May I offer you SOME BLORP?

One sealio, coming up, with a side of sandy flippage.




I think he might need to go to the salon for flipper exten-shons, Laurel W.



  1. looks like one of those sock em bop em blow up dolls but 10x cuter!

  2. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh, Roxanne, you’re just naughty! 😛

    I was thinking the booger was a Weebil that wobbled….then fell down!!!

    But at least it di’nt go BOOM!!

  3. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I like those guys/gals, sealios… There’s a rookery near my mother’s house and we go down to see all the new babies when they come ashore with their moms. Those are so very cute – and very protected. I’d need a telescoping lens to get a shot that close.

  4. For some reason this makes me think: “…roll, roll, roll your seal..”

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwe *splodes* @_@

    That is one cute little dude….dudette? who cares it’s just too cute!

  6. I just want to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze him!

  7. I’m having fun imagining the action film footage… does he move with more of a wiggle or a hop hop hop? Maybe that caterpiller move from the dance floor? Just imagine all that BLORP just BLORPing along.

  8. Me too Snorga! I bet he would roll right down a hill!

    *shifty eyes*

  9. So you know those sinfully delicious Jalapeno poppers we sometimes eat? All filled with gooey, fatty goodness? When I see pictures of seals like this I always think they are like poppers for orcas and sharks. An irresistible round snack, a meat pod delight. That’s a mighty cute meat pod there. Just saying.

  10. How does he move with those leeeetle fleepers? OMG!1! Look at that belleh! I’m afraid if I snorgled that belleh to hard, water would shoot out his nose!

  11. He’s adorable! I hope he can get back in the water!

  12. magicalremi says:

    Ew. That thing is like so ugly. How does it survive? I want to Sock’em bop that thing in the face and put it out of it’s misery

  13. Misscrisp — how morbid but true.

    My first rejected pic to C.O. was a baby sea elephant sleeping on the sand. It didn’t have tiny enough flippers, I guess.

  14. absolute cuteness….

  15. I think this little one looks like a Tic-Tac!

    Some kind ‘o candy at least.

  16. warrior rabbit says:

    Misscrisp, you make me laugh. Meat pod delight, indeed. Although not so funny to this guy, who does not want to be a cetacean hors d’oeuvre.

  17. I think he’s beautiful, I grew up in the Moray Firth in Scotland, and would regular see seals, every day. I luffs dem…. <3

  18. your flippage, your bloopiness…i love you li’l sealio.

  19. Sweet baby blorp!
    I’d roll in the sand and bark with him.

  20. littledogrescue says:

    Where is him MOMMY ???

  21. Von Zeppelin says:

    He looks kinda the way I feel on some Monday mornings.

  22. Haha..I won’t say what I immediately thought when I saw this picture (PG-13 website after all).

    He’s adorable. So roly-poly, in a non-fish head way.

  23. jackie31337 says:

    “Blorp” is such a perfect word for this, too! I tell you, I am picking up a whole new vocabulary here.

  24. Nature’s couch potato!

  25. Just wait till he gets in the water, then the blorpage will transform to pure grace and agility. What a great animal.

  26. Rotund-itude!

  27. Magicalremi, your spelling is as enlightened as your attitude. The possessive form of “it” is “its” without an apostrophe. Your pernicious ignorance manifests itself both in your worldview itself and in your means of expressing it.

    So, let me see if I have this right: YOU don’t happen to care for the LOOKS of this animal, so you want to bludgeon it to death. You must be a big supporter of Sarah Palin’s stance on shooting wolves from airplanes, too. You can watch the carnage at

    To all of the rest of you who agree that this little sealio is adorable and deserving of respect, I urge you also to watch the video and think very carefully about how you will vote this year.

  28. Mmm…..blorpage. Almost as good as coffee……but not quite. I love baby seals though, as well as the new word to add to my vocabulary. Thanks. *reaches for more coffee*

  29. cutest piece of poo evah!

  30. VentureSister says:

    *Liz Lemon voice* Oh, boy. This is where I make my exit. After I mention how insanely cute this little guy is. Also, chill it with the politics, Maude. If someone agrees with you, you really shouldn’t try and berate them about something entirely unrelated. If jerkitude (see magicalremi) has no place on CO than neither does unrelated politics.

  31. momof2kitties says:

    He needs to be in my bathtub. Now.

  32. that is the cutest piece of ocean doody i’ve ever seen! i adore the little nubbin flippers. thwap thwap thwap

    […”ocean doody” ??? – Ed.]

  33. Let’s skip the political nonsense, folks. This isn’t the place for it.

  34. maybe he is going to do what the truffle shuffle really is… and i wish i could be a witness.

  35. Ooooh wook at dat wittle fat blob! I wanna take him home wif me!

  36. i would like to see more baby seal pictures in the future, please.

  37. I think he needs an EHN! tag on him. Sooooo close, yet sooooo far from the waters…

  38. evolution’s absurd blunders are CUTENESS’S AWESOME GAINS

  39. Keep an eye on the tide, kids!

  40. A sealio torpedio!

  41. cute or sad?


  42. Mebbe. But he’s well-equipped in the whiskerage department. QTE!!!

  43. How will he ever get back in the water? And OMG SQUISHY ROUND CUTENESS.

  44. AliceTanzer says:

    One thing I’ve seen babeh sealios do is just roll around in the wave. Like a beach ball. They just lie there and let the waves roll them back and forth. :3

  45. A little poop of blubbery cuteness!

  46. round blorp is so in! the little guy’s a trend-setter!

  47. oh, sorry, Bloop!

  48. massive and awesome whiskerages.

  49. So fat, so round, so cute!

  50. A-ha-ha! BLORP!

  51. Totalee Puppy says:

    Awwww…Who’s widdle? Who’s cute? There used to be a song about a kielbase…I wish I knew more about seal families…
    Hello, Mother Seal…ANY
    Mother Seal…?