Quiz: Is It Photoshopped?

This picture is:

  1. Photoshopped;
  2. Really Photoshopped;
  3. Really, reeeeaaallly Photoshopped.


Can I peek at your answer, Karen G.?



  1. I choose b. Really photoshopped.

  2. I’m going to have to go with

    d. who cares, just enjoy this funny, cute picture already people.

  3. cheezburger thief birds clearly! :O

  4. Definitely ‘shopped. The reflections are all wrong.

  5. No, I was there. It totally happened just like this.

  6. snoopysnake says:

    Hang glidin’! One of the shore excursions on Royal Catribbean Cruises!

  7. 4. All of the above??

    That kitteh looks like it’s hang-gliding off the hawk.

  8. oooo… kitteh liek burdy!

    Get ‘im!

    i vote its real!

  9. i’m going with option #3.

    nice plush kitty pantaloons though.

  10. Cats. Hrumpf.

  11. Cats and very large birds are TOTALLY BFFs and they do this for fun when they think no one is watching. I like the kitty. It looks like it is wearing a little kitty sized bathing suit!

  12. I’m torn. It’s undoubtedly photoshopped. However, it is not photoshopped very well. So I would have to go with a. photoshopped.

  13. I’ll definitely have to go with Melissa. Photoshopped. But to be honest, I do know a cat who without doubt can that. Probably does all the time, actually.

  14. FUD!

  15. knightofmonarch says:

    #3 – But I can hear the owls thinking – What a Drag –

  16. What kind of body suit is that cat wearing? Can anybody tell? Is it one of the ones by Nike?

  17. @Vicki

    I’d suggest checking out the hovertext.

  18. That kitteh will never catch those birds. He should take a lesson from Wile E. Coyote. Not even Acme can help you catch that bird! Cute ‘shop.

  19. It can’t be photoshopped because I clipped this picture out of a magazine as a teenager and now I’m not a teenager and haven’t been for um, well, about 20 years or so. Ok, I just turned 40.

  20. Kittaloons!

  21. Fellow Brits (and anyone who’s flown here this summer):

    “You can see for yourself online. Heathrow Terminal Five is now fully operational, and waiting to welcome you.”

  22. what the hell is photoshop?

  23. (the original) Mel says:

    **collapses into a fit of giggles**

  24. I can tell from some of the pixels. ¬¬

  25. Hmm, could be possible. Is it an African or a European hawk?

  26. OMG the photo is hillllarrrious but reading the comments – just as much fun!

    “No, I was there. It totally happened just like this.”

    “Cats and very large birds are TOTALLY BFFs and they do this for fun when they think no one is watching…”

    Stop! I’m diein’ here!

  27. I HOPE it’s photoshopped. This ain’t the neighborhood robin.

    Don’t large birds occasionally carry off smaller cats? I remember a doc of a SW woman talking about how a hawk or something got hers. A ten pound cat would look really good to a 20+ bird of prey.

  28. How about option 4) “WTF is this???” You can so tell from that one pixel in the northwest corner of the picture.

    I’m really digging the kitties spread toes on the hind legs though.

  29. I’m going to go with none of the above. Also, cute splayed back toesies on the kitty. 🙂

  30. I’m 40 also, and remember this from (I think) the National Enquirer from about 20 years ago. While they aren’t a paragon of journalistic virtue, I think this one was straight. IIRC, it was taken at a Japanese wildlife or eagle sanctuary.

  31. MISS but 10.0 on the jump. Kitties claws are not imbedded in the featherage thus a MISS.

    If the pic is 20+ yrs old and pre-photoshop…. well… they used to actually cut up pictures back then and then reassemble to get the desired results. I’ve been in a darkroom and you should see all the stuff they can do with the lighting and etc to soften up one area, soften the edges of an overlaid negative, etc….

