Live on The Martha Stewart Show: Stills!

Chief Sister Officer here, posting for Meg!

Live right now on the West Coast, the Martha Stewart blogging show featuring,,,,, and a chat with Check out FULL COVERAGE on Martha Stewart’s blog.

Meg Frost, originally uploaded by Frank Sugino.


  1. whoo hoo

  2. i wanna see co on martha unfortunately im from uk crai!

  3. Teehee! I have it TiVo’d so I’ma watch it when I get to the teev.

    XOXOXOXO Meg & Martha!


  4. That’s Meg? Meg’s cute!

  5. AWESOME! We all know that Meg is clever (I love her cap-shons under the photos), but this is the first time I’ve seen her. The cutie behind the Cute Overload! Yay for Meg!

  6. this is not at all how i had imagined meg. she has the princess di eyes

  7. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Meg’s cute! I like the hairstyle! I tried that one once, and it’s so not me, but it is SO Meg!

  8. Our great leader!!! Yeay!!

  9. I always wondered what Meg looked like..

  10. omg…Meg should be on cuteoverload, well she is now ^____^…go Meg

  11. Wow, I never realized it but she kinda looks like Martha.

  12. Now I know what you look like!

  13. Meg: Want to snorgle…
    Martha: Not so much…

  14. Meg, you are such a cutie. Thanks for CO
    You handled being on the show just as well as the media giant herself. Way to go.

  15. OaklandCat: wut?

  16. Meg, you’re a doll! Look how happy and bright-eyed you are. I can totally see in your face where all the crazy, sweet, adorableness that is Cute Overload comes from. Way to go, girl!

  17. i had no idea she would look like that, i think i pictured a brunette. she so purrdy!

  18. Let’s face it. Meg is HAWT!

    :: going to next post to watch vid ::

  19. YAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!

    You are very sweet looking Meg.

  20. Awww look at our Meggy weggy…Don’t you just want to pinch those cheeks?

    So cuuute! ;D

  21. Wow, congratulations!!

  22. Beth (in NC) says:

    Oh and OMG did you meet Perez Hilton? He’s so catty, I love him.

  23. Im sad to see this person who is a martha wannabe,be yourself,your beautiful inside. Martha is just human, not a idol to strive to be like,I mean the hairdo and all,you even have almost the same,oh come on. YOu wont see the sun trying to be someone else. Martha is a person with strengths and faults just like all of us,your no less equal in worth to her or anyone else. God Bless YOu, find your own rainbow inside you, best wishes,peace

  24. OaklandCat. should they file under Matchingks?

    Very nice interview! WTG Meg!!

  25. jeen- wtf?!?! Meg is Meg, that’s the way she looks and is. I think Meg has NO PROBLEMO finding her own “rainbow.” (It’s a rainbow made of cat toes and disapproving rabbits, which is the best kind.)

  26. @Theo and sas: it’s the hair!
    I’m not suggesting that Meg is trying to COPY Martha tho. Pure coincidence.

  27. WTG, Meg – congratulations! You deserve it!

  28. Jeen — um yeah, no worries. Meg got her own thing goin on.

  29. {making “raise the roof” gesture}

  30. You should see an allergist. I think (I used to work for an organization of allergy doctors) that it’s quite unusual to be “allegic” to all pets.

  31. Meg is so incredibly cute, it’s no wonder she created this site!

    Congrats on the appearance!

  32. couldn’t you have raised a paw and shown some pad action? or did they cut those bits out?

    [If by “they” you mean me, then no, all the parts about Meg & Cute Overload are included in the clip… – Ed.]

  33. Kentucky Kitty says:

    Meg is so pretty!! I knew she would be! She radiates happiness and teh qte!

  34. i coulda sworn meg /was/ a brunette in the last photo i saw of her… she’s gorgeous as a blonde 🙂 you’re gorgeous Meggers!!

    how sad for Meg to be allergic, but how fortuitous for the rest of humanity. way to go!

  35. Meg, you’re such a cutie! You have such a cute personality! I was sad that I missed this, but I’m glad I could catch it online!

  36. Paws Up for Meg! Woohooo!

  37. It’s somehow difficult to imagine that polite, sophisticated lady writing so many creative, silly things about animals! I mean, based on the video, can anyone here imagine her talking about “purritos” or “the axis of snorgling?!” That’s what I thought.

    You’re our hero, Meg! Congrats!

  38. Yay! ^_^ *dances*

    But it’s so sad to hear that you have such bad allergies. My mom feels your pain. She’s allergic to pretty much everything as well, and likes (make that “needs”) to browse CO every day to get her cute fix!

