Vote for your fave smash-up

Two days ago, we axed Peeps to PLEASE overdub this redonk video with their own jokes. Here’s what happened. Please vote for your favorite, and they shall WIN a Cute Overload 2009 Calendar!

First up, it’s Evil "Laughing" Prairie Dog, by Alison

Second, it’s Prairie Dog Comic, by Mike

Next up is Jokes for the Prairie Dog[Embedding is working now! Yay! – Ed.]

Then we have Dave Gahan: Prairie Dog

Followed by Another Prairie Dog Bites the Dust

And who could forget: Prairie Dog Dance (Also Shake)

And finally, don’t let your children see: Prairie Dog, smallest man, longest legs by RatherGoodStuff

// REMOVED ’cause it was too gross. Sorry, RatherGood, you are OUT [Say in Heidi Klum voice] //


[Oi Peeps! We got a late entry here from Patito Gigante. I’m afraid it’s not vote-able, but it sorta includes a vote, and hey, I laughed… – Ed.]



  1. Another one bites the dust is really good, but are we rewarding that person simply because they had way more time to work on their video? They didn’t even stay within the guidelines. My fave was the one with animal-specific jokes and addressed the surroundings.

    The last one was just disturbing.

  2. Felicityanne says:

    The music ones are very very CLEVER, but haven’t they missed the POINT? I thought the whole idea was that in the original silent version, the sudden random’laughter’ needed to be accounted-for…

  3. Let’s get bleening for the Prairie Dog Dance!

  4. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Another One Bites The Dust!! Hands..I mean..Paws Down!!

    C’mon, I like it Old Skool!!! I was laughing so hard at the “HEYAYAYAYAYAYayayayayayay!!” part I think I peed a little!!

    Good job on whoever did it!


  6. i call shenanigans on the poor jokes for the prairie dog post!
    Of course they are last, they require an extra click to watch the video!

    They are the only ones to use the cute prairie dog laughing sound…

  7. I LOVE that Shimmy Shake one, I can’t stop watching it!

    @Felicityanne/james: Some of the music ones weren’t made specifically for this contest, they were found already made on YouTube, so yah, they don’t quite meet the guidelines, but fantastic nonetheless!

  8. I’m kind of for people bending the rules a bit, when it comes to being creative. But I understand the point that some of these people are competing according to the rules and it’s kind of unfair to judge them against those that were made outside the scope of this contest.

    That having been said, I have to say that the Freddie Mercury P-Dog was very, very well done, so that gets my vote. My vote among the “real” contest vids would be for the Jokes for Prairie Dog.

  9. Golden Phoenix says:

    I am ashamed that i voted for one outside of the competition guidelines but….Eeeeee! Queen! ^_^

    *has a fangirl moment*

  10. stephanie s says:

    wow, that last one?


  11. I can’t stand that last one,with the worldest smallest man ect, its disgusting…NOT CUTE at all!!!! BLECK!

  12. Tough, tough, tough… I agree with the ones who said that the song ones are not according to the rules – the trouble is that they’re both great. And, I love Freddie!!! I would have voted for “Another one bites the dust”, but I’ve decided to vote for Mike instead, with the Prairie dog-specific jokes 🙂 It’s obvious that a lot of thought was put into that one, and it does answer exactly what Meg suggested in the beginning. Great job, everyone!

  13. milquetoast says:

    Definite peeage!

  14. I know which one I’m NOT voting for. The last one was disgusting and transphobic, it kind of ruined it for me. Oh my g-d genitals! That is so scary…Someone really needs to grow up.

  15. Just amazingly funny, brilliant find!

  16. I can’t get any of them to work, they all stop 2 seconds in.

  17. I cannot deny it. I have mercury running through my veins!

  18. Bob Dykeman says:

    Not that it’s important to the video, but I’ve kept prairie dogs and I’m pretty sure that’s not a p.d., but a Richardson’s Ground Squirrel (which I’ve also kept). They’re much smaller and sometimes sold as “miniature prairie dogs” since p.d.’s are harder to get now. The “trilling” you can see is typical of RGS’s. It’s still a great video, though.

  19. Sure, the song ones are nice, but they’re NOT what the competition was about. Only Prairie Dog Comic and Jokes for the Prairie Dog are.

    Also, two of the songs were made by people ages ago outside of the competition, so they had all the time of the world for it.

