can’t believe anyone would have spread this photo around if something bad had happened to the puppy. I’m content to believe it’s just fine. And the puppies and baby are totally adorable.

  103. I have to admit. I am more disturbed than ooglie. I want to grab the puppy away and say “no bite puppy! pet puppy!” And this photo is stuck like this, in freeze frame.. forever tormenting me.

  104. Pasickie!

    I’m still a little disappointed every time I see a human baby, no matter how cute on here. 😕

    There are plenty of sites where parents can show off their precious offspring…

  105. Animal Lover says:

    For my part I’m going to boycott CO for one week in demonstration of my disapproval for glamorizing such mistreatment of defenseless animals. Then if such offensive material appears again I’ll quit it for good.

  106. I guess those of you asking to have the photo removed – and who are being denied by the editors – could simply cancel your subscription…

    OH WAIT. It’s a free website that you visit voluntarily. My bad.

  107. I don’t usually comment on this site, but that picture is terrible. It’s not cute at all. The child shouldn’t be anywhere near those puppies. She’s holding the poor thing up by it’s ears. I’m confused as to how that’s cute.

  108. Look, I trust our webmaster very much. Nonetheless, that picture threw my mind and body into “OMG THAT’S SO AWFUL” mode. I feel like crying.

  109. nom nom nom

  110. That poor pup. I hope he’s ok. He looks really uncomfortable being held by his neck. I hate to say it, but my first thought was – geez, Koreans do start eating dogs early dont they?

    Poor puppy.

  111. [breathes heavily from running]
    I rushed out to get pudding as fast as I could! I think I’ve arrived late, though.

    “Lemon Dream Pudding” recipe
    As they say on the site, it’s suitable for “Diet Types: Low Fat, Low Sodium, Macrobiotic, Vegan, Vegetarian.” I believe it’s Kosher as well.

    *flings pudding in random directions*

    But seriously, I stifled laughter when I saw this because I knew what was coming.

  112. Poor puppy. Not so cute. I think the ad revenue thing is a good guess.

  113. this would more go under funny or sad not interspecies snorgles
    i was hoping it would be a stuffed animal and she happened to have puppies near her.
    look at its poor body…

  114. Tal: You should have kept that last part to yourself. Very uncouth.

  115. Crackjob, FTW.

    Still, though: just…. nom nom OWWWWW nom nom.

    I’m figuring this is an unfortunate camera angle and a split-second shot that ended up with a OMGLOL caption (a brilliant LOL caption, at that…). The complete obliviousness of the baby is pretty funny.

  116. Yeah, it must feel REALLY good to be dangling like that, held up only by one’s head…

    Where are the @x* parents?

  117. Jeez, Tal. WTF.

  118. This is not a cute picture. It’s a puppy being dangled by it’s fragile neck.
    I’m always having to remind the clients in my practice NOT to let their tiny kids hold kittens/puppies. Parent should hold the kitten/puppy and show them how to pet ‘gently’.
    Not cool.

  119. HEY asian people dont just eat dogs. we eat cats and scorpions too. how racist.

  120. Sister Francis says:


  121. with all the assumptions of evildoings and noone ever doing the right thing and treating their animal with love, care, and dignity, how can any of the nuffers put their minds at ease? i mean, REAL-ly. i suppose noone at ALL has common sense anymore. what a shame.

  122. oh, and by the by-


  123. Kats — two things, both relatively small:
    1) Overall I still say it’s a cute photo.
    2) I know I’m kind of lame, mentioning this, but you should say “its fragile neck” (using the apostrophe here would mean “it is” which makes no sense… pet peeve)

    Agreed on the rest.

  124. Uh, has anyone taken a moment to think that the parents probably wouldn’t have kept the photo around if the puppy had been hurt? The pup is relaxed as can be, probably because he/she is used to his/her mom dragging her around in a similar manner. (mother dog=no thumbs, so she has to grip any way she can)

    Respectfully submitted by a veterinarian and lifelong dog rescuer.

  125. Space Cowgirl says:

    Everyone who’s complaining that this pic is cruel IS volunteering at their local shelter, right? Because if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipi—uh, problem.

  126. I smelled something from the other room – and I did, it was the faint odor of tapioca and chocolate!

    I think it’s cute, puppies are resiliant – I wish I could dig up the picture of me with the 8 poodle puppies jammed into drinking glasses. I was so proud of this, when I was 2!

  127. Space Cowgirl, you really *are* a geek, aren’t you?

    (and I mean that in the best possible sense)

  128. I’m offended that folks are offended by other folks being offended, and I’m so offended I vow to boycott CO for exactly 23 days, OR ELSE! SHEEEEminie! Cute baby (Pasikie!) cute puppies, one of which is learning philosophical lessons about staying out of reach of that noisy slobbery whateveritis. I see some ear nomming, some scruff holding, and a puppy who is thinking “this too shall pass, I wonder when lunch is”.

  129. With all due respect Sandy I think you know less about puppy safety than the people who announce that they are going to cry for some random internet puppy. You may KNOW but they FEEL.

