One Spiked Hedge on Wheat, comin’ up.

Can’t you just see a perfect squiggle of mustard on his head?

I know you can.


Laura B., nice deli pic. Please include a large peekle.



  1. Can I have heem with a side of Prickly Pear?

  2. And he doubles as a toothpick.

  3. With a moist nosicle.

  4. I want to stick olives on all his little spikes. He’d make a great center piece for your hors d’oeuvre table.

  5. Not That Spike The Other Spike

  6. Candidate for the 2010 calendar? I just got the 2009 one for my b-day.

  7. LOL @ cheesybird! Would you call that a hedgewich or a sandhog? Yeah, only one of those really works, doesn’t it?

  8. nomnomnomnomnom!!


  9. Well, I guess I know what I’m having for lunch todays!

  10. Yes, he is his own toothpick, cheesybird! Great one!

  11. @chanpon- I was thinking the same thing! Well not necessarily with olives, but as a general hors d’oeuvres-serving extravaganza.


    can you see him being PASSED AROUND BY WAITSTAFF AT A FANCY BANQUET?? “Sir, would you care for some prosciutto-wrapped melon?”


  12. Well, here’s my fitty cent, cuz that nosicle is positively dewy.

  13. Oh, yes, Caitlin, I can see that little guy being passed around and then *swoop* it is mine at the end of the party!

  14. (Adjusting geek glasses) Actually, medieval bestiaries depicted the “ericius” (hedgies) impaling grapes on their spines and carrying them around that way. Like little hors-d’oevres trays. No kidding.

  15. Hedgehogs have got to be one of the cutest animals! Little pin cushions! 🙂

  16. that is one of the prettiest hedgies i’ve ever seen. sweet!

  17. But Caitlin, they wouldn’t need a waitress Hedgie would wonder at will offering guests nibbles

  18. Dewi-I’d be awfully worried about a stilleto hurting that waitress. And, who is going to bend down and tip her?

  19. Yes, extra peekles, pleez. And some chutney. Gotta have chutney.

  20. Did they seriously impale the bread on his prickles? LOL!

  21. Yup, I can see the mustard. And a litle pickle slice in his mouth!

  22. @Theresa:
    Thanks for the link

  23. Totalee Puppy says:

    You can have the sandwich and save me the big deli-style peekle-all fresh and crispy!
    Seriously, is there another job for our hedgie friend besides being in a sandwich? Maybe he could jump out of a big birthday cake–wearing spiked heels!

  24. Totalee Puppy says:

    Okay, got it…waitress offering guests nibbles or centerpiece for appetizers.
    KATRINA…Let’s put a large tip jar “for Hedgies”
    at the Hosts’ table where everyone has to drop by to thank them for a super party…

  25. there’s your recommended daily allowance of roughage right there.

  26. Totalee Puppy says:


  27. Does anyone remember the comedy album “Hedgehog Sandwich” from the 80s? The cover was very similar!

  28. I asked for a ham on rye.

  29. Totalee Puppy says:

    “Mr. Gigante, may we offer you a complimentary ham on rye–plus this invitation to phone-in your comments
    and participate in a survey…
    At Small Mammal Munchies Cafe, your dining experience is our priority…”

  30. That does not look very appetizing

  31. Ashley, when we speak of ‘eating’ or ‘nomming’ we are not seriously thinking of eating an animal-no,no.
    We are establishing that the cuteness is so rampant, so overwhelming that, in one’s opinion, it just couldn’t get much if any Cuter. In English “I could eat you up without gravy” or “Cute enough to eat”, or as in some dessert presentations- “too cute/pretty to eat” are common usages for even some very pleasingly cute children. ‘Appetizing’ in our eyes, not really for our tummies.
    Now, please look at those feets on that hedgie- small and delicate and just so beautifully pictured- now those are some nommable feets, in my opinion. Carefully, of course!