  20. petsareforlife: I second that!

    I can’t stand that last one,with the worldest smallest man ect, its disgusting…NOT CUTE at all!!!! BLECK!

  21. Prairie dog dance (shake)! Just because it’s cute 🙂

  22. Denise Conner says:

    I agree with Jae — wtf on the RatherGood video. That one is not cute, novel, or funny.

    I did enjoy Mike’s video, but I voted for the one with the Personal Jesus soundtrack. 🙂

  23. It’s easy to edit the video to fit a sound clip. I don’t think that was the point. The video was already funny. Meg requested some well timed jokes for the little guy to laugh at. Mike gets points just for following the assignment, not to mention how he tied in the rings of the tree and the sawdust.

  24. There are six videos that I can see, but there are seven videos listed for voting. Can somebody please tell me where I can view “Jokes for the Prairie Dog”?

  25. Oops! Never mind. I found it.

  26. Love your website but was sorely disappointed by your choice to post the smallest man/longest legs video. It was absolutely disgusting and now I can’t recommend your website to anyone because I can’t count on the quality of your content.

  27. Although the song videos were very clever, I think that the ‘prarie dog comic’ video was true to the actual suggestion for the contest and very original!!

  28. Gail (the first one) says:

    I voted for “Jokes for the Prairie Dog”! Very good!!!

    I really liked the “Shimmy Shake” one—-why is it that the songs about big butts are always so great??? (I like big butts and I cannot lie….Fat Bottomed Girls….etc!)

  29. The music ones are cute, but they don’t follow the spirit of the original contest — plus, if I understand the comments, they weren’t even made for this contest specifically!? I voted for Mike’s because it’s the funniest hands down. Do the people who did the music ones, apparently “found” on YouTube even care about getting a CO calendar???? I’m gonna be kinda disgusted if one of them wins.

  30. Gail (the first one) says:

    And, I also liked the other 3 that were specifically for this contest!! I thought the Evil Laughing one was good because of the annotations.

  31. I voted for Another one bites the dust, but I also like the other music ones as well.

  32. Need a mix of 1 and 2. All of them were fun to watch though.

  33. johnnyjohnny says:

    Well, I cast my vote for one of the first three but I think ALL of them should win. I mean, this is CO, THE NICEST PLACE ON THE INTERNET.

  34. What happened to the one with the kids telling jokes? that was my fav.

  35. ‘Dog Bites Dust’ is puuure (minimalist)geeeniuuuuussssss ! ‘Shake’ is goooood too ! Hard to decide. Love eet ! :)))

  36. Oh, now I see what the peeps mean about following the contest rules… But if you vote on just the entries, I still think it’s a shoo-in… Although in terms of actual *cuteness*, Alison and Mike have a tie.

  37. My grand daughter loves to see CO when I baby sit her,
    NOW how do I tell her today she can’t see it ????
    What’s the need for putting in such X rated garbage in what was a cute site Meg ?
    Your stooping as low as other’s for sick ratings !

  38. Oh, and Dave’s is fan-tastish too ! They all deserve calendars.

  39. ‘xecpt the last one. OK now I’m done.

  40. The second one (the comic)… I’m not a fan of the music videos.

  41. “Prairie Dog Comic” is very good, the contest rules are followed and the jokes even have something to do with the video itself.

    “Jokes for the Prairie Dog” is also very cute, with the kids telling jokes. Too bad the video can’t be imbedded, most people will probably overlook it.

    The others don’t follow the contest specifications. “Another Prairie Dog Bites the Dust” and “Prairie Dog Dance (Also Shake)” were made by somebody outside of the competition several months ago (YouTube user crasse), and just found by somebody on YouTube. He probably doesn’t even care about winning a calendar.
    As for “Prairie Dog, smallest man, longest legs”: Wow, farting and genital humour. I feel like 5th grade all over again. I wouldn’t worry too much about kids seeing this one, though, it’s pretty much what 5th-graders’ jokes they hear at school are like anyway.

    Anyway, thumbs up for “Prairie Dog Comic” and “Jokes for the Prairie Dog”!

  42. jackie31337 says:

    @Papilio “My grand daughter loves to see CO when I baby sit her, NOW how do I tell her today she can’t see it ????”

    Just don’t play that last video for her and you’re fine. If she’s young enough to need a babysitter, she shouldn’t be surfing the web unsupervised anyway.

