This marathon isn’t gonna run ITSELF, YOU KNOW

Tiny Kitten Track Coach: "Let’s GO ALREADY! [chomps on shoe tag]

C’MOOOOOON!" [Hops out door in shoe]


Debby K., "Ewok" is a tough, tough trainer. [wiping brow]



  1. elliottsmommy says:

    ahn…look at hims wittle lounging elbow stance!

  2. Yes! Bleeny tiny toony!

  3. (the original) Mel says:

    None of my marathon trainers looked like that. I feel cheated.

  4. ThreeCatNight says:

    Win one for the Kitteh!

  5. bookmonstercats says:

    I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’…..

  6. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Aaaaand twenty seconds later, the kitteh lapsed into a coma cuz the shoe wuz SO DAMN STINKEH!!!!



    Kyoot pic by the way!

  7. The only running my cats would have me do would be sprints between the food bag and their dishes.

  8. It looks like those Lisa Frank kittens in a shoe stickers from the ’90’s!! 🙂

  9. What is it with kittehs and having to sit in your stuff all of the time? I mean I get home from work and drop my bag on the bed and with in 10 seconds Pippin is trying to shove his body in there. (He has quite the girth) Or ::turns red:: When I use the er…rest room, he has to come in and sleep in my pants ::groan:: I cannot believe I just typed that. He has never tried to wedge himself into my shoes but I’m sure he would try.

  10. *looks in all my sneaks*
    no kitteh!
    *consoles selve with one of the geriatric cats*

  11. It Ate my Comment.

    now i’ll havta eat that kitten as revenge!

  12. nevermind….*blushes*

  13. Cute-sain Bolt!

  14. How can I work out if he’s in my shoe???? Guess I’ll have to just sit and pet him…

  15. Good one, Samantha!!

  16. Don’t let your kitties eat shoe parts, people! Lest we remember the great Aglet Scandal of the early 80s, when countless kitties needed little kittie heimlichs?
    :: wearing laceless shoes to prevent AAA – Accidental Aglet Asphyxiation ::

    (okay, I’m just showing off that I know what at aglet is…the pic is uber cute)

  17. it’s the tiny elbow sticking out for chomp leverage that is killink me.

    in other news: aglet?!?! oh, berthaservant… *must* you find more ways for me to fall in love with you?

  18. momof2kitties says:

    ooo, ooo!! (waving raised hand wildly) I know what an aglet is too! Geeky word dorks unite!!!

  19. momof2kitties says:

    *running to find the freshest catnip for Coach Kitteh*

  20. *SHOE MAN CHEW* revisited


    *dissolves into puddle because of cute overload*

  21. Also spelled “aiglet.”

  22. “jmper” – I have a Pippin as well, and he is addicted to my suitcases. I keep photos of my suitcases on my phone when I travel (in case they get lost), and he’s in every photo! I can’t keep him away from them, even when they’re closed. I finally bought hardshell suitcases to deal with the issue of cat hair – they still sleep on top of the hard cases, but the hair falls right off!

  23. Is that a Catdidas shoe?

  24. So if I don’t know what aglet is, does that mean I’m cool? Yeah, I know, not after that last comment, right?

  25. I can imagine him hopping around!!! The cutest thing. Now I am dead.

  26. How is a nasty shoe on a filthy floor with a weird-looking kitten cute? FAIL!

  27. Does this remind anyone of the game Super Mario Bro 3 fro the original nintendo…Mario would kick a gumba (?) out of a shoe and then hop around in it and not get hurt?

    I know I just dated myself but it reminds me of the kitteh

  28. ::sigh:: Goomba, not gumba

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    I know what an aglet is. Yay for me! And I have a kitteh who likes to sleep with her head in my shoes.. I think she has a “shoe fetish” and maybe this kitteh is developing one. It must smell yummmmy to them.

  30. Fully understand the Pippen issue. Mine is currently interested in the toilet. He wants to watch the stuff go swirl in the bowl. He’s too short to drink out of it yet, but we have learned to “Flush” him out when he is hiding. Snirk.

  31. Terry Holbert says:

    Usually I am not a big fan of kittens because they claw, use the bathroom everywhere, and destroy nice items of yours. However, in the past few years I have grown attached to my cat who had a sister that ran away. Ever since this occurred our cat, “Spice” feels as if she is the queen of our house and really she is. My parents treat her like gold giving her everything she wants and this drives me crazy. The cat in the shoe of this picture looks exactly like one of my friends which is why it struck my attention.

  32. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Hmm… always trying to find words to stump the Mr. Language Person in my life. Aglet/Aiglet… Hmmm…!

  33. Here’s a couple, Boomer’s Babysitter-
    ‘anadromous’ and ‘pelagic’

    Salmon are anadromous because they are born in fresh water and then go swim in salt and come back to spawn.

    Pelagic pertains to a fish that lives all of its life out in the big, wide ocean, as in, perhaps, Sunfish.

    Those words have never let me down. Of course now that they are on CO, well, maybe they will get picked up by someone as pedantic as I am, right Berthaservant?

  34. Katrina, how do you say “freshwater only” in Pedantic?

  35. Oh, dear, my funny has left the room just now, but I’ll find out from my-son-the- biologist the real term- I’m sure there must be one, geez, I hope it sounds funny!!

    (opens e-mail and asks…)

    I be pedantic again asap, which, as you know, means…

  36. that cat is gonna win because her kittynesss and superduper self distract every one