Winstons snacks on blueberries and fingers.

Just another day for our favorite smooshed-face kitteh!

Thank you for the Winston alert, Mustang S.!



  1. Thank you, CO. I like blueberries, too. I just WANT Winston.

  2. that was really cute!!! i love kittens!!!

  3. I just loooove the sounds of nomming.<3

  4. :shudder:

  5. Beth (in NC) says:

    He’s like a garbage disposal! It’s incredible!! At least he purrs when he does his thing. 🙂

  6. BloomingHaHa says:

    Om nom nom nom…


  7. Elaine Fetta says:

    For just a second, when Winston walked to the other side of the couch and then stopped and hunkered down, I thought here comes the kitty yak.
    Love Winston.

  8. BlueberryLover says:

    I love it when he purrs!!!!
    It seems like Winston only have 4 teeth….. I thought cats usually have more than 4 teeth.

  9. awe. winston luvs his booberries and fingers. i though he was gonna yak it all up at the end. but he didn’t. good winston. 😛

  10. No wonder Winston is so beautiful! All those anti-oxidants from the blueberries. Mmmmm…and those fingers must have been pretty tasty too.

    I love that last shot of Winston at the other end of the couch. His face and that look was first-rate.

  11. I think he just eats the blueberries to get the meaty appendanges feeding them to him. Sneaky!

  12. I love at 2:01 he’s like “excuse me, more please!”

  13. Winston should make another appearance on pot psychology.

  14. Oh dear. I think I must be the only person who’s vaguely revolted by Winston. And I love cats more than chocolate and Jude Law combined. *sigh* Sorry, Winston.

  15. momof2kitties says:

    The smacking! The schlurpingks! The ferocious fangs of death! The purringks! It’s all a bit too moische for moi! I lurve heem!!!!!!!

    I also thought he was going to have a kitty yak at the end there. But he was just continuing the nomming. Yay Winnie!!

  16. Are blooberries good for kittehs? I didn’t know a cat existed that would even think about eating them.

  17. The blueberries are to cleanse the palate between servings of tasty human flesh.

    what a deleeecious friend he is!

  19. Karen: I was too, at first, but he kinda grew on me after a while. He wouldn’t win any beauty contests I was judging, but he’s got his own special sort of cuteness.

  20. Winston needs his own category. The Kittens category just cannot contain his awesomeness.

  21. WINSTON!!!!!


    *screaming like I’m at a rock concert*

    I never thought I’d feel this way again.

    *screaming* AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  22. I agree with Karen – that’s the ugliest damn cat I’ve ever seen.

  23. I think it should be renamed to “Fingers & a few Blueberries” Since there was mostly finger munching in it!

  24. Ouchies! Winston’s nomming on da fingerz does not look v. gentles! He are a v. serious nommer! At the end of the blueberry nomming, did Winston’s servant remember to count da fingerz? Did he has a full complement? Does anyone know? (PS, I never saw a cat eat fruit before!)

  25. (the original) Mel says:

    Gnawing on fingers with fiendish delight.

  26. He’s just a nom monster! I so love it when he purrs while eating, it sounds so damn cute!

  27. Winston really likes him some blueberries…..

  28. Blueberries great for antioxidants. The FDA is still not sure about fingers.

  29. Is there anything that cat won’t eat???

  30. Is it just me, or does the purry sound Winston makes when he’s eating sound just like the Predator?

  31. shandrewsca says:

    I lurve Winston, but was anyone else creeped out by the groaning sounds in the very beginning?

  32. ummm . . . ow? Like, really ow? Those have to be some very Winston-teeth-toughened digits. I kept waiting for the blood to flow.

  33. is there anything this guy WON’T eat?

  34. michelleology says:

    Mmmm…..I would totally nom on Rich’s fingers too. Alas, I’m not his type.

  35. 1: “Winston
    for President” !!!

    2: Why do the humans who belong to Winston, have pillows on their couch, with CANINE quadrupeds pictured? Why does Winston allow such blasphemy in his residence?

  36. This kitteh is redonk. I luvs winston.

  37. I am always amazed by the things that Winston will eat. My cats would never even think of touching blueberries, or bananas, or etc.

  38. Winston has tasted human blood! DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN OH NOOOOES!!!111one!

  39. Paul: YES! Predator! How would one spell that noise, I wonder? “kgrkgrkgrkgr”?

  40. I too thought those hooman fingers were very tasty looking. Don’t know much about Rich, but know that he’s got some beautiful hands…

  41. The expression on his face right at the beginning really makes me think of Jabba the Hutt. In a cute way, of course. But I can totally see him kicking Luke into the rangkor pit.

  42. Am I the only person who thinks Winston is a complete freak of nature? And that he would be a total obnoxious nightmare to live with?

  43. I’d be sleeping with one eye open! Hahah

    <3 you Winston! XOXOXOXO

  44. michelleology says:

    @turbofloof –

  45. biscuithead says:

    I’m of two minds about Winston too.
    He’s not attractive, yet… he has a certain appeal.

