Watch for Cute Overload on the Martha Stewart Show!

1_3People! Listen up! [crowd quiets from watching kitteh videos]

Martha Stewart is back on the air with a fresh batch of shows this week—the Wednesday episode is about… BLOGGINGK!

Cute Overload has been invited to be a part of it… Be sure to watch the WEDNESDAY EPISODE on blogging, and catch a glimpse of Meg and our 2009 calendar!

The Management

p.s. Find out where the show is airing in your area.



  1. Sweet! 😀

  2. snoopysnake says:

    How about The Cuteoverload Show taking over Martha’s? It’s a good thing!

  3. Congrats! Don’t let her redesign the site!

  4. engage TIVO!

    [No doubt… only, the CatCave has something *better*. Heh heh. – Ed.]

  5. DEWD!!!! This is the coolest news EVAR!

    Meg, I am SO PROUD for you!!

  6. Congrats Meg!


  7. Wonderful news, Meg! Congratulations! *high five*

  8. Holy carpamola!!!!

    I had to run out to the DIVVER and set Miss Marthapants up to record. My hubs will be so happy to see this.

    Will they talk about the puppersons?

  9. The Pink Ladies are going too!!! We love your site and use it to take a fun break from work on a daily basis- shhhh- don’t tell our boss ! 🙂 So excited you’re going! We’ll see you there!

  10. Thank the gods for timeshifting digital cable!

    I rarely watch Martha Stewart….mainly because when it comes on during the timeshifting, CSI is also on and I’ve got a Geek Girl crush on Gil. However, this Wed, I shall indeed watch Martha Stewart instead!

  11. How cool is that? Congrats, Meg!

  12. (the original) Mel says:

    Meg, don’t be too freaked out by Martha’s “man hands.”

  13. Martha Stewart scares the h@ll outta me.
    Big congrats!
    Be brave.

  14. I want to see Meg with Martha but I don’t have tele-bishons. Will the video be posted online? Please say yes!!!

  15. hmmm…actually, i guess i can do materials prep in the conference room and watch tv then…checking sched!

  16. Super Congrats!
    This is THE best site on the Internet!

  17. cooooool,

    first a blog post comment and then a show!!!!

    I wish I could see the show here (in Australia).

    ho hum.

    [I will see what I can do. No promises… – Ed.]

  18. Will they talk about the puppersons?

    Yes we must be updated!!!

  19. Supergaijin says:

    Be sure to show her Miss Dec 19th on the calendar – Martha has two Frenchies of her own!

    martha’s a sheeple.
    congats, but get it over with and get us some QTE, posthaste!

  21. Cute Overload: It’s a Good Thing.

  22. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Congratulations, MEG!! Just remember: No stock tips.

  23. Congrats Meg!

  24. Totally awesome!!!! You aren’t going to start sporting a shawl are you???? heehee

  25. Yitzysmommie says:

    How KEWL Meg.
    (T.Ed), canya do something for us working girls, huh, pleeeeeze? I’d love to see eet, but no TIVO hre…

  26. I’m over here in le canada…which the heck channel is Martha on these days?

  27. momof2kitties says:

    ooo…she scares me a bit.

    Good luck and ConCATulations!!

  28. Meg, not even you can cajole me to watch Martha, tell me all about it when you get back. But, for Heaven’s sake, find out about the chow-chow puppsters, please?

  29. Oh, great. So, tomorrow, this place is going to be invaded by a whole new slew of peeps. Mostly female peeps of a certain demographic. Into home furnishings and style and stuff like that.

    I suppose this means I have to put on a tie?

    I hate ties.

    (sulking off in the corner with Theo and NomTom, woohooo, guy power, yeah, we rule the world)

  30. No no, don’t hide in the corner, Berthaservent! There’s plenty of us here, though female, who are ahemmm… older than the demographics and don’t care that much about our furnishings.
    If you wear a tie I might have to wear a dress. Yikes.

  31. oooops, sorry, misspelled “servant”.
    Also: we need men for the next calendar, right ladies??

