Red Panda despondent over current state of the economy


This poor little Red Panda, a resident of the Smithsonian National Zoo, seems to have picked up the economic woes facing the country.

So sad. He needs to have all the love and positive energy of the Cute Overload community channeled his direct-shons!


Or maybe just a nap.


Red panda-action courtesy of Rose T. (Top) and Ann (Bottom.)

Update: Meanwhile, over at the Edmonton Zoo, these zany rapscallions are romping around in their economy:



Beary nice <–groan, Michelle W.



  1. monorail panda runs out of fuel!

  2. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I’m dealing with my own worry and heartache. Maybe we can commiserate, little pandas. My usually very responsible sweetie didn’t show up for a volunteer commitment, and has been out of touch all day. Friends have all left messages, but he may as well be on another planet. Nobody knows where he is. 8-( (I wear glasses)

  3. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Cute, Caitlin… I even grinned a little. This is why I love CO, even if I don’t comment all that much, I visit a lot, and it always makes me grin.

  4. Oh my! They cannot be real! Is that a lil pink tongue I see in pic 2? And the dangling paws…and then the ones who are kableening around in the snow? OMG!!!!

  5. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Oh My Garshk! The 3rd pic down…in the snow… GAK! The one on the bottom jumping like a kitteh in slow motion *melts*

  6. Awwww… I’ll give you hugs, li’l panda guy. And we can go watch some cartoons til we feel better.

  7. Ah, see now, this is more like it.

    Wild animals, living with humans, but also living with their buds, in a zoo with professionally trained caretakers.

    This is cute I can enjoy.

  8. I want to floof their tails.

    Boomer’s Babysitter – I hope everything is okay. Let us know.

  9. Can they seriously get any cuter? I think not! I’m in love with these little guys! 🙂

  10. Teeny little facees!

    Boomer’spal: thoughts and prayers!

  11. Totalee Puppy says:

    Boomer’s Babysitter…You must feel pretty worried. A prayer goes out from me to you. Would you keep in touch with us if you hear
    any more? Glad the little pandas are helping you feel a little better.
    Totalee Puppy

  12. 😦 There is one red panda a the Toronto Zoo and I have NEVER seen it move. These pictures fill me with envy.

  13. scooterpants says:

    ok, in the bottom photo someone is HOLDING THOSE RED PANDA BABEES!
    NO fair!
    just another example of some havin ALL OF EET, and some of us havin none.
    I will glady purchase a somethin-o-tech jacket so that i can be next in line for holdin the red-Panders.
    please to sign me up.

  14. Totalee Puppy says:

    Type FONZ, and you’ll get
    Friends of the National Zoo
    website–Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Maybe we could be “Bamboo
    Buddies” for pandas large and small…Anyway, it’s a
    really newsy website…

  15. momof2kitties says:

    Awww…I feel like panda cutie in pic # 1. Wish i felt like panda cutie in pic. #3. Tough weekend here. Maybe a Bunday pic will cheer me up tomorrow?

    *crosses fingers and toddles off to bed*

  16. Totalee Puppy says:


  17. Totalee Puppy says:

    Cute little panda in pic #1
    reminds me of how Cruella
    De Ville answered when she
    was asked, “How are you, dear?”…
    “Wretched, darling…perfectly wretched!”

  18. Oh, master panda, teach me the zen art of sleeping in trees. I know it will come in handy some day, especially in this economy!

  19. Oh. Mah. Gaw! These little floofmonsters are too prosh for words. The rompingks are to die for!

  20. Yay!! Edmonton Zoo ROCKS!! though however, we don’t have snow… yet XD

  21. bubbyscranky says:

    Luvin the paw danglidge.

  22. Jimmykaboots says:

    So cute! I stop by the Edmonton Zoo to see them with my little sis every chance I get! When were those pictures taken? We don’t have snow yet here in Edmonton, it’s not that cold yet! Just chilly but still BEARable!

  23. oh, my, lawd. those snowy pandas are deadly cute with their mischievous little faces and their floofy tails. I really like whatever that one panda is doing with his paws in the third picture, it shows a masterful understanding of Cute.

