Like what you see!?

[crazy hamster stripping music playing in the background]


Just what the heck is going on here, Erin G.!?



  1. H4am5t3r pr0n!!!!

  2. Whoa.

  3. warrior rabbit says:

    Is she removing garters? ‘Cause that’s what it looks like.

    Ba da da DUM da da DUM da da DUM da da DUM (shimmy shimmmy shimmy) da da DUM (and repeat with variations)

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    Hamsterdom’s famous…green light district?

  5. that ham’s got some gams!

  6. All she needs is some smutty little Barbie pumps. =0)

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    Snort — ham gams! Ah, Renee. (giggle) Ham gams.

  8. Pr0n indeed. Hilarious!

  9. Oh…my I thought this was a G rated website! Um..I hope no young animals are on this site!

    [I get that you’re joking, but seriously, if Cute Overload was a movie, it’d be PG-13… – Ed.]

  10. wow, it looks almost like that hammy has a snout. and i loooove how squinty the eyes are! it’s like she is pulling up her fishnets or something. not quite sure i want to know why her fur is wet on the backside though.. sdfj

  11. Boom, Chick-A-Boom, Boom Boom!

  12. Dexter Fishmore says:

    That hamster is working her way through college and finds you incredibly interesting.

  13. I.R.JennyF. says:

    This site is so great if you want your co-workers in surrounding offices to think you’re absolutely bonkers. I must laugh out loud/snort/choke/spit drinks or food onto my screen (for seemingly no reason to these upsuspecting people) several times a work day.

    Thanks, C.O.!!!

  14. It is like FlashDance!

    She’s a maniac, maniac on the dance floor!!!!

  15. It does look like she’s going to seductively take off a nice pair of expensive silk stockings.

    This angle also makes her look like she’s got an extremely oversized head (as fuzzy and adorable as it is).

  16. Oh, and she really needs to shave her legs.

  17. This photo is great! I never knew hamsters had long legs;)

  18. (the original) Mel says:

    Boom boom hammy hammy.

  19. Okay, that’s just disturbing. It’s either putting on panty hose or trying to hitch a ride. Yeah, I need a drink now.

  20. ahahaha!!! saw you on martha today!!! yay!1!

  21. Looks like he’s playing air guitar to Van Halen, lol.

  22. momof2kitties says:

    Single Brown Hammie seeking same for friendship and possibly more. Call 1-800-FUR-BUTT.

  23. First and last time I’ll ever record Martha Stewart. That’s love, Meg, seriously. Well done.

  24. LOL @ momo – best phone # ever! I dare someone to call that # and find out who answers!

  25. ThreeCatNight says:

    What is that appendage?
    Is that a shapely (?) little furry hamster leg in need of serious laser…hmmm…?? Or is she adjusting a rather fuzzy stocking?

  26. Couldn’t resist. Hammie with garter.

  27. I love watching my hamsters groom themselves. They’ll stick a hind leg out and just groom, groom till it’s perfect. My favorite is when they take a hind leg, scratch a spot behind their ear and their leg is a blur, going so fast. The highlight is when the hamster takes his/her hind leg and stick it very carefully in their ear and groom. Always makes me wonder, does hamsters get ear wax? Once they are done grooming, a good shake and hamster is picture perfect. Definitely fun to watch. Yes, on this lovely little lady ham, her leg is long but normal. Observe the delicate hairs on the feet. Just too much!

  28. Okay, that’s just disturbing. Yeah, I need a drink now. Erebella – love it – take me with you so I can get that image out of my head.

  29. OMG!1! Look at that leetle foots! DED!

  30. That’s my Chocky FYI. Cute isn’t he? More here.

  31. Space Cowgirl says:

    I’ll strip away your heart from here, and see what I can find…

    Good to know I’m not the only one who remembers Garbage from before their music became, uh, you know.

    [Hee hee… – Ed.]

  32. elliottsmommy says:

    my humps! my humps! my lovely HAMMIE lumps!

  33. elliottsmommy says:

    Erin G., cute, cute munchkins and love the name of the blog: crappyhead. heehee!

  34. scruffylove says:

    Off the ham-hock topic, but I just saw Meg on Martha. May I say, Meg, you have a cute voice!

  35. AHHH!!!! I forgot about Martha! Stupid, stupid, boy!

    Anyway, this hammy reminds me of the strippers in “All That Jazz.” All that’s missing is the third-rate Borscht Belt comedian.

