Hold on, you’re going to see DOUBLE!

Double double double [echo echo echo]


Hilarious wool portraiture courtesy of Amelia Makes Art!



  1. Is this CO’s longest post evar?
    Not that I’m complaining. HIlarious!

  2. The one with both of them on their backs had me lol’ing!

  3. ♪♫♪ Double the pleasure, double the fun! That’s the statement of the great mint in Doublemint… dogs?!

    Because two tails are better than one! Aaaaaargh! Cutegasm.

  4. bleening rule 7!

  5. Puppeh portraits in 3-dimen-shons!!! I can’t take eet!

  6. those are absolutely amazing. i might just have to save up and get one for my boyfriend, who absolutely loves his adopted dante the samoyed. the likenesses are amazing!

  7. Cute!

    And I love the mouseovers. 😀

  8. Omg! They all look just like the dogs! Amazing craft skills. =)

  9. BLEEN!!


  10. let the “overload” begin. Her art is even more striking!

  11. too darn cute! lol

  12. Absolute joy and genius! So enjoyed all the babies and mini-me’s. 😀

  13. i think it’s sick someone would breed a dog just to produce a pet that matches their stuffed animal. dogs are not toys or fashion accessories! cute overload? more like UN-cute UN-loaded… all… over my screen k bye.

  14. Okay, this is just plain hilarious! I love it! 🙂

  15. I want one of these sooooo bad! I knit my dad a mini-Phoebes for Christmas a few years back. The original is a mini schnauzer… so would that make the little knit one a microschnauzer!?!?

    @omgizers – Please, please tell me you’re joking. Otherwise I may just have to kill myself because we inhabit the same planet, and that’s just unbearable.

  16. PS. Scowly cotton ball + mini scowly cottong ball = TEH WIN!!! They win at LIFE!!

  17. OMG! WANT!

    I’ll have to get 2 doxies too…*shifty eyes*

  18. doggy doppelgänger! ah looks just like the real thing!!

    du siehst so ähnlich aus wie ich!

  19. wow. at first i thought they were real. amazing!

  20. Omg I love these! <3 I remember seeing a post a while ago showing 2 or 3 of these, but this many that look SO like their real counterparts is awesome!! I especially love the black and white dog! what is he/she? almost looks like a poodle mix, but the color is interesting. I absolutely LOLed at the upside down dog, and this one off the site is pretty redonkulous also!
    he’s all “wtf mini me?!”

  21. Get in mah belleh!

  22. Jiminy Crickets, Meg! This might be one of your most awesomest posts ever!

    Of course, I would add to the wonderful facts you provide about the term at least passing mention to Freud’s brilliant essay on “The Uncanny,” where he speculates about the psychic power of the doppelganger/double, specifically in the E.T.A. Hoffman short story “The Sandman.” What is so frightening about seeing or confronting our double is that it is truly “uncanny” (the German word is unheimlich, meaning both “not of the the home” and “hidden”): our double is both familiar AND foreign, OF you as well as NOT of you. That kind of psychic break — linked to the sensation of seeing, a position of (masculine) power — is reflective of our own Oedipal struggle, a reminder of our own mortality.

    But that’s probably too long for the hovertext.

    P.S. Freud was nuts, but he would have liked the dog pics, I bet.

  23. best. hovertext. ever.

  24. I’m going to pass out from the cuteness….do they KNOW HOW CUTE THEY ARE?

  25. Darn you, Meg! I do NOT have $165 to spend on one of these, but I so badly want a miniaturette version of my late doggy!

    Oh well, still love the post

  26. milquetoast says:

    Somebody done’s gonna makes money paw over……. clentched paw now.

  27. Jennie Mello says:

    I never saw myself peripherally. Or my evil twin. If I do, however, I will invite her to tea.


  29. I like the Border Collie one the most. SO CUTE!

  30. I am doubly slain by the double cuteness!

  31. platedlizard says:

    Katie: Save up! Um, five dollars a week would get you $165 in 33 weeks. Totally worth it IMO.