  43. For following the rules, and making the jokes topic-appropriate, definitely Prairie Dog Comic!

    (Although I love Another One Bites the Dust, it could have been used with any video)

  44. First off I’m still laughing at the mock music videos …

    But did anyone else notice that they used the prairie dog’s laugh in the Another Prairie Dog Bites the Dust?

    ::Listes closely again::

  45. *Listens

  46. Another One Bites The Dust was okay, but it was too long and involved. I like the jokes one (especially the PD’s long pause after the orange punchline), but I voted for the Shimmy Shake one because of the duet. Hilarious!

  47. My Own. . . Personal . . .
    P. Dawg . . .

    Sorta kinda against the rules, but gotta give it UP to Dave!

    Bang bang!

  48. Sweet Scout says:

    I HAD to vote for “Another Bites the Dust” as my 7- and 9-year-old daughters have recently discovered that song and rock around the house singing it (and it’s variant, “Another One Rides the Bus.”) I can’t wait for them to see this.

    And yes, if you listen closely, the pd’s ‘laughter’ IS part of the song.

  49. I can’t believe people are voting for “Bites the Dust.” SO LAME. Not even remotely clever. Can anyone tell me why this is funny?

    And I agree with others that “Longest Legs” was a big error in judgement. What were you thinking, Meg?

  50. “It was absolutely disgusting and now I can’t recommend your website to anyone because I can’t count on the quality of your content.”

    Count on the quality of the content? Give me a break. Meg has never, ever, EVER suggested that CO is a 100% kid-safe, raunch-free site–it’s a site by adults, for adults (who happen to like Teh Qte). As has been stated by Teho, if this site had a rating, it would be PG-13, and that humor is precisely what 13-year-old boys would find funny!

    [Well sure, but c’mon, it’s not ALL like that… – Ed.]

    Second, a purple cartoon penis and a stupid fart noise is absolutely disgusting? It’s the INTERNET. You haven’t surfed much, apparently.

    “My grand daughter loves to see CO when I baby sit her, NOW how do I tell her today she can’t see it?”

    Not Meg’s responsibility. See above.

    Sorry . . . I just get annoyed at people who blame Meg when they get offended at some of the content. This is just her blog, people–she didn’t sign up to be the last bastion of pristine moral fortitude.

  51. Longest Legs video was just….ew…not what I wanted to see on CO. The only one true to the rules of the contest was Prairie Dog Comic, so I voted for that.

  52. Meg, love the site and have been a reader for almost a year now, and think that you getting on Martha is fantastic. But I gotta say, that last vid was out of line for this site. Now I’m not a prude and can laugh at a dirty joke like the rest of them, but that was just too vulgar, immature, and childish. Keep the dirty humor laced with some subtlety and smarts and I think most ppl would be ok with it. Kinda like that naked man who run in airport is going to bangkok. See? Dirty, yet acceptable/funny because there’s more to it. Just my 2c.

  53. OMG! as my kids would say, how to choose, how to choose. FYI and sevenseconds have plenty of killer songs & videos, some a wee bit more raunchy than others. We all have Soupy George and The Wrong Bananas (I bought the wrong bananas…I bought I bought, I bought, I bought the wrong bananas) on our ipods at our house.

  54. Prairie Mercury 😉

    Think outside the box, you purists! Creativity cannot be contained!

  55. I reeeeeally lof the Shimmy Shake one. It’s so awesome I can’t stop watching it –it’s like Prairie Dog crack!

  56. Interesting what people do for hobbies these days…some were very clever!

  57. It was fun until I saw the last clip. It doesn’t fit in with your daily cuteness. ~Mandy

  58. The last video really shouldn’t be on this site. It’s not funny or clever, and it’s certainly not cute.

    Of the other vids, Mike wins it hands down.

    But the whole post was pretty much ruined for me by that last vid.

  59. @llism:

    Well said!

  60. Please don’t use gross submissions like the last one. I come to your site for relief from the grossness all around us every day.

  61. I am probably the most off-color person I know – not easily offended, to put it mildly. I also don’t think I’ve ever nuffed on CO. But I have to admit I that last video raised my eyebrow too.

  62. Prairie Dog Comic, hands down! This shows humor, irony, and awareness of the ever-so-slightly outdated Seinfeldian Zeitgeist. Plus excellent timing with the video. Love the escape at the end also. There’s a brain at work here, plus this guy can do more than just manipulate images on a computer to “fit” a pre-recorded song. He fulfilled the “assignment” with humor and technical skill. The winner!!

