It’s time for your Sunday Monkey Washing

I know you’ve been waiting for it!

Well your getting-clean-mini-humanlike-mini-shower-in-the-kitchen moment is finally here.

Wash wash wash, Ann!



  1. Mom, can’t we get one of those massaging shower heads, pleeease?

  2. I cannot believe I just saw that…

  3. I know people say this all the time, but I really do have that exact same counter top/sink combination, but all I have in my sink is dirty dishes!

  4. Selphie le Boffin says:

    He’s so cute! Is that a teddy bear he’s got in there with him?

  5. Wow, that’s really . . . like a little person. I always wonder what the interaction with another primate is like long term. How do you make sure they stay stimulated and socialized properly?

  6. I didn’t realize I was waiting for this, but now my day is complete:-)

  7. that was like a nanny-cam excerpt from when gramma and grampa babysit

  8. Capuchin Monkey showering? hmmm… careful of the teeth! These little dudes BITE!

  9. That was unbelievably cute! except the guy in the background ordering her around was a little creepy…

  10. What is it about these little, spastic monkeys that make me a little sad? Is it normal for monkeys to bathe in water?

    (that dude off camera creeped me out…)

    Please tell me they wrapped him in a fluffy blanky and put the teddy in the dryer. 🙂

  11. Husband kind of a deck, much? Cutest little guy, ever!

  12. oh my goodness. can i have him?

  13. So cool! It amazes me how human-like he/she is.

  14. That’s creepy but awesome.

  15. Von Zeppelin says:

    Madame, Inspector Clouseau wants to know if you have a lisonse to wash your mohnkeh.

  16. Rule of Cuteness #6!

    The sneezes were to cute!

  17. Totalee Puppy says:

    Awwwww…Having a Prosh Rush here…Love Sunday Monkey Washing…Tell the guy to go watch a game…

  18. Arachnophile says:

    LOL. I in NO WAY advocate having monkeys as pets but that is still stinking cute!


  19. Well, they wash their leafy greens in that sink, too. Bleck.

  20. Monkeh-eeeeeeee!

  21. Utterly redonkulus.

  22. (the original) Mel says:

    It’s just like I remember seeing mom monkeys teaching the baby monkeys to shower in a sink. Amazing.

  23. @Elsie, gives ’em extra flavor!

  24. I’d get water in my ear big-time if I turned my head under the water like that. I kept wanting to shake the water out. Don’t you hate it when you get that weird deaf-blurbling sound when you get water in there?? God, I hate that!

  25. WOW! I’m going to get me a monkeh so I can watch him shower in my sink too. He looked like he even got in a little bum washing – that’s redonkulously cute.

  26. He’s adorable! I want one! 🙂

  27. girlnextdoortn says:

    oh, wow. My favorite parts were when he would stick his little tongue under the water to take a drink!

  28. There are more videos of this little guy on Youtube if anyone wants to check them out! I almost exploded from all the cuteness.

  29. LesbianNeoCon says:

    For those who are concerned about the monkey being bathed – LOOK AT HIM!! He’s loving it!! Though, that man’s voice was a little spooky! Ok, a lot spooky.

  30. would be cuter in the wild

  31. i really had a problem that she was holding his tail while he did this, as if it was against his will!!

  32. that man’s voice and his commands were a bit off-putting to me – *shivers*

    The monkey was adorable! but uhm at time it freaked me out a bit. Why is that?

  33. Disclaimer: I *know* keeping a monkey as a pet is a terrible idea. I would *never* do it.

    That said …

    I want a monkey! He’s so cute!! Squeeee!

  34. I can’t believe he was actually washing himself, how cool! And that funny look on his face when he would periodically look back at the camera while scrubbing was funny. And then shaking so hard he’d fall over – awesome video!

  35. Adam de la Halle says:

    “I’m gonna wash that monk right out of my hair … “

  36. Poor monkey looks so confused, this is so sad, monkeys should never be kept as pets I think, if you’re gonna have one at least give it some sort of idea of it’s natural environment, it’s a wild animal.

  37. How funny! I remember as a child wanting my own monkey. See Mom they are clean.:)
    Check out my blog if you want to see a cute porcupine.