    I propose a new category for unexpectedly appealing creatures:

    “Ugly… Yet Cute” or
    “Ugly But Cute”


  46. Does Winston have blueberry poop?

  47. That seems like a very hungry cat.

  48. @ Foofarella – That’s kind of the point of the whole Winston thing. People love him for that.

    I just realized for the first time while watching this video, how much Winston’s head looks like a sock puppet!

  49. Does Rich have a platypus on his couch fabric?

  50. My cat loves blueberries too. Most berries, actually, but blueberries may be his favorite. It’s not as weird as you might think, and good for them in moderate doses–fancy natural cat food brands (such as Innova, the one we use) sometimes include blueberries,cranberries, and other fruits among their ingredients.

  51. Kimski – I’m with you — I live for another chance to catch just a glimpse of Winston. Winston ROCKS!

  52. @biscuithead – I’ve heard that the French have a term for what you’re looking for. It’s “Jolie Laid”, which literally means “pretty (in the aesthetic sense, not as in “very”) ugly”. It means somebody is not traditionally beautiful, but there is something attractive about that person (or cat in this case) anyway.

  53. aaaaaahhhh! Teh chomp/nom/purrrrrrrrrrr!

    and teh fangs. luv teh fangs.

  54. michelleology says:

    @marsheeeee I can’t be the only person who has a completely different image of “Jolie Laid”.

  55. Where is Sidekick Kitteh?

    My dear departed Chuck ate all the chives out of the garden one year. I watched him do it on several occasions. He was having such a good time I didn’t have the heart to shoo him.
    The only thing worse than cat breath is ONION cat breath.

  56. Another Winston video..what a great way to startmy day. ; )
    He really needs his own catagory.

  57. biscuithead says:


    Jolie Laid!
    I’d forgotten that expression!
    I learned it decades ago in French class.
    Thanks for the reminder!
    Ugly, but with a certain je ne sais quoi.

    CO needs that “Ugly… Yet Cute” category.

  58. That is the cutest kitty, but if I were Winston’s Daddy I would sleep with one eye open!! 😉
    Sandra Evertson

  59. I wonder if Winston has any taste buds at all, lol! he just eats and eats and eats almost anything! 😉

  60. I love Winston!!! I laughed harder at this video than anything I’ve seen on here. What a personality!
    Side note: in an early senior moment, I was thinking is it Halloween already?

  61. Hey, I thought I was the only nads here! Anyway, Winnie is one seriously rude kitty. I can’t believe how ill mannered he is! Yet still, I lurve him.

  62. Stupid, flat faced cat & even dumber people that video him pigging out !
    Boring ! Get a life !

  63. I, too, noticed the polar bear walk to the other end of the cowsche, and thought that a blueberry rainbow was forthcoming.

    I like that this video was much more cinema verite than some of the others. This was Winston in his own space and time. My cat Rider (who was more traditionally handsome than Winston, if I may say so), adored most human food, and he would walk right up to me and stand on my lap and demand that I hand feed him (or at least throw on the floor) something for him to nom on, and then he’d lick my fingers. I know that’s probably gross or undisciplined to some, but that’s just the kind of cat he was, and this video reminded me of that. I miss that guy. (Bertha disdains human food but is a rather vicious finger nommer when she gets in the mood).

  64. oh noooos!! I just watched the Winston Xmas video, with our star wearing his Santa outfit (hat made for 2 ears). Had not seen before — I was laughing even harder!!
    This kitty is da bomb.

  65. @Biscuithead, “jolie laid” is a good one, but my favorite was when the French teacher would call someone a “flâneur.”

  66. biscuithead says:


    flaneur \flah-NUR\, noun:
    One who strolls about aimlessly; a lounger; a loafer.


  67. Arachnophile says:

    Awh, Winston is cute because he’s a character, not because of how he looks.

    My cat won’t even take food out of my hands and has an appatite that would make a Wookie proud but, no hand feeds. 😦

  68. Doxylover79 says:

    Ahhh, Winston makes my day. I love that big furball!

  69. I love you Winston.. Smooshy face and all!! <3

  70. This is surely a cat that would eat you if you died and he was locked in the house with no one to feed him.

    [Don’t kid yourself, sweetie. They’d *all* do that. – Ed.]

  71. @Lurker:

    My stupid cat totally chowed down on my potted chives. I had a lush green patch when I brought them in and a few weeks later I had a bare pot.

  72. WINSTON!!!
    ah lurvs winston

  73. Weeeeenstone: We need you in the White House now more than ever. WINSTON ‘O8!

  74. I know this is wrong to say but… winston is fugly, why do we keep looking at him?

  75. Stephanie C. says:

    Am I the only one that noticed that the guy in the background a 0:38 has super-long index toes?

    I mean, seriously, it looks like his feet are throwing the finger.

  76. Hmm… not sure human fingers are an approved feline food source. Yummy, though.


  77. Oh Winston..Stealer of my heart…You can eat my blueberries n fingers ANYTIME!!

  78. @michelleology – you mean you get images of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – um –

    I see what you mean. Oh dear.

