The Eternal Struggle of Camel Versus Bucket

In the remote plains of Wazoolooland, we come upon an all-too-familiar scene:  A fierce camel locked in mortal combat with the small but wily plastic bucket.



For the bucket, its only chance is to raise its defenses and hope to tire his adversary …



Alas, even the bucket’s tough protective shell is no match for the camel’s ruthless onslaught …


… and with one final bite, the struggle is over.


Victorious, the mighty camel cries out his call of triumph.


We’ll be back with more of "Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom" after these messages.


Yes, sir, Gelosia … that’s your "Baby." ( More photos here )



  1. aww! Nice to see a camel on here, I think they’re really cool animals! I didn’t realize they had epic battles with random objects too! My horses do this with those jolly ball things and random things in the pasture. Maybe it’s a hoofed animal thing? =P

    I definately LOLed at this one.

  2. Woah! Is that a pregnant camel? I can imagine the only thing grumpier than a plain old camel would be a pregnant camel.

  3. Lolrus wants his bukkit back!

  4. *snort!*

    Gold star for NTMTOM

  5. Anna von Beaverplatz says:

    Why does this camel hate this bucket so much?

    I LOLded all over the place.

  6. I know a walrus who’ll be veeeeeerrry interested to see these pictures

  7. I was just coming on here to ask if that camel was “in the family way,” LOL. She looks preggers to me, but I’m no zoologist!

  8. Ok, the smile in the third pic down is just killing me!

  9. (the original) Mel says:

    Is that a single-wide in the background? I didn’t realize they had mobile homes in Wazoolooland. Gah. Urban spread.

  10. Why does this camel live in a trailer park?

  11. I second (uh, forth?) Marnie. His grin is awesome!

  12. GreedySkunk says:

    Anna von Beaverplatz (love the name BTW!): I think they were having a competition to see who could hold water longer than the other. I suppose Mr. Bucket might have edged Pregomel and she had to deliver a dromedary beatdown.

  13. lol bucket insurance.. hehe.. I bet that guy from Law and Order does the commercial hehehe

  14. He looks so SMUG in the last shot. I love him. Or her?

  15. I think she’s pregnant. That’s a very rounded belly. Wow, camels have such big, pretty eyes!

  16. Just read the owner’s Livejournal entry and this is a boy camel.

  17. Wow! That’s one hell of a belleh for a boy camel. Too much beer!

  18. “It’s hump day for you, sucker!” – Probably one of the greatest hover texts of all time … lmao

  19. That’s awesome! He looks like he’s dancing with the bucket in the 3rd picture. And yeah, I thought of that poor walrus as well, too bad it’s really an elephant seal. I would love to hear that call of triumph. It probably sounds like “BARROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

  20. NTMTOM, you’re on fire today (just like every day). Commenters have also been rocking my world with laughter. Great job, peeps.

  21. I think the bukit might just need a bukit list after this.

  22. What a great set of pictures! I’ve never seen how playful and pretty camels can be!

  23. This is very helpful! If I ever need to buy a gift for a camel, I know to buy it a bucket!

  24. I agree, that grin in the third pic is killer.

    “I did this! And I’m G-O-O-D.”

  25. NOMTOM’s captions are grrrrreat, big LOLs, but peeps, check out Gelosia’s own cap-shons (follow link to cap-shons and more cute camel pictures), vereh funneh in their own right. I think he’s been reading CO and channelling Meggles.

  26. I’m a little smitten with his camel lips myself (from pic 6). He looks so smug in the last picture after the bukkit’s demise.

  27. “Jim is going to go into that swamp and wrestle that alligator, while I stay here in the land rover and mix drinks.”

    — Marlon Perkins, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

  28. Camel isn’t pregnant, camel is a boy.

  29. Funniest looking camel I ever saw, looks like part ostrich

  30. Jacquilynne says:

    If this were my photo, I’d slap a giant caption on it that said:

    ‘Thas right, I has his bucket! And Iz keepin’ it!’

  31. Oh, I love how animals play. Anything can be a plaything or playmate if you think about it enough. Camelthought,camelthoughts.
    Now for all us Terry Pratchett readers-
    “Let X equal the trajectory of the bucket…”

  32. As always, hovertext roolz.

  33. Not trying to be a nuff says:

    Isn’t he looking for food/water? He looks a bit .. spindly. ??

  34. If you go to LJ, the camel is a male…so no pregnancy.

  35. Wait a tic- who has a camel and why haven’t we heard about this before,and, and is he/she (the camel’s companion animal)a peep and where and how and, and, how and, and why isn’t this my neighbor- forget the noisy cockateil- I want a camel across my back yard! Killer Corgi couldn’t possibly go after that- he could run too quickly – leg ratios!

