Here. I have enough dust bunnies.

I’m not sure what to do with another one. My swiffer picks up so many!

This one was under the bed.


The miniscule paw action must be stopped, Zana F. IT MUST BE!



  1. That is one cute conked kitty.

  2. I needed this today. I just put my 14 yr tuxie down and need the cute. Such delicate pawsies like my babies.

  3. WANT!@!!! I’ll never clean again if these are what happens!

  4. What a cute grey floof!

  5. So sorry Kar!

  6. awww Kar – I’m sorry about your kitty 😦 hugs to you.

    what a delightful, delectubhul dust bunny that is – I wonder if it goes well with milk?

  7. Yitzysmommie says:

    OH KAR, I send hugs & Yitzy sends purrs. I’m so sorry.

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    Re the dust kitteh: I might actually do housework before mine turned into dust rhinocerii if the dust under my bed looked like this!

  9. Kar, so sorry!! I cry with you. :o(

  10. Want! NOM

    [toefloof for Kar too – Ed.]

  11. Kar, I sympathize–my parents just put down my 14 yo kitty a couple of weekends ago. He was the best, an orange tabby named Gibby. I miss him so much!

  12. :: sends hugs to kar ::

    and i’ll take that dust bunny to go, thanks

  13. FlamingoGirl says:

    SO CUTE!!! AGH!!!!

  14. momof2kitties says:


    Can anybody else smell the smoke that is coming out of my ears? This kitteh has sent me into shock and all my wiring has shorted out…

    Many {{{hugs}}} to Kar and forehead bumps from George & Mia.

  15. never mind the paw action, check out the slightly crooked tail tip. Gah!

  16. hugs! to the lady who had to part from her tuxedo puss ,go down a shelter and find the one your kitty wants you to love next, you will know when you find them.

  17. So sorry Kar!! {{{Kar}}} tuxedos have a special place in my heart since my late great tuxies Blackie and Chandler. **tear**

  18. Me before CO today: *grumble* *growl* *whine about pain that doctor’s can’t fix*

    Me after CO today: Ahhhh… what pain?

    *hugs to Kar*

  19. Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I feel silly telling people and even friends that I’m upset over a cat but you all understand.

    I understand the urge for a kitten but I’m having a necropsy done. If it’s FIV or leukemia I’ll have to wait a year and get shots for the other baby at home.

  20. I do not have enough dust bunnies. Please send this one to me right away.

    Hugs from me also, Kar and Acacia.

  21. *Hugs to Kar*

    why don’t my dust bunnies look like this!? i WANT!!

  22. ::hugs:: Kar
    So very sorry.

    That is one of the cutest dust bunnies I’ve ever seen. Nothing like that in my house, either. 😦

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    aww Kar. So sorry.

  24. Kar- yes, we do understand- these little critters are family.
    When you speak of your lovely friend, you can be very proud that you gave him/her a good life. We’re the ones that really do understand, so hang with us!

  25. ThreeCatNight says:

    Why don’t I ever find dust kittehs like this? The only ones I find are on TOP of the bed, and not very dusty at that!

  26. Kar, my baby passed at age 17 back in 2003. I STILL miss her….

  27. Dust Kitties are not for nom *honk shu*

  28. momof2kitties says:

    Hey Berthservant!

    How’s the back?

  29. momof2kitties says:

    That’s BerthA. With an “A”.

    Dust kitteh has fried my synapses…

  30. call the vet!!# this key-key is tied in a knot!

  31. O…..



    that is the most precious thing i’ve ever seen. what a lovely picture.

  32. “never mind the paw action, check out the slightly crooked tail tip. Gah!”

    OHMYGOSH! I hadn’t even noticed the teeny tailio because I was distracted by the paw-paw!

  33. KailinRileysMom says:

    So sorry about your sweet kitty Kar. I lost
    my gray/white Angel in 2006 and there is
    still a big empty feeling around here.
    Love the teeny dust bunny!! Gray kitties
    are my weakness. When can I come pick it
    up and bring it to my house?

  34. {{Kar}} {{Acacia}}

    Think of the good times! When the time is right, you’ll find a new animal friend.

    Back is doing better; apparently when you lose weight, your back reacts in strange ways for a while. “Oh, you look great,” people say. “Yeah, my clothes don’t fit, my back is killing me and I can’t eat cheesecake,” I reply.

    (Go ahead throw things at me because I’m a man and there’s a sexist double-standard about size that affords me the privilege of complaining about losing weight. But please, don’t throw pudding!)

  35. Oh yeah, the pic…

    GAHHHHH!!!!! Want!

  36. I have flyaway floofs bigger than that there kitteh from Mr. Pickypants Furfactory. And in the same color, too.

    @Kar: Mr. Picky and I send you *hugs & headbutts* in this sad time. We are thinking of you.