  32. I was wearing a tie yesterday, BServ. And, uhmm, which demographic did you suppose Teh Qte has been catering to? Since, like, ever?

  33. Absolutely, Rooanne. Especially that guy who sings lullabies to the puppers, with a sound chip. Also anybody in a kilt.

  34. Oh I can’t wait to catch that episode!

  35. Next………..THE WORLD!!! Congrats and it is SO set to record!!!

  36. oh…wait…CO is a blog on the web…never mind. Already HAVE conquered The World. 🙂

  37. Congratulations to Cute Overload!! I do not have a tivo/dvr right now, so hopefully, it will make its way to youtube or some such platform!!!

    YAYAYAY! \o/

  38. bookmonstercats says:

    Theo, need this in the UK.

    BerthaS, I’ll leave the dress off if you leave the tie off.

  39. bookmonstercats says:

    EEEK! Sorry, Theo, I mean (blush) I will wear my usual jeans and T shirt and BerthaS can leave his tie off. *slinks away*

  40. Theo-I have never crossed blood/Martha barrier and I don’t intend to even for you and NOMTOM AND berthaservant. There is no cross-pollination here.

  41. that’s so cool! it’s not just a Good Thing, it’s The Best Thing!
    so, um, Meg, can your NYC peeps interest you in tossing back a drink or two by way of thanks for all the qte joy?

    cheryl in brooklyn

  42. Space Cowgirl says:

    Congratulations, Meg! You deserve the recognition! I will make all efforts to catch it, although I’m 99% sure it airs during the time period in which I’m unconscious due to working the graveyard shift.

  43. Always did like Martha. No matter what anyone says. Now THAT’s high stylin’, Ms. M.

  44. Meg is NOT listed in the program description! I guess she is a super-surprise guest.

    NO WAY am I watchingks it live — P*r*z H*lt*n is on, puke puke.

    I weel scan thru the recordingk and only watch MEG!

  45. We’ll be there too! Can’t wait to see the calendar and see you speak, Meg. *bows down*

  46. clearly, that is awesome. congrats!

  47. I’m not too stupid, but I can’t find a listing for Charter cable TV. Haalllppp!

  48. How cool is this?! Can’t wait.

    Martha seems to love blogging. I enjoy what she shares on her page.

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, I’m not going to wear a dress nor a tie and I normally would rather poke myself in the eye with a stick than watch Martha .. but.. I might tape the show and just fast forward to the good stuff. .namely CO’s FL.
    Yes. I might do that.

  50. PLEASE please please will someone post it on youtube and on CO??? I’m in the UK therefore no Martha here! I’m not sure I fully understand her purpose but I know she’s HUUUUGE. Please someone post on the tube!

    Yay Meg! CO will take over the world! (It’s the only site I check daily!)

  51. Someone please kindly record, encode, and upload for us!

  52. Yes, was also going to suggest posting on here! I have to work so I won’t be able to watch this live. 😦 This is awesome though! Oh and I just ordered my calendar today!! 🙂

  53. I got the DVR set to RECORD!

  54. So what are you going to wear? I think a lilac smart/casual jacket and pencil skirt combo, with catseyes glasses, an updo and maybe pearls.

  55. w00t! Go, Meg! ^_^

  56. I don’t get the Martha Show in my area! Can somebody post the clip pleeeez?? Am so ankshuss to see 🙂

  57. I think it was bumped until Thursday… at least that’s the case here in Providence, RI.

  58. Rumor has it Meg is on in the first few minutes. We hope to post a clip today!

  59. I saw you today! YAY! I always pictured you as a cute little gnome Meg, not the classy business woman you are lol… o_O
    I wish they would’ve given you more air time… such as asking how you come up with the things you do hehe
    But it was great to see the face behind the website we all love so much! YAY MEG! Yay CO!

  60. Some screen caps from the show are here:

  61. Man I cant stand Martha Stewart and wont watch her show =p But I am happy for the exposure for you guys =)