  130. MikeMikeMikeMikeMike…

    Surely you knew this one was gonna be trouble before you posted it!


    [I doubt very much that will happen, but who knows? – Ed.]

  131. People do realize that more comments does not equal more ad revenue, right? The number of hits may determine whether or not a site decides to advertise here, but you actually have to CLICK on the ads, and in many cases actually purchase something, before it equates to ad revenue for Meg. Besides, hits do not equal comments.

    [True e’nuff… – Ed.]

  132. (P.S. Can you also put a couple o’ breaks in my post so the whole thing can be seen, please? Thx)

  133. I don’t think this is quite right for cute overload.

    It’s not cute at all, I think it’s rather abusive towards the puppy.

  134. lol @ everyone screaming about how a baby could never hurt a puppy. Just lol. I, like several others who have already posted similar stories, have seen it happen just like this.

  135. i don’t like it. looks like the animal is getting hurt. i don’t like unsupervised little monsters, i mean kids, with animals.

  136. Sandy-

    Apologies for my poor grammar.
    [That was me, actually; Sandy’s comment was right below mine… OK, I’ll stop nitpicking now… – Ed.]


    I volunteer 16 hours a month at the local SPCA to perform surgery.

  137. What are the top five (or top ten) posts with the highest # of comments?

  138. I’ll say it again. Some of you have WAYYYYYY to much faith in people! Visited your local shelter? If you were involved in helping dogs you were never, ever make these ridiculous comments. And Sandy, I’m glad you aren’t my vet. By the way, I’m not a liberal activist type…. I just have lots of common sense. Oh yeah…. compassion too – for both people and animals. I just TRUST the animals more.

  139. I’ve lost my faith in humanity again.

    No…not the pic. I think it’s cute and funny and have concepts that it was not all horrors and blood and death prior to or after it was taken.

    It’s the ‘comments’ left by some folks here. Yeah, yeah, you can have your opinon, whatever. But remember, I can have mine too, and mine is that yer all nuts and need to stop, stop, STOP!

    Because honestly, it ruins my internet experience. And I pay an ISP provider for that internet experience. So ya’ll are wasting my monies.

  140. Clairezilla, with all due respect back atcha, I have ten puppies at my practice who are lying in an oxygen box because they were set on fire by a ten year old neighbor who was mad because his mother wouldn’t let him keep one. I’ve spent the last 72 hours knowing how they feel. I don’t think Meg would post that picture.

    This is a picture of healthy pups, a probably brief interaction with a cute kid in what looks to be a safe, loving environment, and I have a hard time believing that the pup wound up hurt.

  141. gracekitty, sorry love. But you are the one who lost all faith in humans. You are the one who took the evils committed by a teeny, tiny handful (considering the population of the world, never mind of the country you live in and the municipality you live in) and decided arbitrarily to smear the rest of us with it.

    That sucks. Makes me glad I don’t actually know you.

  142. NOT CUTE! Babies that age can’t control their grip, and allowing such a young child to hold a pup (particularly such a tiny one) is just asking for trouble.

    Sorry to sound like a spoilsport here, but as a Pomeranian breeder, let me tell you – I don’t sell my pups to families with little kids for a very good reason. And the two times I made an exception for very responsible couples with gentle babies, it ended in disaster. (One dead pup, and one critically injured.)

  143. oh and the people who dislike children so much kind of creep me out a little (nuff)

  144. Ann-

    You are absolutely correct about a baby not being able to control their grip/strength.

    I always council my clients not to allow their small children to hold pups/kittens without adult supervision.

    Yes, this is a cute puppy and yes, he looks like he’s growing up in a great environment, BUT that does not change the fact that he is not being handled correctly and injury could be result.

  145. Vampy, the claim that we are “wasting your money” is honestly one of the most idiotic comments I’ve ever seen, even if it was an extremely poor attempt at a joke.

  146. I very rarely check these comments because I really only come to check out the cuteness, but I checked (and posted to) this comment thread because I knew there would be good nonsensical drama to read. Thanks for the added laugh peeps…..

    *walks away shaking head at idiots dismayed at a picture*

  147. ew.. I love this site, but this photo is so inappropriate. Lots of pets get injured by children who don’t know how to properly hold or play with animals. Do people think this photo is CUTE?!

  148. Theo, how do you do it?? 🙂 I tip my hat. You have the patience of a saint.

    [We have teenagers. – Ed.]

  149. Vampy, It all began when my brother squeezed the life out of my kitten just like this kid could be doing with the puppy…. and yep I’m very involved in rescue and i actually go to places like Louisiana and Texas and help out so YEAH – most people DON’T have compassion for animals. If you’ve given your time and energy and money to help with abused, neglected and starved animals then bravo for you and I’m glad that you seen the world through rose colored glasses. My SEVENTEEN abused/rescued babies at home probably wouldn’t agree… How many do you help or house?

  150. The Other One Michelle says:

    I have to say…I love it when nuffers insist Meg take photos off her site. Then Theo makes comments which crack me up. Those are my fav kind of comments. Keep ’em up, people, I don’t wanna work today!

  151. The Other One Michelle says:

    Holy gracekitty, where’s your halo? People…it’s getting personal now. Let’s be nicer to each other.

