Meg on Martha: Video!

Oi Peeps!  Meg is en route back to San Fran, but I’ve got video for youuuu…

This is of course our Fearless Leader featured this morning on The Martha Stewart Show.  Big hello to Martha & Co.!  I especially wanted to say hi to Eliad Laskin, too; Eliad is more-or-less my counterpart over at The Martha Blog.  w00t!

Oh — and those really are some nice cameras.  Not at all jealous.  😉
One more thing: The chow chow puppy post is here!



  1. I didn’t know the backstory of CuteOverload, but I love it. I come here because my husband is allergic to cats and we can’t have one.

    Thanks Meg! 🙂

    [Well, that’s a coincidence, isn’t it? – Ed.]

  2. Congratulations! I’m glad Martha is on the side of good clean (usually) fun on the internet.

  3. OMG so cool to see Meg in person!

  4. Yay! Congrats to Meg and the whole CO krew. Thanks, guys!

  5. Boomer's Babysitter says:


  6. Yay!! It’s such a Martha day at my house. I went to the farm to pick up some fresh corn and peppers (which for whatever reason always reminds me of Martha). Then I worked on my latest Friesian horse painting. Now I pop onto the Overload and here’s even more Martha! I have the show TiVo’d for later. Perfect MarthaOverload day!

  7. Thanks for postin the video.. Im at work and couldn’t see the show!! Go Cuteoverload!!! 😀

  8. next stop: the woooooorld! congratulations CO peeps :0)

  9. raymi is so proud

  10. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Congratulations CO and crew for some well-deserved recognition. Thanks for reminding me to pick-up my CO calenders for X-mas!

  11. You ROCK! This is the best website EVAH!!!!! Seriously, I tell everyone I come in contact about it.
    (hmmmmm, maybe that’s kinda scary?)


  12. w00t indeed. I’m nearly peeing my pants! Add my congrats to those above.

  13. Congrats! You have one of the best websites out there and you deserve the recognition!

    [Hi Peter! Have you been to Fergus Falls yet? 😉 – Ed.]

  14. YAY It must feel so nice to have your hard work recognised 🙂 Its such a shame that you are allergic to cats that like worse than allergic to chocolate :O

  15. Well, it took CO to finally get me to TiVo Martha (I may have to wash out my TV’s mouth with soap) but bravo for the well-deserved coverage. And thanks, as always, for my daily dose of goodness.

  16. same haircut.

  17. I KNEW she was a blonde! Blondes rock.

  18. Aw, I just got kind of weepy! It’s funny how we feel ownership of the media we love, isn’t it? This site is the best. Go Meg!

  19. Stephanie C. says:


    Btw, I got my calendar in the mail about a week ago, and let me say, a-freakin’-dorable.

  20. (the original) Mel says:

    Congrats MEG!


  21. Yea Meg! And Teho! And all the Overloaders! Yea!! 🙂

  22. SQUEEEE!!! I DVR’d it. I can’t wait to watch it tonight!

  23. yaaay, meg!

  24. Congratulations! Looks like Martha LOVES CuteOverload! LOL And you thought your site was busy before you were on her show.

  25. Oh you are so awesome meg! FINALLY my lil’ iMac and cuteoverload are ONE!!! You are an inspiration!!!

  26. I meant to record this, so I’m really glad you posted it, Theo!

    Meg is ADORABLE!!!

  27. Meg herself is pretty cute, whodathunkit?

  28. Meggles! We’re sooooooo proud of youuuuuuuuuu!

  29. momof2kitties says:

    YAY! YAY! YAY! \o/

    CO is an important part of my day, each and every day, like orange juice and sunshine and kitteh snorgles.


  30. Meg, you are beautiful!

  31. We ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ our very own Meggums ! And yes, she’s as cute as any of her postingks !

  32. Ms.McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    OH MY GOSH!! Meg herself is so CUTE…SHE should be on CuteOverload!! :O Really! Meg, your ADORABLE! 🙂

    I was sad to find out that Meg and Mr. Meg are allergic to animals 😦 My Mr. is allergic to my pigs now (after over 10 years he developed this) the doc has him stuffed full of several meds to keep in in control. He just doesn’t pick them up like he used to 😦

    I was so thankful for the meds for him tho. I’ve gotten used to him and the rest of our family would be sad to see him have to move out…..he also was thankful he didn’t have to!:D

  33. no offence, like, but

    I imagined meg to be of a usual Blogphiliac pursuasion, but she’s definately a slender and normal looking grown up 😀

    us Brits have standards of people over there which we expect you to conform to :@

  34. That’s just a great appearance! I’m getting the calendar for my BFF, and she is getting one for me. I can’t wait till Christmas!

