Notice the empty teacup on the right Vernal L.? There’s your problem.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    is he doing what I think he’s doing ?!? oh nooooo is right!!!

  2. aaaawwwwwwwwwww man!

  3. OMG! I can’t believe you actually put priority on capturing this shot for CO over saving the laptop. 😀

  4. precious peeing puppers…i am so in bleen with you.

  5. dang!

  6. Hey, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go…


  7. And the laptop owner’s first instinct was to grab the camera, and not to shoo away pup???

    (or maybe photographer wasn’t the laptop owner and therefore thought this was just too funny to pass up?)

  8. coel, you beat me to it….

  9. But its a Pee! See?

  10. I think that might be an old Vaio laptop, from their “All Plastic, All the Time” phase. (and if it is, I’m next in line)

  11. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Oh, THAT’LL void your warranty…

  12. Makes sense. More and more peeps read their newspapers over the innerwebs, and so puppy was just being logical. This is just ‘paper training’ for the new millennium!

  13. Well, in the words of the late great Benny Hill,

    “Please don’t blame our puppy, it’s not his fault at all. Someone left a wet umbrella standing in the hall!”

  14. Well, he certainly seems to know where the PEE key is!! 😛

  15. Puppy has taken the whole “Apple vs. PC” thing to a whole n’other level…

  16. Maybe the owner needed proof for his company’s IT dept.

    Help Desk: “The puppy what?..Yeah, right…I’ll have to talk to your Manager about that one.”


  18. kari! lol

    and i wuvs putting – i believe this is the first benny hill reference on CO. well done!

  19. Jen — aaaaactually…

    (much-belated gold star for HRH Squeak)

  20. Martha in Washington says:

    BAD DOG!! BAD DOG!! Awww sweetie, you’re so cute. Bad Dog bad dog ba…
    Oh, never mind, go ahead, I can always get a new one (computer, that is).

  21. Let’s hope he also peed on the interior decorator.

  22. Jeez, I hadn’t noticed that. The WALLPAPER matches the laptop.

  23. geesh. of all the places to go, that puppers chose the laptop. how did the fella get up on the table anyway?

  24. That’s right pupper. Show that computer who’s Number One.

  25. Maybe puppy was feeling neglected because someone spends too much time with computer. Puppy is just registering a complaint.

  26. Great hovertext, Meg! This is really funny :]

    I think the pup knew that his master needed to get a new laptop anyway. That one’s a dinosaur. And, I agree with the others about the wallpaper. The puppy needs to pee on that, too.


  27. Can a #2 be far behind. Ha!

  28. Gail (the first one) says:

    Seeing the teacup reminded me that there’s a rule, something like an Inverse Corollary, in the spirit of Murphy’s Law that says:

    1 Pot T = 1 Pot P
    1 Pot P DOES NOT = 1 Pot T

    (sorry, don’t know how to do the “does not equal” sign!)

  29. Gail1: the easiest way to do it is !=
    (literally, “not equals”)

  30. platedlizard says:

    Theo, as an all-plastic vaio owner I agree completely. Okay, maybe it’s lasted me this long (two years, so far), BUT next time I make sure to get something with an aluminum shell.

    Speaking of vaios…maybe the laptop owner bought the same warranty I did? I can do ANYTHING I WANT to my machine and they will replace it. Get p.o.ed at it and toss it into a wall? Just bring it back! Spill mai beer? Replaced! Get a kyoote liddle puppey who piddles on it? Replaced! Cost me an extra $400 at purchase, but well worth it IMO.

  31. Well, as far as the “Why didn’t he/she stop it?” thing goes, could be various reasons. Could be (s)he was going to take a pic of the pup just on the laptop and suddenly that happened just as (s)he was doing so. Or could be an old, duff laptop with the screen edited on, or that that’s the only thing that still works.

  32. Laptops are remarkable durable. I know because I once spilled an alcoholic beverage on my keyboard and my laptop still works–I’m typing on it now. Granted, it didn’t smell nasty like dog pee, and I do have a sticky shift key that I couldn’t fully clean out.

    …yeah, I wouldn’t have reached for the camera, either.