  36. BeckyMonster says:

    Me thinks the camel has been enraged by the EMPTINESS of the bucket. Time to fill it with that sticky horse feed that has molasses all over it. What a treat!

  37. In pic #3, he needs his vertical adjusted. 🙂

  38. Cuteness under a hump. My fave is where he’s at an angle, foot bearing down on the enemy, a humongous smile on his snout. SO cute!

  39. The facial expression in the fifth one down is OUT OF CONTROL!

  40. i lurve the upside down NOM!!

  41. His hump, his hump,
    His lovely camel lump…

  42. Plus his knobby knees, lips and eyelashes!

  43. I want to be able to be entertained by a bucket for hours and hours.. I’d save so much money on movies and bowling and crap like that.

  44. It does look like he is doing a dance step! More camels and llamas, please!

  45. The Other One Michelle says:

    Snort. “It’s hump day for you, sucker”. I love this!

  46. Pic #3 looks like he’s trying out for the annual Rockette production “Have a Bucket Christmas!” Jazz hands!

  47. …because his caregivers can’t afford a palace. YET.

  48. cool, camels are neat. and, doesn’t its nosicle kind of look like its feet?

    Happy HUMP day, very funny!!

  49. it’s not a camel, but a dromedary. one hump,, dromedary, two humps, camel.

  50. How friggin’ precious!

    Clicking on the link is soooo worth it! Proud family and funny captions. Hee!

  51. Insidious Twinkle says:

    From the LJ, this boy is 21 mos old, which is pretty young for a camel. So he’s a chubbers cause he has a baby belleh! Camel bebbeh belleh!

    Behold, Wikipedia contradicts itself!
    Bactrians have two humps.
    Dromedaries have one hump.
    They are BOTH species of camel.

  52. Insidious Twinkle says:

    I fail at reading Wikipedia…the dromedary article also says they’re camels.

    Camel bebbeh belleh!!!!!

  53. Thanks, Theresa. Now I’ve got that stuck in my head …

  54. has anyone figured out where this babeh lives?

  55. He lives in Arizona.

  56. I love everything about this, I LOLed for five minutes and then I saw all the hover captions and LOLed for five more.

  57. momof2kitties says:

    NOM-TOM? You owe me a pack of Depends. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  58. I think it’s pregnant. Maybe that explains the pure hatred toward the evil bucket. :p

  59. Hee hee hee! I love camels! Their little smiley faces are too precious!

  60. OH Finally some camelage! I collect camels (not real ones) because of an old family joke. Not the easiest animal to find. I’ve heard they run wild in Australia-these pics look like the Outback.

  61. thequeenmum says:

    Oh gosh, that made me lol like no other! The final bellow at the end was just too much!

  62. superboymom says:

    He’d better be careful or he may kick the bucket!

  63. ok…since no one else has said it yet for the 7th pic…

    “Victory is mine!”

  64. Best use of “This is Sparta!” ever.

  65. Totalee Puppy says:

    Thanks, NTMTOM–great captions! I love camels…
    You know how kiddie play parks feature a plastic pony to ride on? In Israel the kiddie playground offers a ride-on
    plastic camel…
    “As I… ride along the Bois
    Boulonge with an independent air… You can hear the girls declare… He must be a millionaire”

  66. love camels when they dance and play.

    this is an adolescent boy camel which explains the gawkiness, dancing, aggression, and play.

    (well, mebbe not but sounds good to me XD )

  67. I love that camel!

    …don’t love the owner, though.

  68. Tryna Merriman says:

    Who, check out that belleh! If that aint preggo’s that is one well fed camel. I love the pic of him (or her) throwing its head back like its laughing or something’.

  69. SickoPervFace says:

    I spy camel toe.

  70. hahaha…those are some very charmingly funny pics…love em….

  71. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Jack Ruttan: LOL!!!!

    I LOVE camels!!! I was thinking Pic #3 could be put in the dictionary next to the word “akimbo”!

  72. Great use of the “FOR GREAT JUSTICE”! <3

  73. “I wuv mah bukit!”

    I predict it ending in tears.

    In picture no 5 he looks like some kind of hairy dinosaur.

  74. sandy pandy says:

    bad breath and farts,they are the hardest workers for us,God bless em all! Got a history too……..all pics of cristianity depict em carrying the magis to Jesus,and Joseph and Mary loading one up for their trip to Bethlehem.Always working,poor things!!!!!!!!!

  75. Ha, I mistakenly read that as camels carrying the haggis to Jesus, Joseph and Mary. Never mind that nasty myrrh, gimme a good Scottish caravan any day!

  76. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Teho: LOL!!!! Blessed are the cheesemakers!!

  77. “Victorious, the mighty camel cries out his call of triumph.”


  78. So THATS where the LOLrus’s bukkit went……….