  63. I voted for the kids telling jokes, because it was funny and it fit what Meg asked for. If the poll allowed multiple votes, I’d have picked a couple of the music videos, too.

    The last one, though, was just…no. Generally I am not a nuff, but I don’t see how that one qualifies as PG-13 under anyone’s standards.

  64. Let me tell you how to run your blog, Meg. YOUR BLOG: LET ME TELL YOU HOW TO RUN IT.

  65. The second one is my fave. Clever, cute; clean and enjoyable and SHORT!

  66. I haven’t even watched them yet, but I’m beyond excited to see that there’s a Dave Gahan entry. especially since I’ve been listening to Depeche Mode all morning, and I come to this site and see “Dave Gahan” as one of the entries.

    a sign? (probably not since I listen to DM a lot…)

    [This is me with a big fat grin on my face… – Ed.]

  67. this IS meg’s blog, we’re the visitors here. i must say, look or don’t. it’s all a choice. it is surprising how much constructive criticism she takes from the viewers and disregards 99% of the negative. if only the negative people could turn away and never return, it’d be great, but there will always be negative criticism from people who don’t know when to stop looking into someone’s blog that they’re sharing with the world and tell them that they’ve ruined it for everyone by saying or doing something fairly miniscule.

    [Oh, don’t worry too much about it. Remember that the video submissions are from folks in the wilds of the internet at large, not from Cute Overload proper. Except for mine, I guess, and that one doesn’t really count. So any votes for it are symbolic, though I do appreciate them… – Ed.]

  68. Well, I am one of the most off-color people I know and I LOVED that last submission!

    But I still voted for the Prairie Dog Comic – classic!

  69. Enough of this, peeps, I’ll see you all back at the latest Winston!

  70. I couldn’t help myself, I voted for Prairie Mercury. 2:30-34 best 4 seconds of the whole (long, I admit) video!

  71. I WISH I could have voted for two!

    Prairie Dog Bites The Dust was an incredible piece of video editing and I just LOVED it, so it got my vote, but I SO wanted to also vote for Prairie Dog Comic, the jokes were in character, and it was the ONLY one who actually followed the initial parameters of the contest.

    So BOTH of those get my vote, K?

  72. Last video was totally inappropriate, vulgar, offensive, stupid…I could go on. Not Meg’s doing, I’m sure, though SOMEONE allowed it to be posted.

  73. Hilarious! All of them!

    Seriously tough call for me between Dave Gahan and Bites the Dust.

    For technical prowess, I would go for Bites the Dust.. but the Dave Gahan one uses the main point of the video, the “laugh”, to hilarious effect.. hmm.. what to do… here goes… voting now…

  74. transfeminist_femme says:

    @ Jae: Agreed.
    I’m a very long-time and dedicated CO reader with an enormous cute addiction. I am also a queer femme who considers transwomen to be my sisters in struggle.
    Stereotypes like the ones in the last video perpetuate the blatant misogyny, cissexism and transphobia that is omnipresent in society – some of the very (not-cute) things I come to this blog to escape from.
    @ Meg: I’m not telling you how to “run” you blog – I’m aware that I’m only a guest here, but this was a very hurtful error in judgement.
    In cuteness and solidarity.

  75. warrior rabbit says:

    joanna, that someone is Meg, because it’s her blog and she can do what she wants.

    Why do we always have to go through this?

    Her blog, her way. (Repeat.)

  76. Just as Meg is allowed to run CO the way she sees fit, I am allowed to have my opinion and to express it in the Comments section. Please note that it is called the Comments section, and not the Mindless, Unequivocal Adoration section.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about the grossness of the last video. I am not a fan of censorship. I just think it was unfunny, uncute, and unworthy of being in the running for this particular contest, and I am well within my rights as a Commenter to say so.

  77. Absolutely LOVE CO! Its a daily visit for me.

    Last of the video clip isn’t cute. Sad.

  78. And other commentators are allowed to express THEIR opinion about YOUR opinion.

    Works both ways.

    Deal with it.

  79. I’m really surprised taht the one was is posted here. I’d think that Meg would link to it rather than embed it but it’s her blog.

    While the personal jesus one is fun and catchy, the Queen one is a stand out if just because of the length.