  24. Q: How much more fluff can you get?
    A: None more fluff.

  25. I had to make an icon out of that third pic. I literally squee’d and flailed when it loaded. I must get to the zoo to see these little guys in person!

  26. Von Zeppelin says:

    If they’re worried about the economy, maybe they’re not actually red pandas. They might be Wall Street fat cats.

  27. I was at the Smithsonian Zoo a month ago! I saw these guys and they were mondo cute. They were eating bamboo and they had hands like people. SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Balancing on a tree limb, just hanging around, getting smiled at and admired-I could do that for a while, but they do it better! Monorail indeed-very cute, and they don’t have to hang on!
    Boomer’s Babysitter-give us an update!(please)

  29. I’m going on holiday to China next month and we are visiting a panda sanctuary. I think you get to hold the pandas!! I’m feeling so excited now!!

  30. Okay, they are super cute in the snow, but I dare not think how many people assumed that was a current photo. Aside from the far north, Canada has no snow right now.

  31. OHMYGODS! Are those those tiny baby red pandas that made my head explode with teh cute?!?!?!

    They’se growin up! SO CUTE!

  32. @scooterpants– a clear example of the excesses of unregulated markets. Greed rules. Somebody always gets all the floofy little pandapants, and you get none. If we only were satisfied with just enough red panda floofage to sustain life and ensure happiness, but no . . .

  33. That is the cutest post ever.

  34. I need to snorgle the chunky fuzzy paws of those red pandas playing in the snow.

  35. Pups'nstuff says:

    Pandas aren’t bears. Specifically.

  36. Squee! Red Pandas! They are the People’s Panda!

  37. PS Aren’t “rapscallions” some kind of vegetable? 😛

  38. according to Wikipedia, red pandas live in Bhutan, southern China, India, Laos and Myanmar.

    what they don’t tell you is that the red panda was created in Japan by a crack team of anime artist/zoologist/robot-makers, with the soul purpose of taking over the world by handing everone’s asses to them one country at a time.

  39. Red Pandas are just tooo cute.
    You’re cute, too Theresa! Great pun!
    I know that I don’t have the facilities to keep a/some Red Panda(s), so I’ll let someone else HAVE it/them, but I have never seen one/some that doesn’t make me want it/them! Floofage wins everyday with me, right Theresa?

  40. The red pandas were born at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in May of 2007, and the snowy photos were taken in December. I think the pandas are usually kept inside in the winter (like most of the animals) and this was just a chance for them to go out and play. Thankfully it’s not snowy like that here, now!

  41. can I have two to go please?!?!?

  42. Poor red panda needs a bail-out! Let’s encourage prosh liquidity and flood the market with snorgles to keep the economy moving!

    Pookie… good one!

  43. Love those red pandas! Tooooo cute!

  44. A great series of photos! I love to the one holding the little ones in #4!

  45. @ GATEkeeper, I too thought that… omg – I know its kinda chilly here this morning, but omg… I haven’t seen white stuffs yet :/

    ::prays for no snow in september::

  46. Do they? Purr? Pandaz?

    OMG I can’t deal. With that.


    [I have no idea, but really they *ought* to, don’t you think? – Ed.]

  47. Don’t worry about the economy up here in Edmonton Alberta…were oil rich..ha ha …that’s why those little critters are so happy!

  48. Alas, no purr, but muskrats do!

    Back to R.P.’s: red pandalettes make high-pitched squealy noises [used to live close to a red-panda-rich zoo], and for adults:
    Wha . . . ?!?

    “The first Europeans called red pandas “Wha,” the sound red pandas make when calling to each other.”

  49. I love that last pic of their faces. Red pandas are oh so cute!!!

  50. Gail (the first one) says:

    Poor Mr. Panda’s 401K was heavily invested in the Banking/Investments area…

  51. Well, at least some of us are happy with frozen ass-ets. (winter pandas)

  52. TheCheryl says:

    *wiggles glasses upon her nose* Hm… red pandas in the bear section? Tsk tsk. Silly silly CO, red pandas are really a type of raccoon, not bears! *nods head* Glad to be of help. *snorgles red pandas in pictures*