  152. Wow…there were like 3 comments when I first saw this post this morning. Now I come back and it seems like the website is splitting at the seams. CALM DOWN PEOPLE!!! A few observations:
    1. Most likely photoshopped. Kids are not that strong. There’s a difference between pulling down on hair and lifting up a puppy.
    2. As for the “average parent” not having those skills, it was probably wasn’t the same person who took the picture. Some people spend their days photoshopping pics of animals (or commenting on said photos).
    3. Whether you have kids or not, don’t make mean-spirited comments about babies. Unless you were spawned by your parents, you were a baby once too. Circle of life my friends. No babies, no adults with too much time on their hands getting offended.

    Another note, my hand lotion smells like pudding, so while reading the comments I just kept smelling my fingers to keep myself calm.

  153. So when my kitten nips my toes or my bunny nibbles on my finger, is that CRUEL AND DISGUSTING and maybe, gasp, I am already dead?

    People need to get over themselves. This is adorable. Babies are very weak and have no teeth so even if this was real, the puppy would not have gotten hurt.

  154. Theo:
    Makes sense. I’m off to go look at the picture of the elephant’s bottom and wonder about the cruelty of subjecting an elephant to such scrutiny. I’m not brave enough to look at the comments for the rabbits in hats. 😉

  155. Isn’t this NOTMTOM’s first major commentroversy? If so, congrats on your milestone!

  156. Any one who thinks this is ok I hope doesn’t have pets or kids. That pup is very small and should not be picked up by its neck. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just lying to themselves.

  157. Crunchy on the outside with a caramel nougat center!

  158. Eat ’em ALL up, kiddo. Make the world free from them!

  159. PAW_-SICKIE

  160. I LOVE babies. It’s parents I can’t stand sometimes.

    –Your friendly neighborhood empty-womber

  161. berthaservant says:

    So, you’ve all been thinking, “What does that rascal berthaservant think, and where the hell is he anyway?” Well, I was afk for the morning, and here I am and there’s pudding everywhere and it’s a mess quite frankly. And no, this won’t come close to breaking the record.

    Here’s what I think:

    — I said it before and I’ll say it again. Nomming is cute. Nomming is not actual eating. It is pretending to eat as if to become one with the other creature because it is so adorable/soft/fuzzy/whatever. All nom, all the time.

    — This is a STILL PHOTO. It is ONE MOMENT from LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY, and as a single moment captured on film, it bears the ILLUSION of reality. I say ILLUSION because no moment can truly be understood if it taken out of context from other moments. This is the Zapruder film. This is post-post-modernism, reader-response theory, projection, active dreaming, whatever you want to call it.

    WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS PICTURE MEANS. About how much the puppy struggled or how long the child had his hands on the pup or if someone intervened or who was taking the picture and what the temperature was like and what happened to the other two puppehs or maybe if the pup had been crawling up on the bebeh who then grabbed it defensively. WE DON’T KNOW. STOP PRETENDING YOU KNOW. YOU DON’T KNOW. Don’t judge what you don’t know.

    — Baby animals and baby humans have interacted with each other since way before forever. They need to learn their own strength and how to “play” safely and properly. This photo demonstrates that these moments occur. It is not the photo’s fault or Meg’s fault that this thing exists in nature. If you don’t like photos that remind you of life in this way, you are free to not like the photo.

    — It’s a hilarious and slightly disturbing photo that should be made into birthday cards and t-shirts.

  162. Thank goodness puppies are made durable.

  163. Okay, seriously, when my niece was 3 and my nephew was 6 months old, she used to carry him around by his neck.

    He’s 20 now, a junior in college, and as far as we can tell, suffered no trauma from being carried around by his neck for over a month by his sister.

    My point? The puppy is fine. I’m sure this isn’t exactly an everyday thing that the baby picks up the dog by its head. It doesn’t WEIGH enough for this to be a major problem. I’m not saying the poor thing is comfy, but I doubt that it suffered.

    Some people will look for the negative in ANYTHING.

  164. I could be wrong, of course, but I tend to think that if the puppy had suffered any ill effects from the .5 seconds it took to snap the picture, then the photographer would not have proudly posted it on the Internet.

  165. As much as I dont like the picture I dont think it is cruel.. but still I dont see how its could be cute either..just makes me sad inside… and for those of you who say babies arent strong enough to lift a puppy.. babies can lift their own body weight when they are born.. I saw pictures of it in my psych book once in high school.. so it is quiet possible that baby is holding that 2 or 3 pound puppy..

  166. Berthaservant, speaking as someone who is a writer for a greeting card company, your idea for this picture to be turned into a card is totally made of awesome!

    And I love, love, love commentroversy! Huzzah! NOM NOM NOM NOM

  167. Sandy I was totally kidding!

  168. Aw, fer . . .
    (Wheeling my Pudding War Wolf Trebuchet into posish)
    Load ‘er up!!!

  169. The first time I saw this I worried. Is that puppy even alive?

    This is NOT cute. Whoever took this picture should be smacked.