  35. Janey — oh? Is it anything to do with teeth?

  36. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, Meg herself could be the poster woman for Cute! Too bad she and hub. are allergic though. Interspecies snorgling (human to something) is the best of all!

  37. Theo, actually, I think it has more to do with beards. Interweb bloggy people all have big beards. And glasses.

  38. YAAAAYYYY!!!

    :: fanfare and confetti ::

    (I feel like Rip Taylor).

    Congrats everyone!

    To repeat: Meg = hotness not just because of looks.

    Welcome new Martha-centric peeps!

  39. Gee, if I didn’t already have a girlcrush on Meg from her Internet wonderfulness, this video of her would have certainly done it … Meg, you are absolutely adorable! Great coverage, great presence … a well-deserved gushfest from Martha … *applauds*

  40. Good for Meg! And I have to say she looks adorable too. I was so distraught when I found out there was a Mr. Meg…

  41. Woot Woot!

  42. YEAAA CO on Martha! This site has saved me many a times from a stress filled day @ wrk. You guys are awesome!!

  43. LOVE IT! You’re pretty Qte yourself, Meg (hetero female, here, not to worry!); and where can I get the dog-free version of the calendar?

  44. Meg, you are a rock star!

  45. Meg herself should be on Cute Overload!

  46. you know how sometimes you kind of expect people on the internet to be weird and creepy in person?
    I always thought Meg was probably very nice and funny, and I was right!
    She’s also beautiful!

  47. Hooray for Meg!

  48. Meg – you have such a beautiful smile, just as I imagined. Like sunshine. Awesome spot on Martha! Thanks, CO Peeps, for posting it. I love you guys sooooo moiche.

  49. YAY!

    Congrats Meg & congrats Cuteoverload!

  50. Beth (in NC) says:


    Meg I am so sorry you are allergic to cats, and that Mr. Meg is allergic to dogs! 😦 At least you have your own crazy, super, mega blogsite to make up for it.

    Also, you work at Apple, and that is very cool (as I write this on my MacBook Pro).

  51. meg meg meg meg!! Ohhhhh — you were FABBBBB! congrats to you and thanks so so much for just always having a place for me to go to when I’m having a down-whoa-is-me-lonely moment. (oh — and every other kind of moment too, seeing as how CO is THE BEST blog EV-AH!)


  52. I watched it this morning when it came on and was shocked at how business woman Meg is. Paint me crazy but for some reason I always pictured her looking like a cute little gnome rofl. I know silly, but that’s always how I saw her heh

    Anywho… it was fun to see her, but I wish the show had spent more time on her!

  53. I wanted to hear her say: “Hey Martha, don’t make me get all BAROO on yo ass!”

    HA! [laughs hysterically at self…] But, otherwise, good show, Meg, good show!

  54. theo: really, don’t, my dentist charged me 4 shillings sixpence* and i’m none to pleased about it

    *this equates to about $3000 in modern parlence.

  55. Congrats, my dear! How fabulous is that? And you’re just as cute as all these pictures! Thanks you, Meg. Cute Overload is a spot of sunshine. Coming here always makes my day.

  56. Awwww….Meg is her own personal Cute Overload!

    Congrats on the Martha Stewart of it all!

  57. MEG RULES! I call her the Cute Overlord. 🙂

    I come to Cute Overload because I love animals and promised my husband that we’d have our babies first before we got any pets. Our first baby will arrive in a few weeks, then we’ll have another in a year or so, then it’s FUR THERAPY TIME!


  58. meg = supastah!
    after your appearence there’ll be no stopping teh qte world dominay-shons. congrats to you and the co crew.


  60. Ok, who else thinks Meg is the cutest thing ever? I just want to hug her!

  61. i love meg and CO, i’m so happy everyone is realizing how awesome you guys are!

    yaaaaayyy!!!! ;D

  62. scruffylove says:

    As I said in an earlier post–Meg your voice is so adorable. Almost twee. I didn’t need to see more Perez Hilton, it should have been Meg, Meg and more Meg.

  63. Meg is indeed adorable. Or…well, “adorable” isn’t really the proper word (it has like…connotations that make it sound as if she’s an 8 year-old girl in pigtails). Rather, Meg is beautiful/hot. Not to be crass or anything, but that’s the way it is. It’s nice to be able to put a face and voice behind all the posts and captions. 🙂

  64. Just wanted to add my CONGRATS MEG! 🙂

  65. Meggie-Moo, you ROCK THE MOST!

    Congratulations on scoring the Martha appearance/endorsement; you and CO deserve every kudo (and publicity opportunity) out there in the world…

  66. They didn’t mention the HUMOR! That’s half the charm of the photos and this place!

  67. Meg has no pets?!?! None at all? How sad… it puts an almost desperately suppressed twist to the website. Although she is just too nomable, huh? And definitely twee.