  38. “Poor monkey looks so confused, this is so sad, monkeys should never be kept as pets I think, if you’re gonna have one at least give it some sort of idea of it’s natural environment, it’s a wild animal.”

    I totally agree.

  39. nuff nuff nuff blah blah blah!

    OMG! What an adorable guy, I especially love the expressions he makes when the water trickles over his face. So sweet!

    As for the husband (or assumed husband) I’m sure it’s fine- mine is a natural “director” and that doesn’t mean I’m some poor dominated woman. lol

  40. Shouldn’t he have Herbal Essences or Fructis shampoo?

    Japanese Macaques enjoy soaking and swimming in the hot springs…. and sometimes have chased humans away to take over a spring.

  41. Shouldn’t he have Herbal Essences or Fructis shampoo?

    Japanese Macaques enjoy soaking and swimming in the hot springs…. and sometimes have chased humans away to take over a spring.

  42. I just can’t enjoy this video.

    I feel too awful for this little monkey who has to grow up in the suburbs with people who really don’t know how to care of her/him, instead of living in a community with other monkeys.

    Very, very sad.

  43. This is depressing.

  44. Monkeh! Monkeh! Monkeh!

    That little guy was too cute. I’m gonna watch it again!

  45. Meh, this monkey is making me think we really *were* evolved from them. His face is too humanlike, it freaks me out. Capuchins (or any other monkeys) should not be kept as household pets. It’s like a small, caged human. It was creepy how she kept talking to him as if he could understand what she was saying…is it natural for them to bathe like that?

  46. This is so depressing. I am actually in tears. That monkey… s/he really does look and behave in a very human manner. S/he is like a circus animal from Dumbo. I am deeply disturbed by this video, and in no way find it cute. It is utterly heartbreaking.

  47. Capuchin monkeys are used as service animals for the disabled. Because of their dexterity and intelligence they can be trained to help scratch itches, open containers, turning pages of a book, etc. Things a service dog could not do.
    While I think no one should own one as a pet, there are many people who have benifited from the Capuchin monkeys and many monkeys who do have happy lives living with people who love them.

  48. Von Zep, you forgot the umlaut 😉

  49. I’m not too familiar with monkeys as pets… but if they are happy and loved and well cared for, does it really matter if they are swinging from a tree or the ceiling fan? Not trying to cause a monkey debate here or anything but I’m just sayin’. Anyway my favorite part was him scrubbing his little monkey head in the water. So cute!!!!

  50. Little monkey is so cute and so good at washing himself! I don’t think he looks any more unhappy than any kid who has to take a bath. I don’t know anything about the backstory, so I prefer to think that this is a very happy monkey living with a family that keeps him healthy and busy. (Although I agree I found the voice-of-the-husband a bit disturbing!)

  51. That kinda creeped me out a little.

    “The monkey was adorable! but uhm at time it freaked me out a bit. Why is that?”

    Yeah, ditto. Weird, huh?

  52. This just made me sad. Monkeys should not be kept as pets. 😦

  53. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Caitlin–Madame, it ees all very well for you to creeticize me for omeeting zese oomlowts. Howevaire, a beezy police officaire like myself cannot be bozzered weez zeze Zhermanique lexicographeecal niceteez when I am shecking for unlisonced mohnkehs.

  54. OMG that was so cute! I keep watching it over and over!!! And peeps, all the guy was doing is telling her the steps.. seems like she’s never washed a monkeh before. 😀
    I waanna monkeh!

  55. This little fella is obviously loved and happy, and so adorable!!!!

    Still, it was a bit disconcerting to watch how human-like he is. I’m not even sure how to elaborate on that. It just made me uneasy. Just a little too close for comfort, ancestral-wise, I guess.

  56. Animal Lover says:

    The soap eetches!

  57. Criticizing without knowing the back story about this little guy is kinda shallow. For all we know he could have been taken illegally from his home and on the way to a much crueler place than these peoples’ obviously loving house. I dunno, but I just feel like criticizing without the whole story is useless.

    That being said, I love this little guy! Wonder if he enjoys a nice warm shower as much as we do?