  170. Space Cowgirl says:

    Kats gets a pass from me then. Otherwise, it’s like people who don’t vote complaining about the sad state of the nation.

    Teoh: I’m just a gamer and armchair nuclear physicist. BF is a geek. :>

  171. hahaha, thanks, berthaservant! seriously, where is rationality these days? Hold on, there’s a pup I gotta nom…

  172. Yo *. I actually don’t give a monkey’s behind what you think about what I posted in the comments, or actually about anything you think really.

  173. People, people! There are actually RULES about this sort of thing. CUTE rules!!! 40 of them at last count (or have I fallen behind?)

    Now please, those who insist this is cute (and I’m not saying I am or am not), list those, er, puppies. Which rules of cute does this fall under?

  174. sorry, had to add: jeff4066, smacked? really? *really?*

  175. hear hear, berthaservant. all i gotta say.

  176. This photo made me laugh so hard I spit out the puppy I was eating.

  177. I don’t care if it’s a baby or a 101-year-old man – puppies should NOT be held like that!

  178. The name’s Nuffer, but everybody calls me Psycho. Any of you guys call me Nuffer, I’ll kill you.
    Also, I don’t like no one touching my pups. So just keep your meat-hooks off. If I catch any of you guys in my pups, I’ll kill you.
    And I don’t like nobody touching *me*. Any of you Cute-Os touch me, and I’ll kill you.

    Sergeant Hulka says: “Lighten up, Nuffer!”

  179. ouch

  180. Is this kind Lyndon Johnson reincarnated?

  181. Maybe I am too sensative but I don’t think that a baby holding a puppy by it’s head is cute or funny.

  182. I’m gonna choose to live in a world where I believe that if the puppy were coming to any harm, the person taking the picture would put a stop to it. It’s a happy place, my world. You should all join me! There are babies, and puppies and everyone lives peacefully! There is soft green grass and cozy blue cat-adorned picnic blankets!

    oh, and LOL@ Dreamer…I want to groan so hard at the comment, but it’s just too damn funny.

  183. Halp! *covers eyes*

    Bebeh is very cute, but what he’s doing to the puppy makes me go “GARGLgarghagarh!” or something to that effect. Can’t halps it.

    No prob with others finding it cute, though! I’ll go look at the bank robber bunnies instead.

  184. I think I have a pretty good sense of humor but it’s not cute or funny when puppy looks like it might be getting hurt.

  185. Uh, metsakins, can I PLEASE have that Mexican chocolate rice pudding recipe? Please, please? Please? (Seriously)

  186. Well it’s not NOT cute, but it’s not really cute either. Puppies are always cute, tho. Sometimes it’s not about just what we see, but what it represents visually.

    It’s gotten from ppl comenting on the pic to ppl turning it into a blog about other ppl’s comments about their beliefs and interpretations of a moment that they were not even there. Like a fan of a football team, who only like the team when they win…this site is free, we do not pay for it, we are not sharholders with the ‘unalienable right’ to veto.

    Innocent until proven guilty? The picture could be 5 years old! Would the REAL people involved in the picture please stand up so the stone throwing will stop.

  187. ~~~who cares~~~

  188. i can only go with my gut and my gut told me this morning that “i no likey this picture”. yes. just like that. some people think it’s cute. some people don’t. i personally don’t, but whatever, no one cares.

    i don’t think people try to see the negative in everything (thanks for that inane generalization, wicked–and don’t try to correlate the human experience with an animal’s, that’s the very thing vivisection is about and why people treat their pets like people and not pets thereby screwing them up), they are just merely going with their initial reaction. you cannot discount that many people have either heard or witnessed or have been the very young children who unwittingly killed an animal by gripping, smashing, or stepping, or rolling. so who is anyone to discount that horrible experience and the desire to never have to be reminded of it? it happens people and it’s a very real fear. so, the puppy by all means was prolly okay, sure. but don’t tell people not to be concerned or make a huff. otherwise comments would be disabled entirely.

    meg, this is your site, and i can choose whether to visit it or not and i will continue to but sometimes i question your judgment. not all the time of course. 99% of the time, things are handy dandy here. every once in a while though, you put up photos you KNOW will generate this response. that is your responsibility since you’re not mindless web bot.

    by the by, i am asian and i regret that i was not the first to comment that this kid might be a true korean in training by getting her first taste of dog. a few of you were much faster than i.

  189. If any of you nuffers saw this puppy’s mother carry it you would most likely spontaneously combust from shock and terror.

    You’re always here trying to take any picture to the worst possible conclusion. Rationality and faith in other people be damned. How do you people manage exist in real life without killing yourself? Sounds awfully depressing.

  190. so we are all decided. This post=worse than hitler.

  191. Asians dont just eat dogs! we eat cats and scorpions too. how racist.

  192. Oh get over it. Baby’s just nomming, probably with no teef. I’m sure even some of these nuffers would do the same if they weren’t too busy huffing and puffing.

  193. This is the first thing on Cute Overload I’ve seen that I don’t like. I feel sorry for the puppy. Is it okay?
    And I sure hope that baby doesn’t have her teeth yet.

