Here’s the deal.

First, Guy finds kitten outside his flat.

Next, Guy photographs the kitteh’s development, including Kitteh discovering sunbeams (Rule #40)

Many, many cute photos ensue.

Photos get sent to C.O. (Natch).




It’s OK, little dude, sunbeams are niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.


It’s about time we sent out a schweet new desktop image, Sender-Inner Josh N. GREAT photos, Mescal. 😀



  1. (the original) Mel says:

    I like the outstretched kitten paw. In my house, it is called “The Craw.”

  2. That last picture is stunning. What a beautiful kitten.

  3. How the heck am I supposed to concentrate on work now?

  4. What a beautiful little bebeh! Look at those brilliant eyes!!

  5. Straaaaaaaaaayche!

  6. I’m in wuv. I can has kitteh plz?

  7. Those eyes!!!!!!!! Guy finding a bebeh and doing the right things = luff. Oh and Barley – what a perfect name for his color.

  8. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  9. Can we get a higher resoloooooshun? I <3 the desktop pic idear. :) Thanks, Meggy Meg Meg!

  10. ” Whats at the top of a sunbeam, where does a sunbeam go,
    Right at the top
    Theres a Candy shop,
    My Mother told me so.”

  11. Kitten and sunbeams! Is this heaven?

  12. Awright, when is that CO dating site going live? Guy rescues kitten? Takes awesome photos? Whatever his orientation, I’m sure there are lots of takers.

  13. OK, this is honestly the first time I have felt the urge to snatch up something from C.O. and put it my mouf.

  14. This is so cute I’m actually feeling a pain in my chest! *killed by adorable kitten-ness*

  15. awww…. the stretched paw is sooo cute! and those eyes! 🙂

  16. No kitteh, do not go into the light! You still got 9 whole lives ahead of you!

  17. the craw! I love it!

  18. p.s. This is the first time I’ve seen a cat with red nose.

  19. OMG PRECIOUS!!! PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!! i’m goingk to pass OUT!!!

  20. if Mescal reads this, a better way to discourage biting is to screech like a little girl when bit.

    Cats seem to echo more than react, if that makes sense.

    If you yell at them, they just get angry in an echo responce.

    If you screech and show “scaredy” emotion, they’ll get scared and back away.

  21. stunning photos. am now very curious to see guy who took those.

  22. You all have GOT to go through the thread with all these pictures. some of these shots are just stunning.

  23. @Mel, Not “craw”– “craw”!

    Are we sure the light doesn’t *emanate* from this kitten? I think it does.

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    @Leslie .. it happens to all of us eventually.
    This is a truly beautiful kitten. I wish I could see the other photos but it’s filtered.. I will have to take a look at home.

  25. ..and thus begins a beautiful relationship of lounging in the warm sun.


  26. Beautiful eyes on that kitty!

  27. TrumanRabbit says:

    Don’t tell my own cat this but I have secretly replaced my computer desktop background of my own cat with the picture of the outstretched mini-paw action. Let’s watch…
    Yesh…savory richness…pawpad deliciousness…sunbeam purrfection. Yes, I said purrfection, and I’ll say it again if necessary.

  28. Space Cowgirl says:

    Guys, I think we did something wrong. In the SA thread:

    “Robot Chicken posted:

    God drat cute overload, rear end in a top hat. Never post pictures of her again. emot-crying.gif”

    Rear end in a top hat? LOL!

  29. Stunning pictures! This little one has great eyes.

  30. I have kittens, but none are this cute!!

    Is ded frm the QT!

  31. (the original) Mel says:

    @Space Cowgirl:

    Does that make us Asshats?!?!

  32. What worked for me was to stop doing whatever it was the cat wanted me to do and completely ignore him. He eventually got the idea that if he didn’t bite me, I would continue to pat/brush/play with/snorgle him.

  33. I wish someone would find the directory of all the pictures he has up, since so many come up as bad on the forum.

    It should be said that the forum is probably NSFW in some instances.