  36. the oversized head factor of this makes it so much better. makes it seem like it is a bobble-head, kinda like christina ricci. hey, there’s an idea! make a hammy bobble-head out of this guy! uh-dor-uh-buhlz

  37. *covers three year old’s eyes*

    That hussy!!

  38. Won’t someone think of the kittens?!!!

  39. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    @Katherine: Hammie with garter is brilliant. That’s gonna make me grin all day. Thanks!

  40. Thanks for the Garbage reference and don’t miss the lovely Shirley on the Sarah Connor Chronicles (like I missed Meggy Moo on Martha today, darnit).

  41. Gahh gahh gah-hhh this is killing me i’m dying of cuteness overLOAD! xD

    So kawaii ever! First time I ever seen a photos of a hammy putting his hind leg up hehe. I just love hamsters! They’re the bestie ^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  42. At first I didn’t realize that was a LEG, LOL!!! I was pretty shocked/impressed. But it’s actually a lot funnier when you see it as a leg, imagining the stockings going on.
    I luffs CO.

  43. I think she looks kinda sad, like she doesn’t really want to strip but has to. 😦

  44. Bow chicka bow wow…

    I had no idea that hamster legs were so very tiny!

  45. I think hamster stripping music would be a techno-trance version of the Hamster Dance song, you know, “bee badida do do, bee badida doooo, dobeedobee”…I forget the rest.

  46. Looks naughty!

  47. It is no more shocking, in truth, than wiggly otter dances.

  48. The Other One Michelle says:

    She’s stripping so she can afford to paint her puke-green walls. Yeeeeuuuucccckkkk!

  49. It’s Hammy Von Shtupp: “I need some west…I’m sooo tired!”

  50. Isn’t it funny how peeps see different things- I think he has a charley-horse and it trying to massage it out! Oh, well, another psychological test that I flunked!

  51. LAWDY Miss CLAWdy.


  52. OMG that leetle pink foot is LETHAL! Her pouches looks stuffed…perhaps with the tips from her hammie customers?

  53. YAY for the Garbage reference!

  54. OH. MY. GOD.

  55. That is just weird.

  56. It’s Dita Von Squeeeeeeese!

  57. Von Zeppelin says:

    Just out of the shot are the cigar-smoking male hamsters clapping and whistling. Any minute now, the hamster cops are going to raid the place.

  58. He’s only cleening his delicate feets! Leaf him alone! 😀

  59. It’s a tiny drumstick!! *nom* 😀

  60. It looks like it’s got a leg growing out of the middle of it’s belleh…maybe to kick people who try to go in for a tickly or a snorgle (only very small people should do this as one can end up with a hamster up your nose.)

  61. He’s obviously demonstrating the Golden Hammy Mean–that is, the ideal proportion gigundous overstuffed cheek pouches to tiny hind leg.

  62. Love, Love LOVE the Garbage reference, one of my fave bands ever.

    [I will still listen to 2.0 and parts of the first one, but I have to be someplace where I can crank it & feel the bass… – Ed.]

  63. Totalee Puppy says:

    What time do you get off work? Pizza Palazzo has a
    nice Supreme with tofu…

  64. LOL, hamster furlesque! [music playing: “It Had To Be You”]

  65. Haha, that’s soo sexy!

  66. ROFLMAO 😀

  67. Alice Shortcake says:

    And of course she has two pouches in which to stuff the money thrown at her by drunken patrons…

  68. Thank you for the Garbage reference! They’re my fav!

    This post reminds me of my favorite joke of late. It’s hard to tell in writing, usually comes across funnier in person, but what the hay. What do you get when you cross a brown chicken with a brown cow?

    *said to rhyme with ‘bow chicka bow wowwww’*


  69. Taken from Chris De Burgh’s song,
    “Patricia the Stripper”

    And with a swing of her hips she started to strip,
    To tremendous applause she took off her drawers,
    And with a lick of her lips she undid all the clips,
    Threw it all in the air, and everyone stared,
    And as the last piece of clothing fell to the floor,
    The police were banging on the door,
    On a Saturday night, in nineteen twenty-four…
    Take it away boys!

  70. Yitzysmommie says:

    Where’s the pole?

  71. Hysterical! Get this one some fishnet stockings!

  72. Yitz… uhhhm… no comment

  73. haha, that is precious

  74. Oh now that is so adorable. I heard abut your site on Martha. I’ll stop back tomorrow. 🙂

  75. Naughty naughty!

  76. This gives new meaning to the Hamster Dance, lol.

    [You know you spelled that *correctly*, right? – Ed.]

  77. It looks like… a one-legged hamster who is missing leg fur. o_O WHERE IS DA OTHER LEG???