  58. am i the only one that is completely not ok with this? many people get monkeys as pets to fulfill some void in their lives (for one example empty nest syndrome perhaps) and it is just plain wrong. monkeys are not children!
    dogs and cats are one thing, wild animals in their elements or perhaps in a zoo are another but wild animals as pets is just wrong.

  59. @VZ… seems to me that Peter Sellers managed both! 😀

    actually I’m not sure how to type an umlaut in the comments box. Sadness ensues.

  60. Footnote: Everything in the world is either right or wrong. You’re either good, or you’re evil. You’re either thin and attractive, or you’re fat and hideous. You’re either with us, or with the terrorists. Four legs good, two legs baaad.

    Stick it.

  61. oh, nevermind. For some reason it didn’t show up the first time I tried it.


    So there. 🙂

    (really, I’m not obsessed with umlauts. My *uncle* is the one who named our canoe the Möth.)

  62. LOL @ adorable monkey. That is so cute 😀

    Also LOL @ the tangent/soapbox/assumption crowd though not for reasons of cute

  63. PS – ÜüüüüṁḶääääüṫ!

  64. Thank you, Tehö 🙂

  65. I agree, the husband dude is the creepiest; like a cheap internet pron ‘director’ [cough cough, not that *I’d* know.
    But gotta love the “Johnsons’ No More Non-Primate Tears.”

    Where is the Eurotrance soundtrack when you need it?

    Now is the time on Schprokets ven ve
    Touch my monkey! Lieber meinen monke!

  66. Good lord. It’s mini grandpa!

  67. I don’t love these monkeys, maybe because of their use in movies and always being the character who causes trouble/works on the bad side? (Night at the museum, pirates of the carribbean). These guys are too smart though, to be kept as a pet. Maybe this guy is a service animal for someone in need and he’s getting a bath like you’d bathe your seeing-eye-dog. However… I didnt love the tail-holding. I kept wanting to tell her to let it go.

  68. silence dogood says:

    He keeps looking at the camera like, “Do you MIND? I am SHOWERING here!”

  69. Pretty cute and I hope the little guy has a good life. What got on my nerves was whenever he shook himself you could hear his head or shoulder hitting the side of the sink. Shake shake *bonk bonk bonk* shake. I also didn’t like that she put quite a bit of soap on his back and only lathered him up a bit and then expected the monkey to wash his back. I hope they got all the soap out of his fur. Trying not to be a nuffer. Very cute little dude, though.

  70. Watching that made me wonder if having a pet monkey is almost comparable to the responsibilities of a child. I saw the vid and thought, that looks like a lot of work caring for a monkey.

  71. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    For all those people who have any species of primate as a pet – you suck. And before you go calling me those childish names that you like to use here, get yourself educated by reading this article in it’s entirety…
    This is supposed to be Cute Overload, not Abuse and Neglect Overload.

  72. I’m in love. I want one.

  73. I’m getting rather tired of all the comments screaming animal abuse.

    Seriously, until you know the back story on an animal, don’t judge. so he was washing himself ‘like a human’, I’ve seen that done on animal planet (without the baby shampoo of course)! and she was holding his tail so he wouldn’t run away and get water everywhere. He was in the middle of a bath, do you expect him to run around dirty? We force our children to do things they don’t want to do, even though it’s good for them. I have to force my cat to take baths, because if she doesn’t, then she as hairballs all over the place. Am I a bad cat owner now?

  74. Let’s just all sit around and switch wildly between sobbing and then complaining about some monkey washing itself in a sink.

  75. while I enjoy CO 98% of the time I am honestly disturbed by the kind of response people get here when they do not find things cute and dare to say so. this kind of website needs to reflect on the things posted since not all people out there have a sound understanding of fair animal treatment and some wont stop at putting animals in uncomfotable situations to produce a vid featuring their pet. to me, that monkey didnt look happy either and I am glad there is other people who pick up at that, too. shouting at them not to be spoilsports is a very weird tendency and really puts me off.

