Monday morning, serving up the blorp

[Say in Grandma voice] “Honey, you gotta get a good amount of blorp in the morning to start your week off right.”

“Here you go.” [Plops warm, buttery blorp on your plate]


“What’s that? You want some more? OK, Hon.”

“Now, that’s the maximum blorp allowed, there’s no more.”


Top photerhe: Tina W., bottom photo that looks like a family you know: Sarah J.



  1. OMG, that last picture is toooo cute! The three of them!

  2. (bleenin’ cute!)

  3. That is a lot of blorp.

  4. jackie31337 says:

    That bottom picture just about killed me. I don’t know how I would explain the weird high-pitched squealing sound to my co-workers. Seal family snuggled up together is just too cute for words!


  6. “bottom photo that looks like a family you know”

    Why yes; yes it does. My mother always speculated about the precipitous drop from the sides to the middle of Aunt Mary’s and Uncle Dom’s bed. 😛

  7. Papa seal? Check.

    Mama seal? Check.

    Babbeh seal? Check.

    Goldilocks? Goldi, hon???

    Darn that girl! Late as usual.

  8. When your quite literally your own pillow, ever rocks are a pleasure *siesta.

  9. If only life were that peaceful… Thankfully, we have C.O. to remind us. Mahalo!

  10. Heh-heh-heh-heh-heeeh… HA-HA-HA-HA! *snort* *blorp*

    And yes, I know that family.

  11. “Blorp” is the perfect word for the sealios of the world.

  12. OMG, mini-blorp is the shizzle!

  13. That picture of the little seal is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen … I want to be that seal

  14. Wow, that’s a lot of blorp! That’s better than Wheaties! Thanks, Meg

  15. I’m afraid to ask, but what is blorp?

  16. A Blorp a day helps you work rest and play.
    In this case mostly just rest!

  17. (the original) Mel says:

    Being an athlete, I know how important it is to get your full compliment of blorp daily to improve performance and maintain good health. Thanks for this informative post, Meg.

  18. Does anybody else think Daddy Sealio in the second pic looks like a large, well-formed Idaho potato?

  19. charliewabba says:

    3 Blorp Night!

  20. “I know this looks like some family you know.”

    Well, actually I can think of two or three families! I’m just saying….

    And yes, Daddy Sealio DOES look like a nice, well-formed, freshly baked Idaho potato! Now I’m hungry!!

  21. Flabulous post!

  22. knightofmonarch says:

    Lisa – Your right Slice him up – brown lightly in Canolia Oil and serve in generous portions

  23. momof2kitties says:

    I was going to have a baked potato for lunch today, but now I’m not so sure I can! The blorp is too cute! Must not eat the blorp!

  24. @Hon Glad in da hizzle!!

  25. I no longer look like that… I just fit into another smaller pair of shorts! Blorp that! But then, I don’t have to swim thousands of miles in the open ocean between meals. (Just kidding, but I DID just fit into a smaller size today!!!!) Former Blorp.

  26. PS Does “blorp” now call for a glossary entry?

  27. mmmm. I love me some blorp.

  28. Just FYI, the family in the bottom picture are sea lions, not seals. You can tell by the lil ears that are sticking out.

    Very cute blorp, all around!

  29. I missed you Hon Glad. I’m happy you are back!

    Theresa-I’d hold off on the glossary entry- ‘blorp’ may just fade away. Is ‘Luurenksproing’ (mit der umlaut) in the Glossary yet? I haven’t looked.

    BTW, I was thinking that the wet Capuchin Monkey had some great ‘luurkensproing potential’- what with the prehensile tailio and all, but I didn’t want to upset the people who seemed,um, upset. Offering frivolity in that crown just didn’t seem like a good idea- Capusch(ine)?

  30. Where do I get my own cruelty-free baby seal pillow?

  31. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Kar–“Blorp” is somewhat like “blimp,” only more aquatic and mammalian, and with less helium.

  32. Blorp! Blorp!! I want to snuggle in with the Blorp family but I’ll bet they smell pretty sea liony.

    Congratulations Katrina!

  33. InSANity.

  34. Bloopity blorp. Off tha HOOK!

  35. applauding katrina and her personal de-blorping. you go girl! 🙂

  36. No Extreme Closeup on the littlest Blorpette?

  37. Wow, it didn’t occur to me that someone would congratulate me, but thank you, both of you, what a great surprise!

    Isn’t ‘blorp’ the sound of a drop of water into a glass of water, and also the movement that seals/sea lions make as they wend their way towards or away from the ocean/rookery? No usable leggies, ya gotta get there, so, you ‘blorp’.

  38. squeeeeeelions!!!!
    that baked-potato dad in the bottom photo looks like he’s about to get up on the wrong side of bed.

  39. Katrina and other Glossary fans — I’ve got, let’s see, looks like *six* new entries currently in draft. You and the luürkers are not forgotten. No worries.

  40. @Karebear: Wow!

  41. the wee baby has a bellybutton!!