  68. scruffylove says:

    Grrr, Nina.
    I said her voice was adorable. Everyone covered the loveliness of her face, I wwanted to comment on her voice. Indeed, her voice is girlish and adorable. The face is hot, the voice is adorable.

  69. Heh, “scruffylove”, take it easy. I didn’t mean it as a dig.

  70. scooterpants says:

    i dont know how she does it, full time job, this blog, husband, home and all,
    still she manages to clean up pretty well with a good scrubbin. 🙂
    *(also we all know there are several varieties of pet a person can have that are almost completely hypo-allergenic.)*

  71. johnnyjohnny says:

    Fantastic Segment. We loves some Martha and Meg! Congratulashuns all around.

  72. scooterpants says:

    btw- does anyone know which puppeh martha picked?

  73. Meg works at Apple? Neat.

  74. Ha! Martha Stewart is telling all her viewers to go to Cute Overload and you;ve got a hamster with a giant “boner” on the front page! HA!

  75. That’s nothing, HH. Have you ever *read* Perez Hilton?

  76. Meg – TEH WIN!!!!111!!!!! You rule. Congrats. And Martha – she is kool for recognizing the greatness.

  77. I was very excited to see the woman behind all the cuteness! This site never fails to brighten my day. Thanks Meg!

  78. Thanks Meg! Not a day goes by at the office that I don’t yell “everybody go to Cute Overload right now!” I laugh or cry tears of joy every day! This site is not only cute but incredibly funny! Keep up the good work! Is it okay to end every sentence with an exclamation point?!

  79. Congratulations!

  80. Space Cowgirl says:

    I was sure Meg was a redhead, but I have to say, she is the epitome of cute!

    [Well you’re close, she’s married to one… – Ed.]

  81. snoopysnake says:

    Meg – you’re great! It’s nice to see that someone so nice “in person” is behind our favorite site. Congrats on your Martha Stewart coup!

    I’m sorry for you and your husband on the animal allergies. Are you allergic to reptiles, too? A lot of people who can’t have fur find that reptiles are perfect pets for them. I can vouch for the fact that they can be cute as can be…especially pretty pastel-shaded corn snakes! My own allergies to things other than pets have actually improved since I got my snakes!

  82. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Wow, that was really great! Wonderful plug for the calendar, too!

  83. Hooray! Awesome job, Meg! I’ve been around CO for a long time and I’m glad to see it doing as well as it is. 🙂

    PS – Hi from another Apple employee! =)

  84. I told you purple and pearls would suit you!

    [Strictly speaking, wasn’t it lavender? Oh wait, make that “lilac”, heh… – Ed.]

  85. Sweet Scout says:

    Congrats to Meg and CO!!!

    But…they could have devoted the whole HOUR to this blog. And possibly have mentioned that really, you can see prosh animals anywhere, but where else can you find such smart and funny captioning and a whole vocabulary that you didn’t even know existed?!? The combo of cleverness and cute is what overloads me.

    Now…if I could only get my hands on one of those calendars! Sold out everywhere I look.

  86. Who knew Meg is CUTE too!

    So nice to put a face to the name. Congrats on your TV appearance. How exciting.

    That reminds me, gotta get me that calendar!

  87. Meg, the pictures are always adorable, but the titles and captions are what make Cute Overload stand head and shoulders above other blogs. The witty and whimsical hovertext is always a delight. Congratulations on the recognition that you and the other Overloaders deserve for your contribution of making the day brighter for everyone.

    [Yay! – Ed.]

  88. Thanks, Meg, I, too, am allergic, and have tried, oh, I’ve tried, to no avail, with an assortment of pet species . . . OK, clams were fine, but boring.
    So thanks for the fur substitute blog.

    @scooterpants, alas, ‘*hypo*allergenic’ only means ‘will kill me slightly more slowly’ but am hoping a neighbour’ll buy one of them there designer cats so I can wear one like a hockey mask for a day: THEN I’ll believe ‘non-allergenic’.

  89. CONGRATS, MEG!!!
    Dont let Martha fool you, tho! Its the awesome subtitles you write that are the magic of experience! way to go!!

  90. Meg totally rocked it! Yay!!


  91. Oh and Lunch Lady has a very good point there. Meg’s a gifted comedic writer!

  92. um, meg is hot. funny AND gorgeous? say it isn’t so!

  93. Awww, Meg. You’re such a beautiful gal! It was great to finally see your face. 😀

    Thank you for everything you have done with this site. My husband and I adore it and are so appreciative.

    Congratulations on the guest spot!