    I am dying from the adorablenessess

  34. BabyOpossum says:

    The last photo has a mesmerizing Cheshire-Cat-esque quality, as if his wee head is floating.

  35. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Normally I’m a dog person, but I make exceptions for selected cats – have even been owned by a couple – but this one made me squee out loud and say AWWW! A passing neighbor’s cat actually looked in my open doorway to see what was up…


    Man these pictures are so great! I <3 Them.

    I wish I had a kitty 😦

  37. oh man, work filter won’t let me go to site of other pics…
    can someone just tell me, although it is implied, the guy kept the kitteh???

  38. It’s weird reading a thread that (I think) has been edited. It’s like reading a book with missing pages.

    That having been said, I will need to be revived after that first COXCU. That kitteh is BEYOND prosh!

  39. I have no where to upload it to, but I found that the first pic enlarged in Photoshop with very little distortion using the “bicubic smoother”- I have mine at 1280×1024 and looking good. Anyone know a free place where I could send it to share? Or anyone have an email I can send it to so they can distribute it? (I assume that the original photographer won’t mind this, but perhaps I should ask…)

  40. There is now no further need for those performing Transcendental Meditation to use the focus term “Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm”. All they need do is look into this kitty’s eyes & the sunbeam.

    Public Service Announcement, brought to you by your local Hippies Unite Group aka


  41. warrior rabbit says:

    After reading half the thread so far, it seems the guy has a wife/girlfriend. And a dog that the kitty loves to pieces.

    And it appears he’s a photographer, so that explains how he’s been able to get such amazing shots. Like the yawn.

    Ceejoe, he kept the kitty and named him Barley.

  42. Those photos are beautiful and that kitty is now an adult cat. But still beautiful.

  43. Space Cowgirl etc. — re: weird comment about Cute Overload — not to worry. It wasn’t the guy who’s been posting about Barley the kitten (now cat), it was some other troll who later went & took back what s/he wrote.

    Also, it looks like SomethingAwful does automatic text substitution in its forums; “drat” = damn, “rear end in a top hat” = @$$hole, etc. Kinda funny, considering the message that shows up automatically, if somebody edits a comment (it includes the F-bomb).

  44. Amazing photos – streeeech!

  45. Aw, the last kitten I had was my now-12-year-old crabby tabby. I don’t have room for another kitty. WANT KITTEN NOW.

  46. warrior rabbit says:

    Theo, I noticed that, too (and the edit notation). My fave was ‘gentle caress.’ LOL. It lends a madlibs feel to the whole thread, actually.

  47. Here’s the higher resolution wallpaper. Enjoy 😀

  48. Zanna — I know what you’re talking about, but I still think a “bicubic smoother” sounds like an expensive spa treatment. With lasers.

  49. Josh N for the win!


  50. I’ve had that as a desktop for almost two years now. C’mon, CO, you can do better than this.

  51. Good for you, Kittycat. Good for you.

  52. Wait, wait, wait. Guy’s first reaction was to snap cool pictures of the kitteh reaching for a sunbeam, and not to snatch and smuggle the kitteh back to his apartment? Where the heck are his priorities??

  53. IT HAS SEEN THE LIGHT! I will make that photo my desktop right after I finish bouncing for joy around the computer.

  54. That last pic is just magical, with the focus on the face, well done! 🙂

  55. I can’t see any of the “cute photos” on those forums, and it ain’t my firewall!

  56. Chanpon, isn’t the kitty on the carpet in the house? Judging by the shadow of the arm, he’s a brave man who has white carpet with both a cat and dog in the house.

  57. warrior rabbit says:

    Are you at work? It might be blocked. Anyhow, I posted a link to one of his photos which was posted on flickr. Scroll up a little.

  58. catloveschanel says:

    Wonderful baby livin’ on love
    Maybe the sandman will take you above,
    up where the girls fly on ribbons and bows,

    where be-behs float by, just
    counting their toes.

  59. SO QTE it shouldn’t be allowed to post pics of this kittoon.

    SO GLAD Barley is all grown up and in his loving, forever home. That’s the BEST part of all.