  33. I can’t believe nobody has mentioned the expression on the pup’s face. I feel like like he might be thinking ‘I’m so sorry, but I really had to go’

  34. You know how in those new Windows ads people keep saying “I’m pissy”…now I finally get it…! 😉

    Oh and as for the reason why the pup wasn’t being stopped instead of photographed — I think that an undercover group of Mac fanatics actually trained dogs to attack anything Windows related like this and they are documenting it fo a higher cause…or something…

  35. yet another reason to dislike dogs. a lot.

  36. S’Okay they’ve been wanting to get a Mac anyway…;)

  37. If this had been my dog, I think I would have been too stunned at first to stop him and then laughed because what can you do at that point. Though I have to agree, taking a picture would have been the furthest thought from my mind.

    And actually Krystal, this shows exactly why you should love dogs. Innocence mixed with mischievousness with a side of unconditional love.

  38. This is so where I draw the line at cute. This is a disaster, not cute.


  40. Who takes a picture? A person who thinks that it’s cute to put their new cute puppy on a laptop to look at CO, for example, and take a picture of the dog looking at CO website so they can post it here, but as the person was taking pictures, the dog did what all good puppies do – peed. And the person took the last picture, realized what they just witnessed, jumped up screaming and the poor dog god a fright of his life. By that time it was too late, there was pee all over the laptop, and depending on the personality of the person they started laughing or crying. Anyway, the dog doesn’t have to go anymore and is off sniffing or chewing something.

    The good news is that it’s probably a better way to get your puppy posted on CO than normal “puppy on laptop” pictures.

    Cute puppy I must say! But then again, they all are.

  41. hahahahahahahahaha

    signed, cat lovers

  42. he’s jealous of your laptop

  43. Oh, come one, B-Serve. Tell me Repair Cat wasn’t going to try something similar if pounding the printer didn’t fix it.


    signed, dog lovers

  44. This goves a whole new meaning to “computer wiz”.

  45. Heck, Patty, if I’d known it was *this* easy I could’ve saved myself some effort over the years…

  46. NTMTOM — pun intended, i assume?

  47. That puppy is cute!!

  48. I really like how determined he looks, almost like he’s saying “Now I get revenge on the thing that has been taking all of my owner’s attention away from me! bwahahaha!”

  49. catloveschanel says:

    funny * Patti P * computer wiz * yuck, yuck

  50. wagthedogma says:

    Could this be where the expression “tinkling on the keys” came from?

  51. You *might* be thinking of “tickling the ivories”. Different keyboard.

  52. warrior rabbit says:

    You guys are complaining about the wallpaper?

    No one’s noticed the curtains?

  53. wagthedogma says:

    Damn. I KNEW that was too much of a stretch. 😉

  54. Warrior Rabbit: there are things of which we shall not speak

  55. LesbianNeoCon says:

    OMG!! Is he? Yes, he’s peeing!! LOL!! Hope you have laptop flood insurance!!!

  56. Okay, so I totally understood when my mom had to snap a picture of her 80-pound dog on the kitchen table because no one would have believed it otherwise, and he wasn’t immediately causing damage. But this dog is PEEING ON AN EXPENSIVE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT. What some people will do to get on CO…

  57. You must be rich!

  58. The problem here is that the computer is running windows. Fix that and then maybe the dog pee will be a problem. Otherwise it is just adding to windows.

  59. This should be the new Mac ad campaign!

  60. I could swear I saw this picture up here years back. I’ve seen it somewhere, anyway. It’s been around a while. Never stops being funny, though. I can’t believe my mother wants a JRT puppy…

  61. Molly — it’s pissable — er, POSSIBLE that somebody posted a link in the comments. It’s familiar to me too, but I know it hasn’t been posted on C.O. before.

  62. Maybe the owner of the pup is NOT the same owner of the laptop, and someone is trying to ‘P’ someone else off?

  63. The laptop is a dinosaur b/c this pic has been making the rounds on the ‘net for quite awhile… but it’s still priceless.

  64. Yup, I’ve seen this pic several places for a couple of years, including at IHasAHotDog (the goggie version of ICHC).

    It still makes me laugh though. Ohhh no.