  94. aw meg youre as cute as a button!! congrats on all your success, the pictures you post and your commentary always put a smile on my face :]

  95. Oh good, a video! We have FLN, but only on the TV in the living room, which my sister is always hogging.

    I totally agree that it’s the cap-shons that make the site, and Meg’s as cute as the aminals!

    (If Sparky’s allergic to dogs, though, how come he lets Rufus neeble on his ear?)

  96. Congrats Meg! Very cool national appearance and a nice plug by Martha.

  97. FABULOUS!!
    Sandra Evertson

  98. oh my god. you’re so CUTE.


  99. Good for you, Meg. Congrats! Keep the mammals upgraded. All sorts of animals make the grade, but mammals deserve extra credit.

  100. OMG She’s so CUTE!!!! Yay!!!

  101. Anerable!

  102. @HH:

    Uhm, I think you misinterpreted the hammie post. That’s a leg being extended, not a different appendage.

  103. Awesome. Nice to see and hear Meg! 😉

  104. I confess. I googled “Meg Frost”. Design Manager at dotMac! w00t!

    [Actually it’s “MobileMe” now, not .Mac; the project evolved… – Ed.]

  105. I love how everyone in the audience is grinning inanely when they’re told they’re getting the calendar for free xD

  106. hooray for Meg! you’re so cute and nice. I’m so happy for you and your cute helpers. You need your own TV show. :o)

  107. I’m so glad you put up this clip – as I live in Australia there’s no way I could’ve seen it otherwise!

    My wonderful boyfriend als got me the CO calendar for my bday, shipped all the way Down Under… yay!!!x

  108. I’m too late, I got nothing new to say but let me join in with YAY!! Congratulations! Well-deserved recognition for all involved in bringing us teh cute.

    I agree it was a shame there wasn’t a chance to mention the hilarious captions – the humor is what keeps me coming back (well, that and the daily dose of cute!).

    And I also agree – lavender/lilac and pearls, the perfect look!

  109. ok, i STILL want to buy meg a drink the next time she’s in NY, but how great was that all-too-brief appearance? meg, you looked terrific, very poised and, dare i say, martha-like. and martha gushed about the CO calendar “This is a GREAT thing”!!!! woo-woo-woo! those folks in the audience were THRILLED to get a daily dose of the qte in calendar form. yay, meg! yay, CO!

  110. Meg should get her own post! Sweet! She’s quite cute as well. Well done!

    [Well she’s got *this* post, and the one right before it… – Ed.]

  111. oh, and seriously, perez hilton? ugh. that should have been YOU up there with martha, meg.

  112. Holy crappity crap crap!!!

    Meg, you are a doll and so dang kyoot!! You were right up there with the professionals, no doubt!!!

    We will be seeing the Cute Whisperer show on the Animal Planet before you know it!!!

    Good job, girl! 😀

  113. I’m no Martha fan, but way to go Meg!

  114. Aw, Meg is adorable! She should put HERSELF on cute overload. People are animals too!

  115. mommy25bunnies says:

    Meg, YOU are an overload of cute!!! Everybody, PAWS UP for MEG!!

  116. Oh, you’re too adorable yourself, Meg! It was lovely seeing the person behind the site. Thank you for featuring this – I wouldn’t have caught it otherwise, and I’m so glad I did.
    Keep up the cute! Paws up! 🙂

  117. That’s awesome. Who would’ve thought a stack of photos would become the behemoth it is today? Hanging out with Martha, topping the charts on Amazon… that’s amazing, Meg. Keep up the wonderful work! (And the same for the rest of you, natch)

  118. Meg looked exactly liked I would have guessed … Like the always friendly girl next door 🙂

    And who needs perez hilton … They should have talked more about the cuteness!

  119. How adorable are you, Miss Meg! And my god – I hope you have help with this website. It’s clearly a full time job! And I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  120. haha, great. i bet meg was hopelessly uncute when she started this site, but then spent years working too closely with cute materials, and now the cuteosity totally permeated her system, careful meg! wear heavy gloves and goggles! it can take the body decades to fully flush out an excess of cute.

  121. Meg, you have given us so much joy. When I have stress during the day, I know just where to go for my little ray of sunshine. Thank you for bringing such happiness into every day! You should be so proud to have such a positive impact on so many people! We are all proud of you for this wonderful thing that you created. It looked like Martha is a true fan, too!!
    You deserve so much happiness and success. Today the web, tomorrow . . . the world!!!

  122. Thank you for posting this because I was unable to view it this morning! Way awesome!

  123. Meg- Congratulations on the show, I expect a ton more calendars. . .perfect Christmas gift. Thank you for making us all sooooooo happy.
    – Roofees, Tom and Claire.