  76. Why is that monkey in a sink?

  77. I don’t know about this one… She had to keep holding the tail, prevented it from leaving the sink, and had to keep turning it towards the water… plus the coughing… In the wild these things are pretty good at keeping themselves clean, so I just don’t know…

  78. @Liz- “We force our children to do things they don’t want to do, even though it’s good for them. I have to force my cat to take baths, because if she doesn’t, then she as hairballs all over the place. Am I a bad cat owner now?”

    This is a ridiculous analogy. A capuchin monkey isn’t a child, nor is it a house cat. Most breeds of house cat have been bred to have soft, pretty, touchable – and often impractical – coats. If you’ve ever touched a tiger, you know the difference. Capuchin monkeys haven’t been bred much for aesthetic refinement, which means that their coats are probably much better off without being doused with water and shampoo, something that might destroy the balance of fats on the animal’s skin and fur. But I’m neither a capuchin monkey owner nor an expert, so maybe they require a biweekly lathering, I don’t know. I certainly haven’t heard of capuchins having trouble with hairballs…

  79. OMG that is the most adorable creature I have ever seen. Wantzzzz! 😀

  80. Oh come on guys, in the wild, I am sure these little guys take “showers” when they can too – like under a waterfall or something! I don´t think he needs the shampoo though….

  81. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh, it’s just Vanessa the caretroll again.

  82. See, Vanessa, just what I meant.

  83. Regardless of the ethics of keeping pet monkeys, i feel deeply deeply sorry for those people and animals who have that guy in their life.

    He sounds like my father in law. Manipulative and always, ALWAYS right…

    And Mrs Wash Wash Wash sounds like she could snap at any time.

    Poor monkey, not for having to take a shower in the sink, but for living with that pair!

  84. While I think monkeys are as cute as the next person, this particular one didn’t seem to be enjoying his bath. I dunno. I’m not an expert, but the fact that he kept shaking the water off reminded me of my dog. She tolerates a bath and is soooo relieved when it’s over.

    Do monkeys in the wild spend time in the water? I don’t think they bathe that way, but do they play in it ever?

    Anyone else see that special a few months ago about people who keep Capuchin monkeys as pets? I want to say it was on ABC. Maybe a 20/20 special or something. There are a LOT of uninformed, unequipped and irresponsible owners out there. (Not implying that these owners are such!)

  85. I kept waiting for the guy in the background to tell her “it puts the lotion in the basket.”

  86. I was also upset by the video, and I’m grateful that a number of people said something. I would have been a lot more upset if everyone was okay with it.

    I know a couple who have a monkey, and I know they love him, so I am not calling them or this couple evil, but I do think back story or not, this is a mistake.

    Unless of course the back story is they just rescued that monkey from an animal testing facility and are in the process of making arrangements to find it a more suitable home.

  87. I remember having seen a story on Animal Planet about a capuchin trained to assist a disabled man, who took a daily bath in the kitchen sink to minimize allergens, and whose name was, I believe, “Mugwai.” Mugwai’s human mom was adamant about capuchins not making wonderful pets, although they are very, very cute, because they are relatively long-lived and have very specific care requirements. As to the expression on this little Mugwai’s mug, I think that all capuchins seem to have the weight of the world on their little primate shoulders when you look at their little faces. It’s just how they are. And they are very, very cute!

  88. He is so cute!!! Very humanlike, too. I love 00:28 where he tries to cover himself up with his leetle hans! Wants.

  89. !!!

  90. Who is the creepy husband who keeps barking out commands? Someone needs to get that sweet woman into counseling!

  91. Aw crap. You don’t even know whether this little guy is a “pet” or not.

  92. I hope this shampoo is animal tested!

  93. Good Pet Owners says:

    People on this site are so quick to judge. There are things known as “Good Pet Owners” who research, love and properly care for their pets. Many people are trying to make iguanas illegal, but if you can provide for them and give them everything they need, pay for vet bills, etc., then it’s nobody else’s business.

    I feel bad for the owners of this site; it doesn’t seem like they can make anyone happy unless posting cats or dogs and even then they can’t be in a rack.

    [Thanks but no worries, GPO; Meg’s just fine… – Ed.]

