Sleepy Pup 1: "Hey."


Sleepy Pup 2: Yeah?


Sleepy Pup 1: "Cuddles?"

Sleepy Pup 2: "K."


Cuddular Moments™ brot to you by Josh L.



  1. Oh mah gawd the EYES on dog number 2! It’s like she’s giving the camera holder a come hither – “Hey, there’s room for another in the cuddlepile!”

  2. aw, such cuties. great caption, too.

  3. perfect pics, perfect caps

  4. But Megggggggg!

    No hovertexts??? 😦

  5. so sweet! they want smoochies on their nosies!

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    SO… CUTE. *squee* ^_^

  7. Oh I love hovawarts, they’re the cutest dogs ever! <3

  8. to shadyman. Perhaps the Amazing Meg has been so frantically busy providing us with THESE ABSOLUTELY MIND BOGGLINGLY ADORABLE PUPPYYUPPIES (sorry I know that shouting is PI … but at least I stifled my squealing. Does that earn me any points? 🙂
    anyway my point is Meg probably plans to do the hovertext in the next hour & is up ridiuculously early already. Remember, she is our Fearless leader. It’s lonely at the top.

    I will now repeat an earlier stated political platforM:


    (D. Brokaw:)
    “Thank you and good night”

  9. can i be in the middle? pleeeaaaaase? it would make monday all better.

  10. LisaHoneychan says:

    Awww!! The first puppy looked just how my German Shepard puppy did when she was just a lil’ thing. Josie’s gonna be 8 years old in October, and still snuggles in bed with me, still thinking she’s this little!! *LOL*

    I just wanna kiss ’em both on their snouts and rub their fuzzy bellies!

  11. I love sleepy pup 1’s eyes in the third picture! *does a little dance around computer chair*

  12. Black nose/pink nose. Squeet.

  13. Those are the happiest pups EVAR.

  14. {scream}

  15. OMG WANT.

    They are soooooo cute!

  16. Sleepy, leer-y eyes. Perfect, just perfect. And I feel the exact same way on a dreary, drizzly first day of fall.

  17. Puppers make it SO hard to get out of the bed in the morning! These two have extra special powers though;)

  18. Oh my god, what kind of dog is the first one? I had this dream that I owned THAT DOG. I LOVE that coloring, and the pretty face, and the eyes, and… ungh. Any ideas?

  19. puddy cupples…..I mean cuppy puddles…, wait…..PUPPY CUDDLES! Yeah, that’s it. Mmm, it’s Monday morning – they all sound good.

  20. That nose to nose thing is killer.

  21. dogs who smile and the blogizens who love them

  22. I want to take a nap with them… They’re too adorable. 😀

    In fact, I just want to take a nap zzzzzzz

  23. The Princess Di eyes on Pup #1….to die for! Not to mention my personal campaign to make eyebrow dots a rule of cuteness!

  24. @Beth — I second the Princess Di eyes on black pup in the last pic.

  25. Beth I totally support your campaign for eyebrow dots. They totally make the “baroo” and are just ridiculously cute.

  26. shadyman — if you don’t see how “jal0649”, “jal0621”, and “jal0615” are completely hilarious, than i’m not going to be the one to explain it to you.

    [Oh *thpppppt*. I’ll work on ’em in a sec, hang on… – Ed.]

  27. Honk Shu! Snouts together, the bestest way to be!

  28. oops. “then,” not “than.”

  29. LOL heartily at anner! just LOL

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    I just want to kees both of them on those adorable little nosicles and make the cats absolutely jealous!

  31. Jennie Mello says:

    Oh. My. Goodness.
    Can I get in there too???

  32. that first pic is killer

  33. platedlizard says:

    They look so velvety soft! *runs fingers through their fur* I love puppyfur!

  34. OH, this is the cutest evar!

  35. Is the blond one an Australian Shepard, too? I’ve not seen that kind before! The black and tan looks like my Aussie when she was a pup! My favorite breed and soooo cute!

  36. I just want to kiss them all over their faces! How sweet!

  37. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Ok, requested update: I wish I had a better excuse for my sweetie’s being MIA for 12 hours, but I don’t. He’s OK, but I have a hard time deciding whether I’m relieved or pissed. I’m also tired. Roll over puppies, I didn’t sleep last night. I’m coming to join you. Oh, and if a portly fellow with a beard shows up, bite him on the knee.

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    In pic#1 there is a blurry dark colored puppeh or doglet in the background.. maybe pup#1’s mom? maybe pup#2’s mom also? maybe they’re siblings? maybe there are several of these beauties in that household and OMG I wish I lived there too!

  39. warrior rabbit says:

    I concur on the eyebrow dots. Totally.

    Also, I love the top pic. I wish I could look like that all the time — in other words, I would much prefer to be half-zonked and reclining right now than doing what I’m actually doing.

  40. All right, NOW there’s hovertext… aaaand I’m hungry.

  41. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Oh, I DO love the pics, and I’d really like a nap right there, ‘K?

  42. momof2kitties says:

    Oh, Theo!! Earworm! Durn you!


  43. That is way too cute.

  44. oh, SO cute….

  45. Jennie Mello says:

    Me thinks it’s another ebony and ivory moment…

  46. In SoCal youth culture circles, we might call this the “4:26 Snuggle.”

    Excellent hovertext, Teho.
    Super storytelling, Meg.
    Nice comments, all.

  47. Gail (the first one) says:

    See, Teho???? You are desparately missed with you’re not hovertexting us!!!!! Thank you for taking care of our needs!

  48. Puh-leese tell me the breed of the black pup. My shelter dog looks a lot like it and I’d like to know what it is! Thanks

  49. warrior rabbit says:

    berthaservant, it’s international, I think.

  50. Totalee Puppy says:

    Boomer’s Babysitter…Thanks for letting us know…Sounds like he’s alive and well…It’s a relief, and hope you are getting the rest you need today.
    Cuddles to you from us,
    Totalee Puppy

  51. Totalee Puppy says:

    Boomer’s Babysitter:… “if a portly
    fellow with a beard shows up, bite him on the knee…” Sounds like a plan…but can you un-do the training for your puppies when it’s time for the Holidays??
    PS You write like a very special lady…wow!

  52. Oh.My.Gosh! I think I need to get a dog now…


  53. Just the most in love doggy couple ever!

    Someone get them their own reality show on Animal Planet like now. Pleeeze!

  54. Australian Shepards…

  55. i want to honk their nosies and nuzzle their feathery ears. NOW!

  56. Origamigryphon says:

    The white pup in the last photo has the most ANERABLE face, and the best set of bedroom eyes anywhere. XD

  57. Their names are Ila (tan colored) and Lucy (dark brown). And I will tell you first hand they love a good cuddle!

  58. I have a grown dog who looks exactly like Sleepy Puppy no. 1. Is he any type of breed or a mixture? We moved a mobile home into the country, my husband built a porch on the front, the next time we came down the dog was on the porch and has never left. His name is Bosco, by the way.

  59. warrior rabbit says:

    Josh, Lucy and Ila are beautiful! You’re so lucky. 🙂

  60. awwwwwwww
    the tan dog in the last picture looks it has beautiful eyelashes :]