  194. I think this *IS* NTMTOM’s first commentroversy! How does it feel, Mike?

  195. LOL at all the cruelty wank.

  196. Well I’m sure those other two pups must be ecstatic at the prospect of being picked up by the head and sooked by a brat! I mean , who wouldnt be??!!? Im a big CO fan, but not likin this at all. I think the pup was prob fine, and the whole “holding me by the head” only lasted for a few seconds….but c’mon, it looks HORRIBLE!!!

  197. Dreamer: You win the internet. *hands you internet* Congratulations.

  198. also, yes, pups get carried by their necks and heads by their mothers and they go slack automatically. but typically mom’s know what they’re doing when they’re carrying their pups. this child, however, does NOT know and could unknowingly harm the pup. that IS the concern and that IS point.

  199. Why is the cuteness of this kid even an issue? They are holding a puppy inappropriately and that is NOT cute!

  200. Clairezilla: Thanks! ha! Context is everything, isn’t it? Subtlety is absolutely lost when plopped into the Nuff Mosh.

  201. I feel sorry for the puppy, this isn’t funny or cute in any kind of way. I’m sure the puppy didn’t find it funny either. I laugh a lot about actually anything but this is just aweful and all the people who describe themselves as animal loving should think about it.

  202. Yes puppy prolly did survive, after being dropped, Meg making it out alive..not so much.

  203. I just see a baby picking up a puppy awkwardly and giving it a kiss. I don’t see head disappearing, nor evidence of krosche, soft or not.

    Jeez, people just wanna fly off the handle at everything. Was puppy momentarily distressed? Sure likely, but if you’ve been around puppies when AREN’T they distressed if not sucking at a teat? Until they can walk properly, the whole world seems to be ending if the “puppy pile” moves suddenly in their sleep. Puppy will be fine. Babies that small don’t have the strength to do much damage with their grip anyway, and its likely a photoshop.

  204. yumyumjanitor says:

    I must tell you that this is funny and upsetting. You love to start controversy. Some baby in an asian country is going to be sued for puppy abuse now. Thumbs up!

  205. I agree that this picture is not CUTE and I do wish it was not posted on this site. It is not the nomming that most posters have a problem with, it is the way the puppy is being held – by its head and face. For those of you that mentioned that puppies are often carried this way by their mom, that is simply untrue. The mother dog usually tires to grab the puppies by the skin of their neck, because they are born with extra fat in that area specifically for that purpose. But this picture really disturbed me and I wanted to offer the following suggestion to the CuteOverload staff: Please read these posts to determine what your viewers want to see and do not want to see on this site in the future.

  206. That is so terrible! I can’t believe anyone could find this cute.

    If someone picked a baby up by it’s head, that wouldn’t be okay?!

    If a dog picked a baby up by it’s head, the dog would be put down!

    Why is cruelty acceptable when it’s a baby who is too young to understand better? The blame rests with the parents.

    And no, I don’t hate children. I hate cruelty.

  207. (Continued) But this picture really disturbed me and I wanted to offer the following suggestion to the CuteOverload staff: Please read these posts to determine what your viewers want to see and do not want to see on this site in the future. If you read the comments of other pictures, you will see how often people thank you for the picture and write about how good it made them feel. That is why most people come to this site. The pictures are usually so cute that they make us feel better and brighten our day. This picture seemed to have the opposite effect on alot of people, including myself. It made me sad, worried for that poor puppy and angry with the parents. Please, please just post cute and happy pictures to continue to brighten our days rather than posting troublesome & controversial pictures as this simply to get a bigger response from your viewers. Thank you.

  208. What an awfully disturbing picture. Not a fan.

  209. Cute pic, but also somewhat concerning.

    Also, I get SO freakin’ sick of the kid hate here, not to mention all of the “ooooh, there are PLENTY of cute-baby blogs.” No, there aren’t. There’s, which is OK but not spectacular.

  210. Love this picture, thanks for posting it – cracks me up every time.

  211. “Disturbed”? Really? How frail are you people? There is absolutely no evidence that anything bad happened to this puppy. None. Zilch. You just can’t tell from this one moment frozen in time. Most likely the kid quickly found out dog face isn’t very tasty and dropped the puppy the very next second.

    With this fact stored gently in the back of your mind, you’ll quickly discover that any trauma you think you see here is purely a figment of your own imagination. Since your imagination is, of course, your own and not the responsibility of Meg or any other moderator-person here on Cute Overload, you’ll hopefully see that all this hoopla more than a little silly.

  212. Sunday Bunday says:

    Thanks, ScoutsMom. It upsets me too.

    Now I know a bunch of people are dying to tell me that if I don’t like it, I should… something something. Darn my terrible memory.