  94. ~To Heleen
    It appears to be baby shampoo, and most types of baby shampoo are tear free and will not hurt pets.
    I’m wondering if this is a young helper monkey, in the pre-training stages. All the people on where whining and crying are more pathetic than a dog with a cast. Grow up, peeps.

  95. This post has caused me untold trauma. Here’s why: when I was a child, my grandmother used the word “monkey” to refer to female genitalia. I still shudder when I think about her shouting down the hall, “DON’T FORGET TO WASH YOUR MONKEY!”

    Now, where everyone else sees an adorable primate, I see an unwashed vagina.

  96. Erin, I feel for you.

  97. Money
    is funky
    no more.

    This little critter is very special, and I hope it is in a good home. Having said that, yes, I also hope it has a companion person that it assists, because ‘zeeMinkee’ can get bored and misbehave badly.

    Now, would want one? Not without a able-bodied person to help me take care of it daily! It is a big responsibility.

  98. Well let’s try that again-

    is funky
    no more.


  99. I doubt this woman is disabled and using this monkey as a helper, as she mentions that she bought it for $10,000 from a breeder here in the US. It is so sad…that monkey should be taking his showers in the wild! Not in a sink!

  100. I agree with those who aren’t too fond of this video. First of all, the scary woman is holding the monkey by the tail, and secondly he keeps trying to escape. This is definitely a matter of “Do not want!”

  101. The minkee has a spinge.

  102. I think that all of you need to calm down and just remember that “no animals were harmed in the making of this film”…and that the majority of us just don’t want to hear you nuffing about this stuff. There are sites dedicated to these topics…lots of them. Go there. Please. Leave me and this site out of your misery and bad mojo. I come here for a happy fix. If I want to believe that that little fuzzy monkey is enjoying getting his wash on then LET ME! Sheesh! There is enough negativity and naysaying in this sick and disgusting world…take your venom somewhere else. Nuffers cease and desist! I want my CO like I want my little monkey after his shower…tear and tangle free!

  103. I expected so see nuffing about the money, but I was kinda surprised to see nuffing about the dude off-camera since there’s usually such a strong anti-human sentiment in this site’s comments.

    Although, we, of course, know that we’re all qualified enough to tell a stranger to go into counseling based on some man giving her instructions in a minute and a half video clip. I mean, we know that we’re psychic and know what’s going on in their daily lives. 😉

  104. I can’t believe that they’re doiing this in the kitchen sink.

    If he gets fed up, he’s off and dripping through the entire house.

    Bathrooms on the other hand, have uh, doors?

  105. With all due respect, do the people asking us to stop being negative and judgmental realize they are being equally negative and judgmental?

    I think it’s possible to have a civilized conversation about this, and to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and approach it with the belief that we all love animals and only want the best for them.

  106. Am I the only person who found this creepy just because the monkey looks like Vern Troyer? With his hair all wet all you could see was his pink Mini-Me looking face. I don’t like capuchins anymore, even if they do help blind people. I haven’t been this traumatized since learning that Mini-Me had a sex tape. That’s what this looked like to me. Ewwwwwwwww.

  107. To those who still need to read this:

    Here’s the thing. The video in this post exists as is, in kind of an informational vacuum, framed by flying hamsters with fairy wings. You can’t have any more idea about what’s going on here, or what the backstory is, than I do, or anybody else does. Personally, I see a laid-back capuchin taking a sink shower with baby shampoo (and a little human help). In the absence of information, though, you and I and everybody else tends to fill in the blanks with assumptions. It’s not necessarily even a conscious thing; it’s just the way human brains work.

    Please, please understand that those assumptions we make, the kinds of conclusions that we draw, the things we say to each other — they reveal much more about *us* as people than they ever could about what may or may not be going on in the video clip.

    As a fellow human being, I do appreciate earnest concern. That’s totally honest, no sarcasm. It’s natural. But Cute Overload is first and foremost an *entertainment* website. We’re not about social issues, art, activism, current events, celebrity gossip, etc. We’re mostly cute and sometimes funny. So, while we tend to let folks have a pretty lax leash on what they post here in the comments, this really isn’t the best place to climb up your soapbox, no matter what your message is.