  80. with all the hub-bub i had to rewatch the last video to try to understand what the deal was. Well, it seems pretty much spot-on. The reaction of the PDog seems to be the same as 90% of the “How could CO…” posters.

    Otherwise, it just makes everything else cuter by comparison. I’m just disappointed that the kids PDog Jokes couldn’t be embedded. 😦 I think it’s hurting their voting ranks.

  81. oh, lordy people, just laugh. and if you don’t think it’s funny, shut up.

  82. sandy pandy says:

    have to laff at the natural antics of the little ones and the creatures that r so different from us………
    Tallest legs,and smallest guy is a double take……bet he loved that photo shoot!

  83. My opinion doesn’t matter, but I’m not a fan of the last video. One, I don’t think it’s funny. Two, it’s offensive — not because it shows naughty bits (animated) but because it’s a kind of slur on gender that I personally believe comes from a place of hate and fear. Third, it’s not really prairie-dog centered. Fourth, there’s nothing “cute” about it.

    Meg can do what she wants and I’ll come back and I don’t consider the inclusion of this video on the site to be anything significant. Just something I don’t really think is in the same league as the other vids.

  84. aHa! – Dave Gahan a.k.a. Teho ! Vell done, Ed.!
    Also, now that I went and looked, the kid’s jokes vid takes the (cup)cake for cuteness, for me. But I still won’t change my vote for Bites the Dust – c’mon, Teho, you don’t need another calendar!

    [I know! It’s not a real entry! – Ed.]

  85. What’s with Youtube taking all the vids down?

    [They didn’t! – Ed.]

  86. Just because I missed the deadline doesn’t mean I can’t lose.

    Exhibit A:

    Thank you for watching.

  87. tough to pick just one!

  88. Patito – yer maaaaaaddddd !!!!
    ARE you a mad genius ? Just askin’…

  89. Nancy Tompkins says:

    I’m all for raunchy stuff if it’s funny or clever, but the last video was just puzzling and strange-like a pointless “dirty” joke that one of my fourth graders would tell. Gross.

  90. disappointed says:

    BOOOOOO! i think all the videos and this contest are awful. thanks for nuthin CO. the rodent is cute, but not laughing… he’s just calling to see if any others are out there. like, “heeeeey.” i suppose one wouldn’t know that if all their animal knowledge is based on observing from the internet. WTF?!? the littlest man and longest legs woman with a cartoon penis is totally from some net troll. NOT CUTE. booooo.

    [Still, every last one of them is better than *your* offering, you know? – Ed.]

  91. OMFG!! Freddie Mercury 4EVAR

  92. I didn’t like the last video either, DISAPPOINTED, but I’m not sure what you’re getting at with the fact that obviously, the prairie dog isn’t laughing. OF COURSE it isn’t laughing. We know what it’s doing. But since it actually looks like laughter, and kind of sounds like prairie dog laughter, if we were to imagine it, well isn’t it just nice we can be imaginative and come up with fully diversions from an otherwise boring day.

    Deal with it, please.

  93. Can you PLEASE remove that last video from the contest? It’s absolutely disgusting! It goes against everything that CO stands for.

    [Now *this* is funny. Keep going… – Ed.]

  94. also disappointed says:

    BOOOOOOO from me too! Did you know the arms on that cat pirate are fake??? You would if you got your animal knowledge from somewhere other than the internet! Like a library, or a cat pirate ship! Until someone posts a prairie dog video that is 100% humor-free (like me) I vote for none of the above!

    […wups. For a moment there, I thought you were serious. My bad… – Ed.]

  95. I thought the last one was stupid…

  96. I strongly suspect that ‘disappointed’ disappointment does not stem from the vids here, nor are they even the root cause of it. I suspect ‘disappointed’s’ disappointment is with their own life.

    Otherwise, why raise such a stink over internet videos? Why get all snitty about pretending that a prairie dog is laughing?

    Therapy. It’s a good thing.

  97. I can’t believe I’m about to nuff! >..<

  98. Haha, my last post didn’t work, probably because of the symbols I used in my smileys. It interpreted it as code, doh!

    Anyway, I was just trying to say that I didn’t like any of them, and I figure that it’s better that I don’t vote, than vote on one I didn’t like.

    The few joke ones were almost ok, and the music ones were just bad. I’m not even going to comment on the last entry.