    @Berthasbutler: what kind pudding we talking about? Grey flyaway floof pudding?

  37. 1: Massive level of group condolences aka group hug — to Kar.
    I send my own condolences along, in memoriam of Salinger — who owned me for 17 years & who I still miss just about daily, 6 years after his death.
    It’s evident that you gave your Tuxie lots of love & an existence of being cherished. Thank you for sharing his/her memory with us.

    2: Re. Meg’s kitten post, today:


    (When he/she awakens, of course. This is obviously a deeply-needed slumber!!!0

  38. Steppy, MiMi, Squeeky, Prissy and doggie Daisy send their love to you Kar along with meroars and purr purrs. Daisy is a spaniel who thinks she is a kitty.

  39. um, could i come and clean under your beds? please

  40. ahhhhhhhh. that’s too cute. i’m gonna go die now of cute-poisoning.

  41. Could somebody re-point the tail, please?
    Kidding-he/she is perfect.

  42. …goes home in a rush to search for her very own dust bunny colony…

  43. This is a beautiful photo.

    *hugs for Kar*

  44. *hugs for Acacia too*

  45. Well, that’s it, CO. You took and went and hauled off and killed me. I hope you’re happy.

    (I had a similar kitteh once; his nicknames were “Dryer Lint” and “Corn Smut.”)

  46. Kar, my sympathies also. 4 months ago I put my 18 year old down — and I had her since she was born and remember when she was small enough to fit in my hand like that pic. In fact she was a grey flufferson also.
    3 years ago I lost my best cat ever, who was 17.
    But the love is worth the pain, and I have a young lurkensproing now.

  47. Kar, condolences. It’s a feeling most of us know well.

  48. That is why you must never hire a cleaning lady: you might lose out on locating such delectabuhl morselles under the bed, couch or corner shelving unit!

    Kar, I’m sorry about your tuxie baby… the kitties, they are like family, eh?

  49. I never find dust bunnies (or dust kitties) under my bed. I just find big clumps of hair and dead spiders.

  50. bookmonstercats says:

    Kar, lots of hugs. I lost my great big Bearcat probably nearly 10 years ago now, aged 19, to the big C. Still miss him. My friend, the lady who gave him to me to rehome, died many years before – I believe they are together.

    Jennifer, pain is pain, you go whine if it makes you feel better.

  51. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Okay…even tho that’s a grey kitteh, she reminds me of mah fuzzy buddy Nermal when he was that teeny and we would sneak him into our apartment from the cold (he was a stray running with a pack of wild kittehs, and he was the runt, and youngest, but he was the bravest!) and we weren’t allowed to have cats, and then after we’d sneak him in Hubby (when he was just Boyfriend then) would have his sweatpants on and would watch Scooby Doo and Nermal would always come up to him and curl up in that same position and fall right asleep, purring like a motorboat!!

    That was like fourteen years ago and we still have him!!

    And he still likes Hubby’s sweatpants!! I guess they’re like a fuzz magnet to him or something, LOL!!

  52. charliewabba says:

    hugs to Kar – it’s always so hard,even when you know it’s the right thing to do.
    Berthaserve – back pain can be related to weight loss???

  53. *throws low-cal tomatoes at Berthaservant and hugs at Kar*

  54. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Wait, somebody had to put a couple of kittehs down? Kar and Acacia?

    I sowwy! I didn’t catch it! I just saw the pic and typed away!

    I’m sorry for your losses!! I had Lucy for 16 years and she died at 19 about two year ago. I still miss her!!! Hubby basically adopted her after we got married and took over the BIG bills and helped extend her life for ten years (she was prone to infections more than your average kitteh).

    But our other three cats are healthy, although our fat girl Rizzo’s a little crazy, and Gentry’s a sweetie squeaker.

    So Kar and Acacia, there’s always us crazy cat folk here at Cute Overload to see you through the rough times! I hope you guys feel better! BIIIIG hugs and good vibes to ya both!

  55. Do want.


    Nevermind. 😦

  56. How come my dust bunnies don’t look like this?!?! [sob]

  57. sure brings a smile to my face. My cat passed away at the grand old age of 23.
    Will never forget him.
    Take Care Kar. I feel your pain.

  58. Thanks again everyone. Especially Acacia who’s in the midst of this too.

    Just re-read Wil Wheaton’s famous “Let Go” blog entry where he says in a personal way what we all know: It’s the right thing for them but it’s hard for us.

    Berthaservant, I’m glad that your back is better.

  59. Awww, that looks like what I just pulled out of my hairbrush the other night.

  60. It pretty much doesn’t matter what other stuff the site posts, there is pretty much no overloading the cute more than a sleepy kitteh…

  61. ((((((((((((((0))))))))))))
    to Kar and loved ones.