  213. I don’t know if we can prove exactly what is going on in the picture. Maybe the baby is just kissing it. But I think we can hopefully assume that the photographer would have heard the puppy wailing in pain had the puppy been in danger, and would have stopped taking pictures long enough to rescue the puppy. The other puppies are lying still on the mat, so they don’t seem disturbed by what is happening either. Maybe the baby is just kissing or smelling the puppy. Agreed, the baby should not be picking the puppy up by its head, but if the puppy was jumping up and kissing the baby, maybe this is just a shot of her reaching out and grabbing the wriggly little thing, and she didn’t physically yank it from the grass. Either way, it’s a split second in time. We have no idea what’s happening, and people need to chill. If people want to get up in arms, why make a big show of it on here? E-mail Meg and track down the origin of the photo. Otherwise, look, a baby grabs and kisses a puppy. Jeez. Settle down.

  214. Mmm, tasty, tasty puppies…

  215. I actually don’t blame nuffs in this case – if you’re presented with an image of a baby picking up a puppy by its head you’re going to react badly to it, not stop and go “Oh hey, I should think this through and come up with a million scenarios for what I see here”.

    That said, jmuhj, please feel free to shut your pie hole. Make the world free from your crap.

  216. This website is not a democracy.

    This website does not charge admission.

    Thus, Meg and those run the website can put up whatever they want. They can put up 93 postings of horse manure salad in a row. They can put up pictures of Willow Palin’s boyfriend hunting moose. They can put up binary code. They can put up videos of community college accounting classes.

    Whatever they want.

    You can come back or not, or post a comment or not.

    That’s it. That’s a blog.

  217. P.S. As a graphic designer and a guy with good common sense this looks like a photoshop to me. The babys grip looks very odd and the positioning of the puppy seems cut and paste to me (albeit done well enough for us to discuss this)

  218. Punch that kid in the face…

  219. Mother dogs pretty much hold their young pups the same way. The pup is obviously relaxed because to him it must feel the same way as her mom’s grip. Really, I don’t see cruelty. People are just so freaking easy to set off…

  220. Been reading this all day and you folks who get angry at those who speak out need to take your meds. – maybe a double dose tonight. Everyone can speak up without nastiness although some of you deserve the barbs coming back your way; i.e. berthaservant you need help for that passive – aggressive disorder. Jeez!

  221. The commentroversy is amusing or not, depending on your point of view, but stokessd, you are seriously sick if you’re really advocating violence against a baby. Seriously sick.

  222. The only thing around here that is disturbing is my redneck neighbor… wait that is here, not “here”.
    Poor baby is just trying to learn the proper way to snorgle… I’m sure mommy or daddy (or whomever is taking the photo) corrected her as soon as they could. Dem babies be fast ya know! One minute puppy is safe, the next it is being nommed. Geez louise!

  223. Oops. [Ed.] beat me to it. Sorry!

    And kitty-m, how much did you pay for your online psych degree?

  224. i don’t see what peoples’ problems are with this. mama dogs and mama cats pick up their babies by the skin of their necks (with sharp teeth, i might add); that’s nature. and puppies are so small anyway that they hardly have any weight pulling down on their skin in this situation. the puppy is fine and both are cute.

  225. AuntieMame – how much did you pay for yours considering your advice? Mine cost approx. $163,000 and came from Ohio State – 1982. And that would be psychiatry and not merely psychology….

  226. Advice? Where did I give advice? (Unless you’re claiming that it’s not sick to want to punch a baby in the face.)

  227. ACK! That poor puppy!

  228. I know the puppy is probably fine, but geeze, I know as well that babies can be very rough.

  229. Oh God… why did this picture have to be of an Asian kid? As if we don’t have enough trouble shaking that stereotype that we eat dogs. *head in hands*

    [You know what? You’re not helping. – Ed.]

  230. warrior rabbit says:

    Theo, I’m almost positive this one’s been posted before (not the two you linked). I was just too lazy to look for it, because ‘baby’ and ‘puppy’ are just too common on this site.

  231. LOL (seriously) @ Dreamer: “This photo made me laugh so hard I spit out the puppy I was eating.” i love animals! they taste great!

    also, LOL @ ScoutsMom: “Please read these posts to determine what your viewers want to see and do not want to see on this site in the future. … Please, please just post cute and happy pictures to continue to brighten our days rather than posting troublesome & controversial pictures as this simply to get a bigger response from your viewers.” if YOU want to see certain pictures, why don’t YOU look for them yourself and YOU post them on YOUR blog? this isn’t a service for YOU, it’s an amusement for those who run the site.
    that said, CO, i will always love you for the cuteness, the disturbingness, and everything else you have to offer. personally, i find itsy bitsy chihuahuas disturbing and disgusting, but you won’t see me raining on everyone else’s cute parade should you choose to post photos of them. i’ll just do what i always do when confronted with a picture i don’t like: SCROLL DOWN. sheesh.

  232. I think berthaservant’s post a few up from here should be required reading to all who enter this site. Like, you should have to read it, then check a little “agree” box before you’re allowed to continue.

  233. How would YOU like being picked up by your head?

    Whether or not babies have a tendency to chew on everything and squeeze everything, the parents should have set down the camera and taken the puppy away.

    I’m just going to tell myself that if the puppy was really in pain he would have bit her or struggled away.

    Maybe they have a noming pact!

  234. Yeah this is messed up. Another parent who is convinced everything their little angle does is simply adorable. Kind of scary to think that someone with so little regard to animal life is breeding, hope they take better care of that kid than they do their puppies.