  42. @Katrina & Theo, note that “blorp” also suggests
    1) “blorpetty” and
    2) “blorpage”

  43. Oh good, that’s just enough blorp to get me through the day.

  44. Ahn! Perfect timing. I want a nap, and there’s a nice soft bunch of blorp-pillows for me to rest my head on and get all comfy in pic number two. Then after my nap, I can go play with the blorp in pic number one! A fun afternoon, all around!

  45. I lurves the blorpage!
    I drove up the coast of Cali in June, and my main goal was to find blorpage!
    I was not disappointed! *daydreams*

  46. They look suspiciously like potatos…..

  47. warrior rabbit says:

    I know they migrate, but it seems like they’re always there. I used to camp at Big Sur at Thanksgiving, and we would drive past them (we’d stop and ogle on the way back). June, November — when are they not there?

  48. warrior rabbit says:

    Also, as the seal lion and seal thing always comes up, I’ve decided to try and commit the difference to memory. Unfortunately I can usually only get halfway there — one of them has ears and one doesn’t, which is which?

    So I’ve decided, if anyone cares, to make them different (but same-sounding) animals in my head altogether: Lions have ears, eels don’t. I just thought I’d throw that out there in case anyone else needs a mnemonic. Or if anyone has one that works for them, maybe they could share it? Undoubtedly there is a better one than that out there somewhere. (I just know it would work for me, but I am notoriously weird.)

  49. Warrior Rabbit, I use “sea lions? See ears.”

  50. BeckyMonster says:

    BLORP (n) – The sound a pat of butter makes when dropping it into a bowl of hot tomato soup on a cold day…Mmmmmm, so glad it’s Fall again!

  51. warrior rabbit says:


    Ah, that’s a good one. I like it.

  52. Blorpitty? Maybe? Blorpetty–, I think it might be ‘blorpitty’, but hey I’m all over the concept.
    ‘I am a peep of diminishing blorpitty”. “I see blorpage, over in them that hills” – oh, yes, let us use it in sentences, just to make sure!
    “I would have liked to have had that blorpage, but my bathtub is too small”…
    I have a Corgi, which, under marine standards, might be considered blorpitudenous.”
    Well no, she isn’t that fat, but it was fun to say “blorpitudenous”.
    Anyone else care to share the conjugation of “Blorp”?
    Oh, heck can one conjugate a word that isn’t a verb? Then what is it called?

  53. @Katrina, for “blorpetty,” I was thinking of the possible sound made by the movement of blorpage up or down the beach– “blorpetty blorpetty.” Or “blorpitty” if you’d rather.

    I’m also interested in knowing if “blorp” is strictly a sea-going phenomenon– I have a cat whom I suspect of blorpage.

  54. From the International Committee on Cute Sciences: We respectfully request a COXCU on the wee bebeh and its belleh button to make sure that all is in order.

  55. OMG that is so QTE I can’t stand it!


    Early to BLORP
    and early to rise
    Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

  56. momof2kitties says:

    Well, Katrina, if you can’t conjugate it then you must blorpugate it!

    I blorpugate We blorpugate
    You blorpugate You blopugate
    He/She blorpugates They blorpugate

  57. Blorpitude, blorpage, blorposity!

  58. MORE BLORP!!!

  59. omg….that one on the right is so ginormous! I’m scare he’s going to roll over the little one and smush him!

  60. I think the reason why I’m not feeling so good today (reaches for tissues) is because I haven’t been getting enough blorp lately.

  61. Gail (the first one) says:


    So happy to see Hon Glad back amongst the faithful!!!

  62. Evie's Staff says:

    OK, in the bottom picture – that little guy has Delusions of Grandeur to think he fits in with the others. Hmmm….looks like one of OUR family portraits…….

  63. “Evie’s Staff” — yep, that’s just about the perfect screen name for a place like this. She’s not a tortie, by any chance…?

  64. Blorp-alicious! Blorptastic!

  65. Selphie le Boffin says:

    That leetle baby with his blorptacular belly showing is too moishe!

  66. They’re just a big pile of plop!

  67. Okay, how sweet is that littlest baby? Oh my! 🙂


  69. I cannot get over how huge daddy sea lion is. I would like to see a human beside him for comparison, although I fear he may be consumed. I imagine the seal swelling up and engulfing all like the end of Akira.

  70. Thank you Theresa, Katrina and Gail (the first one)for my welcome back.
    I was on holiday in South West France. We were staying in a farm house and there were lots of kittens and two white Carmargue horses so I was getting plenty of cute stimuli.
    I’m afraid Blorp reminds me of when I fart in the bath, now I only take showers the effect is not the same. Anyway thats the tone lowered on this post.

  71. Hon Glad I missed you first…..(insertsmiley facehere)

    Love the blorp—hence–

    I will have had to have blorped by the time Hon Glad returns from South Western France,

    My blorpitudenousness seems less than industrial strength today,

    Her blorposhiciousness shows positive signs of impending rounding,

    His aversion to blorpulocity seemed most unfortunate.

    Welcome back world Traveler! South West France,indeed! What, Connecticut isn’t good enough for you?

    We’ve been very busy!!! Happy you are back!

  72. Connecticut, Katrina? Who hops the pond for *Connecticut*?

    (somebody with family there, that’s who)

  73. OMG how does that thing move? It looks like a felled Sequoia tree.