    And CO, you have just posted the cutest picture there has ever been, is, or will be. I am SLAYED from the cuteness.

  62. I WANTS!!!! I will take it. NOW! What will it grow up to be? A dust pig?

  63. meowandwoof says:

    My Eli(AKA fat-fat the water rat) is 14 and I dread the day. My Topaz lived to 18 so I’m a’hopin. 23, Pam?! What a great life!!!

    Berthaservant, you were always perfect in my eyes. Weight loss intentional? Any Way, feel better

  64. Well, change of diet was intentional, weight loss a correlated event.

    Still in a loveable panda-bear shape, yours etc.,

  65. Hugs to any and all that have lost a loved one. My marmie, Niki, died of heart disease on Dec. 13, 2000. Someone gave her to me as a “surprise” when she was only 4 weeks old. And she lived with me for the next 17 and a half years. Sniffle. Yep, I still miss her lots. Fortunately I have Sunny, and she has the spirit and persistence of 10 cats combined!

    Now, for dust bunny kitteh. OMG I literally clutched my heart when I saw this one! GAH! I think it’s the paw covering the right eye/face vicinity that is killing, along with tail and teensiness in general.

  66. *dies*

  67. Thank God for all of you, and for Cute Overload. And hugs to Kar for her kitty. I hope you have other furbabies still there to love; it helps a lot. I had to send my oldest home in June–a brain tumor and resulting convulsions and paralysis. But my 3 others knew something was wrong, stayed close by, and quit playing and fighting for those several days; I think we all mourned together. Just yesterday I found out that my Mom’s cat also has cancer, now metastasized and too far along for cure. We will have to send her home on Saturday, if she lasts till then; we don’t want her to be in pain and suffering any longer.
    So, Kar, many, many hugs and sympathies, and kleenex, to you and yours.

  68. It is NEVER silly to mourn a lost loved one, whether 2 legged or four legged, human baby or fur baby. Nothing or one one can fill the hole in your heart but your Tuxie will send you someone to take care of you soon. My Shadow and JackE sent me Merry and Pippin. They did not replace them, they augmented them. Love begats love…

  69. this is one of the most beautiful photos ever!

  70. (((hugs))) to Kar,

    ((hugs))) to grey kitten

  71. oh my. what a perfectly nommable specimen. WANT!!

  72. scooterpants says:

    shut ‘n up!!!!
    teeeeeniest of tail-io
    tweekage, rigth thar at the end-o.
    nom nom nom nom….

  73. Mercy that’s adorable.

  74. I totally said “awwww” when I saw this.

  75. Bertha – fully understand weightloss/back pain.

    Your back muscles/spine are used to the way you carried yourself with the higher weight, so they protest over the new way you carry the weight.

    Hope it gets better for you soon.

    {{{{{Hugs to Kar}}}}} on the loss of your baby. Its a baby no matter what species. Feel free to mourn however you want.

    Oh and my Jerry says MEW! to the prosh baby.

  76. BS-Non-painful stretches will help your moose-musckles get conditioned and then you can start exercising a little when you have a good range of motion. It is good to be in shape. Round is a shape.

    What a great bunch of peeps, honestly,wickedly funny and tender at the same time, just my style. Have a great day and \O/.

  77. HE! HE!! TOo cute!

  78. Hugs to KAr 😦 I love tuxies, unfortunately my 13 year old tux girl is in the vet’s at the moment. I’m assured she will be better but she is quite ill at the mo. I hate the house without her, it’s so empty, and because of her age I’ve been trying to prepare myself for the inevitable. I cried my eyes out yesterday just thinking about it. So Kar, I sympathise completely and don’t feel silly talking to other people because “it’s just a cat”. They never were “just” a cat and they never will be. I hope you can get another baby to give a happy home to soon, as I’m sure you gave your tux.

    This little dust darling is adorable *SQUEEE*

  79. And of course many hugs to Acacia also 😦

  80. *crumples into dust herself*

  81. I have opened this picture several times now and each time I’m just slain by the cute. No eyes to look at, no distinguishing marks, it is just such a cute little pile of grey. I had a grey kitty, ‘Truffle’- the best companion cat ever. I had to give him away and he got the best family a cat could get. He lived to a ripe old age, over ten years since I had given him away, and don’t you know I cried when I was told he has passed away. Some personalities just stay with you, I guess.
    Oh, crap, now I have to go to the dentist. Hoo, boy. Barooooo! At least there is rehearsal this afternoon to look forward to… to which to look forward. Geez, I’m slipping….

  82. Dust-bunny grey, my favorite color! Matches winters in Seattle.

  83. kitten in palm!!!!! 🙂

  84. I lost my long-haired gray kitty when she was 25. Amazingly beautiful and quite bossy, and I miss her every day. Seeing a bebbeh kitteh is a comfort.