  60. catloveschanel says:

    So sorry to post twice,
    but it just came to me…
    that is totally a Calvin & Hobbes paw stretch.

    I went hunting for the pic, but alas, could not find it.

    cat or cartoon?

  61. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Dammit, Theresa!!!

    That’s not funneh!

    I was gonna post that! 😀

    (Would you believe two Boy Scouts in a leaky rowboat?)

  62. Is the kitten named Mezcal cuz he has a white stripe on his nose that looks like the worm in the bottle of Mezcal???

  63. @Juniper, talk to you and Agent K9 in the Cone of Silence. 😉

  64. Finally! Barley made to Cute Overload!

  65. @kar – From this post’s description, it wasn’t clear if the photographer took him home or just took photos of a neighboring kitty. But yes, after looking thru the original forum’s photos, the kitty did make it home with him. 🙂

  66. revolution724 says:

    Those eyes are staring directly through my soul. Wow.

    I agree, Barley is a great name for that kitty; it exactly describes his coloring.

  67. I tried to look at the site, from home, and I just got a bunch of red Xs. 😦

  68. Gail (the first one) says:

    @(the Original)Mel: I *tewtally* forgot about asshats!!!! LOL!!!!

    Teho, Thanks for ‘splaining about what SA is!!!

  69. Liz- the guy’s name (or nickname) is Mescal. The kitty is Barley.

  70. That is soooo adorable.

  71. lila_may_qt says:

    Here are some direct links to Barley pictures I found using google…The links weren’t working on the SA page…

    The spam holder thing won’t let me post all the direct links, so use the following link and just add the file names:


  72. Pew pew.

  73. How long does it take a submission to get chosen? Because I sent in a truly potent Rule 40 last week that includes the picture below.

    Did it get passed over or should I still hold out hope?

  74. Totalee Puppy says:

    “Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold thou art fair;
    thou hast doves’ eyes”…
    Solomon’s Song

  75. platedlizard says:

    Absolutely redunk. I do not believe that this kitteh is real, surely such purrection cannot exist on this mortal plane.

  76. being a heathen of sorts, i don’t use the word “bless” must outside of reacting to somebody’s sneeze…but BLESS the guy who found this kitty, and all the people who give homes to such little foundlings. i wouldn’t have ended up with my moggy if someone hadn’t been so caring, and she and i are eternally grateful to her rescuer. just imagine what it’s like to be all alone and scared tiny and hungry…and some big gentle creature scoops you up and makes it all better. ahn!

    dukerayburn — it can take months. meg and peeps get oodles of submeeshes every day (i believe that’s the official statistical info.)!

  77. Anner — I think the daily average figure is now an OodlePlex, since the calendar release, the NY Times article, and of course the Martha show.

  78. Thanks for all the links, guys! No, I’m not at work, I’m at home, and my firewall’s settings are fine. Most of the posts with the pictures in just show up blank. I can get to the flickr and photobucket links no probs, though.

  79. The Beatles

    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
    and I say it’s all right

    Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
    Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
    and I say it’s all right

    Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
    Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
    and I say it’s all right

    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…

    Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
    Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
    and I say it’s all right
    It’s all right

  80. Such a sweetyface!

  81. what a cutie….

    I just started a cat blog:

  82. “What iiis it? I feel so… happy…” *streeeeeeetch into the sunshine*

  83. I remember the Barley thread at SA… Lots of times old threads lose the pics due to changing of the hosting, etc. Looks like they were found on flckr.

  84. What beautiful photos!

  85. Thanks for the response, Anner. Sort of new to community interaction here. I’ll just be patient.

  86. Aaaaaand my head exploded. The end.

  87. Why did it take so long for this guy to get to CO?! He’s the most photogenic cat I’ve seen in a long time, and when you add a good photographer- BOOM. amazing. WANT!

  88. Where I come from we call them “Air Bisquits”, as in kitty bisquits i.e. kneeding. As in “Air Guitar”

  89. Did you see him with the dog?


  91. awww…sssssssooooooo CUTE!!!