You GOTTA hear this tiny puppy tongue action.


1. Put on your headbones
2. Crank sound
3. Listen for "tongue noises"
4. You will NOT be disappointed.

Sender-Inner Aria P. claims this is Rich’s latest favorite puppy tongue vid. Slurptastic!


  1. ogeminijune says:

    First?!? Cute, cute

  2. Ooh! the pink tonguiness contrasts divinely with his inky blackness.

    I give dub him Sir Licksalot, knight errant of the CO Realm!!!

  3. wants…..


  4. bleen?

  5. I am awed by the wicked bi-directional gaze!!!

  6. PS Bleeny tongue!

  7. PPS “bleen”+”splort”=spleen?

  8. *On floor, twitching and drooling*

    Too cute….for…words…

    Must create…ringtone of…puppy noises…

    *blaarrgh – enters cute-induced coma*

  9. googly-eyed.

  10. That is one adorable puglet. The smacky mouth noises at the beginning of the vid have rendered me utterly useless.

    My chimeranian makes very similar noises…maybe I can get her to stick her tongue out on Polish command. Seems a worth experiment.

  11. I can’t take it!
    Must have…must!!!!!

    Must! ! ! ! !

  12. I’m still getting over the visuals. Such a puppy tongue!

  13. snufflesnortsmack


  14. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok I’m a leeeetle confused. Where does this puplet live? First I hear “stick yer tongue out” and then something like “polka schyenzie” which I assume is “stick yer tongue out” in some other language.

  15. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    GAK! There are more Maximus vids people! More tongue-slurping, tail waggling, crazy eyed madness!

  16. Ok, this will sound totally indecent, but “I want to be leeked by heem!!!” He must give the softest and slurpiest puppy keeses ever!

  17. Gail (the first one) says:

    @chanpon: I’m with you (in a totally decent way, of course!)

  18. The language was Polish and it meant “Show your tongue”.

    I don’t even like pugs and that was… very shlorpyily cute.

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    omg I’m in love with a Polish pug. I would never have expected that to happen.

  20. Risa Tucker says:

    MORE MAXIMUS!!!!! He’s my new fav. MUST…HAVE…MORE!!!!!

  21. $^@%ing Babelfish doesn’t have any option for Polish. :pfft:

    “You forgot Poland!”

  22. ACK!!!!!






  23. [puts face between pup’s eyes, does Master Roshi “puff-puffs”]

  24. Awwwwwwwwww!!!LOL!


    OMGEEE that was adorable.

  26. Poka-shanzie? Since the puppy can’t talk, I figure that’s sort of like pa-sickie, huh?

  27. Okay, seriously, if Maximus and Winston were in the same room together, I think the whole world would assplode in cuteness. It’s almost like they were separated at birth (and well, species).

  28. Any translators for the hovertext?

  29. …well, it ain’t Polish.

  30. AndreaSuzann says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I am pretty sure he is the puppeh equivalent of Winston.

  31. Totalee Puppy says:

    I get more international experience here on CO!

  32. I was disappointed.

  33. Check their other videos for Maximus attacking a teddy bear. DEATH BY CUTENESS.

  34. OHHH lil squish puggins.

  35. How do you pronounce “Wuf wuf” in Polish?

  36. PS Hey, Polish is not written in Cyrillic!

  37. Why do foreign languages make everything cuter?

    [And, despite the Russian hover-text for a Polish vid, I totes heart cuteoverload for enhancing my day further by making me feel like my pending-B.A. in Russian has some practical application, haha…]

  38. demolitionwoman says:

    i can almost SMELL the fresh puppy!

  39. Those pug pups are so weird…I am fascinated by them but I can’t imagine owning one.

    (I mean weird in the wonderful good way).

  40. She’s saying, “pokazi yazyk” which I know in Russian means “show your tongue.” I speak Russian so I know. She does have an accent though so maybe she’s Ukranian? Or maybe it sounds the same in Polish?

  41. it’s Polish, for sure.

    ‘Pokaż język!’

  42. @ Theo and Boaks : my own C.S.O., on hand for translation, gives us “unfortunately, I don’t speak human, wuf wuf” for the hovertext. Voilà !

  43. This is why I check this site every day. I LOVE THAT PUPPY! Pugs are my favorite kind of dog, other than Boston Terriors. Big dogs just scare me.

  44. Alina, Cerise, Poohbear — bravo!

    Now can I get that PROPERLY translated into Polish for the hover? Pleeease?

  45. Bardzo dobzie. I’m sure my spelling is wrong, though.

  46. Poohbear's C.S.O. says:

    Theo, the proper translation in Polish is:

    Niestety nie umiem po ludzku, hau hau!

  47. “Hau hau!!” Sounds like that sealio dad, laughing.

    Stheriously, think I could open a C.O. translation agency – what with all the Lürkensproingers, the umlaut obsessers and now the Russian-Polish-Ukrainians… But I pay my translators in kibble.

    OK, maybe in Swiss chocolate.

  48. Heh, I already have all I need, Pooh.

  49. Hee! so THAT’s your sideline! Diversify, diversify. Theo Chocolates and Teho Energy Drink : it’s all falling into place, I’m beginning to understand certain, shall we say, extra-caffeinated moments ? :-))

  50. “hau hau” = “woof woof”
    “pokaż język” = “show your tongue”
    “bardzo dobrze” = “very good”

    …and we DON’T WRITE IN CYRILLIC! Grr😉

    – xoxo for all pug-lovers from rainy Kraków

  51. yey. another submishe from Poland! we rock CO with pug and Chmurka (R.I.P)

  52. Olka, re: Cyrillic — I know. It was the best I could do with BabelFish.

    I did update the hovertext earlier today, though. And hello to Kraków, by the way! It’s been rainy on-and-off today in Minneapolis too.

  53. wagthedogma says:

    Cuteus Maximus!🙂

  54. The only thing better than the pictures of that sweet baby is imagining what it’s breath must smell like. I know it may seem weird, but I love the smell of puppy breath!!!!!!

  55. Bardzo dobrze! My springer spaniel is called Maximus as well, and he’s all about the tongue too…I swear he can lick you in the face from five feet away!!! Must be the name, anyway, cute video!

    Dziekuje from Scotland!


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