    (Now if you don’t mind, I’ll climb down from *my* soapbox. I also appreciate irony, y’know.)

  108. Mini-me has a sex tape??

  109. “Am I the only person who found this creepy just because the monkey looks like Vern Troyer? With his hair all wet all you could see was his pink Mini-Me looking face. I don’t like capuchins anymore, even if they do help blind people. I haven’t been this traumatized since learning that Mini-Me had a sex tape. That’s what this looked like to me. Ewwwwwwwww.”

    That’s totally it! That’s why why the monkey creeped me out. He just looks so…freaky deaky.

  110. To Snickers –
    Taking care of a monkey IS a lot of work. You’re correct. A capuchin is like a three to five year old child. Plus, it cannot speak. So, add those two things together, and you have a very needy animal.

  111. warrior rabbit says:

    Zosterops, the caretroll has a long history, hence my reaction — it’s not solely based on this thread.

    Actually, the video made me feel slightly uncomfortable and I didn’t watch the whole thing. Around the time she poured way too much shampoo on his back and expected him to dutifully wash it off, I got a vague feeling it might not end well or make me feel happy. But turning it off and moving on is sufficient for me.

    Butter and Erin, you guys are cracking me up.

    And yes, Mini-me has a sex tape. I would make jokes about it being a short tape, but people would get offended. So I’ll just toddle off to less controversial posts.

  112. ONE MORE TIME… we’re not about celebrity gossip.


  113. Sorry, not cute. Monkeys are not pets and this monkey looks miserable.

  114. warrior rabbit says:

    Theo, please don’t reprimand me (or others) about incidental celebrity crap when Meg regularly name-drops Dlisted and Perez, etc., which exist only as outlets for celebrity gossip.

  115. 😉 Warrior Rabbit.

  116. (also, I can mention John McCain or Barack Obama without being a Presidential candidate myself, y’know)

  117. I gotta say to all the nuffers, these people must really love this little guy to bathe him in the kitchen sink. My Mom was wrong too, she said I couldn’t have one cause they’re dirty. No Mom he’s clean and cute.

  118. Sometimes there’s a large, attitudinal calico in mine.

  119. Wow. Thank you Theo, for your voice of reason. I agree that the human’s comments reveal more about THEM. I mean US.
    Personally all I saw was a really cute video with a really cute critter! I wanted to see more of what it’s like to have him in the house. Adorables.

  120. This monkey is TEWTALLY ANERABLE!!! I so wanted to have a monkey as a pet when I was a kid and now I want one as an adult (Wanting and having are, alas, two different things. I also want a million dollars in my bank account.)

    Nuffers – watch the video again. Woman never puts the monkey in the water – he puts himself in the water. When she moves the sponge, I’ll bet it’s to keep the drain from clogging and keep it out of standing water so the monkey can sit on it. Geesh!


  121. It’s not that hard to find more back story. Just go the youtube page of the people who made and posted this tapej and watch their other videos. It looks like the monkey is a pet, not a rescue. It has toys and clothes, just like some people’s chihuahuas. Is it ok to keep a monkey as a pet? I don’t know. It will be out reach of predators, get regular healthcare, and thus have a longer life span, much like cats and dogs. I don’t think the problems of size and strength that arise with larger monkeys and apes will be a problem with a beast this size. He’s growing well, isn’t injured, has a glossy coat. Seems ok to me. I wouldn’t advocate getting a monkey as a pet, but I’m not worked up about this particular monkey.

  122. that’s the CUTEST thing i think i’ve ever seen!

    the woman’s talking to the monkey like he understands because he DOES. she’s probably teaching him to wash himself better while reinforcing voice commands, like a human parent would with a child. soooooo cute. it does seem like maybe she’s new at the monkeywashing thing, hence the commands, maybe?

  123. Neat video!

  124. momof2kitties says:

    I tewtally agree with Angela-Eloise. Wanting and having are different things altogether. That said…

    WANT!!! DO WANT!!!

  125. Talking Dog

    This was attached to that video! OMG!

  126. Kimmydarling says:

    Ah..sometimes I wonder if the people who sit here going, “oh noooo a monkey as a pet! Call the ASPCA! Call the marines!” worry as much about social issues outside of animals..

