Don’t make me get all Baroo on yo’ ass.

I’m prepared to go ALLL 360! [Does ‘Z’ snap with claws]


Um, Zana F., when a sharp-beaked bird gets beyond 90 degrees with the head tilt, I suggest RUNNING AWAY!



  1. I bet he’s good at necking.

  2. warrior rabbit says:

    But would he be able to light it? I’m guessing brownies.

  3. momof2kitties says:

    Awww, he’s just trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

  4. *running away backwards so I can keep looking at the bird*

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, yes, I did turn my head halfway around in an attempt to see the owl eye-to-eye. Now I think I need to visit the chiropractor to get righted again.

  6. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Nobody does a birdy baroo like an owl!

  7. They are just such freaking awesome creatures! So beautiful! So talented! And the writing made me literally lol! Thank you CO, it’s been a rough day and it’s not even half over!

  8. I love it when birds of prey get all Baroo-ey like that. It’s furny.

  9. This bird is running for office. His name: Barook Obama.

    Please note: This comment is neither an endorsement for nor a slander against any political candidate, party, etc. It’s just a dumb joke, OK?

  10. “I don’t get the hovertext.”

    :: giggle giggle ::

    :: turns up “Dark Star” ::

    “Owls are cool.”

  11. huh huh…420.

  12. Everybody crazy ’bout a sharp-beaked bird!

  13. PS (adjusting geek glasses) There is a reason why raptors do that. They have two distinct fields of focus in their eyes– unlike us, who have only one. They have built-in bifocals! And they’re built for detecting patterns and movement from long distances. Not so much from a short way away. SO when things are close up, and they tilt their heads like that, they’re just “adjusting their bifocals.”

  14. What a riot!!!

  15. Pat Trenner says:

    “Don’t make me get all Baroo on yo’ ass.”

    Dear Meg: You made soda spurt out of my nose. And it HURTS.

  16. An ORLY bird! Heeee!

    Theresa, that’s so neat. I love learning things like that.

  17. bookmonstercats says:

    Go the ZZ Tops, Theresa – now I’ve got an ear worm, but don’t mind… and I love the info about the bi-focals, now I feel so much better about my multi-focals.

    I have now had my soul looked into … at a very strange angle. Backs off quietly.

  18. I love owls! This one looks like, “Hmm, no mirrors in HER house, I guess…”
    Guest Host on What Not to Wear.

  19. Pat Trenner- tiiiny bubbles…..

  20. mmm hhhaaa you do it girlfriend

  21. BeckyMonster says:

    260Oakley, you had it slightly wrong. I believe it’s BAROOK OWLBAMA. I checked to see if my sense of humor was still intact, or whether the oppressive cloud of Political Correctness had stolen my soul. Turns out, I’m just dandy!

  22. RLY RLY hurts my neck…

  23. Oooooh! Owls!!! So beautiful!

  24. Beckymonster is right. Obvy.

  25. Guys, I think that’s a hawk, not an owl.

  26. Yup, Erebella, it’s a juvenile red tail hawk, not an owly. But still cute!!

  27. Hmmm, or maybe a Swanson’s…I’m leaning toward Swanson’s.

  28. Yeah,that’s a hawk. It still has the baroo factor.

  29. “BAROOK OWLBAMA?” What a hoot!
    Congratulations, BeckyMonster, on maintaining your sense of humor in these troubled times.

  30. i think he swooped at me when i was leaving my apartment after lunch today.

    or maybe it was just a really big cicada. i do see alot of hawks from my balcony though, i saw one take something down out of mid-air one day. scared the bejeezus out of me. i got out the binoculars and started being creepy, but i couldn’t see anything. i’m sure everyone knows me now as the weird girl with the binoculars. 😦

  31. Props to anyone who didn’t head tilt immediately upon seeing this. *head tilt*

  32. Oh man…I thought it was an owl! God, you peeps have sharp eyes.

    Anyhoo I love hawks equally, so I’m jazzed either way!

  33. Yeah, I would run too if I was gettin’ eyeballed like that… I have done wildlife rehab on a Red Tail hawk (x-rays for one that was shot through the wing) and that beak and those talons…sooo sharp they looked like they could cut glass. That bird gave me a look that said,”You KNOW I would win, right?” Yup!! Eeep!

  34. scooterpants says:

    hmmm. well if WE didnt look like such a bunch a
    tweaked bone heads, he wouldnt have to get his head all squidgey like that to check us out.
    us peeps=bizarre freaks
    *i’m thinkin*

  35. scooterpants says:

    crap. ok HAWK.
    he’s still gunna eat yer ass.

  36. This is one handsome fella.

    @Theresa- that was great info..thanks for sharing.

  37. Yikes! I now feel really guilty for the things I did. I am so sorry Mr/Ms Hawk….

    I will go to bed in a minute.

  38. Cory Marling says:

    This is one crazy hawk. I belive that he is trying to tell you to get the heck out of his territory.

  39. We have Red-Tailed Hawks and Turkey Vultures that just own the skys around here. We have several highways, too, and the birds ride the thermals. It is so fun to watch. I haven’t seen this yet personally, but I’m still hoping- (goes and gets binoculars)- you’re not the only one marie_n! Our whole family will stop any activity for a good bird watch!

  40. Wasn’t the guy on Mash named Hawkeye Pierce? Think that was a pun?

    Can’t believe I missed that this was a hawk and not an owl, though Barook Owlbama is definitely a total WIN!

    Katrina, we have turkey vultures eeeeeeeverywhere. They are some nasty looking creatures. They sit on the streetlights and stare you down!!

  41. What I really love about this is the happy thought that, all over the world, there are CO fans tilting their heads on one side while sitting at their computers. Well, did YOU resist?!

  42. Teehee! Meg said “ass”. *snicker*

  43. Yes, Kris- remember Snoopy doing the impersonation of the vulture? We had two that, for the longest time, sat on two lights in the parking lot very close to the entrance to a middle school. These things are huge! And they do stare one down.

    ‘Haweye’ was nick-named by his father for a lead character in oh, heck what book was it- “Last of the Mohicans” by James Fennimore Cooper. Why can I remember than and not where I just left my glasses? I’m not that old!

  44. I love a good baroo!

    This bird is not a red-tailed hawk–the shape of the head and the spotting on the breast doesn’t fit. I think it’s a short-toed snake-eagle Circaetus gallicus.

    [If anyone would know, it’d be you. This from a guy who spent 2 years on the Audubon Expedition Institute, for real. Now, e’hem, about that Cute-ism there… – Ed.]

  45. what a beautiful bird.

    sassy too.

  46. Love it!

  47. ‘…k… (5°)
    …I’m just gonna hafta…(15°)
    …find the right angle…(50°)
    …to where you start looking like you MAKE SOME DAMNED SENSE EHHN! (120°!!)’