  124. Yeah, Meg.

    She’s cute enough to be on CO!

  125. Wow, Meg is a lot hotter than what I pictured!

  126. so_much_love says:

    I used to be allergic to cats when I was little – like, face becomes puffer-fish allergic – but thankfully I grew out of it. Plus my bengal doesn’t shed so much.

    Anyway, nice one, Meg and Theo and NTMTOM. I somehow pictured Meg a little more rock & roll, but that may not have been approp for Martha. Like! =)

  127. scruffylove says:

    I know it’s probably too late Nina– but I wasn’t really offended. It’s just the journalist and writer in me that feels the need to defend word choice. The “Grrr” was the silly growl the Scruffster gives when someone is at the door.

  128. Meg, you’re just so… CUTE!!! Congrats on making it on Martha’s show. You should be proud of your hard work. 🙂 Btw, is Teho actually Mr. Meg?

  129. I know I’m number 126 in the list here, but I just HADDA join in the group hug and say You GO Girl!! I’m so happy you had the inspiration to create this community. I love us!

  130. Theo – did Meg get the multifunction printer, too?

  131. Yay! Group hug continues…

    Is it too late to add a Meg/Theo ticket? I’m sure the Qte could solve our economic crisis, dissolve the highly polarized political climate, and improve international relations. Maybe a cure for global warming too?

    I’m starting a petition.

  132. Meg, you look awesome! Congrats on your smooth handling of a major media moment.

    Please add my thanks to all the others, for giving us one happy spot when it’s otherwise dreary.


  133. w00t w00t!

    Go Meg! You were great on TV and looked beautiful. My hubby is allergic, too, so no pets for me either, but luckily there’s CO!
    Your captions are half of the charm, pictures wouldn’t be nearly the same without them!

  134. congrats, Meg – C&B forever wishes the best for CO

  135. Wow, what a cutie! On TV!

    Can you sell more shirt designs and stickers and junk, pleeeease?

  136. Martha in Washington says:

    YAY CO!! And Meg! And all the CO bloggers! And thank you for posting the video. I missed it today because of work (bleech!) and I don’t have TiVO or DVR or any of that new-fangled stuff. So thanks again.

    Meg-you are adorabuhls!

  137. Sparkster here.

    To correct some misconceptions:

    1) I’m deathly allergic to cats, not dogs. That didn’t keep me from sneaking a marmy into my bed all through childhood (and sneezing all the next day).

    2) I have brown hair, not red.

    3) @so_much_love: Meg is *also* a rockstar. She’s a singer in the band The Bootcuts and performed “Whole Lotta Love” in her wedding dress at our reception. I got crowd-surfed to the stage after that one…

  138. Congrats Meg! You’re as cute as you sound judging by the texts you write for the pics everyday!! I’m a big fan of CO from Germany. keep up the great work!! I wish I could buy a calendar here

  139. I made my dh WAIT to watch his movie that he wanted to see so I could watch it on the DVR tonight. My kids were so excited to see THE Meg. And I have to agree – Meg could have done the segment that Perez did – she is a ton more cute and probably more informing that he could EVER be.

    Luv ta all – too bad we couldn’t see Teho and NTMTOM, too.

  140. It’s nice to hear Meg and some background info on C.O.! Thanks for posting the vid, Theo.

  141. Who’s this Martha person, and whys isn’t she lettingk Megs talk more?

  142. Aw, Meg! I didn’t know the back story either…:(
    I was surprised to not hear any ‘Meg words’ in the appearance…I was sure some of the words and tone we have come to know so well was just how Meg talked and was hehe!

    Great to see you! You’re just so beautiful and you definitely glow, lovely! Much congratulations!

  143. WOO HOO!!!

    WOW, Thank you for ALL the sweet, thoughtful, sincere, nice comments everyone! Wow.

    I wish you could share the great feeling I have right now, reading these comments after a long flight.

    I really appreciate all the comments…

    I have a few behind-the-scenes shots posted over at Frostdesign, of the Martha Show. Check them out here:

    It was an absolute HOOT to be on the show and enjoy the entire program—Martha was as sincere as she could possibly be. The guests, the lights, the teleprompters, the music, the producers—it was a thrill and I’m on cloud 9 from it all.

    [Head about to hit pillow now]


  144. martha made it sound like this is just a boring site with cute animals, what about the hilarous commentary?? anyways…
    love you meg!!!

  145. Meg, YOU are cute too!!!

  146. awww so sad meg and sparky are both allergic. mabe chief sister officer has some fuzzy things you can occasionally visit, i hope?

    since this thread is a meg ovefest anyway, let me gush a little: meg, the site is not what it is because of the cute animal photos. it is the cute animal photos with your witty, sometimes gutbusting captions that make it special. and now own theo and ntmtom add their special flavors (ew, that sounded weird, sorry) but it wouldn’t be the same without your biting wit mixed with proshness.

    if i wasn’t diabetic before this comment, i probably am now.