  235. i don’t think this is cute. makes me feel concerned about the puppy.

  236. Oh em gee! Leik, this photo is totally not a shop and babies totally are not teh cute and Meg should take down this picture and every one I don’t like b/c my opinion is the only one that matters and b/c this blog is totally a soapbox for my personal opinions and it’s not just about teh cutez and this is not a free blog that expresses the opinion of a single person and i hate humans and I don’t need to use periods.

  237. At those suggesting making grown animals chew on human babies heads….
    Human babies have no teeth. Great Danes and Gorillas have BIG teeth.
    I suspect the idea here was to snap a pic of the baby with puppies, and just as the pic was snapped, baby grabs pup and noms him. The photog probably didn’t see it coming and rescued the pup right away. I have faith in most humans to do the right thing, and I am going to believe that is what happened.

  238. My personal opinion on Cute Overload: Yay!

    My personal opinion on this photo: yech. (I want to love it, but I just . . . don’t.)

    That being said, I think it’s important not to bring one’s own personal traumas and crusades to bear on every freakin’ thing one looks at. You know, actually, what are these puppies doing outside?! Puppies can be eaten by eagles! (Saw it in the paper!) Puppies can get parasites! (Mine did!) Puppies can choke on blades of grass! (My friend’s brother’s best friend’s uncle’s life partner’s mom’s puppy did!) Gawd, these people are so irresponsible and cruel to expose these puppies to these very unlikely, but entirely possible dangers!
    The fact that something can happen doesn’t mean that it always does, or even that it likely will, and life is a series of gambles. The person who took this photo was gambling that, like the majority of puppies who meet handsy babies, this one will survive. Okay, some don’t survive baby fondling, but some people don’t survive walking down their front steps or mowing their lawn or going to work or school. It’s about perspective, folks.

  239. How the hell is a puppy getting picked up by his/her head cute? What is so cute about a puppy getting his/her neck broken?

  240. I dunno, I pick things up by the head all the time. Puppies, baby humans, lettuce, adult humans, you know, the usual.

    FYI, it’s note cute until the neck gets broken.

  241. scooterpants says:

    (TO) Mel-
    Agree completely.
    thanks for clearing that up.

  242. I’m so glad the editors here were respectful of the comments made by those who were concerned with potential animal abuse. It’s good to know a site that makes money off of cute animals can be so derisive of genuine concerns.

    [What makes you think sarcasm will help? – Ed.]

  243. Just noticed this…


    Surprised to see this on CO? Really? Is this your first time here?

    Also, no need to shout. We can hear you just fine.

  244. whoa, i missed a lot since i last checked CO eariler today. looks like a 2-nuffer folks!(ZOMGANIMALCRUELTY!!!!1!!!! AND ZOMGIHATEBABIES!!!!eleventyone!!!!)

    meg, will you never learn to tailor your blog to the exact specs of a bunch of people you’ve never met, particular those who only comment when they have an axe to grind? here’s hoping the answer is a resounding “NYERE!”

  245. I was going to buy the cute calendars for everybody on my Christmas list this year, but now I’m not so sure. If a disturbing photo like this is considered cute on this website, then who knows what kind of photos might be in the calendar.

  246. :snikr:
    About the calendar — I think it’s safe to say that this photo isn’t on it.

  247. Love it!!!

  248. I bet the calendar will be completely filled with photos more disturbing than this. I bet it’s all *gasp* HUMANS! ALL HUMANS ALL THE TIME! AND RACKS! HUMANS AND RACKS! HUMANS WITH RACK! I THINK I MIGHT DIE FROM THE HORROR OF IT ALL!

  249. Ugh, typo. That should be “HUMANS WITH RACKS!” Because yelling makes you more likely to commit grammatical errors.

  250. I find this picture kind of upsetting. That baby’s ripping the poor dogs head off.

  251. Meg – please research/provide proof that puppy has survived baby attack.

  252. i don’t like that baby.

  253. I WAS going to buy that cute calendar for all my nine hundred umpty seven relatives but now I’m sure it will have horrible scenes of babies and puppies and so I won’t so there. AND I’m gonna boycott CO for the next 23 days, too. Yeah.


  254. sesame street says:

    random — if i said “put down the puppy if you want to play the saxophone” who knows what I mean? Ya gotta put down the puppy (or ducky).

  255. if i said, “put down the puppy if you want to play the saxophone” who knows what i’m talking about?

  256. not that lurker the other lurker says:

    Can we apply Godwin here? (Per clairezilla’s comment.)

    Impressive work for your first commentroversy, NTMTOM.

  257. please take this down!! It looks like the puppy is in pain!!

  258. Whether or not it’s a manipulated photograph, it is a disturbing picture. If it is a real photo, the parents or guardians are idiots.

  259. Picture upset me because of the puppies leg positions. It looks either terrified out of its skull or dead. I know it probably isn’t, but it still upset me. Not cute.

  260. lollercopter says:

    This post makes me sick. D: The parents should be in jail for animal abuse, and that baby should be killed or locked up; it’ll obviously be a future serial killer as it’s already started abusing animals! And someone should go rescue those poor puppies from their abusers immediately.