    So yeah. I’m disappointed mostly because I was looking forward to the creative/good entries that I thought would come pouring in. Makes me kind of wish that I had learned how to work with video files so I could have sent in an entry, lol.

    Ok, sorry! I promise never to nuff again! lol

  99. Prairie Dog Comic all the way!!! I liked the kids with jokes too, but a little hard to understand. Queen? Sorry, don’t like, & too long. The other music ones were ok but I like the cute prarie laughter — it’s CUTE.
    oh and “3 ferrets and a paper bag”? Funny!!

  100. I vote for the INCREDIBLY FUNNY and WILDLY CREATIVE entry that Shannon would have made if she knew how to work with video files.

  101. I’ll have whatever Dreamer’s having.

  102. HAHAHA I didn’t even vote for mine, so I didn’t expect others to do that anyway :).

  103. warrior rabbit says:

    Yours was good, Alison! I give you lots and lots of credit for the effort and quick turnaround, too. Perhaps if COers had been given more time — we only had four real entries (seeing as how Theo and crasse’s don’t count).

    Personally, I’m lazy. And prefer to watch. 😉

  104. My first comment to your blog. The final entry is indeed disgusting, and so out of character for your charming and intelligent website. Poor timing on your part, with many new visitors tuning in for the first time after your appearance on Martha’s show. I expect this sort of post from Perez; I always found CO a breath of fresh air from the nasty tone of so many blogs.

  105. Patricia — I assume you mean Joel’s thing with the tallest woman & shortest man, rather than the *current* final entry from P. Gigante?

    All you have to do is vote for one of the other offerings, y’know.

  106. I am seriously traumatized in the fact that Meg forced me to click on the play button on the last video.

    (But, srsly. That was kinda BLECH.)

  107. I have to say that this is my first time posting, though I have been visiting C.O. daily for about a year now. I agree with Patricia’s comment about the tastelessness of the last video. Also, the “Another One Bites the Dust” video is funny, but basically loops only a few seconds of the original video. The “Stand Up Comedian” was much more appropriate for the challenge and was funny without editing the video itself. Also: Meg you looked great on Martha’s show, it was fab publicity for the site we all love!!

  108. Alison, I thought your entry was great! It startled me when I heard it (actually jumped a little in my chair). I have absolutely no computer skills outside of typing, and I’m flabbergasted that you were able to get something done and posted in such a short amount of time. I say, bravo and good job!

  109. The arguments are really funny to read. Thanks nuffs, I needed a good laugh today. Ya know, I have trans friends, and I doubt they would be bothered by that video, and I’m not either. It’s amusing, in a kind off way. But maybe that’s cause I have another friend that is a midget, and he always tries to look up womens skirts..anyway, chill out people, don’t take everything so seriously, I hear that’s bad for ya.

  110. Pearl Ostroff says:

    I love the pictures of the cute animals on this site. But I have often thought I am waaaay to old to understand a lot of what goes on. I don’t get some of the jokes that are references to recent (about the past 25 years or so) popular culture, Especially the music. I don’t know the words to Metallica’s songs (wouldn’t know one of their songs if it hit me in the face). I know the band is still touring, but I haven’t the foggiest if they are recent or relatively old. Of course, The Rolling Stones are still touring. But them I know. They’re my generation and just about the last band I know anything about.

    Needless to say, I sort of got the jokes versions of the prairie dog laughs. I did not like the music ones and the last one was rather clever, but, as one person comments, disturbing.

  111. I love the last two. You just can’t go wrong with booty house and fart jokes. My laughter at the last video proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have the maturity of an 8 year old. Oh well.

  112. I liked the part where there was me.
    I am a genius!

  113. The last one was funny…. Geez lighten up people!!

  114. That shortest man/longest legs video is, indeed, extremely offensive. It’s transphobic, as noted above, and misogynistic, because the whole “joke” is that women who don’t conform to gender roles deserve to be mocked.

    And please, enough with the “just vote for something else” comments. The issue isn’t that people saw a video they didn’t like, the issue is that Cute Overload, by posting it without comment, appears to be condoning its attitude. The editors could have rejected the entry for not being in the spirit of the contest or the site, but they chose not to. It’s their site; they obviously have a right to make that choice. But choices have consequences, and one of the consequences of posting something offensive is that people will tell you it’s offensive. Maybe, instead of mounting a knee-jerk defense of CO, its commenters and editors should consider whether the many people who are offended by the video might have a point.