  32. I love this kitteh. I think it’s been photoshopped numerous times on the net. I’ve seen this kitteh flying off of inner tubes, falling off a counter…you name it:)

  33. Eyes can be deceived so easily….

    http://www.rense.com/general67/street.htm (not sure the link will work – but its worth typing in, if you’re interested)

  34. It is an oil painting.

  35. I’m going with…um…

    Oh, the pressure! What to choose?! What if I fail! I totally have to pass this exam!!



  36. Ok, I’ll look for the photo at home. It should be in a bin of junk from my highschool desk. It wasn’t from the Enquirer. I don’t remember what magazine I clipped it from but I think there was some text on the other side of the photo so that should give some clue. It was in black and white, but not on newsprint.

  37. 260Oakley – it’s a matter of weight ratios!

  38. You left off one option.

    4. Badly Photoshopped.

  39. Photoshopped? Who cares?


  40. PhiveKali – I could easily be wrong about it being The Enquirer, but the version I saw was in color, and there were accompanying pics of teh kitteh stalking the bird before leaping, as well as ones of the Japanese tourists at the site.

  41. Lorrie Gauthier says:

    I was there with Kris when it happened and National Geographic photographed it. They didn’t print the picture they took of the bird trying to take the cougar for a glide. It ended in tears and was very messy. And sad.

  42. I must agree with the those who say NOT PHOTOSHOPPED. I also have this picture in a book from when I was in junior high – about 20 years ago!
    Are we all going to think bizarre or amazing photos from now on are not real? What a sad result of photoshop technology!

  43. momof2kitties says:

    @ 260Oakley & jen, but how do we now if the cat is really a witch?

  44. real, not real, who cares?? Totally cute toes!!! Love the batman shape of the head too!

  45. This looks ‘shopped. I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few ‘shops in my time.

  46. Nottanuthernuffer says:

    okay after readin’ all the comments – i’m gonna have to check back later to see if anyone came up with the original artist or ragmag so i can see fer myself.

  47. I saw this photo ears ago in Fortean Times magazine. The caption said something along the lines that this “moggie” has ideas above his station and that the bird is a Japanese sea eagle and could rip him limb from limb. It looks like they photoshopped the crease of the magazine out. I also remember the photo being oriented the other way.

  48. Here’s the first picture, of the cat chasing the bird. I think he must have been reeeal hungry!


  49. 260Oakley-my hat is off to you- I giggled!

    Now, that is my kind of cat- tenacious! (Or is that ‘stubborn’ I do seem to mix the two…)

  50. cataddict — those pics are amazing!! Thanks for the link

  51. hmmmm…definitely A-photoshoppped, but it is possible. Who else remembers the video of the rabbit taking on the snake? I know I do…

  52. d) none of the above, photo is authentic.

  53. Thanks Scrod and Wisteria – I am crazy, but I knew I hadn’t imagined that!

  54. I don’t know much about photoshop.

    But I’m gonna side w/ the “not shopped” option bc of the photo Wisteria linked to.

    And because I like to be diff.

  55. Actually they both look faked to me, probably by the same person.
    Probably pre-photoshop image manipulation.

    Second photo the cat’s feet are all off the ground.
    And the cat isn’t even looking at the animal he’s supposedly trying to catch.

    Just cos it’s old doesn’t mean it’s real.

  56. Yes, this picture is altered. As someone pointed out, you can see where the crease from the magazine fold was. Also, in the upper left corner there is a blurred section where someone probably covered up whatever text was there.

    However, I think that was all that was altered. The cat jumping for the bird looks real to me. It’s all about the angle. From this angle, it looks like kitteh is hanging from the bird, but if we could see the side view, we would probably notice the gap between the bird and the cat.

    But it doesn’t matter if it’s been altered or not. It’s still a great picture!

  57. warrior rabbit says:
  58. Speedo, people. Definitely Speedo.

    And yes, definitely, “b”.

  59. Totes shopped.

    Graininess added to cover up edits.

