That’s NOT the kind of ‘restocking’ I had in mind

The look on this kitteh face pretty much says it all.


Apparently, "Penny" the kitteh slid the lid off the litter stash and well, you know the rest.


  1. Li’l stinker.

  2. HAHA hovertext is perfect, hahaha….

  3. that facial expression defines self-satisfaction.


    she may not be able to read, but she knows right from wrong

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that’s what comes of teaching cats to read.

  6. bwahaha! This reminds me of the time that I put a little mound of litter over an oil stain on my driveway. Zee clean leeter iz sooo inviteen!

  7. lol @ the hovertext. SEND IN THE FAIL BOAT!

  8. LOL….looks like Penny can read!

  9. We’re tagging this one as gee-ross? Yes?

  10. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go. That looks exactly like my ocicat Chloe – see the reddish undertone to the fur and the white on the chest. Its nose will be red and its feet black.

  11. I poop in ur general directshuns.

  12. Anasztaizia says:

    Lol @ rollover text. I’m pretty sure I HAVE seen this on failblog!

  13. Mom used to put kitty litter around our Nativity set to simulate desert sand. Only once did the cat get confused.

  14. My cats were notorious little bag openers, and kitty food openers.

    Good kitty – bad idea!

  15. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I like how kitteh has positioned herself perfectly behind the word “cat” written on the box. In case we were wondering…

  17. Erm…maybe there was a bit of old ‘poop’ in her box. Cat’s don’t like that, so she’s just ‘getting even’. That being said, my kitter found my stash of ‘travel boxes’ in the cellar, and you can guess what happened after that…”Oh, MOM…all these nice fresh boxes for moi? I shall use them all, instantly!” (She didn’t really use ALL of them, just ripped the paper on top to shreds on most.)

  18. That happens at the cat shelter I volunteer at, too!

    Very pretty kitty.

  19. just try to get a DOG to poop in a box.

  20. This is hilarious! What a good kitty! 🙂

  21. scooterpants says:

    happy kitty though!

  22. this has given me quite the fit of giggles!I can’t stop! LOOOOOL!

  23. Nevar forget!!11!

  24. This kitty is doing absolutely nothing wrong. Come on, who with a cat wouldn’t rather see their cat do this than say, state their opinion of the hideous, faded “antique” carpet in the foyer? Hell, maybe this could be a new marketing idea for kitty furniture.

    My guess from the labeling on well, everything in the room though is that this is a shelter. Or someone who got a label-maker for their birthday.

  25. My kitty does that if I forget to put the top back on the giant pail of Fresh Step. I think she would like a brand new giant pail of Fresh Step delivered every morning.

  26. Who needs opposable thumbs? When you gotta go, you gotta go…

  27. wouldn’t you pick the brand new porta-potty?

  28. Okay, seriously, though. Who stole my cat? Her name’s Penny, too:

  29. It takes a lot of cats to fill a big litter box, but only one scat to empty it.

  30. someone needs to cross out the “clean” and add in sharpie, “not anymore.”

  31. Yeah, and they HAD to get a big enough box, for the sign to fit.

  32. *GO CAT GO!*

  33. LOL! Cats are so crazy 🙂

  34. I’m in ur box, doing mah thing.

  35. Haha..typical cat! That’s why we love them so.

  36. I bleeve the hovertext might perhaps need a bit of amendment.

    It clearly needs to be “Ehn!”

  37. My cat did the same thing with the litter bucket. They are evil, I tell you!

  38. Kitty’s face is the best…looks like one of the those satisfying poos…ewwwww.

  39. lol, that cat has to be in paradise with all that litter to dig in. guess they’re going to have to replace the litter and secure the box a bit better, eh? 😉

  40. once when I put a nice fresh pile of litter in the box my cat lay down to take a nap in it.
    Embarrassing/bizarre lapse of cat judgment!

  41. I luv kittes, and this is why. They are utterly and completely hilario!! She’s adorable.

  42. This is from the shelter I volunteer at, Saving Paws. That text is actually written on the piece of paper on the litter holder itself. If you’d like to learn more,

  43. I’m sure the regular litter box wasn’t clean enough for her highness. So I think there must be extenuating circumstances. Once, our cat ran around frantically until we realized what was wrong (she was too finicky to use a dirty litter box), and then when we opened the bag and started pouring in the clean litter, she jumped in, too rushed to let embarrassment prevent her (though she did look away), and I swear I heard her say “Ahhh….”

  44. They ALL get that same expression when they do that. (And so do we.)

  45. My kitteh used to paw open the cupboard door, climb into the bag of litter… and fall asleep.

  46. I love the expression on the cats face

  47. Totalee Puppy says:

    Enjoying the cute!

  48. Yitzysmommie says:

    hee hee hee- Yitzy did this in one of those huge Tidy Cat boxes that I failed to close after refilling his pan.

  49. Oh the contamination of the clean litter..LOL.. my cats have done that before in the skinny tall plastic bins with litter in it that you get from walmart.. not a lot of room but they still manage to balance long enough to relieve themselves…lol.. silly kitties!

  50. Rule #32!!

    Cute and Bad!

    My cats have this mastered, too.

  51. Scout gets so excited when I change her litter. She actually watches me to make sure I am doing a good job, like I am her maid. Then, no sooner do I finish and she goes right in to mess it up again. What a little stinker! (no pun intended)

  52. ThreeCatNight says:

    She’s all about the “ahhhh” factor.

  53. The Ratbag always lets me know when I’ve let the litter stay around too long — she goes in the TUB! [Better than the carpet, I guess …] But only for … um … “solids” — she doesn’t seem to mind adding to the ammonia in the box.
    And The Stink waits for me to finish cleaning the box and putting in new litter JUST so she can “baptize” it. Never fails.

  54. My two RUSH to be the first to bless the litter, when I change the box. Sometimes they don’t even wait until the litterbox cover is on. I guess the one who blesses first is the winner in their bizarre little minds.

  55. feezie- do they say “Bleen”?