    [Let’s be clear: You can’t expect me *not* to be the local attack kitty. I am what I am. But I’m not disagreeing with you, y’know; I understand what you’re saying. As long as you also understand that Cute Overload is our house, and you behave like a polite guest no matter what our whims might be, we’ll get along fine. – Ed.]

  115. Film Noir! I think I’d vote for Patito’s video for best Youtube video (next to the animal phones) I’ve ever seen!

    Although I voted for 2 jokes for the PD.

    And, I think since I’m the eldest here (I nominate myself as oldest), that I shall be the boss of Meg and tell her what to post from here on out – jeesh people.

  116. sooo…here’s what happened when I came to CO today. I see “not for kiddies” on the now-second-to-last video, I infer by the title what MAY happen in said video, and I **gasp** DIDN’T CLICK ON IT!!!

    Moral crisis averted

  117. For the record, the one I liked, and voted for, seems to be dead last in the running. Woe! I just liked the non-sequitur evil laugh.

    (I didn’t think it needed the pop-up note bubbles, though)

  118. Aww, Theo, thank you very much. I had to put them on because I figured it would be more in the rules, which is why I said you could turn the annotations off :P.

  119. What the heck is that very last black and white vid? That’s horrible, that’s not even funny, it’s not even that vague kind of funny that makes it funny because it’s so vague >_>

  120. Arrgh! It’s drivin’ me nuts!

  121. the last one is just wrong

    [It’s removed now. Yeah, it was a little too far outside the normal Cute Overload content cutoff. It’s still available at though… – Ed.]

  122. Colleen — “Instead of mounting a knee-jerk defense of CO, its commenters and editors should consider whether the many people who are offended by the video might have a point.”

    The people who are offended have the right to be offended and comment to that end, but they do not have a right to demand that the video be taken down or any other action be taken.

    I think you are reading *way* too much into the video. As Freud would say, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” I did not find it cute, voted accordingly and wiped hands on pants. Done!

  123. Gail (the first one) says:

    I really like the production values in Patito Gigante’s submeesh!! And, of course, the opportunity to see Mr Gigante, himself!!
    Well done!!!

    (And just to throw my 2 cents in, I didn’t care for the Tallest/Smallest “joke” video either…just because I’m a little touchy about jokes about someone’s appearance.)

  124. I suppose it was about time for a commentroversy anyway, huh? Sure, it was crude. And now it’s been seen and is over with, and I’m still fully intact and emotionally stable!

  125. momof2kitties says:

    Well, the grown-up in me was offended at the removed vid. but the goofy 8-year old in me LOL’d. Literally LOL’d.

    And every time I see the name Patito Gigante I crave fish tacos with homemade guacamole. Durnitall!!!

  126. I do whatever Patito Gigante tells me. Because he’s dreamy. I voted for Mike.

  127. I’ll go back and read the commentroversy but.. none of the videos will work for me! *sobs* *wails*

  128. Thanks for taking the last one off; it was very disturbing and I was appalled that it was even included on this website. I thought CO was above disgusting humor. Meg, I love your website and hope that this kind of stuff will not be included in the future, especially in light of all the new viewers you probably have as a result of your appearance on Martha.

  129. longtimelurker says:

    Thanks for taking out the offending clip. I saw it initially in the comments yesterday and thought it was a bit much. I come to here for the QTE and like C.O.’s PG-13 humor more in the realm of innuendo than in this more direct form.

    I’m sorry to say that my thought seeing the clip on the front page was, “Oy, there go the Marta Stewart inspired calendar orders.”

    Regardless, keep the cute coming and keep the sly comments in there too!

  130. Lolo — “she” actually. Heh.

    Layla — unless you’re at work and there’s some kind of firewall that blocks everything YouTube, try pressing F5 and reloading the page. Usually that works.

    Ana — yeah yeah, you’re welcome, whatever. Preachy.

    Longtime — no worries, we’ll always be more Groucho than Pryor.

  131. Lolo, there will be extra cookies in your soup tonight.

  132. *rolls her eyes at all of the moral outrage*

  133. The last one was the best! Why did you delete it?

  134. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Dave Gahan: Prairie Dog – without a DOUBT!!!

    [You’ll see your problems multiply, if you continually decide, to faithfully pursue, the policy of floof (ba da da, ba da da dwaaa-ah) – Ed.]

