Fresh kitten delivery!

Look, People, I’m sure at THIS POINT you’re wondering if I’m like, RELATED to Martha Stewart I mention her blog on this site so much. The short answer is "nyerhe" I’m not, I just like her blog honest ta Gahd!

For example, check out her recent KITTEN DELIVERY OMG!


Delivered special to her farm. Ahn [head tilt.]

Check out ALL kittens-exploring-their-new-surroundings-pics here.


  1. (the original) Mel says:

    I like the tuxes. They should work out a dance routine with jazz hands and stuff. It’s a good thing.

  2. Perhaps I could have a kitty too? She has 2, she could and should share!

    oh and since I’ve never really, and I probably won’t anyway cause I’m a slow typerist – bleen!

  3. (the original) Mel says:

    NEVER go up against a professional typist when bleen is on the line! AHAHAHAHAAAAA!

  4. Does any one have a menu? Do they deliver?

  5. Look at how straight and high their tailios are (love the one with the white tip)! Those sure are happy and curious little tuxies. If it weren’t for my fear of becoming the crazy cat lady, I’d sneak a couple of tuxie kitties into my apartment.

  6. Mel… in Spain or China?

  7. (the original) Mel says:

    @Carrie: Actually I’m living like a queen in Patagonia.

    Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if instead of the tuxcats there was a mixup and Martha had accidentally gotten Winston?

  8. Splendid tuxies! All my cats have ever been black and white– I’m a magnet for them. Tuxies with black faces look loke Marvin the Martian!
    This is a fine pair. 😉 Look at the little white streak down the middle of the nosie! And the white blob on the tail tip!!!

  9. I like the tuxes with the white down the chest, but what really gets me are the white faces. You just can’t beat white kitty leeps and little peenk noses. So I’ll take the one on the left, please!

  10. divinebluesky says:

    Adorable kittens, and I’m suuure there’s nothing funky about all the references to Martha 🙂 I am a bit confused though, isn’t the event Synchro Tailios?

  11. Hhhallo. My name is Teho Modtoya. You keel my in-joke. Prepare to die.

  12. KittehMamax3 says:

    Mel, Theo – you’re “Inconceivable”….HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  13. They even LOOK like a Martha Stewart project!! So precious!

  14. I’m not sure what’s more deadly, that white stripe down the tuxie’s sweet face or that unbelievable white tip on the other’s tale.

    There’s a story in that. About God taking a couple of painstaking hours painting the black around the face but then wiping off enough paint to highlight the features.

    Only he’s so preoccupied with the face that he doesn’t notice the black tail tip dipping into the bottle of paint remover.

  15. Yin and Yang

  16. knightofmonarch says:

    Mel – It looks to me as if they are already into their routine – look closely and you will see the left paws foreward and the matched ears and tails – I give them an 8

  17. KittehMamax3, I do not think it means what you think it means.

  18. *siiigh* nothing better than new kittehs…

    … until they try to get into your house 😦

  19. KittehMamax3 says:

    Enough rhyming, and I mean it…
    Anyone want a peanut??
    Love it..

  20. Stop saying that!!!

  21. Jenni, Cincinnati, Ohio says:

    oooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmm gggggggggggg I love the white tippy-tip on the tail! I want them both! There’s nothin’ like a kitten to brighten up your ENTIRE EXISTENCE! =^..^=

  22. Thanks, everyone, for the Princess Bride refs–I needed a good laugh today. Payment in kind: on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anya said of Martha Stewart, “No one could do that much decoupage without calling on the powers of darkness.” Just sayin’. I got nothing against Martha.

  23. The one on the left with the eye patch, he be a Pirate Cat, Yar har Har.

  24. (the original) Mel says:

    He’s obviously the Dread Pirate Roberts, Hon Glad.

  25. Love the Princess Bride references. I was going to participate but everyone took my ideas.

    I’ve never been a huge Martha fan but I do have one of her canaries. The daughter of a friend of my mom’s used to work for Martha and got a canary from her aviary and gave it to her mom who last year gave it to us. I’m sure it’s a step down from Martha’s place but he doesn’t seem to mind.

    By the way, watch out for the ROUS’s people!

  26. Can i have a kitten delivery too!???

  27. So, which of these bebbehs is the negative and which is the print?

    I’m a sucker for a tiptail.

  28. Space Cowgirl says:

    Thanks to Carrie, Mel, and Teoh I now know better than to EVER drink anything while reading CO. Now, who’s going to pay the $150 to replace my keyboard?

    [Who has a $150 keyboard?? – Ed.]

    […oh wait, is it a laptop? – Ed.]

  29. o mah gah!

    In coloring and marking and romping, they’re just like my TK and him brother were a couple of years ago, in my backyard. Flashback! CUTE flashback!


  30. weird but true (that should be my name, since I’ve forgotten to sign in as ermine violin lately)…

    I read the Princess Bride eons before it ever became a movie and was hooked… then in 1987 it was released on my freakin’ birthday of all things. I had a 102 temperature and tonsils swollen out to my teeth, but I went to danged movie and Red Lobster and loved every moment of it as I drowned in snot. 😀 😀 It will always be my favorite movie EVAR!!!

  31. No brilliant comment available. Just leave me in the grass with the kitties.

  32. Work has been insanely busy, so it’s lovely to read TPB refs and see cute pictures!!!!

    Teeny turny tailios for the WIN!

  33. Super cute. I love tuxedos. I see at least Martha’s blog is giving some love back to C.O. I am glad you see you have worked out a partnership. 🙂

  34. Tux kittoonz. LURVE them. *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

    There are two in residence here. Long fluffy and short sleeky. They are NOT friends. But I love them both.

    Fresh cat delivery. SO GOOD.

  35. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Two kyoot!!!
    I’m with Hon Glad on the Pirate kitty! YARRR!!!

    The other one…loox like a skunk face! But I bet she smell so SCHWEET!!!

  36. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Carrie: How nice to know the name behind the fabulous Ermine Violin!!

    There’s got to be an awful lot of good in a person who loves animals as much as Martha seems to….

  37. warrior rabbit says:

    Splendor in the Grass 😉

  38. Wait, synchronized tails in the 2010 Olympics? It’s a WINTER sport?

    Yikes I hope unlike the guys in Cool Running that they’ve seen snow.

  39. Space Cowgirl says:

    I had to replace the first one after someone got violent and smashed it. The Deck people just love me, I’m sure.

  40. Awww, kittuhn wif a nose stripe! Nose stripe kittehs are my biggest weakness.

  41. Space Cowgirl — dang, that *is* a nice keyboard. The “Deck 82 Toxic” would complement my game box (The Green Hotness) quite well. Hmmm…

  42. Space Cowgirl says:

    Go for it, Teoh! You’re right, it’d look awesome. I have Ice myself. The brightness is adjustable between levels off and 7, and it really is just the thing for 3 AM gaming. 🙂

  43. Two black-and-white units were dispatched to the scene…