  60. lauowolf – “Second photo the cat’s feet are all off the ground.” Ever seen a kitteh run flat out? They use their whole body, flinging themselves forward in long horizontal leaps, so yeah, feet off the ground is part of the equation.

    Doesn’t mean it wasn’t faked all those years ago, but it’s positively pre-Photoshop.

  61. If it’s not that eagle turned around and…well, you know.

  62. Whichever it is, that’s one ambitious kitty!

  63. Uhhhh… that might be the most badass cat EVER.


    As a prof designer that camps out in photoshop 8+ hours a day….and the proof provided with the other photo… it is NOT

  64. Also, who wants to take wagers on how quickly this will show up on Lolcats?


  65. Sharon Wilson says:

    I used to have a photo of this cat on the wall of my cubicle at work, but he was just jumping at the eagle; he hadn’t connected. Plus, there was only one eagle, so I think it’s been manipulated.

  66. Anasztaizia says:

    I really really REALLY want this to NOT be a photoshop!

  67. Agree, not ‘shopped. Those are not pixels but GRAININESS from an old photo. Looks fine to me, all lines up, plus the old references. Cool photo.

  68. This looks totally real to me. Maybe I’m just bad at picking up on photoshopped stuff, but I’ve seen stuff like this actually happen, so I say it’s real.

  69. Saw a photo like this, blown up big, at National Geographic when they had an exhibit a few years ago on cats, big and small. The cat looked a lot like one of ours, so it had more black than this one, and I’m pretty sure the bird was a crow. Yeah, our cat definitely would have done that…. So maybe THIS one’s ‘shopped, but it could happen.

    Check this footage of a serval (African bobcat) jumping up to catch a stork, at about 3’30”, and her earlier jump at about 1’25”:

  70. hm, from far away it looked like a terrible photoshop, but when I looked at it more closely, I changed my mind. My vote goes with E. Not photoshopped.

  71. I think it already appeared on ICHC with something along the lines of, “Aspirations: I haz them.”

  72. photoshopped or not, that is awesome!!

  73. Looks real to me. That cat has guts!

  74. And the cat chaaaaaaases the hawk.

  75. And the upper corner looks like that from where someone had a piece of tape! Us older folks know how that looks!

  76. That is what you call ‘commitment’.

  77. “If you want to soar with the eagles you have to pretend to be one.” (Hank Yarbo)

  78. I’m skeptical about the ‘shoppiness of the photo too-I saw this ages (read:years) ago in like, Life or something. Not that it rules out tomfoolery, but it makes a good case for real.

    Either way I love this photograph.

  79. Um, I hope it’s photoshopped! Or else that cat is going to be bird lunch. Those birds are evil.

  80. platedlizard says:

    I’m betting it’s not shopped, just because some cats really are that crazy. Remember the marmalade tom a few months back on National Geographic’s website that had treed a black bear? The bear could have totally eaten him for lunch, but the cat had traumatized the poor thing into hiding in a tree. So yeah…

  81. it’s real….everyone is underestimating the cats skills!

  82. I don’t care!!! Who gives a hoot about Photoshop when we have the finest set of kitteh ‘tocks EVAR on display? Not to mention the perfect form, symmetry, and splayed paw act-shons. Perfect 10.

    @Helene- “FUD!” you kill me!

  83. Photoshop was a newborn program on the Apple Macintosh when this was taken. Unless you travelled in time and put in my coffee table book — eighteen years ago! Dream big, cat!