  147. [er, i can spell. some of my keys are stuck, so it will require that you fill in the blanks to understand what i’m saying in that last ost, er, post.]

  148. Congratulations on a media coup, Meg! You are awfully cute, have you considered being the Poster Person for Cute? You enjoyment of the time was rewarding for me, and I bet for all of us who wish you only good things! It is sort of like we can give something tangible back to you! Best Wishes, K.

  149. Yay, Meg!!! Great appearance! Had no idea you are allergic, that stinks…I feel like you should have a house full of pets!!!

  150. HH, your mind’s in the gutter — don’t you recognize a girl hamster showing off her beautiful leg when you see one?

    (Guess either way it may be a bit racy — shall we give CO a PG rating?) 🙂

    Wow, Meg, you’re famous! Who woulda thunk?!

    ps I know what everyone on my Christmas list is getting this year!

  151. Ditto!

    Everyone already said what I wanted to say so I’ll just second it! Thanks to all the CO folks for keeping me sane.

    Love you guys!!!

  152. Nicole: No, Theo is Mr. Jaye. 🙂

    Oh, and Theo sez: “Sparky does SO have red hair!”

  153. Yes, Meg is cute! Only a cute person could have such a cute site. Even better – she works for Apple! Macs rule!!
    So tragic they are allergic to animals. I can’t eemagine!

  154. knightofmonarch says:

    Meg- Meg- Meg- You GO Girl

  155. I see patients lined up at plastic surgeons’ offices all over the world, all wanting Meg’s perfect nose! So great to put a face and a voice to the blog that starts my day off cute.

  156. Lookin’ real good, Miss Moo. [tips my stetson in your direction]

  157. “”Oh, and Theo sez: “Sparky does SO have red hair!””

    If he does, please make him come to next year’s redheadday… it’s in the Netherlands, but definitely worth it!
    Because redheads are cute, too 😉


  158. Meg, you have a beautiful, beautiful smile!

  159. yay for cute!

  160. That Meg is one good-lookin’ broad! Seriously, Meg, you’re beautiful!

    Although, for some reason, I always thought she was a brunette, don’t ask me why.

  161. i’ve always wanted to know what meg looks like!

  162. Late to the party, but YAYAYAYAYAYAY Meg and CO! Echoing a poster above, you bring so much laughter and positivity to the day.
    Thanks for what you do!

  163. Holy. Moly. So much to say.

    1. Hay Meg, you know what? You’re adorable! Just in case for some reason you are reading MY post first… I wanted to let you know. 🙂 You really, really are though.

    2. You are a BIZZY girl!!! Have you discovered some magical way for the cuteness to fuel you? Blog, work, wifeness AND a band? (for all of those who want to see, I followed Meg’s links and found a Bootcuts video!!!)

    3. Everyone here is right – as IF Martha spent more time with Perez Hilton than YOU!!! Geez! Did Perez Hilton devote entire posts towards helping her pick her new furbabies??? Did he? (Seriously, did he? I have no idea… I can’t stand the guy). Sheesh. Martha viewers DEFINITELY WANT MORE MEGS!

    and FINALLY

    I got my calendar yesterday – for any Canadians who want to know, you can get it at Costco (I couldn’t find it anywhere else up here in the Great White North… I think that someone is trying to minimize the import of cuteness into this country….). Even tho Meg had sent me an email that my submitted photo of puppehs would be in the calendar, and it is not, I LOVE it anyway. Yes, of course I ripped it open and looked at every page right away. Christmas, shrishmas.

    Thanks, Meg. As someone else said, YOU are Sunshine. 🙂

  164. ah, the face of a genius!!!!
    GO MEG GO!!

    thanks for all that you do. congrats on the Martha Stewart show.

    Cute Overload. Its a good thing.


  166. I couldn’t believe it when I heard Cute Overload was going to be featured in a television spot! Actually I didn’t believe it until I saw the video clip!

    Who knew a blog could go so far!

    It was nice to see a face to go with the place!

    Keep up the good work Meg and all!

    P.S. Meg works at Apple?! I’m assuming you also have an Apple computer? I love it when I find a fellow Mac lover!

  167. Yaaaay Meg! To echo what everyone else said, you’re pretty darn cute yourself!

    And The Bootcuts is an excellent name for a band. 🙂

  168. …ok so I bought 3 of them. 😛

    Dear old mum doesn’t have a computer and I thought maybe she could give 2 friends a calendar too.