  261. OMG…The poor puppy. I really hope someone saved him from the baby

  262. Again not funny. I agree with darkshines and lollercopter. NOT FUNNY! The parents and the kid should all be jailed.

  263. Not cute at all, Meg. If you’re going to rile the masses, stick to the “pa-sickie” videos.

  264. Momma dogs put puppies in their mouths all the time.

  265. LaurieM… momma dogs pick their pups up by the back of the neck. This idiotic baby is obviously not doing that.

    Oh and I wont be coming back to this site. This is stupid. I am tired of pics being posted like this.

  266. NOT CUTE. Sorry. It is cute in a weird way, but it’s overshadowed by the fact that if I were the puppies’ mom, I’d be totally appalled. If the size proportions can only be different, and we saw a puppy pick our kid up by the face like that and nom on it, we’d freak!

  267. platedlizard says:

    Meg was bored again I see.

    Comtraveries rule!

  268. @ animal lover

    the line for me is if I fear something bad is about to happen/has happened. Most (but not all) of the pictures involving birds and predators on here, for example, worry me too much to make me happy.

  269. I’m pretty sure lollercopter was being facetious (hence the name lollercopter).

    But are you people seriously saying that in infant (INFANT! BABY!) should be jailed? A baby idiotic? It’s a baby! Jesus H effing Christ, do you people not get that babies have no idea what they’re doing because they’re BABIES? Or to put it in terms you would understand: babies are like puppies and kittens. I’m sure you wouldn’t think that a puppy or kitten should be jailed or killed for chewing on stuff since they don’t know what they’re doing because they aren’t mature enough to understand how the world works yet. Jesus man, I can’t believe some of the people that are left out in public…

  270. Ugh, typo again. “let out,” not “left out.” Jeez…

  271. Question for those of you who frequent lolcats: Does anyone ever comment on the “terrible” pictures on there? I’ve only just started looking at lolcats and I I have a hard time making it through the lolspeak comments. However, I believe I have seen one or two of the more commentroversial photos from here over there. I just wonder if the same level of outrage showed up there.

    This picture? That is a beautiful backyard and I love the blanket that the baby and the puppies are sitting on. I also like NTMTOM’s “commercial”.

  272. Wow, we’ve got a real barn-burner going here! Congrats, NTMTOM! (Don’t worry, no animals were hurt in the burning of this barn.)

    I suspect I’m not alone in being amused at the predictability of the comments. My impression only, but it doesn’t seem the various threats (I’m never coming back to this site!) or demands (No babies! No racks!) have any impact… nor should they.

    I say everyone take a deep breath, grab a pasickie, and remember that this is a blog, not a summit on global warming or food security in developing nations. And in this case, I second all those who say we have no idea what is going on in this picture, so why not take the positive view that puppy and baby are all fine?

  273. But AmyJ, don’t you know we’re all psychic and know exactly what’s going on in the photo and have an intensive knowledge of the lives of the people and animals inside and outside of the photo? I mean, don’t you know that we all know everything about everything?

  274. baby feet!! tiny puppy legs!!

  275. The_token_vet says:

    This is horrible! I am appalled. I am a vet, so I see casual cruelty toward animals all the time, and it makes me crazy. It is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable for any animal to be treated like this. Do you know that puppies, like humans, have cartilagenous vertebrae, which are far more easily dislocated than normal spine? There is every possibility that after this “cute” photo was taken, the damn kid broke that poor puppy’s neck! It isn’t the baby’s fault – he’s a baby! – but his idiot parents should NEVER have let this happen, ESPECIALLY not long enough to take a frickin photo! Unbelievable.

  276. I knew there would be commentroversy!

    I just think some people need to realize that the photo was taken and the situation has passed, it’s not like arguing over whether it’s a good or bad thing is going to change that. I’m sure the puppy is fine now, and though it may have suffered some minor and short shock or pain, animals are resilient and can take a baby picking it up by its neck and snout.

  277. *head slap*

    butter, thanks for reminding me! I personally have no psychic skills so I forget. I guess I’m lucky, I don’t have to know all those terrible backstories, I can assume everyone is healthy and happy!

    token vet – you’re not the first to weigh in. Previous vet had a different opinion. I guess even experts can disagree.

  278. The_token_vet says:

    gah, rage has made me incoherent. should have read: “did you know that puppies, like human BABIES, have cartilagenous vertebrae…”

  279. The_token_vet says:

    Amy J – I respect your opinion and understand where you’re coming from. I guess a picture like this just raises a lot of peoples’ hackles, particularly mine, because it seems so awful that casual cruelty toward animals is tolerated when it amuses the masses. I have read over the comments and I think people have a fair point when they say everything is probably fine, but still, i think this pic is a symptom of a larger problem, which is that people just don’t rate animals the same way they do humans 😦 Makes me sad is all.

  280. I would take photo then run and grab pups from gorilla baby. This babie has insatiable appetite for cuteness!

  281. Not ever cute when animals are being treated as toys. I’m disappointed in Cute Overload for running the picture!