  79. WINSTON is THE Qtest creature in the known universe (and beyond). Bar none. You out there who don’t get it, get therapy NOW. You badly need it.

    And Winston, the bluez! The fingerz! THE PURRS WHILE CHOMPING!!!


  80. Oh, and in case it isn’t patently obvy to a few: there ARE no “stupid” cats.

  81. winstonfan241 says:

    Aw. Don’t hate on Winston. He’s one of God’s “special” creatures.

  82. I want him. nomnomnomnomnomnom. I would let him bite my fingers if he were that cute while doing it!

  83. Weenston! I loffs you! You can nom on my fingers anytime!

  84. (in my best Babs Jansen voice): That boy is a P-I-G pig!

  85. trazerogers says:

    The purring while he’s munching is priceles!

  86. My Grandmother has a cat that is a fiend for cantaloupe and raw green beans. And mine will only eat her kitty food. Refuses anything else. *shrug*

  87. ahhhh! Vampire!Winston is the best!

  88. “Is there anything that cat won’t eat???”

    @Renee – Funny you should ask. As we’ve come to learn, it’s ‘no’ on paper (or receipt looking things), but ‘yes’ on plastic lids. Tsk tsk..I sentence you to re-watch all the previous Winston videos.

  89. Jmuhj — au contraire! Every species has its dim specimens. I’ve known dumb cats, smart cats, and average cats. And before you ask, all were measured against other felines, not some irrelevant people scale. The dumb cats truly were (and are) just plain dumb at being cats.

    Doesn’t mean we love them less.

  90. I was waiting for Winston to get a little purple blueberry mustache. That would be cute!

  91. the other Brenda says:

    Winston ees a peeg!!!!

  92. HE’s going to end up with an empire like Mr Winkle, isn’t he?

    Personally, I’m more of a Rudy person.

    Hey, some people are Ginger, others are all Mary Anne. I think everyone’s a Betty fan but there’s probably a few Veronica people out there.

  93. biscuithead says:

    You’d go with Betty, but you’d be thinking of Wilma.

  94. Uh, Winston? How do you know where those fingers have been last?

    [I’m sure the fingers know where that cat tongue has been, too… – Ed.]

  95. I freaking love Winston!!! The people demand more!

  96. My Mr. Picky does not eat people foods (except for butter). He turns up his little kitteh nose at anything but kitteh foods. He also is very particular about kitteh treats. He disdains Kitty Greens and Temptations, and will look at it, sniff it, lick his nose and go someplace else. Fruit? Veggies? Pasta? Tuna? Fageddabadit!

  97. Oh, I bet the fact that his companion anima actually feeds Winston has introduced Winston to some unconventional foods.

    Winston looks like he needs some special care for life, yes, I agree. His lack of teeth, his funny face, I may be wrong, but nature may have hiccuped there for ol’ Winnie. I’d buy a tee-shirt, but the picture, to my eyes, hasn’t captured his true essence, the picture is much tooo happy.
    Now a picture of Winston would do- a real photo, perhaps of him eating some sushi from his companion animal’s fingers? Yes, now I’d be inclined to wear that.
    Winston, your dignity is zero, but your gravitas is stratospheric. Long live interspecies food nomming!

  98. jackie31337 says:

    At one point, I was sure he was going to lick the camera!

  99. My daughter and I love to follow Winston! What a face!

  100. I used to have a Siamese mix (Gabby–she died 3 years ago at age 19) who loved stir-fried veggies and saltines. A Tonkinese I had in the 1970s-1980s loved tomato juice, spaghetti in red sauce, and apples (whch I had to slightly chew for him and then feed to him from my hand).

    I post funny true anecdotes about them and my other pets and animal friends and acquaintances on my “Pet Tales” site at

    If you drop by, leave a message and tell me you are from CO. I love when I get CO visitors.

  101. Winston, my love, please don’t eat blueberries. I love to eat blueberries too. If you eat blueberries, it becomes a Winstonberry combination I cannot resist. So, I would have to eat you. And then where would we be? We would be Winston-less. The sun wouldn’t shine. Blueberries couldn’t grow. We would be blueberry-less. Then, where would Fats Domino be? Thrill-less. And Chuck Berry-less even. Winston! This madness must stop. Mwah.

  102. Weeenston’s haircut seems to be growing in nicely.

    My marmie boy Danny MUST have green beans if any of his humans are having them. There is no such thing as not sharing one’s green beans with Danny.

  103. Janelle (of “Nelly needs to go to Boxhab, but she says no no no” fame – video here: ) tells me she wants to marry Winston.

    They would make SUCH a sweet couple. 🙂

  104. snoopysnake says:

    Yes, I agree that Winston’s hair looks much better in this video!

    I love the rattlesnake rrrrattlepurrrrrrrrrrring and fangs! How about going as a Diamondback rattler for Halloween, Winston?

    Now I wants me some bloobs!

  105. omg winston is such a pig!! it’s like they don’t feed him enough or something…

  106. The purrage combined with the munchage is pricelss.

  107. love. eeeeet. the. mostest.

    i love that he eats booberries and carrots. hilarity! best. cat. evarrr!