    I wonder if they do other critters as well. My conure is cute enough to be a stuffed animal, maybe I should have one made?

  32. It looks like the poodle is saying, “First, you give me this RIDICULOUS haircut. Now I have to put up with THIS?!?!?”

    The white fluffball is saying, “I will get you for this.”

  33. platedlizard says:

    Oh, and OT. Am I the only one who keeps misreading ‘Cute Overload’ as ‘Cute Overlord?’ I’m not complaining, by the way, I for one welcome our Cute Overlords.

  34. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I had ordered two of these based on photos of my BF’s doggie, who passed away a few years ago. We gave one to his mom as an X-mas present, and she keeps it in a cubby-hole-wall between the kitchen and den so she can see it all the time. The likeness is UNCANNY!

    And yes, the upside down pair made me snort my tea, THANK you very much.

  35. So adorable.

  36. PlatedLizard — nopes.
    Sadly, though, the guy hasn’t updated his blog in over a year.

    (There’s plenty of other miscellaneous examples; just Google “cute overlord”)

  37. LOVED the vocab lesson! It took me 2 or 3 pictures to realize the little dogs were stuffed!

  38. Once again, we receive a clear, visual embodiment of redonkulosity.

  39. Or “Ridunkelheit”

  40. @B-serv, the Doppelgänger also appears in a poem by Heine. It was set in a song by Schubert, one of his last works before he died.

  41. *clap clap clap* Thank you for the education on the etymology of the word. Now back to our regularly scheduled program of “SKWEEEEE!!! What cute little look-a-like pupsters! I wish they made these for kitties.”

    This program was brought to you by the little umlaut that should sit above the a in doppelganger.

  42. ThreeCatNight says:

    Uncanny. I noticed that some of the dogs seem to be deliberately looking past said “mini-me’s” , as if to say, “You’re not here. I don’t see you. Please, please, go away.”

  43. I can’t tell which one is my favorite. That boxer who looks totally confused by his mini-me or that white longhaired chihuahua or pom that looks p*ssed that there’s something smaller and potentially cuter than him standing right there.

  44. Oh, stop the madness!

  45. That post was a Meisterwerk! So Meg, did the guild promote you?

  46. knightofmonarch says:

    Stuffed doubles of your pets – INTERESTING- and no mess- hhhuuuummmmm

  47. I think I’ll have to save up for one of these as well. It’s so cute!

  48. (the original) Mel says:

    OMG! OMG!



  49. Ooooh, I just KNEW those would be by an Etsy seller, and I was right! (I sell on Etsy too).

    Very cool!

  50. I wonder if there is a felt Hon Glad Doppelganger lurking some where.

  51. girlnextdoortn says:

    Amelia Makes Art is exactly what got me into felting and knitting in the first place… thanks for reminding me to get out my hobby again!

  52. Seeing this was a great way to start my morning.

  53. OMG, that first pic looks exactly like my dog. I mean it’s uncanny how much they look alike! Although we keep our dog trimmed so she’s not that shaggy anymore.

  54. These are adorable. Now I might just have to have one of my own.

  55. Ok, apparently they do make ones for cats, but quite honestly, these are horrifying: and

    The doggies are adorable though.

  56. Gold star for Jen! Hehe.

  57. These are absolutely adorable!! My sister owns a sheep farm and also does wool creations (sometimes known as needle felting because of the process these are made by.) She doesn’t do specialty matching dogs, but still makes some pretty darn cute-overload-worthy stuff. (check out her gallery archive) Enjoy!

  58. chet, ruby, and miaoux's momma says:

    *the more you KNOW*

  59. (Sorry no link on that…Just copy & paste if you want to see it. I always forget how to do the code for that.)

  60. Jane — just copy&paste the whole link, HTTP prefix and all.

  61. @Jane, on the home page in the upper right corner– that looks like an opossum!?

  62. I agree, the cats just look… off. But then again, the beauty and splendor that is a cat cannot be contained within mere mortals’ fabric.

  63. Is it just me, or do all the dog’s expressions in these photos seem to be saying: “um, seriously, it does not look anything like me.”