  169. Yitzysmommie says:

    Very late to the partay – Thanks, T Ed. for the video link so we laggers an enjoy the QTE.
    GRATULATIONS, Meggster, you were FAHbulous.
    CO helps me start every day, and when the day sinks into a mudpile, CO helps me restart my day with a smile.

  170. Congrats Meg! You are cute too! Loved hearing the backstory. I’m sad you can’t have pets, but I’m glad you started this website! 🙂

  171. OMG!! today is SO awesome … 3 of my favorite things all intersecting in the cosmos in one exciting ‘splosion of happy / cute … 1) Martha (major fan – since she first starting publishing catering books … way before her prison-shawl days), 2) CO (been “overloading” for over a year) 3) and Apple products (am a graphic designer who is permanently tethered to my MBP)

    Congrats … YAY!!

    oh … and better print lots of those calendars!

    The only sad part about today is the Meg can’t have pets :{ But CO is the next -best thing!

  172. Forgive my possible ignorance, but is Theo actually “Mr. Meg” and just keeping it discreet?

  173. Meg you are so TV-genic! You look very pretty in that video. 🙂

    It´s terrible you can´t have animals, I didn´t know that, but what a job on this site, ey? Well done. *megahug* 😀

  174. Meg, what did Martha decide about the Chow Chow puppy puppies? Did she take all three three three?

  175. theloveofisis says:

    Congratulations, Meg!!! You are just as cute as a button 🙂 And congrats on the calendar being #1 on Amazon… I need to get myself one here at some point! Your girls in the chatroom are proud of ya, come in and say hi sometime! (Although at the moment it’s all but two of us in there, heh)

  176. Allergic??? I had no idea!

    But if you can wait the backlog of 12 months and spare 8k, you can get yourself a hypoallergenic kitten bred without the gene that causes people to get allergic reactions.

    I couldn’t imagine life without our animal angels!

  177. MEG! You’re BEAUTIFUL!

  178. Cute hair, Meg! I might borrow your hair style 🙂

  179. Wow, Meg you look beautiful!

    And so well spoken–I would have been a nervous wreck 🙂

    Congrats to everyone at the CO!

  180. WOW Fantastic Meg
    you are beautiful and I’m your fan number one in Brazil!
    …and God Bless all our lovely Animals and Nature

  181. yay!spreading the cute throughout the weirld!high five meg!

  182. Go Meg! Sooo lovely to be able to put a face to the name. Can’t believe you can’t have pets! Sobs for you xxxx

  183. BTW, just had an email from amazon UK to say my calendar is on its way to me! I can’t wait for 1 Jan! Lots of love, Hel

  184. So nice to see/hear Meg in person! But it feels incomplete somehow…maybe because she wasn’t talking to Martha Stewart like she writes about animal photos? Let’s hear some caption readings! LOL 😀

  185. Oh yeah… who remembers when Meg called DListed “the thinking man’s Perez Hilton”? I do:
    And then she goes on Martha with Perez Hilton… AWWWKWAAARD!!! Just kidding… I’m totally with her about DListed, I love it.

  186. You actually had to go back and check what shade of purple I mentioned? Thats adorable, theo….

  187. scooterpants says:

    dub1- whatever….
    you obviously knew what i meant.
    i too have severe pet/dander allergies, but still manage to have 2 dogs, one cat and a bird, oh and a really cool fish.

  188. bookmonstercats says:

    I couldn’t get any sound, but it looked great. Meg, you are gorgeous, and so talented, and do I hate you because? Actually, No.

  189. Marin — as Jaye (my wife) says, right here in the comments, I’m not “Mr. Meg”. That would be Sparky, who is also right here in the comments. Meg & Sparky live in San Francisco CA; Jaye & I live in Twin Cities MN.

    Darkshines — I wouldn’t want to be *wrong* y’know. 😉

  190. *giggle* Silly boy!

  191. Not much I can add — I’m so glad I found this blog. More than message boards I am on or other cyber communications – this one makes me feel warmer & more a part of a community.
    Guess I better get the calendar! Actually, I think I will get some to give as Xmas presents.
    Thank you Meg & everyone at CO.

  192. ok thanks Theo for clearing that up, and congratulations to Meg!

  193. all is full of love

  194. LONG time fan. I just didn’t realize that our fearless leader was herself full of cute!

    Honestly, I love this page. I check it out when I feel cranky.

  195. Now I know what Meg looks like! Theo and NTHTOM, what about you?

  196. Whitney — this is me:
    (I always have to watch out for BerthaServant; seriously, it’s a drag)

    …and this is Other Mike, aka NTMTOM:
    (he’s more polite in person. honest)

  197. Teho

    Thank you so very much for posting this – I had set up Martha to be Tivo’d but for some reason – it didn’t work so I thought I wasn’t going to get to see this. Meg – congrats and thanks for making all of our day with your wonderful blog

  198. You’re welcome, Judy. It’s weird, but my recording didn’t work right either. Fortunately I got enough of it to be able to post all the parts with Meg.