  84. RE: Brenda, Kar. Even a very large eagle would probably not try to kill a regular-sized cat; Morley Nelson (and perhaps others) have done experiments proving that a bird of prey cannot take off while carrying even 8-10 pounds of weight, and they aren’t too keen to catch something they can’t fly away with if need be. Know why they did this experiment? To prove to ranchers that eagles were not able to fly away with sheep or human babies… people honestly believed they could. And really, I’ve seen hawks struggle to lift off with jackrabbits, which are pretty lightweight. Also, if a cat did get close enough to try to grab an eagle, the cat might not be harmed at all; these birds don’t like to fight on the ground. It would most likely just fly off. My cat attempted this once; she tried to sneak up on a hawk that landed on our roof. She didn’t get all that close, though, which is fine with me 🙂

  85. warrior rabbit says:

    LolaCheez, an eagle took off with a 13-lb. dachshund some years ago. Dropped it eventually, but…

  86. funny, the pic, not the poor dachshund story. 😦

    Actually, one of my friend’s neighbor’s chihuahua was picked up by a large bird of prey (no idea what exactly) as the little dog was being walked off-leash. Somehow, the little dog must have wiggled loose (??) because it was able to limp home on its own hours later. I don’t know how badly hurt it was but I know it survived. This was in Orange County. eek….

  87. stephanie s says:

    i love cats!

  88. Dustin Mitchell says:


  89. what are you on about? that is SO real!

  90. Martha in Washington says:

    Okay…was I the only one who thought the cat was a lemur at first glance? I guess it was those very loooong legs.

    ‘Shopped…not ‘shopped. Don’t we have more important things to debate here folks? Obama vs. McCain. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Cats vs. Dogs. Mustard vs. Catsup (vs. Ketchup).

  91. warrior rabbit says:

    Martha, no you are not! I totally did, too. 🙂

  92. I just love how people just scream out ‘SHOPPED and point out “pixels” and I hate how I can’t verify how long they’ve been around scanners, Photoshop itself and (bonus) darkrooms.

    Someone pointed out how wrong the light is in the picture. Bwuh? It’s a pretty cloudy day so the light is kiiiiinda everywhere (think softbox), and I’ll take a very wild guess and think the sun is probably up/behind the photographer. So light = totally works.

    That’s a pretty bold cat. Hope it didn’t get lunched by that birdie… but not every story has a pretty ending. : /

  93. I’m a professional commercial photographer and, to tell the truth, if this is photoshopped it was done REALLY well. The grain in perfect, the light is perfect (soft light, overcast day), the angle and color tone are spot on, even the minor motion blur is perfect! Also the fact that someone would go through all that work and not fix the lines on the top right side is strange, unless he/she REALLY had too much time on his/her hands and added them, in that case, I need to hire this person!

  94. Kitteh pawnts!

  95. It’s a real photo
    happen ages ago in japan as the comment above said.
    and sadly this is not end well for the cat.

  96. it was on the japanese newspaper, Asahi-shinbun, May 6th, 1987.

  97. Also, just because the cat is smaller than the eagle doesn’t mean that the cat wouldn’t go for it. Someone else already pointed out the story of someone’s cat treeing a black bear – and may I also remind people of the photo of a red-winged blackbird attacking a red-tailed hawk that everyone thought was fake?

    It’s not so much your size as your cattitude.

  98. That’s so real!
    as pamela anderson’s boobs!

  99. Not photoshopped, just a telephoto shot.

  100. Totalee Puppy says:

    Grandfather “Eyes of the Hawk”
    took a long puff on his pipe as the smoke curled up through the hole in the ceiling…”Children, courage and strength will not find you…You must run and seize upon them. I taught the cat who yearned for the heart of the mountain lion that he must run with the wind and
    find a prince of the wind
    and leap upon his feathered cape…Injury and glory would be his cloak, and we would dance the story of the chief of

  101. Totalee Puppy says:

    While some things about the photo seem altered, I agree with Belphebe that the cat jumping for the hawk looks real. It is a matter of the angle as to how close the cat is to the hawk.

  102. Totalee Puppy says:

    Good morning, Peeps!

  103. Totalee Puppy says:

    Hawks soar in memory of Thomas, Knut’s zookeeper.

  104. Totalee Puppy says:

    The story of Grandfather
    “Eyes of the Hawk” I have written because I was inspired by the beautiful