  64. <3 Best CO puppy post EVAR!

  65. warrior rabbit says:

    I love them all, but I especially love the top one, the upside down one, and this one:

    He just looks so befuddled and/or peeved. I find it endearing.

  66. Love the CO twins. Here’s my own kitty, Stevie Joe and his doppelganger.

  67. The boxer pic with the white spot on the chest with the yellow tag – I thought it was a daisy for some reason!

  68. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG I can’t pick a favorite .. the 4 doxies .. the black and white dog with doppel between his feets … the two lolling on their backs .. all are wonderful!

  69. Wow – that was just amazing! It’s so hard to pick a favorite although the one on the back is one of the funniest….hahahaha

  70. Dogpileganger!

  71. Man, a cute AND educational post? Maybe there should be a new category…..educution …or something.

  72. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    $165 for a mini-Boomer… Hm, I’ll have to think hard about that. For not much more (and an apartment that would allow it, drat them!), I could get supplies for a small herd of shelter puppies… THAT is truly on my wish list. An apartment that takes dogs.


  74. Hooray for needle felting! The basic technique used to make critters like these is unbelievably simple. Easy as picking yer nose, I’m telling you. If you have enough sculpting skill to make a play-doh pup, you can tewtelly make a needle-felt critter. It is way fun. You should do it.

  75. RE-DONK!


  76. hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! good god this had me laffin, THANKS!@


    Isn’t there a dog-free CO somewhere I can log onto?

  78. Oh look, a nuff. Please go away, jmuhj.

  79. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Patito: Thanks for the link to the instructions! It does sound really EASY!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! I agree, the cat ones do look a bit odd (the eyes??) but this would be so great to have for each of mah babehs (what’s 8 * $165??) I could play with them while I’m stuck in stupid hotel rooms… now.

  80. So excited to see a fellow Etsy artist on here! I’m so sad that I can’t afford one of these of my precious schnoodle!

  81. warrior rabbit says:

    @jmuhj, please feel free to spend ALL of your time on kittenwar, daily kitten, stuffonmycat, catsinsinks, catsthatlooklikehitler, ICHC, etc. and leave CO to the pancuteologists.

  82. Gail (the first one) says:

    @warrior rabbit: “pancuteologists”!! I love it!

  83. Jen and Warrior — maybe a little harsh, y’think?

  84. warrior rabbit says:

    You think? I thought I provided the requested alternatives.

  85. Obviously the upside down dogs portrait is the best. i CRACKED up. I mean, KEY-RACK!

  86. i buy them by the dozen and when my dog misbehaves i make him watch me tear one up with my teeth. he understands.

  87. Geniales, son exactamente iguales al de verdad.
    Son preciosos y hechos con todo detalle

  88. pinkmariposas says:

    WHY oh WHY did you hafs to
    tell me these lil ones were
    not REAL ? I am crushed once again like when my sis
    told me Santa was not “real”.
    These babies are cute and
    no poopies would be nice…

  89. I dunno, Theo, possibly a smidge harsh, but seriously ,the dog-hate comments are annoying. We get it, jmuhj doesn’t like dogs. WHATEVER. Feel free, jmuhj, to skip the post and not annoy us with hateful comments. Oh and lolspeak comments, for that matter.

  90. I think this might be my favorite post ever.

  91. Wunderbar

  92. Meg, Meg, Meg, what a great job you did with the hover text. I saw this post the other day but didn’t have time to do the hover, I discovered it today and I must say, it really adds to the post.

    The pups are great too, you can just imagine what they are thinking about their doubles!!

    Great work of words and doggies!!!

  93. Awesome!

  94. I have been coveting one of those for some time – I think this post just threw me over the edge!

  95. OH



    This is so cute, I really had tears in my eyes! Brilliant! Love it love it love it

  96. these are amazing! i want to buy one so badly!!

  97. soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

  98. i love the 8 one its so funny

    cuuuuuuuute pics

  99. i love this pg


  101. Real late, but does anyone know what kind of dog that is in the first picture? (The big twin, not the wool version, obvi.)