  39. Tobysmom1111 says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Look at our precious Meg! She has those big brown hamster-like eyes that I looooooooooooooove. I knew she would be a total cutie. In fact I will call her “Cutie McCuterson” from now on! I wonder if Meg knows how much we love her??? I can’t wait to see all the new pictures each week. It makes my day!
    Oh…and to Jeen…
    >>>>>!!!!SCHMADACK!!!!< <<<<
    I am wacking you on the head. Keep all that judgement and criticism to yourself. If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. You are probably jealous of Meg’s good looks…go ahead admit it. I will call you “Jealous McJealouson” and say that you need to follow your own advice “find your own rainbow inside you, best wishes,peace.” 🙂

  40. just said the truth and i know it hurts,and expected some catty comments exuse the pun, but be your own hero. I didnt say it to be mean to meg,nothing was mean in my statement. I hope for the best for Meg to truly be her own hero. Martha stewart is no one to follow like a sheep. I mean shes human just like everyone else and then some, but I wont be mean,like some others comments on here and tobysmom dont be so violent, i mean if you saw me in person and tried that SCHMADaCK which I doubt you would,because its so weak really, well I wont say anymore,because I wasnt going down that road ,no need for anyone to get hostile, hey tobysmom,make up your mind, dis me or peace me lol, go kiss megs ask again in her defense,its so laughably weak,do you follow martha offense to meg,I wish you best,truly mean that ,its where I was coming from with my comment. truly god bless and peace

  41. I saw that show, and Perez Hilton was on it too! You looked great Meg, and if I didn’t know better you could have been Martha’s younger sister with your pretty blonde hair! So cool to see Martha hawk the CO desk calendar! Well done Meg. 🙂

  42. Honey – most bloggers are idiots – but you – you put cute animals on the MAP girl! You SOOO deserve to get so cutely rich from this! 🙂

  43. whooooooooooooo! go meg and go cute overload!!!the qte is taking over the world, as it should be.

    and how appropriate that the doyenne of cute is cute herself. sparky’s a lucky guy!

    and i hope you mentioned to martha the c.o. choice of name for her new chow pup — nom nom. 😉

  44. Hhmm Meg has Martha Stewart hair. Who knew?

  45. Jeen, take some advice from Thumper.. “If you dont have nothing nice to say, dont say it at all!”
    People do not come to this website for Martha Stewart.. They come here to look at cute pictures.. get off your high horse and be quiet so we can enjoy the cute pics.. and grow up a little..

  46. Hooray for Meg!

  47. Hey Meg:
    Nice spot on Martha’s show.You are a cutie too – if you did people pictures – you could post yourself!

  48. I for one welcome and salute our Cute Overlord

  49. w00t for Meg! I can’t wait to get home so I can see the video! And no she doesn’t have her hair… Martha’s hair is a lot more like a fluffy Terrier, Meg is way cuter. 😉

  50. ThreeCatNight says:

    Meg has a lovely, wholesome sort of elegance about her. As charming as I thought she’d be. Way to go, girl!

  51. Now we know–Meg is cute, too!

  52. mistersparkles says:

    i would totally snorgle you, bacon & meggers!

  53. Yay for Meg!!! Yay for Cuteoverload!!!

    I want my hair to be just like hers now! No, really, I think this is what my hairs been asking for year now.

    Off to see what it does…

    oh and my husband is sooooo impressed, but he hates that the site is so picture heavy and hard to load.

  54. My thoughts?

    “Oh, she’s a little bit older than I thought. I assumed she was about my age. Wait. She DOES look my age. I guess I’M older than I thought!”

    She looks very pretty and very professional.

  55. Totally cool! Congrats! I bet that was awesome. 🙂 I started a blog last night and added you to my links. Mine is if you’d like to add me. It’s just a family blog but I’ll be putting stuff on there like this that I’ve seen on tv or on Martha etc.

  56. Congrats! But why so much talk about the hair? It’s not like she’s running for vice president or anything…

  57. Hi!
    I wanted to tell you that it’s interesting to hear how this site came about because it has comed to mean a lot to me. Me and my brother “ahhh” and smile at it when we’re together and I look at it when I need encouragement. Thank you!

  58. So because Meg’s hairstyle is somewhat similar to Martha’s, she’s copying her? Because noooooooooooooobody else in the whole wide world wears their hair that way? Pfffft.

  59. re: similar hairstyles — do you really care either way? Be honest.

  60. “princess di eyes” SO TRUE! HA!

  61. What’s up with the audiences using notebooks/laptops?

  62. @Ainsley: I frequently think Cute Overlord when I think of Cute Overload, so that was perfect!

    Hurray for CO on Martha!

  63. Ant — Martha titled it The Blogging Episode. All guests and audience members were bloggers, live-blogging. It was a blogorama.

  64. You deserve all the good attention for being such a good blogger. CO is the first email I read everyday. You make me smile.

  65. Meg, that’s so great! Congrats.

  66. why am I not surprised these bitches look so much alike?

  67. Awesomeness!! Meg rules!! 😀

  68. More Meg!

    After all, this IS Cute Overload.

  69. OMG. Both their names begin with “M.” They’re both Caucasian females of the North American persuasian. Once you start looking, the “coincidences” are everywhere! Quick, don the foil helmets!

    But seriously, it’s good to “meet” you, Meg. Congratulations and bouquets!

  70. “Persuasion,” not “persuasian.” Bother.

  71. Totalee Puppy says:

    We’re proud of our Meg! You are a special lady, and we look forward to every day because of you…
    Hey, good lookin’…

  72. Meg’s hot. MORE MEG. MORE MEG.