  135. Pshh. I came back here to snack on pudding and load back up on commentroversy and what do I find? Everythang’s all chill.

    *flings a spoonful at Theo anyway and runs*

  136. Meg and Theo, thanks for re-thinking that one video. I don’t think it would have been so terrible if there was a link to it (with an NSFW warning), but it felt extra-creepy compared to the sweet one with the kids asking the jokes or the comic one.

    And I have no idea what to make of Senor Gigante. It reminds me of an early David Lynch short.

  137. The “Prairie Dog Bites the Dust” one definitely was the funniest and reflected the most technical skill (and conceptual imagination), but the Prairie Dog Comic one (the first of the two with the jokes) was responsive to the original contest rules, so that’s why I voted for it.

  138. shimmyshaker says:

    Shimmy shake takes the cake! 😀

  139. Patito is a very strange thing to wake up to…

  140. Theo: does the “policy of floof” refer to fuzzy animals or Martin Gore’s hair? :-p (or both?)

  141. i only just now finished, can i still enter? my video has the little guy laughing at pictures of gaunt, starving people and making racist jokes about them, which maybe makes me kind of a jerk, but it looks like if I post it here I’ll probably get people defending me and arguing that people who criticize me are humorless, life-hating nuffs! Which would be, o i dunno, how about PRETTY FRICKIN SUH-WEET!

  142. Sometimes, after a commentroversy is resolved, a person can miss it so much that they will re-live it within their own post. This condition is called “autoenragia.”

    […which often leads to autoabsentia, in my experience – Ed.]

  143. littleredhen says:

    I really loved “Another Prairie Dog Bites The Dust” but I felt the “Prairie Dog Comic” fit the contest more. It was about the laugh.

  144. That late entry is officially the dumbest thing I’ve ever watched.

  145. Hooray for me!!!

  146. Patito Gigante, is the dumbest thing I have ever seen, huge waste of time & video !

  147. BBC & Papilio — I think it’s safe to say you’re probably not the target audience, then.

    subtle != dumb

  148. Martha in Washington says:

    I think Patito is closer to Monty (Python, that is) where as it will be much funnier when you try to explain it to other people. As I like to tell my kids “That’s not funny!” while I’m snickering behind my hand.

  149. It really sucks that all the prudish whiney crybabies got their say to remove rathergood. I can’t stand that prudish BS. It was silly and good.


  151. Uh, why is that last video included? I really don’t get it. I’m not gonna say it’s stupid (I hate demeaning labels), but it honestly isn’t in MY brand of “cute or funny”, and in my opinion has absolutely nothing to do with the contest or what cuteoverload stands for. Perhaps Patito is looking for his 15 seconds of fame; and if so, why is he doing it here? Just wondering, because the video is just so very out of place… so very out-of-place that I felt compelled to comment on it, and I’ve never commented on anything here before. Just my 2 cents worth.

    [Thank you for expressing your opinions. I shall disregard them entirely, and refrain from expressing my own opinions. – Ed.]

  152. Glamazon — I’m a RatherGood fan too. It just wasn’t a crossover made in heaven.

  153. (the original) Mel says:

    I liked the Patito film. The lolly was the best part.

  154. One day, when the world is watching the AFI Tribute to Patito Gigante (hosted by Richard Attenborough), all of these bad-mouthers will turn to their friends (or counselors) and say, “I’ve been into Gigante’s films since they were on Cute Overload.”

  155. …Richard AND David Attenborough.

  156. What we were asked to do was to “OVERDUB” the Prairie Dog with our own jokes. The first three entries…Evil Laugh, The Comic and Jokes for the Dog
    were the only entries that were actually done in the manner of which we were asked. The others, (though tastefully done)were re-done, added to, changed, edited, re-edited and repetitive in nature.
    They,(sadly) did not match the guidlines in consideration to…
    We all must remember…
    Sometimes MORE is too much, and LESS is more.
    However, life is a big game that we play every day, and we don’t always have to stay within
    “the box” eh???

  157. “Thanks for taking the last one off; it was very disturbing and I was appalled that it was even included on this website.”

    Pffffffft. Grow a backbone, you nancy.

  158. Traci — don’t forget that Crasse’s videos were done *before* C.O. had the idea for a mashup challenge. I found & posted them because they were similar to mine, only more so.