    As someone who has friends who own one of these little, not for me but that’s the single most spoiled pet I’ve ever seen and he seems happy

  127. I misread Kimmy’s comment as “Call the ASPCA! Call the marmies!”

    …which I think is understandable.

  128. Very, very cute, but very wrong. It’s not a matter of “monkeys are wild animals” but a matter of “monkeys are being torn from their homes to feed an illegal pet trade and as a result destroying the ecosystems and endangering the natural existences of their species in the wild.”

    Monkeys should not be pets because it is ethically unsound and contributes to the extinction and endangerment of many species.

    It is a cute but depressing video. They need to adopt a child, not a monkey to treat like a child.

  129. Eva dewaalmalefyt says:

    i feel really bad for the monkey. The lady has to hold its tail to make sure it doesnt get out of the sink. I agree with Theo call ASPCA

  130. Since when did Theo say to call the ASPCA? Were you even reading what Theo said?

    [While you’re at it, call the MARMIES too! – Ed.]

  131. I think Jeanine just convinced me.

  132. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s arguments, but I’m starting to believe that some of the people who are criticizing the “negative” (better known as “concerned”) people are just trying to make themselves feel better for wanting a pet monkey.

    I work with rhesus monkeys. They are cute, yes. They are fascinating. But I have never, EVER even toyed with the idea of keeping one for a “pet.” Why? Because I don’t let my human ego get a hold of me. Non-human primates are not for human entertainment, and they are not convenient just because you don’t have to send them to college. I don’t doubt that there are people out there who really love their pet monkeys. The question is what monkeys go through to become your pet. People who probably aren’t very qualified breed monkeys (from who knows where) and sell them to people who may or may not know how to care for them. Loving a monkey isn’t enough. No normal home can accommodate the VAST needs of a monkey. The adorable, showering monkey probably has a psychological issue or two as a result of being raised by these humans.

    Just because you are in a home with people who feed you and care for you doesn’t mean you have a “good life.” Or a better life than the one you would have if you were wild.

    Another thing. To address the hilarious comments that “maybe” we “come from” monkeys, I am reminded of the widespread misunderstanding of evolution… We share common ancestry with other non-human, extant primates. We cannot “come from” extant primates.

  133. Ohh what a good little boy/girl. Washings so well!

    Shut up to everyone who is blahblahing about anti-domestication. You’re just mad he’s got better hygiene than you. I’m surprised no one said “oh noes that’s granite counter top, he might be getting dangerous levels of radon!” ( )

    A fart upon your homes!

    [Tsk! It’s either “a pox on both your houses” or “I fart in your general direction”. You’re making Monty Shakespeare mudpies… – Ed.]

    [ 😉 – Ed.]

  134. Since we undoubtedly are in charge of this planet we have to make sure we reflect on our treatment of the less powerful animals on it. this includes ecaxtly the kind of questions raised in this threat. I like to think CO is more than just cute pics and funny lines. I like to think its where people meet who can be bothered to care.
    Compysaur, thanks.

  135. “The adorable, showering monkey probably has a psychological issue or two as a result of being raised by these humans.” – compysaur

    Hey, by that reasoning, someone needs to nuff for me. I was also raised by annoying humans who screwed me up.

    But, I *was* adorable during my sink-baths….;)


    PS – The “DON’T FORGET TO WASH YOUR MONKEY!” story had me laid out on the floor. You win, lady, you win.

  136. Theo’s running for president??

    Oh wait, that can’t be right. He already has a full-time job moderating (babysitting) this site.


  137. This is, by far, the funniest set of comments EVER POSTED ON THE NET! Everything from “oh lord, its grandpa” and Vern to “Don’t forget to wash your monkey” had tears streaming down my face!

  138. SPB — as you’ve probably heard, I didn’t get the Democratic nomination. Please don’t tell Bill my secret identity.

  139. HumaneSociety says:

    I am against it.

  140. zosterops, I mirror your thoughts. Wonderful name, by the way 🙂

  141. I agree Jeanine.

    Call the marmies pasikie.

  142. pandagirl says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute:-) I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!