  199. momof2kitties says:

    Oh Teho. You gots the funnies!! You got me good! LOLOL!!!!!

  200. zomg! meg r a hottie! :O

  201. Meg – you are an inspiration, and darn cute too. I take back everything I said about perky blondes.

  202. meg, so fun to finally see you! you’re as nice in person (on tv) as you are online.

    like sue (waaaay up on top of comments), i also tell everyone about CO. When the world is feeling mean, CO is the place to go! (Poem not intentional.)

    BTW – saw mention of Fergus Falls. It really is a CUTE little town (in lovely Minnesnowda)!

  203. Aww, meg, you’re a cutie!

  204. coughs Megs a looker coughs 😀

  205. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Theo: Yep, that’s pretty much my office posture, all right.

  206. Congrats Meg!

  207. awesome – yay

  208. Gail (the first one) says:

    I am REALLY a latecomer to the par-teh (back at ‘actual’ work which is interfering with my commenting—LOL).

    Meg is a FABULOUS BABE!! If I were a man, I should be in love with her!! (paraphrased from Casablanca)

    This is so cool since it really seemed that Martha was quite taken with CO on her blog!

    Congrats to *all* of our Cute Overlords (Meg, Teho and NTMTOM)!!!!!!!!

    And, lastly, thanks for posting the video! I would have been devastated to discover I’d missed it! (Damn job!)

  209. The amazing Meg, you have changed the world.

  210. I was so excited to see you on Martha’s Show! You go girl! Thank you for the best blog on Earth.

  211. MegYou’reSoCuteIWannaSquishYew!!!

    And seeing that CO Calendar in 3D made me realise JUST. HOW. IMPOSSIBLY. CUTE! it is. I know, I’m terribly wols.

    I hope they import it into Singapore bookstores! I’ll DEFINITELY get one 🙂

  212. Wow! Take a few days away from the ‘net and look what happens!!!! Meg is indeed so purdy and nice. I have loved CO from almost the beginning, and just knew its fearless leader had to be a ‘real person’ with smarts, GSOH and a great personality. As far as I’m concerned, Meg is a kabillion times more wonderful than Martha could ever hope to be. Go, Meg. You truly rock.

  213. I want to be Meg. I want to be pretty and cute with really white teeth and married to a redhead. CO is the best.

  214. OMG! Meggles is SOoooo Cute! Just like I pictured her! =) I too am allergic 2kitteh-kittehs…so CO’s Scottish Folds are all I get! (unfortunately my cat allergy is a near-deadly 1) My bun & piggy & I Thank You 4 educating the web on Cuteness!!!

  215. Wow !! Good Job Meg..what a way to spread the cuteness 🙂

  216. Random thoughts after reading the comments:

    1) Yes, Meg is cute. Quite.

    2) I think she should have sung the “I ate too moische” song for Martha.

    3) I’m married to a redhead who is, coincidentally, the best thing that ever happened to me.

    4) There’s a Red Head day? *swoon*

    5) This site provides a valuable service. I have a new job which so far I love, but which has a “whitelist” type Internet filter: nothing but approved sites may be visited. No CO at work! Waaah! On the other hand, the job is much more low-stress than my last job, so maybe the need for CO won’t be so urgent and I can wait until I get home.

    6) YAY! for the CO exposure.

  217. OK – so this made my day. On the other hand, CO makes my day EVERY day. Uh, Megster – what day of the year in the calendar do you appear on? Mine is “On Order” so I want to be able to check it out when it arrives. p.s. I’m allergic to cats but the cats stay – along with the antihistamines. I’m allergic to horses and cows, too, but I draw the line.

  218. I linked to you and Martha too. Great show with you on there. Very cute blog! I started a blog ’cause you guys made it look so much fun AND IT IS! Please feel free to stop by and take a look at mine. It’s just all sorts of different stuff every day. 🙂

  219. The cutest thing is MEG! She did a great job. Thanks for keeping all of us smiling and warming our hearts!

  220. Somehow I pictured Meg as being 50-ish with long brown hair (streaked with grey) – living in a house filled with animals like Cameron Diaz in “Being John Malcovich” (not like I think about it a lot of anything…).
    I just wish Martha had mentioned all the wickedly cute commentary that goes along with the fotos – which is half the reason I check out the site. But, perhaps Martha isn’t into toe-hawks, bun-tocks and soft ear-kronsches?